Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 14: Mayoral Delights

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Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Fourteen: Mayoral Delights

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Becky Davies

“She’s almost here,” I said, slipping my phone down onto the table. I smiled at Mrs. Alberts, my best friend’s mother.

“Finally,” purred Mrs. Alberts. The MILF sat up from the couch, her breasts swaying. They were round and naked. We had spent the evening while Tonya was on her date with Seth making love. I was so eager for this weekend. I was finally going to enjoy my fantasy.

Tonya and her mother writhing in incestuous passion.

I had been working towards this for weeks, slowly getting Tonya more and more used to the idea of being intimate with her mother. Through roleplay sessions with our naughty seductions of the various professors at our Christian college. I couldn’t wait to tell Dad about tonight. He would love it.

Tomorrow, before his inauguration to be mayor, I would clue him in. He would enjoy hearing about every salacious detail

“Is this going to work?” Mrs. Alberts asked, her breasts jiggling as she padded up to me.

“Tonya’s been loving the roleplay,” I told her. “You have the sleeping mask?”

Mrs. Alberts, her sandy-blonde hair spilling around her lush face, gasped and whirled around. She darted into the living room where we’d been relaxing, cuddling on the couch and watching some kinky, lesbian porn. My MILF lover hurried back, the black sleeping mask in hand, a sheepish look on her.

I took it, smiling.

My large breasts swayed. I had my braided hair loose, falling about my face. I was eager to welcome Tonya home from her date. Her starting dating Seth put a kink in my plans, but I was adaptable. I hoped she was horny from her date.

Mrs. Alberts moved into the dark shadows of the living room as I listened outside. It was nearly midnight, Friday almost over. Her husband and son were out camping for the weekend, giving us all the time to be naughty with Tonya. I was giddy with excitement. I wanted my best friend to enjoy an incestuous relationship with her mother like I did.

I just wished she had slept with my daddy instead of Seth.

The sound of a car approaching grew louder and louder. I smiled, a quiver rippling through me. Headlights flashed through the windows, illuminating my naked body for a moment. I gripped the sleeping mask as I waited for her.

Footsteps crunched down the path. I heard Tonya giggling. Seth said something that made her squeal louder. My cheeks burned. Seth was a cute guy. If I wasn’t in love with my daddy, I could have fun with both of them.

A wicked threesome.

“Bad boy,” Tonya purred. “Didn’t you get enough tonight?”

“No,” Seth said. They were right outside the door. I could hear them shifting. The door shook. Was she pressed against it? “You’re just so hot.”

“Mmm, Becky’s expecting me. So you behave.”

“So no doing this?” Seth asked.

She let out the most girlish squeal possible. My pussy clenched, wondering what he did to her. It must be pretty naughty. I smiled at the wicked sound they made. They kissed more, the door rattling. Was he going to fuck her right there at the door?

Seth was a lot bolder than I thought. Things were changing so fast at my college. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like sex was everywhere. It was almost unnatural, but… It felt so right when I was seducing my female professors, or hearing Mom enjoy my fellow students in the nurse’s office, or the orgies that Daddy hosted in his classroom.

“Okay, I’ll let you be a good girl and see Becky,” Seth said. “I want her to eat your pussy. Lick every drop of my cum out of your depths.”

I shuddered at that. This wild lust shot through my body from my pussy. I wanted to, but… It felt like that would be cheating on Daddy.

A smile grew on my lips as a new idea popped into my mind.

“Love you, Seth,” Tonya whispered. Her hand twisted the doorknob. I heard Seth walking away, footsteps retreating. Then the door opened and Tonya stood in silhouette in her short skirt and her tight blouse. Her platinum-blonde hair spilled down around her flushed face. “Oh, Becky.”

“Mmm, someone was naughty,” I said, sauntering to her as she closed the door behind her.

“You’re telling me,” she said. Her eyes widened. “You’re naked. What if my mom catches you?”

“She’s been sleeping for hours,” I purred. “She’s upstairs, and we’re down here. All alone.”

Tonya bit her lip, glancing upstairs. A wicked gleam appeared in her blue eyes. Her hands cupped my breasts as I stopped before her. She massaged my tits, her fingers digging into my flesh. She arched an eyebrow at me.

I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips melted against mine as her hands kneaded my breasts. I thrust my tongue in her mouth, feeling her excitement. Luckily for me, she saw lesbian sex as okay, not something a sin. Just two girls sharing intimacy with each other.

I broke the kiss and purred. “I want to do some naughty roleplay.”

She arched her eyebrow at me, interest gleaming in her eyes. “Oh.”

