Evangeline Loves Panties

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Double Penetration

She was simply the most unobtrusive girl in our class. Always sweet and polite, never without a smile, helping any who needed help, she was almost part of the background in a rowdy class with more than our share of trouble-makers. She got good grades and never gave the teacher any problem. I think her essays were the ones the teacher used as a standard against which to grade us.

I was just trying to get through my last year of high school. My sights were set on the State University and I was competing for one of the scholarships offered to kids of “limited means”, so I worked hard to keep my nose clean. I managed to get all of my assignments done on time and to keep a low enough profile not to draw the ire of the class leaders who couldn’t stand anybody who worked hard enough to raise the curve.

As usual, Evangeline was sitting at her desk at the back of the room, right In front of a low bookcase I needed to get into. I knelt to reach the book I wanted and I almost lost my balance. My knees spread widely giving her a private show up my little skirt. I didn’t think too much about flashing another girl, especially Evie, as she preferred being called. We all saw each other in panties and less in the locker room during P.E. classes, so it was no big deal to have another girl see up there, except that it turned out to be a really big deal. It was lite-changing, though I didn’t realize it at the time.

I leaned over to pull the book off of its shelf when I felt a hand on my inner thigh, under my skirt. I was shocked for an instant and froze. I looked up into Evie’s eyes and she was smiling at me. The expression on her face was nothing short of loving and that surprised me even more. “Evangeline…?”

“I love your panties, Paula. You always wear such nice things.”

Her hand moved forward to touch my panties, brushing over my mound. I felt an electrical charge straight from my clit to my pleasure centers. Naturally, I’d already been masturbating regularly, usually to fantasies of boys I admired, but I’d had thoughts of other girls, too. Evie was never one of them until she felt me up my skirt. Suddenly, I was strongly attracted to little mousy Evangeline who had taken charge and was gently feeling my vulva through my panties. Her actions were hidden from the rest of the class. It was our own private thing at that moment.

I’ve had boys feel under my skirts when we were making out, but they were always so rough. They’d tried to get me off, but never succeeded in much more than a quick rub before I took their cock out to give them a hand job, ending our make-out session. This was amazingly different. Evie was a girl, too, and she had the same parts as I. She understood what she was doing and I liked it a lot.

My study partner interrupted our little assignation, yelling at me to bring the reference back to our little study group. I looked into Evie’s eyes and whispered, “Thank you. That’s so nice.”

She smiled sweetly. “Would you like to get a coffee with me after school?”

I amazed myself further by nodding. She smiled more broadly. “The Jitter Bean on Second?”

I nodded again and smiled as I rocked back, regretfully, to stand, my skirt falling to cover our little sin. I returned to my study buddy and we finished our project quietly. At the end of the hour, I looked around for my mousy friend and she’d already gone.

After the last of my classes, I got what I needed out of my locker and closed it. I managed to get out to the student parking lot and to my car, but I realized when I sat in the leather seat of my old car that my panties were just soaked. I’d never had a guy make me feel this way and I was both excited and a little scared about what would happen next.

I drove to the coffee shop nervously. I’d never really done anything with another girl and somehow, Evie had really turned me on. I wondered what she’d do and how far she’d go in a public place and I particularly wondered what I’d do to her. Somehow, the thought bursa bayan eskort of touching her under her skirt was as much a turnon for me as the anticipation of her doing it to me.

I found her in the back at a little table in a dimly lit corner of the shop. She gave me the sweetest smile as she pulled a chair right next to her. “I’m so happy you came. Please sit down.”

I hung my purse on the back of the chair and took off my jacket. She’d already ordered and I found myself sipping a caramel mocha. It tasted really good and I smiled shyly at her. “Thanks, Evie. This is really great!”

We sipped our coffees and began to relax. I looked at her and grinned. “Do you peek up all the girls’ skirts?”

She blushed prettily. “Yeah, pretty much. I love panties. I guess it’s kind of a fetish or something, but I think panties are so pretty and so sexy.”

I never really thought about doing that, but I began to consider it. We attend an all-girls school and the standard uniform has us in cute plaid skirts, white shirts and blazers. They publish uniform standards, including what underwear we should wear and how long our skirts have to be, but none of the girls pay that any attention. I always wear whatever panties and bras I like and I know the other girls in my P.E. classes do, too. We all roll the waistbands of our skirts to shorten them. The teachers see what we wear, but never say anything about it. After all, we’re supposed to be ladies and ladies never reveal their intimates.

