Erotic Passionate Other Woman

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You sit by your window and gaze out upon the moonlit grass and the night is illuminated by it’s beautiful brilliance. The sadness that permeates your soul is reflected in your face and the tears stream silently down your cheeks in rivulets. Contemplating your life, the loneliness and the hours spent wondering if things would ever be the same again.

There is silence all around you but for the beating of your heart. Even the night is incredibly quiet no breeze, the owls let out a “hoot, hoot” that is both haunting and sad as it breaks the quiet of the stillness of the night. Your arms wrap themselves around you as you rock to and fro, lost in your sadness.

Where is he why hasn’t he called, he doesn’t realize that you wait an eternity for that one phone call, a message or something. Just to let you know that he is OK maybe just thinking about you as you are thinking of him. You knew even before it really started and grew to these proportions that he wouldn’t be able to give you much of his time.

What you dared to believe or could even imagine would be clearly deemed as unrealistic and not feasible. Why do you berate yourself and wait for something that isn’t going to happen? Truly you are not thinking rationally you tell yourself, he is just a pipe dream and it is never going to come to fruition. Your mind tortures you, but you know what is inside of him and that he cares for you so very deeply.

You are vulnerable inside, so wound up that you feel as if you want to run and hide and never return to the light of day. He brought you out of your shell and made you feel wanted and needed again. When you have been the princess locked away in her ivory tower for so long and one day you know that your prince charming has come for you. He has set you free from your sexual oppression and you can once again give freely of yourself.

You allow him to see inside of you to open the floodgates of desire and he captures more than your heart, he has your body and all that you are in the very palm of his hand. You feel a sensation of unfathomable joy this freedom, a lightness of your soul and your spirit is free at last.

When he first noticed you, he was drawn to you immediately, your passion, your beauty, charm and sensuality. He adored your sensitivity and tender heart and you had an instant rapport with him. There was a comfort in knowing that you could probably talk for hours and never grow tired of hearing each other’s voices. You were his flamboyant flower and you brought the sunshine into his life, that had been missing for so long.

He found you incredibly sexy and enjoyed your very vivid erotic mind. You fell in love with the man he was, the personality and his very sexy demeanor, there was something so amazing, tender yet beautiful and so heart wrenching in it’s absolute poignancy. He made you feel amazing, desired, that you were special a woman to be cherished and adored. You fell for him from the very first time he spoke to you.

You felt vibrant again so very beautiful and sexy, your nipples would harden when you thought of him. The very essence of your womanhood was on fire for him..your honey pot becoming moist just thinking of what he would do Escort Bayan Gaziantep to you. You could feel the trembling sensation deep down inside of you, shivering but not from the cold.

There was this glorious brightness like a white light of emotion that envelops you and you wanted to cry out as you felt him touch that very intricate part of your very core and femininity. You would lose control of your senses, vital and vibrantly alive and your sensuality absolutely illuminated by the brilliance of incredible eroticism.

Your heart races when you know that you have received a message from him, you feel almost giddy with emotion. He makes you feel like a young girl and you feel like dancing and twirling around the room. Your step is lighter and you feel rejuvenated by his words and his sexy messages. There is a small voice inside of you saying “be very careful, proceed with extreme caution, you’ve been hurt before and it will happen again if you are not exceedingly careful.” There is that very rational part of you that tells you to watch it, please be careful you are so emotional sometimes and wear your heart upon your sleeve.

Standing in front of the mirror, you are naked and proud, shoulders back, chest thrust forward, your breasts large and firm, nipples hard and their color so very pretty a very vivid coral. Your waist is relatively small and tapers in and hips flare out with a slight emphasis, your body is supple, curvy and sexy. Your legs toned and fit like the rest of you and your “V” is lovely and soft…You know he likes your kitty shaven and so very smooth and so you keep that part of you bare, specifically for him. Your derriere is rounded and lovely, firm, those lush cheeks of yours a perfect fit for his strong, lean hands. You throw your blonde head back and your hair tickles as it slides down your back.

Your mouth is opened slightly as you close your eyes and conjure up that masculine face with those sexy eyes of his. Taking your hands, you delicately run them over your curves and imagine his hands upon them as they slide up and down your body. You are on fire and your desire and passion for him is ignited at 1000 percent. Shuddering with sensual joy he takes you to heaven and back again with every part of himself. You never held anything back but allowed him to take control and you soar above the clouds and over the moon with your heightened libido and eroticism that has never felt so delicious. .

You bring yourself back to the present and ask, did you not realize that you are the other woman the one that sits in the wings and silently awaits the one that you have grown to love? She does not give you her all, she holds back and doesn’t allow herself to participate in what could be a sensational night of love making. Is she full of passion or does she just lay there lifeless like a robot without any emotions?. I know that I am a woman with tremendous sexual tastes and an appetite that could be considered insatiable at times.

No I am not a nymphomaniac but I am a woman that is extremely erotic and I love sex with the right man. Your description of her allows me to believe she is cold almost frigid, sex doesn’t mean much to her and she allows you to take control while she lays back and takes from you, without giving. What kind of partner or woman would allow that to happen, I ask myself?I would literally bend over backwards to ensure that you are completely satisfied in bed and not left wanting. When you love someone enough you at least try to make it worthwhile in bed and out.