My right hand stroked up her blouse, cupping her small breast through it. I felt no bra. My thumb massaged her nipple. She gasped in delight, her eyes wild. I smiled at her as I held up the sleeping mask.

“Put this on and pretend that I’m your mother,” I purred. “I just caught you sneaking in from your date, and I have to find out if you’ve been naughty.”

“Oh, no,” she moaned, her voice full of wanton passion. Her body shuddered. “But I’ve been a bad girl with Seth, Mommy.”

“Oh, no,” I purred. “What am I going to find in your panties?”

She smiled at me and then took the blindfold from me with a greedy grasp. She pulled it over her head and down her forehead, ruffling her hair. She smiled as she settled it over her eyes. Her hands squeezed my tits, her fingers digging into my flesh.

I backed up, pulling my tits from her hands. She stumbled forward a step, her hands reaching out before her. She looked so hot. I trembled, loving how sweet she appeared, petite and beautiful. I was so glad to do this naughty roleplay.

Her mother padded up behind me. Her hand grabbed my rump, squeezing me. I groaned as she kneaded my rump. I shuddered at the naughty grip. She dug her fingers into my flesh as she gazed at her naughty daughter.

“You’re home late, Tonya,” I purred, putting authority into my voice. “I told you to be home by ten. It’s almost midnight.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Tonya said, her voice was so sweet.

My married lover sauntered forward to her daughter, the MILF’s gorgeous rump swaying before me. I loved the sight of her. I groped her rump, following her closely. She grabbed Tonya’s skirt, lifting it with her hand.

“Why were you late?” I purred, my fingers digging into Mrs. Albert’s plumb butt-cheeks.

“Well…” Tonya squirmed. “Seth and I lost track of time. That’s all, Mommy.”

Mrs. Alberts shuddered.

“And you weren’t being a bad girl, were you?” I asked, my heart pounding. My bush was soaked with my juices. Some drops of my cream leaked past my silky pubic hair and dribbled down my thighs.

“Of course not, Mommy.” Tonya sounded like such a little girl. Much younger than her twenty years.

“Then you won’t mind if I take a look beneath your panties,” I purred while Mrs. Alberts knelt down, pulling her rump from my hands.

I had to follow.

“Well…” Tonya moaned. “I mean… You don’t have to do that. Don’t you trust me, Mommy?”

“I don’t trust horny boys like that Seth,” I said, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. This was so hot. She had no idea her mother’s hands were sliding up her thighs, giving her a taste of that incestuous delight.

“But… but…” Tonya shuddered, her sleeping mask twitching as emotions flickered across her face. “I can explain. I had to.”

“Oh, what’s this wet spot Mommy’s feeling,” I purred, watching Mrs. Alberts hand moving between her daughter’s thighs. “Did you let Seth put his little cock in you.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy!” Tonya moaned. “He told me he was in such pain and he was kissing me and playing with my tits. I just had to.”

I shuddered as Mrs. Alberts drew down her daughter’s panties. My hands reached around Mrs. Albert’s body. I hugged her from behind as Tonya’s blue panties appeared, the crotch soaked and stained with pearly cum.

My hands wandered around Mrs. Alberts body. I touched her wicked flesh. I slid up to cup her round breast with my left hand, feeling her soft mound, while my left hand drifted south. I found her silky bush then cupped her married pussy.

“Oh, you’ve been such a naughty girl,” I purred. “Mommy’s going to have to take care of you. Show you what happens when you come home with a pussy full of jizz.”

Mrs. Alberts didn’t even hesitate to bury her face beneath her daughter’s skirt. She didn’t mind that Tonya had Seth’s cum dripping out of her. The MILF moaned as she nuzzled into her daughter’s flesh. I wish I could see the naughty licking.

But I could hear it.

“Mommy!” moaned Tonya, her body shaking as she undulated her hips. Her hands went to her blouse, unbuttoning it as she ground on her mother’s mouth. She had no idea she was experiencing lesbian, incestuous passion.

It was incredible to witness.

Mrs. Alberts feasted on her daughter’s twat. The married MILF devoured Tonya with noisy licks. Mrs. Alberts’s pussy soaked my hand, her silky bush rubbed into my palm as my fingers caressed her folds. Then I thrust two into her depths.

She moaned into her daughter’s pussy.

I rubbed my breasts into Mrs. Alberts back, my nipples throbbing and aching. My pussy dripped with excitement. My bush caressed the MILF’s rump. I fingered her and kneaded her tit while watching Tonya unbutton her blouse.