“Do you let other girls see yours, too?”

Her smile got bigger. “Oh, definitely. Most girls look and some even want to look closer.”

“Like you did?”

“Uh huh. It’s so fun!”

“Do you want to look at my panties again?”

Her eyes opened widely. “Can I? Would you let me for real?”

I thought about it briefly and I got a lovely tingle in my pussy. “Yeah, that could be kinda hot. Can I look at yours, too?”

“OMG, that would be amazing. I love letting girls look. It makes me feel so sexy.”

“Do you ever let guys look?”

She frowned a little. “No, it just doesn’t feel right somehow. Just girls.”

She looked pensive and then smiled again. Taking my hand, she stood up and almost dragged me to my feet. “C’mon, let’s go to the girls’ room. I gotta show you something.”

We entered the ladies’ room and she locked the door. With both hands, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up above her breasts. Her white panties shone in stark contrast to her dark brown skin. She struck a pose like one of the pin-ups on the calendars my dad had hanging up in the garage. The ones my mom hated so he had to keep them out of the house.

Evie just looked cute and sexy. I wondered what she’d look like in a cute bikini and that made me tingle.

“Your panties are really pretty, Evie. Does your bra match?”

“I always wear matching underwear. I just think it’s so much prettier, don’t you?”

“I do, too. My mom says it’s what a lady does.”

“My mother says a lady always wears the best she can. These are made of silk. Want to feel?”

I was shocked for a moment and then I was seized by an attack of courage. I figured, why not? I mean she’d felt me through my panties already. I stepped up and touched her cute little butt, enjoying the feel of the silky panties. “Oh, these feel nice!”

She dropped her skirt and lifted mine, touching my panties as she had before. She was more bold than I. She put her hand over my mound, over the front of my panties, letting her middle finger rest in my cleft. She gently massaged my clit, making me gasp.

I never thought for a moment to stop her. I didn’t interfere with her hand and fingers. I let her slip her fingers under the leg band of my panties and onto my bare pussy. The look in her eyes was loving. She adored what she did and I could feel her enjoyment in her fingers and the gentle, insistent way she massaged my clit and bursa evi olan escort ultimately fingered me. It didn’t take me very long to begin the climb to my orgasm, the first I ever had at the hand of another person. I’d let some boys touch me down there and even let one put his finger inside me, but it never felt as delicious as what my little friend Evie did to me that day. I have to say it’s really true what they say – a girl always remembers her first time.

I rode her hand and fingers over the precipice into my orgasm. I was as wet as I could possibly be. It took a moment for me to catch my breath, slumped against the sink. She had her arms around me and we kissed as I recovered. She gave me the sweetest smile ever.

I fixed my lips to hers and kissed her soulfully, caressing her hair and her ears. I had to give her back some of what she’d given me. I had my hand under her little skirt and touching her butt through her panties again. I moved it around to the front, gently stroking her upper thigh and up onto the front of her lovely white knickers. She sighed and kissed me with feeling as I slipped my hand around to the middle of her mound. She sucked on the tip of my nose, causing me to giggle and then to move my hand up to her waist band and down into her panties.

I reveled in the creamy wetness I found. I had my palm on her mound and slipped my middle finger in her cleft over her clit and down to her vaginal opening. It was the first time I ever put my finger into another girl’s vagina, though I’d fingered myself many times before. Somehow it was a much different experience fingering another girl, knowing my little friend was horny for me and happy I was inside her.

I slowly began to rhythmically rub her mound and fuck her with my finger. She had just a little bit of curly cunt hair. I loved the feeling of her sex in my hand. Her breathing was picking up. “I love you, Paulie. You know I love you?”

At that, I held her closely and hugged her tight. “I love you, too, Evie. You’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.”

“Ohhh, that’s so good, Paulie. You’re the best ever.”

I sped up my manipulation of her sex. I wanted to give my new girlfriend a luscious orgasm as she’d given me. I worked her lovingly and marveled at how delightful it was to make love with another girl, especially this one.

It was only a couple of minutes when she began to shake and spasm. I felt the spasms in her pussy, squeezing my finger as she moaned and so obviously held onto the scream I knew she wanted to release. I covered her mouth with mine to mute her so we weren’t kicked out of the coffee shop. She shook and moaned and poked her tongue into my mouth and came. I took hold of her as she leaned against me and we held each other.

I let her skirt fall and sniffed my fingers, still wet with her juices. The smell wasn’t very strong, but it was sweet and pleasant. I tasted her and felt I wanted to do that again and again. She smiled at me and tasted her fingers, too. “Yummm.”