I am warm while she is almost frigid, a mannequin that only talks. Does her body turn you on like mine does? Does she make you feel like a hot sexy masculine man? Does she tell you how wonderful you are as a lover and thank you for allowing her to receive pleasure from you? When you look at her thin body does it allow your imagination to run rampant and make you want her time and time again?

I so crave to give you what you need in every sense of the word. You know that you would share each and every part of you and give him everything that you own, with every fiber of your being. How could you hold anything back, you know that your body yearns for him and you would do whatever he wanted or asked of you. Hasn’t he told you that your body was made for loving and you want to give him all that he desires and craves. Your mouth yearns for his kisses, your body anticipates his arms around you and wants his very touch. You close your eyes and imagine his fingers caressing you, just the mere tips sending shivers up and down your sensitized flesh.

In your sensual mind you have given yourself up to the pleasure of his hands upon your body as he caresses you and drives you slowly insane. The smile is on his lips, in his eyes and he conveys how much he wants you by his very expression. Leaning down he kisses your hardened nipples and suckles them as you moan and thrash around. He moves over your body with his hot breath and that mustache that tickles your overheated sensitized skin. He knows what he does to you and it truly drives you over the very edge of that sexual precipice.

His mouth knows how to please you in every conceivable way and he brings you to the brink time and time again and you cry out in absolute ecstasy. He pleasures you unmercifully, knows where to tease how to appease, you open yourself up to him like a flower that is in full beautiful bloom. He slides his experienced tongue over your clitoris and labia and touches your delicious smoothness. He loves the taste of your sweetness your honey and licks and sucks with a greediness that makes you scream out his name with joyous abandon, over and over again.

He stares into your eyes and his fingers trace your features and he leans down to kiss you with such infinite sweetness that you feel those tears in the back of your eyes. He can see into your heart and he knows that it beats for him, time and time again. His hands touch you but with a reverence as if he thinks you are made of the finest crystal. Those words he whispers into your awaiting ear tell you all that you’ve ever imagined and it is now reality. You know he isn’t yours to hold onto forever but you have his love and adoration and it is reflected in the very depths of his eyes. You kiss his mouth with an amazing sexuality that takes his breath away and leaves him wanting more and more.

When you push him down on the bed and say now it’s your turn my darling, for me to give you the ultimate in pleasure. You watch his face those eyes of his darken with his intense desire, as you slowly lick his hardened cock up and down. You take your time to give the complete shaft a major work over with your tongue and mouth. He moans as you touch his balls and massage slowly. Your fingers working their way to his back door and you touch him around his anus.

Running your hands over his ass cheeks and squeezing with sexual abandon. Your mouth and tongue continue it’s explicit journey of his cock and explores it in depth. You want to get to know each and every intricate part of his body and memorize those sensitive nerve endings. You take him fully into your mouth with such sensual abandon that he cries out wildly and is almost panting in his pleasure. He grasps your head to hold it firmly in place as you carry him to the road of amazing sexual bliss and within a minute he rises high off the bed, yells out “OH FUCK YES, YES” and shoots his hot load deeply into your mouth.

You come back to the present and you stand up from your reverie and walk to the angel wing mirror. Tossing your head and shaking your golden curls around like a wild tigress. Your arms come up and you lift strands of your golden hair and it only empathizes your bountiful full breasts, the nipples hardened little pebbles. Your lips smile into the mirror, the reflection shows a very sensual woman who has a luscious mouth. Your smile becomes very provocative and you think of how he loves you to kiss him passionately, French him and then use that tongue everywhere on his body. Your smile is wicked, so very naughty, you tell yourself that you have everything that he could ever want and desire.

Your hands touch your nipples and you pinch them and they become even harder, moaning you bring them slowly down your body, moving over your hips and into the perfect conjunction that “V” that is already glistening with your juices. Opening your legs you watch your fingers glide over your smooth nakedness to move towards the waiting plump pearl..It is so moist and you touch yourself and you see his face if there in front of you, smiling and his eyes are raging with that fiery passion. Your hands cease as the phone rings and your reflection shows those large turquoise eyes of yours glazed over with desire and an urgent need for him to be here with you.

You walk as if in a dream to answer the phone your sexy body swaying with graceful beauty and sensuality. His voice is there in your ear and he says “Sweetheart, how are you doing, I’ve missed you so very much.” That voice of his is beautifully pitched and it soothes and calms your restless spirit. You feel the tears begin to fall down your cheeks and your legs feel weak as if they might not hold you up. Your heart rate has begun to accelerate and you lean against the bed in relief because you can actually hear the adoration and love in his voice. Yous doubts have subsided and you want to beg him to come to you now. You have your damn pride and it prohibits you from doing so. His very next words tell you he has read your thoughts and he says in a sexy distinct voice. “I am on my way my sweet lover, I can hardly wait to taste those lips and that beautiful body of yours tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32