My sexy friend exposed her small breasts. Little titties that she cupped. She rubbed her thumbs across her hard nipples. Her blindfolded head tossed back and forth, antalya escort bayan platinum-blonde hair dancing around her shoulders.

It was such a hot sight to witness.

“Mommy!” moaned Tonya. “I’ve been such a bad girl! Oh, clean up all that cum out of me! Ooh, Mommy!”

My pussy clenched.

Mrs. Alberts just moaned, licking, lapping, driving her daughter wild. My fingers plunged deep into her cunt, reaming her. Her hot flesh squeezed around me as she whimpered out in delight. Her juices spilled down my hand.

“Mommy!” moaned Tonya, her fingers digging into her little titties. “Oh, yes, yes, Mommy!”

I thrust a third finger into Mrs. Alberts cunt. Her pussy squeezed around my digits, pressing them tight into my flesh. It was incredible to enjoy. My hips wiggled back and forth, grinding on her rump. My juices flowed down my thighs.

I rubbed against her. My clit throbbed and ached, brushing her juicy flesh. It was so exciting. Tonya had no idea. It was making me so hot. I could cum just for doing this, but… Was it time to act? Tonya looked on the verge of exploding.

“Mommy, yes!” gasped my friend.

I stood up, ripping my fingers out of Mrs. Alberts.

“Oh, Mommy, I’m going to cum!” she moaned as I ripped off her sleeping mask. “Becky!” Her eyes widened. “Who’s eating my pussy?”

“Ooh, you were such a naughty girl,” Mrs. Alberts moaned. “Mmm, but you taste delicious.”

“Mom!” gasped my friend. Her body bucked. “Oh, Mommy, you’re eating my pussy. Yes!”

I kissed Tonya as the pleasure burst across her face. My tongue thrust into her mouth as my tits pressed into hers. She moaned into my lips, cumming so hard on her mother’s mouth. Our tongues dueled as she experienced lesbian incest for the first time.

I gave my friend such a wild delight.

Her hand shot down my body. I gasped as she cupped my pussy. She rubbed at my feverish flesh with dainty fingers. She caressed me, the heel of her hand rubbing my clit. The pleasure exploded through me.

I joined her in ecstasy.

I squealed into her mouth. The pleasure rippled through my body. Stars burst before my eyes. My breasts heaved against hers. Her fingers thrust into my convulsing twat. My juices bathed her hand as my body trembled.

“Oh, Tonya, honey, you tasted too good,” Mrs. Alberts moaned. “Mmm, you’re just delicious.”

I broke the kiss and moaned, “Isn’t this hot?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Tonya gasped. “It is!”

I smiled in delight, so glad that I had shown her incestuous passion. My orgasm peaked in me. Then I stumbled back. I pressed against the wall, panting. I smiled, watching as Mrs. Alberts rose, her face smeared in her daughter’s juices. I groaned in delight as she grabbed her daughter, pulled her tight, and kissed her hard.

It was such a wild thing to witness.


Linda Davies

The shower turned off. Dripping wet, I stepped out, followed by my husband. Saturday morning had arrived. In a few hours, Steve would be mayor. Would Seth make his move? His gun sale to arm so much of our town was about to begin, too.

What was he going to do with all those weapons?

My husband grabbed a large, fluffy towel and wrapped me up in it. I shuddered as he dried my body, his strong hands moving around, massaging me. My breasts rose and fell while nervous writhes rippled through my stomach.

“It’s going to be okay,” Steve said as he pulled away the towel.

“I know,” I said. I brushed my wedding band, knowing that it would protect me from anyone that wanted to harm me.

I went to the sink and started blow-drying my hair. My husband swept by and opened the door. The steam billowed out into our bedroom. Sam smiled at us. Our youngest daughter stood naked, her fiery hair framing her impish face.

“I have all your clothing laid out,” Sam said. “Just like Mom ordered. Let’s get you dressed, Daddy.

On the bed was everything that I had chosen for my husband. As I ran the blow dryer, I smiled as my husband picked up the tie, dangling it over his hand. “Where did you get this?”

“I bought it for you a few days ago,” I said. It was red and blue. “You know, politicians always wear ties like that. Patriotic.”

I worked the blow dryer as Sam dressed my husband in the suit I’d laid out. She was bubbling with delight, darting around him, a daddy’s girl in her element. She smoothed his shirt and adjusted his tie and handed him his jacket. By the time, my hair was dry and falling in a curly delight down my face, my husband was looking sharp.

James Bond sharp.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re making me so wet,” moaned Sam. “I can be your naughty intern. You can soak your cigars in me and smoke me.”