I turned to open the door and she grinned at me, realizing I hadn’t washed my hands. We held hands and walked back to our little table. My coffee was still pretty warm and I enjoyed the taste.

Evie looked at me. “Do you wanna come to my house for a sleepover on Friday?”

I grinned. “Oh, yeah!”

“Wear your prettiest panties?”

I grinned at her and squeezed her hand in mine. “Under my cutest little skirt.”

She gave me her sweet, shy smile again. “If you like, you can join my Panty Club.”

I looked the question at her.

She giggled at my expression. “Yes, it’s a new thing and we’re the first members, but it’s a club for girls like us who love panties.”

I grinned at her. “And the girls who wear them?”

She put her hand under my skirt, under the table. Touching my wet panties, she quickly kissed my lips. “Especially the girls who wear them.”

“What will we do in this bursa rus escort Club?”

She thought about it for a moment, but she didn’t withdraw her hand from my panties. “Well, I have a nice collection of panties and I’d love to show them to you. I bet you do, too. We can have fashion shows and make each other feel good, especially the girls who model panties for the rest of us.”

I was getting turned on again. I tried to hold still for her. Besides, I didn’t want it to be too obvious what we were doing in our dark little corner. “I’d love to be a model for you and I’d love to see you in every pair of panties you own. What else would we do?”

She was grinning as she saw what her fingers were doing to me. “Well, there are lots and lots of pictures of cute girl in pretty, sexy panties on the ‘net. We can do research there for our own wardrobes.”

My breath was coming shorter and faster now. I pushed my cheek against hers and whispered into her ear. “I love what you do to me. Could we do that in our Club, too?”

She kissed my cheek and then licked my earlobe, giving me an extra thrill into my pussy. I shivered with the sensation and I opened my legs wider for her. At that point, I just didn’t care who saw what. I just wanted my lovely Evie to do me.

“Yes, Paulie. I love you and I’ll do this forever if you want.”

“I want to do you, too, sweetie. I love you so much.”

She pushed my panties aside and slid her finger into me again. It felt so heavenly and it was without a doubt the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done in a public place.

“I have some pictures I’ve taken. Of other girls and women who show off their panties to me. I think collecting pictures of pretty panties we see would be amazing. I think it’s so sexy to ask a pretty woman if I can take a picture of her panties.”

I gasped. It may have been what she said or what she was doing between my legs, but it was amazing. “They really let you do that?”

“Yes, not many, but when I see a girl like us, I just ask her. Sometimes she says yes. One girl said I could take a picture of hers if she got to do the same to me.”

“You let her, didn’t you? What were you wearing?”

She kissed me again and continued to fuck me with her finger under the table. It felt so good.

“Of course I let her and I got her number and I want to call her and make her the third girl in the Club if that’s okay with you.”

I closed my eyes for a minute and just enjoyed the ride she was giving me. I was imagining us sitting together, fingering one another, as a third girl started her fashion show by raising her skirt to show us what she was wearing.

“I had on my pink lacy bikini panties and the bra that matches. She liked them a lot. I know she took a lot of pictures of me showing her my panties, front and back and sides. I let her touch me, too. She loved putting her finger just where I’ve got mine.”

That image was enough to drive me to my second orgasm of the afternoon and I moaned as I came around her finger. I could feel my vaginal muscles clamping around her digit. She kissed me repeatedly as I came.

When my spasms subsided, I closed my legs and captured her hand to get a taste of my juices. I’d done that before when masturbating at home. I’d always enjoyed my own taste. I figured I had to give it a try before making a lover taste me. I’d decided I tasted good and whoever wanted to make love with me could add some oral action, too.

I placed my hand on her thigh, just below the hem of her skirt, but she stopped me. “Not now, lover. I have to go home and do my homework. Let’s do a sleepover and have our little fashion show this weekend.”

That thought excited me. I could have Evie all to myself all night. We could do all sorts of fun things then. “I’d love it! Friday night? I’m babysitting on Saturday. Maybe you could visit me while I sit on Saturday and we could…”

She kissed me and grinned. “Sleepover Friday and maybe something naughty in another woman’s bedroom? Or her living room? Or wherever? I love it, Paulie. You’re such a sweet girl. I really do love you. I’ve gotta go, but I’ll be thinking about you tonight. Text me a pic of your panties tonight?”

I took in a good breath and kissed her once more. “You bet! I love you, too, Evie. See you at school!”

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