Body Builder’s Task Ch. 02

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Gail swung the door open and allowed me to step into the room. It was smallish but well equipped from what I could see at a glance. The floor was covered in a thick sort of rubber matting, and in one corner of the room four straps were set, obviously for pinning a slave down on the rubber.

A long leather couch was pushed against one wall, a comfy looking easy chair was in a corner. A table on another wall had a large array of implements, obviously used to punish the slave. I had absolutely no idea how some of them would be used, but several looked very devious, indeed.

But that only took a quick glance, because my interest was grabbed by Rufus, who was kneeling naked in the center of the room, his knees quite wide apart, his hands behind him, grasping his ankles. His nine-and-half-inch cock was waving in semi-stiffness.

“Righto, Rufus,” Gail announced, walking towards him after she had shut the door, “it’s time for your pain and pleasure. I will, as usual, be supplying the pain, Christel here, who you have obviously taken such a liking to, will provide the pleasure.”

“Yes, darling,” said the 25-year-old, his beautiful body builder’s muscles gleaming in the bright strip lighting of the torture chamber.

I stood off to one side and watched as Gail took charge. “Now first you’re going to lick her pussy – you’d like to lick her pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, darling, I would,” said Gail’s husband.

“In fact, I bet you already have, you randy little bastard!” Gail snapped at him.

“Yes, I have darling,” the body builder confessed, “but it was only a brief time – just a couple of licks.”

Gail stood close, almost hovering over him, her lovely snatch glistening down above his mouth. His cock was now totally rigid.

“Well you’re going to perform cunnilingus on this lovely lady, and it’s not going to be a couple of licks. The maximum time I’m allowing you there is 10 minutes, the minimum you can bid for is 5 minutes, clear?”

Rufus nodded.

“Right,” Gail continued, “the tariff for licking such a lovely pussy as Christel’s is 10 strokes a minute. How many minutes do you want?”

Rufus looked across at me, my pussy also bare and, I hoped, not leaking too much!

“I’d like seven minutes, please, darling,” said Rufus, eyeing my snatch greedily.

“That’s 70 strokes,” said his wife. “Why not make it seven and a half minutes, and it will cost you 75 strokes?”

Rufus nodded intently. “Yes, please, Gail, seven and a half minutes would be great.”

“OK, my philandering little fucker,” said the statuesque, busty black beauty, “let’s get you prepared.”

Gail went to the table and returned to center stage with a metal spreader bar. Ordering Rufus to his feet, she attached the bar to his ankles, spreading his feet about a yard apart. Gail then positioned him beneath a hook hanging from the ceiling. Her next task was to place his wrists in a pair of rubber handcuffs. The thick, wide strap between each cuff had a hole cut in it. Gail then reached up and grabbed the metal hook and pulled it down, inserting it into the hole in the cuffs.

Next she went to a wheel set in the wall behind her slave’s back and started to turn it. As she did the hook went up, lifting his arms higher until his body was stretched, his toes scrambling to maintain contact with the rubber floor. Gail returned and ran her hands over the body builder’s now straining muscles, his cock still erect, his marvellous physique gleaming.

“There,” she said, “I think that’s got him nicely prepared for his first flogging this afternoon. OK, Christel, while I give him his 75 as payment for licking your lovely pussy, you get that stool from the corner over there, and suck on his cock while I do the hard part. And don’t allow him to come, OK?”

I nodded: “I understand, Gail.”

“And you, Rufus,” said his wife, “if you think you’re in danger of shooting in Christel’s mouth you call out for a stop to the sucking, understood?”

“Understood, darling,” said the hanging, suspended slave.

Gail then went to the table holding all the implements of correction and selected a leather flogger, its handle some two feet long, the five or six thongs to the lash about 18 inches long. She swished it through the air, expertly and menacingly and announced: “I’ll start on your back, ready Rufus?”

I settled down on the stool and cupped the slave’s heavy ball sac.

“Ready, Gail,” called the suspended urfa escort slave and I heard the thongs whistling through the air to land with a “Tissshhh” sound across his stretched flesh.