“Aren’t you a little young to know about that?” I asked, remembering back to my youth in the 90s.

Sam winked at me.

“You would make a wicked intern,” Steve said, cupping her cheek. He kissed our daughter, her lithe body melting against his.

“None of that,” I said. “We have to get going soon.”

Sam pouted as I began applying my makeup. Then she darted out to change herself. Steve watched me, his eyes roaming my body as I transformed my appearance. My stomach’s writhing grew worse and worse. What would happen today?

We just had to make it until Sunday, and then Steve could start using his plan to corner Seth and ensure that he can’t escape. We would have to disarm him, remove his phone, and make sure he couldn’t work against us.

I didn’t like it, but what the boy was doing with the gun shop was dangerous.

My makeup completed, I stood up and sauntered to the bedroom where my tight, green dress was. I stepped into it, pulling it up my body. My large breasts swayed while I tugged and pulled and slid it over my body. My husband glanced at me, arching an eyebrow.

“No bra or panties.”

I gave him a wicked grin despite the nerves. “Well, I wanted to give you that whole politician experience.”

He laughed as I pulled up the dress. I adjusted it, my nipples tingling from the contact, and turned my back. I swept away my hair. Steve stepped up and drew up my zipper. The rasp echoed through the bedroom.

He kissed the back of my neck. “You’re beautiful.”

I smiled at him and then grabbed my diamond necklace. Steve gave it to me for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I reached behind my back and hooked it. It sparkled across my chest. I turned and smiled at him, loving how sexy he looked in his suit, his hair dark, his face chiseled.

I hooked his arm and told him, “Let’s make you mayor.”


Sam Davies

I hopped into the passenger seat, grinning at Daddy. I wore my Sunday best, my pale-pink dress, verging on white, falling down to my knees. I smiled at him as he started up the car. James and his girls were piling into Mom’s car, driving themselves while Becky was meeting us at the inauguration. She sent me a few pics from her fun last night.

It was hot seeing Mrs. Alberts riding her daughter’s face. I used to think Becky was so boring, but she was seducing every female professor at our college now. She was like Mom, just going after the women she liked.

“Kumquat?” Daddy asked, glancing at me. “What are you doing?”

“I called shotgun,” I said, licking my lips. Then my hand darted out and squeezed his cock. “If we can’t do anything at home, then let’s do it on the drive.”

“Sam!” he gasped as my head dived down, my fingers ripping down his pants’ zipper. The loud rasp echoed.

My hand darted inside as Mom slipped into the backseat. “Oh, this is your plan.”

“Yep,” I said, pulling Daddy’s hard cock out of his fly.

I engulfed his cock before they could stop me. He groaned and a wicked shudder bucked through him. His hand grabbed my fiery hair. His hand tightened. For a moment, I thought he would pull me off, so I sucked harder.

“Goddamn, kumquat,” Daddy groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. “You’re just naughty.”

I moaned in delight, nursing on his cock.

I sucked with all my might as Daddy backed the car down the driveway. We could do anything. He was about to rule this town. The incestuous thrill of blowing him made my shaved twat feel so juicy. With no panties to contain the flood, my thighs were coated in my excitement.

I bobbed my head as Daddy backed onto the street. He put the car into gear and took off as I loved him. I had to get him off fast. I had to make him explode. My cheeks hollowed as my mouth bobbed up and down on his cock.

“You spoil her,” Mom said.

“Uh-huh,” Daddy answered. “Can you blame me?”

“Not when she’s got her mouth wrapped around your cock,” Mom said, her voice tinged with amusement.

I sucked and nursed, Daddy’s precum spilling over my tongue. I danced around the swollen crown of Daddy’s cock, loving the taste of him. The feel of him. My lips sealed tight as I bobbed my head up and down his dick, sucking with passion.

I thrust my hand into his fly, wiggled into his boxers, and found his balls. I fondled them, full of all his cum, and nursed with such hunger on his dick. I sucked and slurped. I felt his nuts twitch as I pleased him.

Traffic drove past. They had no idea I was blowing my daddy. My powerful Daddy. He could edit the world.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter, but I ignored it. I wanted to be on edge throughout the entire day, just feeling so wicked and naughty, my pussy juicy with my incestuous passions. My cheeks hollowed while Daddy groaned.

“Damn, kumquat,” Daddy panted. “You’re hungry for it.”

“She’s just a little cum slut,” Mom purred. “Cum slut for her daddy.”

I was.

