Reinventing Mom: Almost Perfect Pt. 01

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This is a story of a mother and son’s incestuous relationship. If you dislike that genre, you should read no further. For those that do, I hope you enjoy it!


Hi, my name is Mark. I live with my mother Monica, and I recently graduated from high school and celebrated my eighteenth birthday. I am pretty much average in most ways, except maybe for math, which has always came very easy to me. After living in Charleston, South Carolina all my life, I have been trying to decide whether to attend school in Kentucky, something that my mom wasn’t too crazy about, or to stay home and go to school locally. I have been accepted at several schools and am in the process of making a decision.

I am not sure why mom isn’t too wild about my going off for school, but my guess is that since dad walked out on her 11 years ago, she sees my leaving as well, just another man leaving her high and dry. She seems to take everything in stride, but somehow I feel she is a little outdone by it all.

Anyway, my math skills landed me a really good job with a large accounting and tax service. It was a good thing too, because mom had sacrificed her career for my father’s and she had wound up working as a waitress. Fortunately, the house was paid off with the divorce settlement.

Currently I was enjoying two paid weeks off during the service’s annual summer vacation shut down, and in between hitting the golf course and swimming pool was doing as little as possible. Today I had played golf early and had returned from the pool just after lunch time.

I walked in the door and called, “Mom, I’m home.”

‘I’m in the kitchen.”

South Carolina summer days can get well into the 90’s and today was no different. My trunks had dried on the short walk home from the pool at our apartment complex and I was already sweating again. I wiped some of the moisture off my torso and face and tossed the beach towel in the hamper before going into the kitchen. Mom was slicing some tomatoes to go with the chicken salad sandwiches she was making. She was standing by the counter that doubled as a cutting board wearing a white cotton bra and a white silk half slip. I could see the outline of a pair of full cut white panties under her slip.

Mom was only 37 years old and had a great body, but she seemed oblivious to that; in fact, it was as though she went out of her way to dress as conservatively as possible. She was starting to get the occasional gray hair, but she seemed not to notice. Usually, she kept her hair pulled back, sometimes in a pony tail. Both styles had the effect of giving her a cute appearance, but hid her true beauty. And while her lack of concern for appearance might be seen positively as a denial of narcissism, which is at some level sexy in and of itself, in her case it seemed to be more a matter of her lowered self-esteem.

Mom’s routine was always the same: She slept late, rose and took a shower, dressed in her panties, bra, slip, and thigh high nylons. Then she would prepare a light lunch, iron her uniform, put on her shoes, and leave for work. She worked the 3 to 11 shift feeling that she could make better tips during the evening meal.

We had a spare bedroom in the house off the kitchen that had a bed, a comfortable couch, and a television. Mom had the ironing board set up in that room and usually watched television while she ironed. Since the room was not normally in use, she liked the convenience of being able to leave everything in place for the next day.

Mom made a sandwich for each of us while I made us a glass of iced tea. She looked a little preoccupied and was quietly contemplating her sandwich. Looking at her, I thought about how she and her five sisters looked so much alike, except for her sister Mae, of course. Mae was so beautiful it hurt to look at her. She had long, dark hair, a perfect aristocratic face, green eyes, and pouty lips, and a body that was amazing. She wore short shorts which showed off a set of killer legs and a round firm ass that drew your eyes like a bee to honey. The rest of the girls, including mom were all around 5’5″ with hourglass figures, auburn hair, blue eyes, and pretty faces. They all looked a little like Ashley Judd or Charlize Theron, but all six of the girls spent lots of time together and were always overshadowed by Mae’s startling beauty. Next to her, they had all seemed somehow just pretty. Now, sitting across from my mother Monica, I suddenly realized how beautiful she had become in spite of her clear lack of concern about her appearance. Some women get better looking as they age, and mom was one for whom the years had been wonderfully kind. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I thought that I had lived with someone for 18 years and had never truly noticed her.

Monica was jolted from her own thoughts by the sudden chuckle. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing mom, I was just thinking about something that seemed a little strange.”

“Come on, tell me,” she implored. “I could use a good laugh.”

“I wasn’t thinking about anything funny. I was really just thinking about something ironical and how unobservant I sometimes am.”