As soon as I heard the lovely sound the flogger made on his back, I took Rufus’s cock in my mouth and began to suck on its sweetness, savouring the tasty pre-cum which was drooling from his piss-and-spunk slit, my hands caressing his beautifully-shaped buns.

As the flogging went up to the 10th stroke, Rufus let out a moan and groaned “Oh, yes, baby, yes”, which I took to be either a compliment to my expertise at fellatio, or his wife’s expertise at flagellation. Or, possibly, both!

“Hands away, Christel,” warned Gail, “I’m going to warm his buttocks now.”

I ran my hands down the back of his finely cut thighs and then heard the intoxicating “Tissshhh” sound as the flogger cracked home on his buttocks. Ten strokes fell there, before Gail moved in front of her husband.

Before she announced her next target, Rufus again groaned out an “Oh, yes, baby, yes!” mantra.

“Enjoying that, are you, Rufus?” asked his wife, as I worked my mouth up and down the top half of his rigid pole – there was no way I could take its entire shaft in!

“Yes, baby, yes,” he sobbed, as I flicked my tongue around his weeping spunk eyelet.

“Upper chest now, baby,” Gail informed her suspended victim and again the flogger landed, making its lovely “Tissshhh” effect as it struck home. While this went on, I replaced my hands on his buttocks, feeling the warmth placed there by the whip. But just as Gail landed the first blow on his heaving chest muscles, the slave cried out “No more, baby, please no more, Christel, I’m nearly coming!”

I pulled back from his quivering cock and looked up and watched with fascination as Gail struck his beautifully built upper chest, the lashes from the flogger leaving faint red stripes across his pectorals. By the time the 10th blow had fallen – making it 30 in all so far – Rufus was writhing in his bonds in delightful but futile attempts to escape the lash.

“Now for your thighs,” Gail informed her husband, and I stood up and walked to one side. First the big black beauty delivered 10 cracking blows to his right thigh, then 10 to his left.

“Fifty strokes gone, 25 to go, darling,” Gail said. “I’m going to deliver them all in one place – upper back or buttocks, make up your mind!”

Rufus appeared to contemplate, then requested: “My buttocks, please, darling.” Gail stepped behind her husband, and as she did so, instructed me: “Suck him some more, Christel, he’ll have recovered by now.”

I resumed my place in front of his lovely large cock and once more took its mouth-filling girth into my mouth as the flogger picked up its sweet “Tissshhh” sound on his backside.

Finally, as Rufus groaned “Oh, yes, baby” above me, Gail completed her 75-stroke punishment allocation and stepped around to confront her husband.

“Well done, Rufus,” she smiled, “not so much sobbing and crying – trying to impress your new girl friend were you?”

Rufus grinned, as Gail began to remove him from his bonds, first lowering the hook to ease him from his strained stance, then removing the spreader bar and cuffs.

“Now it’s time for his adoration of your pussy, darling,” said Gail, addressing me. “And after that we’ll go into negotiations for him fucking you. We’ll let him fuck you after performing cunnilingus, because if we don’t he’ll never be able to get that pathetic little cock of his up.”

I had to smile – it was the first time I’d heard a nine-and-a-half inch weapon referred to as a “pathetic little cock” – but I replied: “Good idea, Gail, we don’t want to deprive him of his fun, do we?”

Gail laughed: “Oh, he’s having plenty of fun, the masochistic little slut, aren’t you Rufus?”

Her muscle-rippling partner grinned back: “Yes, I am, my darling.”

“Right,” said Gail, “into the easy chair, Christel, thighs spread out on the arms and we’ll give him his seven and a half minutes of pussy pampering pleasure.”

With that, I stepped over to the very comfortable-looking easy chair and settled back in it, thighs splayed wide as suggested by Gail.

“On your knees, slave,” said the Amazon beauty, “now crawl over to Christel’s pussy and wait till I give the word.”

Rufus, his cock swaying beneath him and oozing pre-cum, knelt and balıkesir escort crawled to me until his mouth was only a few inches from my sex.