I sucked with such power. I bobbed my head, my lips working up and down his cock. His dick felt incredible in my mouth. He groaned as he drove us through town. Then he let out a wild groan. His cock throbbed in my mouth.

Hot cum fired out of his shaft.

His jizz pumped into my mouth. Blast after incestuous blast of cum flooded into me. escort antalya I gulped it down. I swallowed that salty treat. I moaned, my cunt clenching. My clit throbbed as I squeezed my thighs together.

“Fuck, kumquat!” Daddy grunted. “Goddamn, you’re amazing.”

I sucked and sucked, working out all the cum in him. I wanted him to feel amazing. He groaned a final time as the last spurt of his delicious jizz filled my mouth. I savored it as I popped my mouth off. I sat up, my face flushed. I looked around.

I swallowed and moaned, “Ooh, we’re almost here.”

“Yeah,” groaned Daddy. He fumbled to put his dick away as he drove us around to the back of City Hall.

A young woman waited at the back of the building as we pulled in, long, brown hair fluttering in the wind. She was fit and looked perky, a cutie a few years older than Becky. She smiled as Daddy pulled into a parking spot labeled: “Reserved for Mayor Steve Davies.”

I shuddered in delight then grinned. “Who’s the hottie?”

“His secretary,” Mom said. “Imogene.”

“So, do you bang her?” I asked, bouncing in my seat.

“She provides all manner of services,” said Daddy.

“So you do bang her!” I giggled.

I studied the edited woman. Imogene was gorgeous and the way her eyes lit up when Daddy climbed out of the car made me shiver. She swayed her hips back and forth as we headed up to meet her.

“Mr. Mayor,” she said, her voice bubbly. “We’re going to wait in the lobby until they’re ready for you out front.”

“Are you going to suck my daddy’s cock while we wait?” I asked her before James and his girls could join us.

“If he needs it,” Imogene said without even a hint of embarrassment.

I loved my daddy’s powers.


Steve Davies

I kept checking my phone while I waited for the inauguration to begin, keeping tabs on Seth. He was still home playing video games. He didn’t look like someone planning anything. He was just sitting on his bed, his eyes focused on the screen, a headset over his ears.

“Zone’s collapsing,” he said. “We have to move. Watch out for boys from the right.”

It made no sense to me what he was saying.

I didn’t like it. The gun sale was in progress right now. I glanced up at Chef Markov. The tall man with strong, Slavic cheekbones stood nearby in his dress uniform. He was speaking into his phone, nodding his head. Once I had a chance, I would edit his daughter so she would desire her father and come onto him, giving the man all his fantasies come to life.

“Thanks,” he said, hanging up. “The gun sale is still backed around the corner. People are trickling out, but the staff is overwhelmed. My officers aren’t even sure everyone out there will even get guns.”

I glanced at my wife sitting nearby, her fingers playing with her wedding ring. Then I glanced down at Seth. Maybe he wasn’t planning on acting today. That was why he was so relaxed. He was waiting for the people to buy their weapons and then he would activate them to do… whatever.

I glanced at my own wedding ring then at the building around me. No one could come to city hall, or get close to anyone in my family, who wanted to harm us. They would be distracted and lured away. So we were safe, but…

My shoulders still itched.

I didn’t like it. Seth was up to something, and I wanted to know it fully. I wanted to contain him. I liked the kid, but him arming people was going way too far. Shame we couldn’t share our fun, but Anael implied he was chosen to oppose me.

I glanced at Becky. My eldest daughter stood with her friend, Tonya, and Mrs. Alberts. The three had a wild time last night and I knew Becky was eager to get back to their weekend of passion. It was hot. I couldn’t wait until she convinced Tonya to slip into my bed.

I would love to share that petite beauty with my wife and daughter.

“Mr. Davies,” said Imogene, stepping inside. Before the door closed behind her, the sound of a crowd could be heard. “It’s time.”

I rose with my wife, taking her arm. I drew in a deep breath. Seth wanted me to be mayor. Why? I couldn’t figure that out, and it worried me. Was I playing into his plan? Did it matter because by Monday he would be neutralized?

Imogene opened the doors for us, smiling. My three children followed us out as I came up to the podium. A judge waited there, a rotund, Black man with a jolly smile. He held a bible in his hand, his grin broad. A crowd of people filled out the front of city hall. I recognized a number of them, friends from work and church. Bob and his girlfriend, Taylor Adair, were up front, with Queenie Phan beside them. I smiled at the sight of Rosemary Blum, knowing my wife used her wiles to convince the woman to drop her complaint against Sam. President Atterbury just happened to be standing by Kyleigh Jacobs. Nikkole Vance, my favorite cheerleader, stood by Sam’s friends. Rita, Courtney, and Tammy all beamed, all pregnant with my children.

