Encouraging an Incorrigible Ch. 01

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My stories are based on my personal experiences. Some of it is the naked truth, and some of it is a bare faced lie. I will leave it up to you, the reader, to determine how much of either applies. All characters, real or fictional, are over the age of eighteen.

My girlfriend and I had a great sex life. We did it whenever and wherever we wanted. On weekends we would take our camper to the nudist resort and run around naked all day. We had sex on the beach, and at night we would make love under the stars. Sometimes we would go to the adult cinema and watch a porno movie and others having sex. Occasionally we would get horny enough and put on a show for others to watch. But one day, all that changed.

One summer day we received a phone call from her ex. He said that he was having trouble controlling their teenage daughter. All she wanted to do was flirt with the boys. That was okay, but she was doing it to the extent that it was starting to affect her grades. She had already been set back one year at school. And now she was starting to play hooky. He asked if she could come live with us. He thought that being under the watchful eye of her mother might encourage her to toe the line. So that summer we had a new houseguest.

She was petite, like her mother. I later learned that she was a 34B-22-34. Her long brown hair hung down her back, and she had soft brown bedroom eyes. No wonder she was drawing so much attention. And she loved it. She dressed to draw the boys attention to her perky breasts, and her long shapely legs, which led up to her tight little ass. Her erect nipples were always visible under her crop tops. And her shorts always accentuated her camel toe. One look at her and her mother put her foot down. From then on it would be a strict, conservative dress code. And that is where the conflict started.

That summer saw many changes in our household. We had two bedrooms but only one bathroom, which meant we had to share. I would wait in anticipation for her to emerge after her bath. I was always disappointed to see her tightly wrapped in her bath towel. She may have dressed like a slut with her bayan esmer escort bursa friends, but she was very conservative at home. My girlfriend and I no longer had sex whenever and wherever we wanted. Now it was only once or twice a week, at night with the bedroom door closed.

The first time we all went to the beach together, her mother showed some concern about how brief her daughters bathing suit was. I was delighted to see how well she filled it out.

That summer we introduced her to our nudist lifestyle. She agreed to go with us, but only if we didn’t try to force her to take her clothes off. So while her mother and I enjoyed the freedom of being au natural, she would visit her friends in her shorts and t-shirt. It was not at all what I had expected. I thought she would want to flaunt her curves for all to see.

Our camper does not have a shower. So when it came time to clean up, she had to use one of the public outdoor showers. She would leave our camper tightly wrapped in her towel, and then drop it just before showering. Eventually we all went to the showers together. That was the first time that I got to see her nude. She did have a nice little figure. And she was clean shaven!

She had the habit of “borrowing” things from her mother… without asking. Her mother was able to recover her high heels and clothes, but the money remained missing. Of course she denied everything. That was when we installed a lock on our bedroom door.

I surmised that since she had gone through her mothers dresser drawers that she had found her sex toys. That was when I got the idea. For her birthday, I bought her a vibrator. I wrapped it up and left it in her room for her to find. She never acknowledged receiving it. But then, that was the way she was. It was part of her sneaky way.

She dated several boys that summer, but only a couple times each. She would never let us meet them. One time, as I was watching out the window, waiting for their return, I saw them share a passionate kiss before she got out of his car. I could see that he wanted more, and tried bursa ucuz eskort reaching up under her skirt. She pushed his hand away and ran inside to her bedroom. I surmised that she was a little prick tease, dressing to get the boys attention, but not putting out. I imagined that her vibrator was getting a good workout.

She still had to finish her last year of school. Registration in her new school was a visual trip to remember. Her classmates were running around in outfits that not only barely covered everything, but drew your attention to their shapely bodies. I could clearly see how she was being influenced in her clothing selection.

School started, and with it came more changes in our household. She had to leave for school an hour before her mother and I had to leave for work. That meant that she would get home two hours before us. Her mother always checked to make sure she was wearing a conservative outfit for school. We had told her that she was to come straight home from school, and that no one was allowed in the house when we weren’t home. We wondered what she did for those two hours. I suggested to her mother that we install a hidden camera and record what she did for that time. She agreed. So I concealed a camera in her bedroom and ran a cable to a recorder in our bedroom. Every day her mother and I would lock ourselves in our bedroom and replay the days events.

We found out that she dressed as her mother demanded for school. But she would conceal her divulging clothes in her book bag. She always went to school dressed conservatively, but came home dressed to flaunt. She never brought anyone into the house. All she did was try on clothes while talking on her cell phone. She loved to try on different ensembles and bras and panties while admiring herself in the mirror. I found out that she only wore thongs. Occasionally she would dance to the music while pulling up her skirt. Or she would strike a sexy pose and caress her breasts while admiring herself in the mirror.

After viewing the narcistic debauchery display, her mother would prepare the bursa anal yapan escort recorder for the next days events. That was when I got the idea. I would conceal a second camera in her bedroom and a second recorder in our bedroom. What a rewarding idea. I could watch her whenever I wanted.

Several times I was compensated with a sex show. I witnessed her using her vibrator for her first time. She removed it from it’s hiding place, at the bottom of her clothes hamper, and made herself comfortable on the edge of her bed. She didn’t even get naked. She just pulled the leg of her shorts aside and proceeded to enjoy herself. Pretty soon she hunched over and her body shook in climatic convulsions as she watched herself in her mirror. She withdrew it, wiped it clean with some tissues, and restored it to it’s hiding place. She then used some more tissues to wipe up what must have been a very wet pussy.

I watched her on several occasions. She would get home from school, hurriedly get undressed, and lay on her bed. Then she would have a body shaking orgasm with her vibrator. Sometimes she had two. One time she didn’t even get undressed. She just pulled her pants down and went at it. Something at school must have been making her very horny.

One time I left a box of porno magazines in her room. She looked through them while excitably masturbating with her vibrator. I wonder what she would have done if I had left a porno movie in her room, or a big dildo.

I moved my camera to different locations in her room so I could see her from deviating angles. I even located it at the foot of her bed so I could see up between her spread legs. She only inserted the vibrator inside her once. She always used it on her clit. She never took more than two or three minutes to cum. Occasionally, when she was through, she would examine her little toy and smell it, before cleaning it and putting it away.

One time, to see what she would do, I replaced the batteries in her vibrator with dead batteries. She appeared to be rather frustrated when she turned it on and it didn’t work. She searched her room frantically for replacements. Then she remembered the batteries in her television remote control. She put them in, turned it on, and went to town. Her hand went up and down super-fast, like a jackhammer. When she came she flung her free hand and both feet up in the air.

Too bad she masturbated in the nude. I would have savored her wet panties.

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