Mom Avrupa Yakası Escort continued to pry, determined to share in my secret. Finally, after a long back and forth I gave in to her prodding.

“Okay, okay. If you must know, it struck me as funny that I have lived in the same house with you all my life and had just now noticed how beautiful you are.”

Monica was momentarily speechless. She tilted her head a little to the side as though she had not heard him quite correctly and then blushed pink. I thought for a minute that I had stepped over some imaginary line and that she might be angry at what I had said. Finally, her eyes softened and she whispered emotionally, “Honey, I think that may be the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in years.”

Her words caused me to blush at her pleasure, but just as quickly it struck me that while she meant what she had said as a compliment, I had been remiss in telling her how grateful I was for the things she had sacrificed for me.

She looked down at her watch and said, “I have to iron my uniform. Why don’t you keep me company?”

“Sure,” I said. “Give me a minute to clear the table and I will be right there”.

I walked in and plopped down on the couch stretching out as she took a white uniform off a hanger in the closet and began arranging it on the ironing board while the iron heated up. A couple of moments later I could hear the iron rustling as she moved it over the white cotton and hissing each time she lifted it, blowing off the excess steam and making a sort of erratic music that had a mesmerizing effect when I tried to match its singing to the gentle sway of mom’s ass. The light in the room shone through the window and made her slip semi-transparent. As she moved her legs spread slightly and I could clearly see her shapely thighs and their soft curves leading up to her firm ass. She looked so hot in her simple under things that I had to suppress a moan.

“So, do you really think I am still pretty, or were you just saying that to make me feel good?”

Her voice barely penetrated the fog of my thoughts. “I’m sorry mom, what did you say?”

She repeated her question.

“No mom, I don’t think you are just pretty. I think you are beautiful, especially when you let yourself be. Sometimes I think you try to hide it, but that is just not possible”

“Mark. Really? Beautiful?” she asked incredulously, but with a smile she couldn’t suppress.

“Mom, you have always been pretty, but today I noticed that you have — what’s the word I am looking for — blossomed; yeah, blossomed. You are much more beautiful now than you were even a year ago. I think you are even more beautiful than Mae, and you know how gorgeous she is.” I knew the last part would please her because in spite of her love for her sister, she was always a little resentful of her as were her sisters.

My compliment made her blush. She turned and looked at me, left hand on her hip, right front leg slightly bent toward me, iron still in her hand, but held with a limp wrist as though she were holding a food tray. Unknown to her, the light shining through the window now gave me a frontal view of her legs through the slip going all the way up to her panties.

She must have realized that I could see through her slip because suddenly she dropped her free hand to cover herself. She appeared to get a little flustered. A fleeting thought went through my mind that she wanted to reach down and lift the hem of her slip right up to her waist and give me a real show! She didn’t do that of course, but something was on her mind because she was flushed red. Suddenly, she put the iron down and then walked over to me. “How about a hug?” she said eyes misty.

I sat up as she bent forward to hug me. My head came up as hers went down and we accidentally bumped heads. We laughed and began rubbing our heads at the same time. “Maybe we better stand,” she grinned and said wryly.

I stood and put my arms around her lower back, my hands reveling in the soft smoothness of her bare skin. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and leaned into me pressing her breasts into my chest and her groin lightly against mine. The realization that the only thing between her 34B’s and my chest was a thin cotton bra sent a surge through my dick and I could feel it starting to unwind, struggling uncomfortably against my swimming trunks. Usually when we hugged, mom would turn her face away, but today it was turned toward mine and I could feel her warm breath against my neck. The perfume drifting toward my nose had the faint smell of vanilla intermingled with the fresh smell of her shampoo. The two smells were creating a combination that must have been designed to buckle a man’s knees, because it was definitely having that effect on me.

My cock involuntarily surged and I tried to pull back so she would not feel my hard cock. Mom must have thought I wanted to end our embrace prematurely because she murmured in protest and stepped closer to me. She pulled me tighter against her and whispered, “I don’t know what I am going to do Bahçelievler Escort if you leave me to go to Kentucky.”