With my wife at my side, I placed my right hand on the bible. A nervous tingle ran through me. I wanted to see what Seth was doing right now, and couldn’t.

“Repeat after me,” the judge said. He spoke, I repeated.

“I, Steve Davies,” I said, my words firm and loud, “do solemnly affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington, and all local ordinances, and that I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of Mayor of Rainier, according to the law and the best of my ability.”

The crowd erupted. I was mayor of Rainier, Washington. My wife threw her arms around my neck and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I trembled, feeling the applause rippling over me. The cheers. The praise. It was intoxicating.

I broke away from my wife, heading to the podium. I had a speech prepared. My entire body trembled, but not from nerves, from exhilaration. I felt so alive as I faced the hundreds of people who’d come out on their Saturday to witness this. I gripped the podium, staring out at all of them. My preacher, Colin Fekete, stood with his wife, Fabiana. I had fixed her infidelity issue. I could have let her stay being a whore and let myself join in on the fun, but there were plenty of women I was enjoying.

It didn’t feel right to have my spiritual leader being cuckolded by his wife. She was only doing it because I changed Linda, one of those unintended consequences.

“Thank you, thank you,” I said, smiling. “Thank you all for voting for me.”

A great cheer rushed through them. Even though I knew it wasn’t their decision, that the world was edited to ensure I won, their belief that they supported me was true. They waved banners with my name. Kyleigh flipped up her skirt, flashing her naked pussy at me for a moment.

“Things are going to change in Rainier,” I said, looking out at the crowd. “We’re going to be a town that leads the way in progressive values. We’re going to end racism, sexism, ableism, and more. Poverty will be a thing of the past. Not through reckless spending or burdensome taxation like our last mayor, but by transforming our city into one where everyone desires to help each other out. We shall shape our town to be a beacon of hope and prosperity. A place of charity and compassion.

“You will not be disappointed that you voted for me!” I promised.

The crowd thundered again. The sound echoed across the courtyard. Nikkole did a high kick, flashing her panties at me. My friend Bob flashed me a thumbs up. I beamed out at the crowd, nodding my head as I surveyed them all.

“We have a lot of work to get to, and we’re going to hit the ground running. We’re going to transform Rainier into the safest place in America. In the world!”

I drank in their excitement. It was such an intoxicating rush. I closed my eyes as it washed over me for a moment, my arms shaking up in the air. Then I whirled around and marched inside, Linda taking my arm while behind me, the crowd chanted my name.




Nothing happened. Seth did nothing.

“Oh, Steve, you were perfect,” my wife said, beaming at me.

“Damn, Dad, you were amazing,” James said. My son had a big grin on his face.

I smiled at him.

“Daddy!” Becky said, throwing her arms around me. She bounced before me. “That’s amazing. You’re the mayor.”

“You are, Daddy!” Sam said, hugging me from the other side. She grinned at me. “Ooh, this is so exciting.”

I nodded, my heart pounding.

Officials began to move towards me. The newly elected town councilors, the various heads of offices. They all wanted to meet the new boss. My children slowly vanished. Sam and her three friends were off with James and his girlfriends to have a “Super Smash Brothers tournament!” as Sam excitedly put it. Becky was eager to continue her fun with Mrs. Alberts and Tonya. She waved goodbye to me while I was ensconced talking with the Head of Sanitation, hearing him complain about his various problems.

I would have so much work to fix the town. Once I had Seth neutralized, then things would be perfect.

The talking, the politicking, and the giddy supporters just wanting to take a picture with me went on all afternoon. I checked my phone as much as possible. Seth was still playing his game. He was into it, wanting to win a “chicken dinner.” I had no idea what he was playing other than it involved guns.

Finally, I broke off from the party and headed upstairs. Imogene was at her desk, working on something. She smiled when she saw me and rose, holding a book. “I have your appointments for Monday afternoon.”

“Good, good,” I said, heading into my office.

My wife immediately unzipped her dress as she entered. “Oh, god, I am so wet. It was intoxicating seeing all those people fawning over you. Especially some of the women. They were just dripping with eagerness. Mmm, no wonder politicians are always getting into trouble.”

“Uh-huh,” I antalya escort groaned as her dress fell down her curvy body, exposing her sleek back and plump rump. She threw a naughty look over her shoulder.

I groaned, “So many temptations.”

“Pervy mayor,” she purred, sauntering in, her diamond necklace flashing about her throat.