Gail then went to a digital clock standing on a table and punched its display until it read 7:30. Then she hit a button on the top of the timepiece and as the clock counted down to 7.29 called out: “Worship her!”

A hot tongue traced its path over my pussy, starting down at my anus, then onto my weeping cunt, then around my piss flaps, then up to my clit, in a tantalising path of pleasure, certainly for me and, I hoped, for him.

Rufus performed this lap of honour several times, before I heard Gail call out “Two minutes gone, five and a half to go!”

Now Rufus spent some time at my anus, before running his lovely long tongue up across my cunt to my clit, where he began to nibble, kiss and suck. His performance was superb – this man had licked pussy before!

Soon I was wriggling in the chair as my orgasm started to arrive, slowly, then faster and faster until wave after wave of climax rushed through my pussy in spasms of pleasure. Finally, as Rufus flat-tongued my clit and I shuddered on his face, Gail called out “Time’s up”. Rufus stood before me and I could see that time wasn’t the only thing that was up! His hard-on was superb!

Gail placed one hand on his burgeoning cock and stroked it. “Now you can bid for the fuck, darling,” she told her husband-slave. “As with pussy adoration, minimum bid is five minutes, maximum is 10. But the stroke tariff goes up for the fuck – each minute will cost you – let’s see – 13 strokes!”

Rufus was obviously hugely aroused and took hardly any time to respond: “Ten minutes, please, darling.”

Gail eyed him questioningly. “Ten minutes? That’s 130 strokes, sweetie. Showing off again in front of your new domme, are you?”

“No, darling,” he protested.

“Don’t kid me, kidder,” Gail laughed, “you’re trying to impress her!”

Then she turned to me, still lying somewhat indecorously with my legs spread. “With the fuck, I give the slave permission to select the position, darling,” she informed me. “That OK with you?”

“Fine, Gail,” I answered, “let him have his fun.”

Rufus took me by the hand, helped me from the chair and walked me over to the couch, his stiff cock throbbing against my left buttock cheek. “Missionary position, please Gail,” he requested and gave me a gentle push on my shoulder.

I fell onto my back on the long couch, feeling its coolness on my back and buttocks. Rufus knelt up on the couch and I felt his cock tip pressed gently against my cunt.

Before allowing her husband permission to commence the fuck, Gail announced: “Remember, Rufus, you can come but not inside her. Where would you like it, baby, in your mouth or on your tits?”

I pondered, enjoying the feel of his cock poised at my cunt lips. “Can I be greedy and have a bit of both?” I asked. “It’s just that I love seeing a man ejaculate, it excites me.”

“Fine by me,” said Gail. “OK Rufus, come on her tits first, then put the rest in her mouth.”

Rufus’s response was to kiss me wetly on the mouth, his lips tasting of my pussy – an experience that thrills me when I can taste my juices on a man’s mouth! Then his chocolate log thrust its way deep into my cunt!

He fucked me slowly, driving up to the hilt, then pulling back so his helmet was at the entry point, then thrusting back up me. His smooth piston strokes were sending tremors of excitement through me.

Gradually, these strokes became longer and longer until, with a small grunt, Rufus withdrew from my gaping cunt and placed his horny helmet onto my boobs and let loose a strong stream of sperm, white and globby.

Then, taking his cock in his hand, he guided it to my mouth and I sucked down two, three then four more jets of jism. It tasted glorious!

“That’s only nine minutes, Rufus, baby,” Gail told her husband, “so you’d better spend the last minute cleaning up that mess you’ve deposited on Christel’s titties!”

Rufus bowed his head to my breasts and began to lap up the spunky solution he had smeared over my tits, until Gail was satisfied that he had completed the clean-up to her satisfaction.

“Well, I sure hope you enjoyed yourself, honey,” she told her husband, “because now you’re gonna pay for it. Gail, get him into the spreader bar and we’ll get him into position again. trabzon escort And this time, you can have a go with him!”

