Exhibitionism and a Good Fuck

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My wife and I had decided to just go out for a simple dinner about town. She knows how much it turns me on when she wears revealing out fits with no underwear, so she wore a Black spandex top with a V neck right till her belly button and a black matching spandex skirt.

Both being of very thin material did not allow her to wear any underwear beneath. From far in the light you could clearly see the flesh of her naked bum in the skirt and from the front her nipples along with cleavage and ample side boob were on display.

We reached a fairly decent restaurant and found a corner table so she could sit facing me and the wall. When the waiter first came to take our order he did not notice anything different about Jess as these things are mostly noticeable only if you are looking carefully. When he brought us the food the ac had worked its magic by then and her nipples were very clearly visible poking through the cloth.

We noticed he lingered a long time while serving us and kept coming back to ask if we wanted anything else so he could stare at my wife awesome 34 D boobs. I was so turned on by now I just wanted to get done with dinner and take her somewhere and fuck her.

As soon as we paid the bill we hurried out to the car. We had hardly driven too far when we found a nice quiet by lane where not too many people would use at this time of night. I parked the car in a fairly dark place we reclined the seats and she grabbed my pants trying to undo my zip and take them off. I ripped off her top and pushed her skirt up against her waist as she straddled me to guide me into her silky wet pussy.

It did not take much effort as I was hard from watching her all evening and my cock slipped in with ease. She rode me hard as I sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs. We were both in ecstasy and from the corner of my eye I could see someone watching us. I could not tell who it was but I knew for sure it was a man. We gave him a good show, as at some point my wife leaned back thrusting her boobs up and I bit down on them. The car does not have tint glass so anyone could see the festivities inside.

We did not care who passed the car we were too involved in ourselves, besides all they would see is a gorgeous naked girl fucking some lucky guy. After what seemed like the passion adana escort would never end I came in bursts right deep into her pussy which drove her over the edge to an awesome orgasm. She told me she had four orgasms in that session.

As I lay down on the seat spent, Jess decided she would suck my dick clean. She went down on me with her ass high up in the air and an elderly gentle man walking his dog got a nice view of her ass and possibly dripping pussy. We cleaned ourselves up and Jess decided to only put her top back as she wanted her clean shaved newly fucked pussy to be left open for me to play with on the drive home.

We started the car and I hardly got to the end of the road when Jess got a call from one of her girls friends saying that the girls were out partying somewhere close. She quickly put her skirt back on and I dropped her off to where they said they were.

It was a pub and with the outfit Jess was wearing I sure she would get a lot of attention so I told her to have fun and tell me about it later. She smiled and left to go inside as I watched her walk away I could clearly see her boobs with nipples in the street light and then she turned and I could see the flesh of her bum through the thin cloth of the tight skirt. As I reached home I dropped off to sleep so the rest is what she narrated to me when she got home.

When she got in the disc the girls were having vodka shots so she joined them for a few then most of them decided to call it a night and left. It was just Jess and her friend Andrea who stayed back to have a little fun. There was this group of guys one of whom knew Andrea from before and had hooked up with her, who were eyeing them the whole evening.

With the black outfit Jess had and the really tight short leopard skin dress Andrea wore they were appealing to any red blooded male. These guys were a bit on the older side say late 40’s but looked like the type that went to a gym regularly to work out. One guy was from around the place and a friend of Andrea’s his name was Raj short for Rajiv and the other two were visiting Mumbai from Bangalore.

They walked over and struck up a conversation with the girls bought them some drinks and started to dance with them. As they danced they moved eskişehir escort closer and the girls did not seem to mind their hands running over their butts or brushing passed their boobs. It was not long before the men knew that Jess had no underwear on and whatever Andrea had she took off right there and put it in her purse.

They asked the girls if they were up to doing something fun and the girls readily agreed. In a flash they were all out of the place and in the car which was a really fancy type car with driver. The guys took them to the sea face which at 1.45 am was very deserted with may be a stray person walking home or not.

They parked the car got out and suggested the girls go to the wall of the promenade and slowly loose one item of clothing while they posed for pics. Jess went over to the wall and whisked off her skirt, Andrea had a dress which she hiked up passed her waist. They sat on the wall backs to the sea and spread their legs wide allowing the guys to click away on their cells. They even spread open their pussy lips for them to get a clear view then they got up and turned and bent over facing their ass to the guys.

A few guys stopped along their walk to watch these hot babes modelling for these guys. Finally the girls took off everything with not a stitch of clothing and continued their modelling. They got bolder still and walked across to the car to use the car as a prop. As they rolled their naked bodies on the bonnet of the car the photo shoot was turning out to be better than any calendar you might have seen.

Finally as they were all horny enough the guys took them to the flat they were staying that belonged to Raj. The girls did not bother putting clothes back on and let the guys fondle them on the drive over playing with their breast and fingering their already wet pussy’s. From what I hear the look on the watch man’s face was priceless and could not stop staring at these naked girls accompanying these three men up to the flat in the lift.

As they entered the flat the men threw off their clothes and went straight to the bed room. Raj, the local guy had the largest cock almost 10″ and pretty thick so Jess went for it and took it in her mouth as far as possible while Jacob, one of the sakarya escort guys from Bangalore stuck his dick into her wet pussy. Andrea took the third guy Daniel cock and hungrily sucked it. They were all big men and Jess was stretched wide with the cock currently ramming her tender pussy. Jess did not really like the double fuck thing, so, she told them she would fuck them one at a time and the others could play with her while she was fucking one of them.

Raj was the sensual type and he fucked Jess slowly moving his massive cock in and out making her pussy walls feel every inch of its thickness all the while playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples. Daniel just wanted to bang so he turned Andrea over and fucked her hard doggie style and her butt cheeks rippled as he rammed her as hard as he could. She moaned and screamed possibly loud enough to wake up half the building and this was just her first fuck of the night. Jacob wanted to enjoy his fuck so he started with getting Jess to give him a nice blowjob then when he was really hard and ready he slowly inserted his cock moving it in and out and side was and rubbing her cunt while he fucked her for extra pleasure. She moaned under his big body and begged him to suck her tits as she loved that while she’s being fucked.

They fucked the girls in all ways possible about 3 times each person till about 5 am. At one point in the night Jess rested a bit while all three guys rammed Andrea in all three holes at the same time. When they were all finished they licked the girls pussy’s till they came.

It was almost dawn and the girls decided that they should leave before the sun came up so they don’t have to walk past too many people. Andrea threw on her dress over her cum soaked body and Jess just threw on her top as it was long enough to just about cover her pussy from the front when pulled all the way down and half her ass was visible in the dark that was not much. Besides the watchman and the driver of the guys car and a few people on the promenade had already seen them buck naked fingering their pussy. A fact that was still turning them on after all the sex they just had.

The guys thanked them and promised to do this again some time. Andrea’s friend Raj asked his driver to drop off both the girls safely to their houses. When Jess reached home it was still dark and the fact that she was not wearing a skirt made no difference as the compound was really dark and no one in it to see. She came home and rang the door bell and as I opened the door I knew she had a really fun night and was waiting for her to rest up and fuck me while she told me about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32