I loosened my tie as I followed her in. Imogene closed the doors behind us. “You have the entire town’s support,” she said, juggling her address book as she worked to peel off her blouse. She was such a transformed woman, so different from the slightly pudgy, tattooed, and dyed-hair woman who’d annoyed my wife. “And that’s political capital we have to spend fast before these outstanding approval ratings drop.”

“Oh, I have a feeling my husband has arranged things to stay popular,” Linda moaned, perching on my desk like a wicked pinup model, her large breasts swaying. She played with her diamond necklace. She looked stunning with the light playing on the jewels.

“Maybe,” said Imogene, managing to get her bra off, her perky tits coming into view. She dropped her lilac bra behind her. “Well, you’ll have your meeting with the city manager.”

“Mmm, she’s a hottie,” moaned my wife. “I should come along so I can eat her pussy out while you talk to her. I bet she tastes yummy.”

I chuckled. Kalie Fairclough, who ran the day-to-day details of the city, was an attractive, auburn-haired woman. I did have a thing for redheads. Working with her would have so many exciting benefits.

“Yes, she is sexy,” moaned Imogene. “My girlfriend saw her a few days ago and got so jealous that I was working near her. I had to eat her pussy for an hour to calm her down.”

Linda giggled.

Imogene wiggled out of her skirt and panties, shedding the last of her clothing as I sat down on my leather chair. It was so comfortable. My dick was hard in my pants. I looked around my edited office, smiling.

From here, I would make my community into a paradise. No more crime. No more suffering. I would edit things, add auras all over Rainier, to remind people to be decent, to have compassion. I wasn’t lying. I would change everything.

Imogene reached the desk, her schedule book clutched to her breasts. The brunette gave me a bright smile, her shaved pussy glistening with juices. My wife shuddered on the desk, her thighs spreading wide.

“Imogene, sit on my husband’s cock and eat my pussy. We have to celebrate.”

“Yes, Mrs. Davies,” my secretary said with such wanton lust. She was eager to please.

Imogene slipped the schedule onto the desk then reached her hand down. She smiled at me as she unzipped my fly. Her hoop earrings swayed about her ears as she drew down my zipper. She smiled in delight, reached into my fly, and pushed down my boxers. The sexy brunette grasping my cock. I groaned at the feel of her warm hand wrapped around my dick.

“Mmm, Mr. Mayor, let me take care of you,” she purred as she drew me out.

I groaned. I was mayor. It was happening. Today, everything changed. Seth thought I had no idea who he was, but he fucked with my daughters. He tried to hurt my family, and that exposed him. He would pay for it.

Imogene turned around, her tight rump facing me. Her skin was smooth and beautiful, no tattoos marring her flesh like she used to have. She aimed my cock at her pussy and lowered herself down. I groaned as her pussy nudged the tip of my dick, her sweet musk filling my nose.

“Imogene,” I groaned as she sank down my shaft.

Her pussy engulfed my cock. Inch after inch of her silky heaven swallowed more and more of my dick. I moaned, the pleasure rippling down to my balls. My chair creaked as her rump lowered to my crotch, my dick sunk all the way in her wet heat.

My wife shifted, throwing a leg over Imogene’s head. Linda sat before us, thighs spread wide. Imogene leaned forward, shifting the way her pussy gripped my cock. Then she buried her face into my wife’s pussy, licking and lapping at her flesh.

I groaned, my hands tightening on Imogene’s waist. I gripped her and then lifted her, savoring her pussy sliding up and down my cock. The wet heat massaged me, the silky heaven teasing my dick. She whimpered into my wife’s snatch.

“Mmm, that’s it, ride my husband’s dick,” moaned Linda, her large breasts swaying. She leaned back, bracing herself with her left hand. Her right played with Imogene’s brown locks. “Lick my twat and please your mayor. That’s what your main job is.”

“Yes!” Imogene moaned, her pussy squeezing around my cock. Her cunt slid up and down me, massaging me. The heat rippled around my dick, swelling the ache at the tip. “Oh, Mr. Mayor, I’m going to please you every chance I get! I love your cock in me.”

“Mmm, you’re going to go home to your girlfriend with his cum in your pussy. She’s going to lick his seed out of you.” Linda shuddered. “Right?”

“Uh-huh,” moaned the naughty secretary, her words muffled by my wife’s twat.

My hands tightened on Imogene’s hips as the pleasure built and built at the tip of my cock. She worked her pussy up and down my shaft and danced her hips from side to side. The naughty girl licked and lapped at Linda’s cunt. The wanton sounds echoed through the air. They were so wicked. I loved them.