Suddenly mom caught her breath and froze. As soon as her groin had come back together with mine, there had been no way to hide my erection. Much to my surprise, instead of recoiling, she lifted her head and kissed me full on the lips. Just as suddenly she stepped back, her face fully flushed from what could have passed for either excitement or embarrassment.

“Mom, it isn’t like I would be leaving forever. I will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and for the entire summer. And if I do decide to go to Kentucky, I will never be more than a few hours away. I love you and I would miss you too much to be very far away.”

“I wish I could talk you into staying home and going to college here. The service might let you stay on part-time so you would have a bit more money to spend. Besides, if you stayed here for a couple of more years you could still finish up at UK if you wanted. And, it would be a lot more affordable because you could live here. I know you are anxious to go out on your own, but the first two years of college are the most difficult, and I don’t think it would hurt for you to have fewer distractions during that time.”

I must have looked a little skeptical because she said, “Just promise me you will think about it, sweetheart.”

‘Okay mom, I will, but I am not making any promises.”

Mom looked at her watch and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I’m going to be late!”

She turned to get her uniform off of the ironing board. It was one of those that zipped up the front and in her haste she momentarily must have forgotten that I was in the room, because she started to put on her uniform yet made no effort to turn to the side. Consequently, when she bent over to step into her uniform, I was looking directly at her beautifully rounded ass which had stretched the material of the slip tight against it. The sun turned the slip semi-transparent again making her legs plainly visible. The sight sent another surge to my still hard cock. As she pulled the uniform up it caught her slip, which rose as well giving me a fleeting glance of her firm, shapely legs and the incredible ass kept toned by the nature of her work. When the tops of her caramel hose were exposed and contrasted against her milky thighs, I thought I was going to shoot my load right then. As she put her arms in the abbreviated sleeves of the uniform, my view of her back disappeared, but in my mind’s eye, I could see the silk slip slowly sliding back down caressing her panties and thighs as it fell.

“I have to run sweetie. Will you be home when I get back?”

“I might go over to Zach’s for a while, but I will probably be home before midnight.”

And then she was gone.

Chapter 2

Mom wasn’t gone two minutes before I had jerked my trunks off and was lying naked on the couch where I had just watched her flash her legs and ass purely by accident. I had my fat, but average length cock in my hand. In my imagination, my mom did not pull away after feeling my erection pressing against her; instead, she ran her hand down my hip and over my pubic area coming to rest on my hard dick. I closed my eyes and could imagine her cheek resting on my chest as she looked down at my bulging trunks while her small hand rubbed my cock. I imagined her hand rising to the top of my trunks and pressing against my stomach as her hand slipped under them to rest on my straining member. She looked up and whispered, “MMMMM…I like the way your cock feels in my hand.” I moaned at the thought. She then took her hand out over my moans of protest, but quickly grabbed the bottoms of my trunks and pulled them to just above my knees. She then wrapped one arm around my waist and began to slowly jack my dick. She looked me in the eye and said, “Does that feel good son?”

“God yes, mom!” I burst out to the empty room. “That’s it! Yeah, mom, jerk it!” I shouted involuntarily as my cock surged and shot a rope of cum onto my chest before subsiding into milky ooze that coated my cockhead.

I lay panting on the couch milking the remnants of my orgasm. My hand was covered with cum. I wiped it off against my side and brought my hand up to cover my eyes. Little by little I recovered from the biggest orgasm in recent memory.

Finally I rose and headed for the shower.

Chapter 3

I was asleep when mom got home that night, so I did not see her until the next day. I had been unable to put the ironing room “incident” out of my head, but I had reconciled myself to the idea that it was all just a fantasy. For some reason mom was either deliberately avoiding me, or was angered by my looking at her in a way not purely son to mother. She hardly spoke to me the next day. Still, even if she was mad, I wanted to do something special for her.

When she got home on the third day after our little surprisingly sexy accidental encounter I was drinking a beer while watching television. Mom was cool about that and had even said that in her considered opinion if I was old Bahçeşehir Escort enough to vote and die for the country, I should be old enough to drink a frigging beer or glass of wine now and then.

“Hi. How was work?” I asked as she entered the house.

“It wasn’t too bad. We were busy and I had some good tables that left good tips. My feet are a little sore, but otherwise, I feel great.”

