Fantasy Meeting

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Female Ejaculation

When I dressed that morning, I thought carefully about what I would wear; I wanted to be prepared for whatever may lay ahead.

I slipped on the silky black thong and bra I had bought especially. As soon as I pulled the stockings up I felt the wetness between my legs. There is something about dressing for a man that turns me on and I knew this would be a treat for him. I put my tightest skirt on that I knew showed off my arse but was still respectable office wear. A blouse and heels completed the outfit so I headed for work.

Even though I was busy, the morning dragged a little. I was on edge, filled with anticipation and the inane chatter in the office was starting to grate. When the email I had been waiting for finally arrived, I couldn’t help but smile.

Subject: ‘Meeting’. We always tried to remain professional so that anyone who happened to read our emails would assume we were nothing more than associates. After all, there was always a possibility that any one of my colleagues may need to contact him at any time and I didn’t feel they needed to know we had a more intimate relationship. He had caught me out once or twice by interrupting our flow of emails and calling the office. He knew I couldn’t handle it and loved that he made me blush so much, even though he couldn’t actually see me.

‘Are you still available this afternoon? I have something I need to brief you on.’

I hit reply instantly.

‘Yes, looking forward to being briefed. See you at 2pm.’

I enjoyed preparing for our meetings; it was part of the fun. Until now, we had always met in a coffee shop near to his office but today we wanted somewhere a little more private.

Finally the time came to leave. As I walked down the hill towards the hotel, I could feel the excitement building. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; we hadn’t made any definite plans about what would happen today — we just knew Manisa Escort we wanted to go somewhere quiet.

He was waiting when I walked into the bar but stood up to greet me. Reaching out to place a hand softly on my waist and a lingering kiss on my cheek, he smiled. Anyone watching us would know we weren’t there strictly for business, despite the smart suit he had donned for the occasion.

We didn’t spend long talking about work, we were too distracted. But I know I have to report back to my boss so make an effort to draft a few notes on the latest developments. He moved to sit next to me, claiming he wanted to show me some paperwork. Naively, I believed him until I felt his hand rest on my knee.

There were a few other people around and I was fearful of being recognised; we both had a reputation to maintain. It was important to give the impression that this was a professional meeting so despite the urge to close my eyes, lean back and enjoy the sensation of his fingers creeping up my thigh, I somehow managed to keep the conversation going.

After a couple of glasses of wine I was feeling more relaxed so when he slid a room key towards me and headed towards the stairs, it wasn’t long before I followed. I hadn’t known this was exactly what he had in mind but I was very glad he had made the arrangements.

Breathing heavily, I opened the door and headed into the darkened room. He appeared with a glass of champagne but it wasn’t that I was interested in. I felt I’d waited long enough and the ache between my legs was becoming almost unbearable.

He took a couple of steps towards me and we kissed for the first time – better than I’d imagined. He pushed me against the door and slid his smooth hands up my skirt, stroking my inner thigh, feeling the bare skin just above the lace of my stockings.

My knickers were soaking wet, desperate for more. As I’d Manisa Escort Bayan barely got in the room I hadn’t had a chance to put my bag down. I pulled out my phone. Thank god the office was on speed dial as I certainly wasn’t able to think straight at that point. I could feel the bulge in his trousers pressed against me growing by the second.

“Something’s come up,” I just about managed to say when I got through.

I dropped the mobile and my bag fell to the floor; I wanted to enjoy every second of this. He smiled when he saw the effort I had made with my underwear and knowing that I had pleased him gave me a huge sense of satisfaction.

His fingers tickled my inner thighs, his nails gently scratching my skin and occasionally brushing over my clit. Finally, he slid a finger inside me, expertly stroking. I struggled to move as my legs gave way but the weight of his body kept me pinned against the door. I was hugely impressed at how wet he was making me but when he slid a second finger inside me, it was almost more than I could take.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the bed, my skirt around my waist. Standing before him but thankfully leaning against the bed frame, I took a deep breath, taking in the situation. He slowly undid the buttons of my blouse, very gently stroking my breasts, making me gasp with surprise at the effect it was having on me. With one hand firmly round my waist, he used the other to remove my bra, freeing my breasts and allowing his tongue to flick across my erect nipples, biting and sucking.

I reached down and undid his flies, finally releasing the rock hard cock I’d been longing for all these weeks. We’d talked about all the things we wanted to do to each other so many times and now it was finally happening. He slid both hands around my waist, letting his cock brush between my thighs. Several weeks ago I had told him how sensitive Escort Manisa my waist was and he has never wasted an opportunity to exploit that fact.

Before I realised what was happening, he pushed me backwards so I fell on to the huge bed. He quickly removed my blouse and skirt, leaving me feeling slightly vulnerable in just a thong, suspender belt and stockings.

He undressed in front of me, removing his tie and the blue shirt he knew I liked so much. I was trembling with excitement and anticipation, aching to be filled but not wanting to rush. I soon remembered it didn’t matter what I wanted, he was in charge. He climbed on top of me, the heat between us increasing by the second. I couldn’t wait any longer and begged him to fuck me.

Taking my wrists and holding them tightly above my head with just one hand, he used the other to slide my thong to one side and guide his cock into my now soaking wet pussy. The sense of relief I felt was almost immediate and overwhelming. As he slid in and out of me I watched, the sight of his glistening cock turning me on more than anything else. I leant back and let the feeling wash over me — fuck, he was good. My body began to shake and his breathing became shallower. When I felt him let go and fill me with cum I was finally satisfied; it was something I had been longing for ever since we’d first met.

There was so much more I wanted to do but it would have to wait until next time. I knew we both had to get back to work so as not to arouse too much suspicion. I got up from the bed, shaking but feeling truly sated. He smiled at me, pleased with the result of his afternoon’s work.

I got dressed quickly but it was too uncomfortable to keep my wet knickers on, nobody would know so I let them fall to the ground. He could keep them as a souvenir of our fantasy that we had finally got to act out. As I blew him a kiss and headed downstairs, I felt his warm cum drip down my thighs. I couldn’t help but smile and blush a little at the thought.

Ten minutes later I was back at my desk, being quizzed about my meeting. Little did they know just how successful it had been. In fact, I must schedule another one soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32