They swelled the growing ache at the tip of my dick. That need to just erupt building and building. I would fire so much cum into her. She would take it home to her girlfriend. I panted, my heart beating fast in my chest as Imogene’s pussy slid faster and faster up and down my cock.

Her juices soaked down my shaft and coated my balls. They grew tighter and tighter with every inch of her pussy sliding up and down my cock. Her pussy gripped me, massaged me. She moaned into my wife’s twat as her hips wiggled and twisted and undulated.

“Damn,” groaned Linda. “Mmm, just get that tongue deep into me. Yes, yes, just like that. Ooh, lick me. You want me creaming your face.”

“Who wouldn’t?” I asked. “You taste amazing, Linda.”

“Oh, Steve, I love you,” she moaned, her green eyes focusing on me. Her breasts swayed as she shuddered. “Mmm, is the slut’s pussy massaging your cock? Is she going to make you cum?”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my heart racing. “I’m going to flood her. I’m going to pump her full of my jizz.”

“Naughty,” she groaned. “Ooh, send her home to her kinky girlfriend with all that seed in her!”

“Yes!” I gasped, my balls tightening.

“Mmm, I want that,” moaned Imogene.

Her hands gripped my wife’s thighs. The secretary licked and lapped with hunger. Her head moved back and forth, her brown hair sliding around her back. I gripped her hips tighter. I lifted her, working her up and down my cock. She pleased both my wife and me.

It was incredible. The pressure built and built at the tip of my cock. The rapture was coming closer and closer to exploding out of me. Powerful blasts that would fill her cunt with load after a load of my jizz.

“Work that pussy,” I growled, her massaging cunt bringing me to the brink. “Just a little more. I’m almost there.”

“Cum in me, Mr. Mayor!” she moaned into my wife, squeezing around my cock.

She slammed her pussy down my cock. Her rump smacked into my thighs, my slacks whisking against her flesh. She moaned, licking, lapping. My wife trembled, her face twisting with rapture as she trembled on the desk.

“Do it, Steve!” she moaned. “Oh, cum in her! Just flood her! She needs it!”

“Yes!” I growled, my balls tightening.

“I do!” whimpered Imogene. “I love it when you cum in me. It makes me feel important. It’s my job to please you.”

Her words were exciting.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing in her depths. Then I groaned as she slammed down my cock. She took every inch of me. This wild heat shot out of me. My dick twitched and throbbed in her cunt. I growled.


My cum fired into my secretary’s juicy twat. Boiling rapture rippled through my body. I groaned as my balls unloaded. Stars exploded across my vision as the ecstasy swept through my flesh to my mind. My hands squeezed her hard.

“God, yes!” I growled.

“Mr. Mayor!” she squealed and then her pussy convulsed around my erupting dick.

“Are you cumming in her?” my wife asked, trembling. She stared at me with such hungry eyes. She shuddered on the table, her breasts rising and falling. She licked her lips as Imogene’s sweet cunt milked my cock.

“Yes!” I growled.

“Oh, God, yes!” my wife moaned. She arched her back, her big tits bouncing before her.

Imogene licked and lapped as her pussy writhed around my cock. She wrung out my balls, the pleasure shooting through me, as my wife joined us in rapture. Linda’s breasts heaved. I stared at those big, pillowy tits in awe, loving the sight of them.

My cock fired a final blast into Imogene. Her pussy kept writhing around me, spasming as she moaned into my wife’s cunt. Linda’s eyes squeezed shut. Such rapture burned across her expressions. Then she smiled.

“Mmm, that was incredible,” she groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, just perfect.”

“Good,” I panted, my dick throbbing. “I want—”

A loud crack echoed outside. I frowned, glancing at the window. It sounded like a firework going off. One of the illegal kinds you could buy from the Indian reservations. Imogene lifted her head as another crack exploded. Then another.

Imogene slid off my dick. I stood. Those sounds… My heart pounded in my chest. My hands clenched and relaxed as this sweep of fear drowned out my buzzing pleasure. I reached my office window and peered out into the darkening streets.

It was the strangest sight I had ever seen. An army of girls, all armed with assault rifles, were rushing down the street. They were a rainbow of hair color, body sizes, and outfits. Many of them looked outlandish, those Anime and video game characters my son liked. I recognized a few from popular movies.

“What the hell?” I asked.

Then the gunshots erupted. They fired at the city hall. I gaped as they advanced, shooting at the facade. That should be impossible, but I could hear the impact of bullets against the stone, ripping into the bricks.

Seth made his move.

To be continued…

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