I leapt to my work, eagerly placing our slave’s ankles into the straps of the spreader bar, then marching him into position beneath the metal hook. Gail cuffed him, lowered the hook and soon had him back up to a body-stretching tiptoe.

“Pick a whip,” Gail told me and I went to the table and inspected the array of punishment equipment. A lovely looking black leather paddle caught my eye. I lifted it up and hefted it. It felt heavy. “Does he like this one?” I asked Gail, as she stood beside me, watching my selections.

“That’s a heavy duty paddle,” the 40-year-old informed me, “and it really burns his arse. Gives him hell, so I guess the short answer is yes, he loves it!”

I walked over to where our slave hung, and stepped behind his back and buttock-striped body.

Gail sat on the stool and said: “He’s got 130 to come, so give him 30 for starters across his arse, darling, while I see if I can inject some life back in this cock of ours!”

I walloped the paddle across the taut, tensed buns and saw them give an extremely satisfying jiggle as the leather hit home with a popping “Thwaaaaack”. Rufus jerked wildly at the blow. I could see what Gail meant – this was going to be hell for Rufus, but heaven for me!

I worked away at the punishment, heaving the heavy paddle back and forth against the beautiful buttocks, feeling its weight drag on my arm as the count increased. The paddle was so heavy that after 15 strokes, I was forced to change hands.

The brown backside was now turning into a deep red and Rufus was jerking and threshing about in his bonds. But to my amazement, when I had completed my 30-stroke flagellation, I saw that Gail’s oral attentions had managed to get him back to an erection.

“See?” said Gail, rising from the stool and flicking a long-nailed finger against her husband’s shaft, “didn’t I tell you he was a pain slut?”

‘I’m very impressed,” I said, with conviction, as I placed the paddle back on the table, and Gail chose a rubber cat o’ nine tails for the punishment’s continuation.

“Keep up the good work, baby,” Gail called out as she took up position behind Rufus’s straining back, and I sucked on his stiffy as I heard a slithery, slashing sound of the nine tails smacking against his upper back.

Gail continued to flog her husband, until she had delivered another 90 strokes – 30 on his upper back, 30 across his thighs, 30 across his belly.

For the final 10 strokes, Gail chose a foot-long flogger, with a very short, four-inch leather handle. The eight inches left was a thin, evil-looking strip of black leather.

Standing in front of the sweat-stained, whip-striped body, Gail grinned at his contorted face. “What’s got you into all this trouble, eh Rufus?” she asked.

“My cock, darling,” he replied.

“Precisely,” she agreed. “And that’s why you’re going to get the last 10 strokes against that pathetic cock!”

Rufus’s cock was thick and full and it didn’t look at all pathetic, but I was keen to see it flogged!

Gail set to work, slowly, making Rufus count out each stroke and thank her after each delivery. She started at his pubic bone and had laid eight strokes all the way up the shaft when she reached his naked helmet. Smiling, she traced the devilish little implement across his cock tip.

Craaack! The little flogger struck home and Rufus arched his body as far as his bonds would allow and let out a yell. Then, before he had time to catch his breath or count out “Nine, thank-you, Gail”, she swung an uppercut delivery, flogging his balls with the implement. This time, Rufus let out a shriek!

Gail then lowered the hook until the groaning and gasping slave was back on his feet, rather than on tiptoe.

“There you are, darling,” said the lovely black woman, “you’ve had your fun for the afternoon. Now Christel and I are going upstairs to have some of our own. Don’t run away!”

With that we left, but not until Gail had spun the wheel on the wall, letting the hook descend quickly. It was then that I noticed the effect the flogging must have had on Rufus.

Like a boxer taking a delayed fall, he collapsed first on his knees, then keeled over completely until he was lying on the rubber carpet, his ankles still bound by the spreader bar, his back and buttocks a gleaming red sheen.

“Whatanactor!” Gail laughed, as she shut the door behind her.

“How long for him to recover from that?” I asked, as we made our way upstairs.

“Oh, two or three days – four tops,” said Gail.

Then she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. “But who needs him, baby? We’ve got each other, right?”

To be continued…

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