Fantasy Comes True

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My name is Elizabeth and for as long as I can remember I have had a fantasy. I’ve never told anyone about it but when I imagine it happening to me it never fails to arouse me. I thought that it was something that was out of the ordinary and very out of character for me. I’m a professional woman in my early 30’s, 5′ 6″, 122 pounds, brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, long slender legs, very proper and well respected in my field.

When I found myself single after the unexpected end of a six year relationship, I decided to do something to satisfy my fantasy. Over the years some of the details of my fantasy have changed but the overall theme remained the same, I wanted to be used like a complete slut by many men. For some reason the thought of being fucked by a group strangers really turned me on. Perhaps it was because nice girls don’t do such things or maybe it was because it was just so dirty, exciting, and adventurous, but I have these ongoing images of sucking a lot of cocks, licking ass, and having my mouth, ass and pussy filled with cum.

I had no idea how to make it happen so I started surfing the internet personal sites. After sifting through many adds for several days I found one that intrigued me, it was an ad that advertised an informal club of professional men that specialized in fulfilling any fantasy or request a woman had. I was getting excited as I sent an e-mail to the address, giving them a few of my details, a photo, and saying I had a special request. The next day I was happy to see that I had received a response from the current president of the club named James. He said that he would be happy to meet with me to discuss the details of my request. I arranged to meet James for drinks the next day and my pussy began to tingle at the thought that my fantasy may finally come true.

When I met James the next day I found that he was a very pleasant man, tall, handsome, and he immediately put me at ease. He said that he would do anything he could to satisfy my request and that I shouldn’t feel awkward or inhibited in anyway by asking for it. I hesitated at first and then kind of blurted out that I wanted to be used like a slut by many men, at least five and if he could do it I’d like ten or more. I wanted them to remain anonymous, I didn’t want to know who they were, anything about them, or even what they looked like. I just wanted them to use my body for their pleasure and that they could do anything that they wanted to me. James looked a little surprised at first then he smiled and said he could help me out. He said while my request was rare it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary and they had done similar things in the past. James said it would take at least a week to set things up and that he would e-mail me when things were ready.

I found that over the next few days I was having trouble concentrating on anything other than my fantasy. My pussy was constantly wet and I was masturbating several times a day at the thought of what was to come. James e-mailed me several times during the week just to let me know things were proceeding as planned and every time I saw one of his e-mails my pussy mardin escort would tingle. Finally, after almost a week he e-mailed that everything was ready. He sent me an address in an upscale neighborhood and told me to be there tonight at 8pm.

I was so excited thinking that after all these years of fantasizing it was finally going to happen, I wondered how many men would be there and if they would think I was attractive. I decided that I wanted to look very sexy for all my new lovers and I showered and then dressed. I picked out my shortest black satin miniskirt, 4 inch spike heeled “fuck me pumps”, black thong, and a red cami top with no bra. I fixed my hair and put my makeup on a little heavier than usual, when I saw myself in the mirror the look was “high class slut” just as I wanted. My pussy was in high gear as I arrived at the address and found that it was a very nice house, almost a mansion, and went up and rang the bell.

James answered the door and invited me in. He commented that I looked great, very sexy, and the guys were going to love me. He led me down a long hallway towards a set of huge double doors. As we got closer I could hear voices, I couldn’t tell how many, but it sounded like there were a lot of them. James stopped me before we went in and asked me if I was ready for my fantasy to come true. Too quickly I said yes. James said to not answer so fast, he said that he sent out my photo with a lot of invitations and was able to get a lot of men lined up for this event. It was even more than he expected and there were still men arriving as we spoke. He said that there were a lot more than the 10 I had requested and that by now there could be as many as 25 men in the room. He asked me if I was ready to take on that many men. If I were having any second thoughts or if I were going to back out, now was the time. As soon as we go through those doors, he said, there will be no turning back. I thought to myself, my god 25 men, that’s a lot more than I expected and even more than in my fantasy. I thought about for a minute and my pulse quickened, my breathing became ragged, and my pussy tingled as I said in little more than a whisper, yes I’ll do it, I don’t care how many men are in there I’m ready to fuck them all.

James smiled and said good, then lets prepare you. First he took a collar and leash out of the table drawer that was near the double doors and fastened it around my neck. As he did I became more excited and thought to myself that they are including some light bondage in my fantasy, I had never thought of that. After he secured the collar he fastened the leash to the front of it and then pulled a blindfold out of the drawer and secured it over my eyes. After checking to see that it wouldn’t come loose he simply said “It’s time” and then I felt my pussy flood as I became very aroused. I heard the door open and the voices became louder. James announced “gentleman, she’s ready” and then he pulled me into the room by the leash. The room suddenly became quiet as the men got their first look at me in my high class slut outfit. I could hear whispers van escort and whistles from the crowd as James led me by the leash further into the room, my heels clicking on the hard floor. Suddenly he ordered me to stop and raise my arms. I wondered what he was doing until I felt my top being pulled over my head, exposing my breasts, my cherry sized nipples becoming hard as stones. I then heard the zipper of my skirt being undone and felt it fall to my feet. James had me raise my feet one at a time and step out of it. I believe it was at that point that I fully realized that there really was no turning back, I was the only woman in the room, I was naked except for my thong and heels, and I was completely at the mercy of at least 25 strangers who were most certainly going to fuck me.