I saw my opening to get back into her good graces so I said, “Well, if you play your cards right, you could talk me into a foot massage.”

Mom loved a good foot massage and she would stretch her legs out and put her feet on my thighs and almost purr. Most of the time, she would close her eyes and drift off to sleep. On more than one occasion, I had covered her with a blanket and let her sleep on the couch.

“You’re on! Let me get out of this uniform first. Come on up while I get changed. I want to know what you did this afternoon.”

I followed dutifully behind as she moved up the stairs, my eyes glued on her small, firm ass as it flexed from cheek to cheek as she climbed the stairs. She entered her bedroom and left the door open for me to follow, but I decided to remain in the doorway of her large master bathroom. She walked into her bathroom, and while I couldn’t see directly into it, there was a large mirror over the bureau and the mirror reflected into a portion of it.

Mom left the bathroom door open, I guess so we could talk. When she entered, she walked over to the shower and out of the mirror’s range, but I could see her uniform, bra, slip, panties and hose go sailing through the air and land into or in the general vicinity of the round wicker laundry container by the sink. I noticed that the men’s extra large shirt she liked to sleep in was still on the towel rack by the sink.

I had not caught sight of mom for several minutes and was looking randomly around the room while telling her that I had planned a surprise for her tomorrow on her day off. She immediately started trying to wheedle the secret out of me. I was fixated at the intricate pattern of her bedroom’s green carpet when I caught motion in the mirror. I looked up and almost came in my pants when I saw my mom’s reflection in the mirror. I could see her entire body in the back, and everything from the waist up in the front through the reflection in the mirror over the sink.

Her body was beautifully toned and well rounded and looked much younger than her age would normally have indicated. I had never seen my mom naked, at least as far back as I could remember, and wasn’t sure what to look at first. That was decided for me when mom reached for a bottle of lotion and began to apply it to her arms and breasts. She continued to pry about tomorrow’s surprise seemingly unaware that she was giving me the greatest show on earth. She massaged lotion into her breasts and over her nipples. They responded to her touch by sticking straight out. She pinched them and smiled as they angrily jutted out in response. She reached under her breasts and gently lifted them up an inch or so, as though assessing the amount of sag. Seemingly satisfied that they were acceptable, she smiled and began to rub lotion on her legs. I caught glances of her hands as they moved from the center to the sides of her thighs, but my eyes were mostly focused on her ass, which was simply the most fabulous one I had ever seen that was not in a movie or men’s magazine. Her cheeks were smooth and firm with just the right amount of rounding. I imagined my fingers sliding along the crack, over her rosebud and down into her pussy until it was soaked with her juices, and then licking my fingers clean.

My cock was bursting against the sweat pants I was wearing. I rubbed it through my pants and I could feel the pre-cum leaking out and forming a wet spot on the front of them. Suddenly, she turned and sat on the toilet and began to massage lotion into her calves and feet. She was chattering on about how a ‘good’ son would not withhold information from his mother but had not looked up. She shifted on the seat and brought her foot up to rest on it. Mom’s bushy pussy was now in full view. “Man, if only I could see that without all the hair,” I thought.

She massaged the lotion into her leg and then switched feet and again I saw flashes of pink as her leg moved slightly from her ministrations. I was rubbing my cock furiously completely caught up in the moment and was hoping the show would never end. Suddenly she finished and put her leg back on the floor. Everything grew quiet and then she did something totally amazing and unexpected. She looked up, spread her legs and ran her hand over her pussy! As soon as she did that my cock exploded without warning, jerking my head back and sending spurts of come into my pants while making a huge stain on the front. My eyes rolled up and my knees buckled as my hands sought out the door frame for support. I became oblivious to everything for a few moments. When I realized what a mess I had made in my pants, I started to turn and race to my room, but it was too late. Mom had slipped the night shirt over her head, walked out of the bathroom and was in the bedroom walking toward me. She looked into my eyes and then directly at my crotch where my dick was still hard in spite of the gallon of cum my balls had just shot through it. It was impossible for her not to be aware of the smell of raw sex because it permeated the air. My legs were still noticeably shaking from the exertion and my face had to be flushed.

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