Feeding my Queen

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Big Tits

Bridget and I have been online friends for years, comparing sexual interests and even exchanging little naughty things now and then for fun and entertainment. We both agreed long ago that there would be no long distance airplane trips for sex, that we would keep things simple and continue in our fantasy world where everyone is handsome, beautiful and has perfect bodies.

For years Bridget had been into the BDSM scene, particularly the Dom/Sub relationship, but had trouble finding a Dom who was genuine and who understood the true nature of such a relationship. Most of the men just manipulated her desires to use her body for their own pleasure.

Eventually she gave up on the probability of finding such a life, sexually, hence our playing online. Then one day I had an idea and took the leap; I bought a round trip plane ticket to the closest airport to her. I booked a large suite at a top rated hotel near the airport and then I emailed her.

“I’m here, and you know why. Come over right away and be prepared to stay.”

When she tried to get more info from me via email, I only gave her the hotel address and told her I would wait in the lobby wearing a white shirt, tan pants and a dark blue blazer. That would give her the option to just pass me by and go back home if she didn’t like my looks.

As I had expected, she did not hesitate but came right over to me in the lobby when she arrived. The first few minutes were a bit awkward for both of us, but the transition up to my suite finally happened. I made a phone call while she was checking out the suite, including the huge bathroom.

It seemed too early for intimacy but that was not the reason for my visit. There is one particular thing that she yearns for from a man and I gave her a hint that it might happen right then and there. “Go in the Antep Escort Bayan bathroom, undress, and get in the tub.”

She stared at me for a minute, and I thought I saw a hint of a smile as she turned and silently went into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Within two minutes there was a knock at the door of the suite. I opened it and quietly ushered them in. I waited until all nineteen men had undressed, and then I called her out from the bathroom.

When she emerged and saw all the naked men standing around, she gasped. One hand dropped to cover her mound and her other arm crossed to cover her breasts.

“Don’t be afraid,” I said to assure her, “These guys have been downstairs drinking at the bar, and quite freely because it was on my tab. They brought four cases of bottled water with them, so they will be prepared to give you what you need for quite a while. I booked them from two escort services and they’re all yours for the next six hours.”

“All mine? What do you mean, Lee?” she asked, still a little intimidated. Some of the men were pretty large with pretty large equipment dangling in front of them.

“Just what I said. They’ve been informed of what you might like and they will comply fully, and do only what you tell them. They each get a generous tip if nobody hurts you and you get what you want. Now, back into the tub; I’m sure several of these gentlemen are in need of some relief.”

As she scurried back into the bathroom she turned to me and asked, “Are you going to participate, too?”

“No, but I’m going to sit here on the toilet until things get going to make sure everything goes well.”

Her demeanor suddenly became more serious as she knelt in the tub. “Two at a time; let’s get started,” she said. I waved at the two closest guys to the door and they came in and approached the tub. As instructed earlier, each one prepared and then began pissing on her. Bridget closed her eyes but her face reflected how much this meant to her.

One guy pissed down her back as she sat sideways in the tub. The other one pissed on her upper chest and it ran through her cleavage and down her body. Two guys waiting at the door replaced the first two and she opened her eyes. “I love to watch piss coming from a guy’s cock,” she said, obviously getting aroused. She had one hand between her legs.

One of the men was black, and he was well endowed. She stared as his long cock as his piss splashed across her breasts and nipples. When he was done, she asked, “What’s your name?”

“Tony, Ma’am,” he answered.

“Stay close by, Tony, I want you to be the first one to fuck me,” she said staring up into his eyes.

“Yes, Ma’am, it would be my pleasure,” he said.

When the next two approached the tub, she stood up, spread her legs and opened her labia with her fingers. “Here’s your target, boys,” she said, licking her lips.

Both guys aimed their cocks and one started pissing, a direct hit on her exposed and hard clit.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” she moaned. As the second guy’s stream joined the first, she began rubbing her clit with her fingers. Piss was splashing everywhere.

She called Tony back and grabbed the guy who first pissed on her clit and kept him there. She sucked Tony, or at least tried to, and he was hard in no time. At her direction, he stepped into the tub, which had quite a bit of piss in it by now, and he entered her pussy from behind. Bridget put the other guy’s cock in her mouth and let him face fuck her.

The guy came in her mouth before Tony came in her pussy and Bridget spit out cum, dribbling it down over her chin and then licked her lips. Tony grabbed her hips and jammed his cock into her as he came deep inside her. “Oh, shit, that’s so good; it’s so hot I can feel it,” she moaned.

I watched the next two guys, one who pissed on her ass while she sucked off the other guy, and then I decided I could leave. The piss in the tub was deep enough to cover her feet and she still wanted more. She called in two more and hollered to the rest, “Keep drinking boys, I need a good hot bath!”

As a guy climbed into the tub to fuck her from behind, the other one was pissing on her back. (They had been told that she did not like piss on her face or in her hair.) She had her head down, moaning, “That’s it, piss on his cock as he fucks me!”

She was really getting into being in charge and calling the shots (no pun intended). As I got up and turned to leave she called to me, “I owe you big time for this, Lee, and I won’t forget it.”

“My pleasure, Babe. Good luck wearing these guys out.”

I stopped at the desk, paid the bill and took a cab to the airport. I had an hour wait for the flight and there was one delay on the connection, but when I got to the airport at home, I checked my email. There was one from Bridget already, just four hours from the time the first guys joined her in the tub.

“Nobody wanted to play in the piss filled tub but the party went on long enough to suit me,” she began. “Six fucked my pussy, two (little dicks) fucked my ass and I sucked off five of them. The rest got at least a hand job before they left. Never had a gang jerk off and I loved the hell out of it. I was covered in cum.”

I emailed her back. “I’m glad you enjoyed it; consider that my Christmas present to you this year when it gets here.”

“Thanks; when I sent them away I laid in the tub for a while until the piss got cold. I’m working on some ideas of how I can repay you some day; you’re a great friend, Lee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32