James continued to lead me around the room, in and out of the crowd to give them a good look at the slut they were soon going to fuck. As he led me through the crowd some of the men would feel my ass, pinch my nipples, or fondle my breasts. A few times James stopped me and ordered me to spread my legs wide. As I did I could feel hands rubbing my pussy through the thin material of my thong and rubbing their hands in the crack of my behind and fingering my crinkled hole. I was become so aroused my thong stuck to my pussy from all the wetness and my nipples ached from being so hard. Finally after what seemed like an eternity James stopped me again but this time he announced to the crowd that “I was there for them, I was their complete slut for the rest of the night, and they could do anything to me, ANYTHING, they wanted to.” With that said, James removed the leash and pushed me into the knot of men that had crowded around, my pussy gushed again.

Immediately I felt hands rubbing all over my body, my thong was ripped off and someone started licking and fingering my pussy. There were many hands rubbing across my stomach, my breasts, and pinching and sucking my nipples. Some were fingering and licking my ass and others were sucking my fingers and toes. I was going into sensory overload and I loved every minute of it. Soon they pushed me to my knees and I felt nothing but skin crowd around me, soon something was pushed to my lips, it was a cock and I began sucking. I sucked cock after cock after cock. As soon as one cock slipped from my lips another would immediately replace it. Some of the men would turn around, spread their cheeks and have me lick their crack and stick my tongue deep in their ass. I had never in my life done that before and it felt so dirty and arousing. At the same time some of the men were still fingering or licking my pussy and ass. I’m not sure how long this went on but after a while I was pulled to my feet and placed on my back on what felt like a table.

My hands were held above my head and my legs were spread wide. I felt someone step between my legs and then I received the first of what would be many cocks into my pussy that night. While the cock was in my pussy I felt another cock being pushed against my lips and I opened up to suck on it. This went on for what seemed ankara escort like hours, taking cock after cock into my mouth and pussy until finally, I received the cum that I so desperately wanted. The men came in my mouth and pussy at the same time and at that point I also had the first of many orgasms. It felt wonderful and I swallowed as much as I could. As I came down from the orgasm I could feel cum dripping from my pussy and down the crack of my behind. I felt my legs being lifted up higher and a finger start to go in and out of my ass. Whoever it was used the cum dripping from my pussy to lube my ass before he slid his cock in and started pumping. As he fucked my ass he pinched my sensitive clit and I had another powerful orgasm.

The men started alternating between fucking my ass and pussy while I also sucked cock and they filled me with load after load of cum. Finally I felt myself being pulled off the table and was guided to a kneeling position over a man on the floor. He pulled me down onto his cock and started pumping, as he did another man came up behind me and put his cock in my ass. I had never had a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time and I came so hard I think I passed out momentarily. When I somewhat regained my senses I could feel myself being held steady by the man whose cock was in my pussy while the other men were still lining up to fuck my ass. I guess someone got tired of waiting in line because I suddenly I felt a cock at my lips and I again opened up and started sucking. I suddenly had this vision of myself naked, in my heels (which somehow had not come off yet), surrounded by a crowd of nude men, while I was kneeling over one man with his cock pumping my pussy, another behind me with his cock in my ass, while I was sucking on a third cock, and it aroused me much more than I had ever been, even in my fantasy. I thought, here I was, becoming a complete slut in real life and loving every minute of it. So far this night I have had more cock in me than most women get in a lifetime and I was wondering why I waited so long.

I went into a state of almost constant orgasm and it took me a while to finally I realize that I was lying there by myself. I reeked of sex and cum, I was tired, my ass and pussy were numb, but I felt great, more satisfied than I can ever remember being. I had finally done something that I had fantasized about all my life and I had no regrets. I heard James ask me if I were ok and I said I felt great but tired. He helped me up and led me out of the room on shaky and weak legs. I heard doors close behind us and then James took the blindfold and collar off. We were back in the hallway where I originally entered.. My clothes were neatly folded and lying on the same table that James had gotten the collar, leash, and blindfold out of. He said I could shower and freshen up before I left and led me to where the bathroom was. James was waiting for me as I came out and he escorted me to the front door. Before I left he said that I should feel free to contact them again if I ever wanted another fantasy fulfilled. He would be especially happy if I came back again sometime because the president is a temporary position and they act only as a coordinator but don’t get to participate in the sexual activities. I told him thank you, I would love to come back sometime and I would definitely keep him in mind. And then I left, never to know the identities of the men that fulfilled my greatest fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32