Early Education

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We were married young and we were pretty naïve. After graduation, I went to work for a large corporation and I was one of several trainees. Chuck, one of the other trainees, and I became good pals and carpooled together. Chuck’s girlfriend, Lori, was a cute, petite redhead. She worked as a medical technician at the general hospital, and she usually hitched a ride to work with us.

Barb and I would get together with Chuck and Lori frequently on weekends to play cards or see a movie. Chuck was quite a comedian and kept us laughing. Lori and Barb got along very well and chatted constantly when we were together.

While riding together, Lori would often describe her work that day. She examined specimens through a microscope and wrote results for the medical staff. To avoid boredom, the lab techs rotated duties. One week she said she examined puss samples from open wounds, the next week she was on blood, fecal matter, etc. Lori and the other technicians were very open and casual about bodily functions and nothing seemed too gross or unusual.

One day, on our way home from work, Lori told us that she was assigned to semen specimens that week. She was examining samples and counting sperm for the fertility clinic. Chuck and I were intrigued, of course, and she went into some detail. She told us that they were shorthanded that week, so she had to prepare her own slides from the specimens. Laughing, she told us that she secretly had tasted some of the samples while she was preparing her slides. Further, she said they had different tastes, and were different from Chuck’s semen!

Taken aback by her confession, I was frankly shocked that she had tasted Chuck’s semen. As she talked, I began to probe for more information.

“How do you know how Chuck’s semen tastes?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“It squirts out when I suck on his cock,” she blithely told me. “Doesn’t Barb suck yours?” she quizzed.

I know that my face turned red, and my dick began to swell as I tried to find the words to reply. Here was this hot looking redhead, sitting up front with Chuck, asking intimate questions about my married love life. All I could manage was to shake my head, indicating that my wife did not do so.

“Chuck loves what I do for him,” Lori continued. “We both love oral sex. It really gets us going before we finally get around to fucking,” she added with an innocent smile.

Sitting in the back seat, I tried carefully to rearrange my slacks to mask the stiffness. It was obvious that Lori and Chuck were more experienced at lovemaking than we were, a young married couple were.

“Things like that were not covered in the little blue manual that our minister gave us during our wedding counseling session,” I mumbled. “I guess you learn about a lot of things working in a big hospital.”

Lori turned and faced me in the backseat while Chuck drove. “Medical people don’t have the hang-ups about the human body and its functions that most other people have. Oral sex may sound nasty to you, but it is a perfectly safe way to enhance sex, so long as you and your partner are clean otherwise. Maybe I need to have a talk with Barb. She needs to learn how to suck you off, and you need to learn how to please her in much the same way.”

Chuck was laughing as he drove. “I should have warned you, Ken, Lori is used to being pretty blunt. Some of the stuff that goes on at the hospital would make your ears hurt. Most of them are just like Lori. It’s just part of the way they cope with stuff we never see.”

I was looking into Lori’s eyes, trying to determine if she was serious or just pulling my leg. Her bright blue eyes told me she was perfectly serious.

“I don’t know how Barb would take such a frank discussion,” I hedged. “We’ve never even talked about doing what you said. She might freak out if you told her about doing it to Chuck.”

Lori giggled. “Well, maybe we can work up to it as part of a game or something. I know, we’ll play truth or dare again and when it is your turn to ask, you can ask me to tell a sexy secret or do a dare. I’ll choose truth and confess to liking the taste of Chuck’s cum. We can go from there and see how much Barb will want to know. I can also talk to her, girl to girl, and give her more details later. I can see that she would have plenty to work with,” she teased as she looked at my lap.

We talked about oral sex the rest of the drive and I got comfortable asking her questions. She confirmed that she also liked it when Chuck pleased her with his tongue. Chuck confessed that he loved the taste of Lori’s sweet nectar. I pictured them lying together licking each other’s private parts. Then, a vision of Barb doing the same to me flashed across my mind. The idea definitely had me aroused.

“It’s your turn to be host and hostess,” Lori stated. “Let’s get together for pizza and beer on Saturday night and Chuck can suggest playing truth or dare after we get done with dinner, okay?

“We can give it a try,” I agreed, “but if Barb gets upset with your confession, aydınlı escort you need to back off and wait until you two can have your girl talk. I’d love to try it, but I would really hate to upset Barb, or have her cut off our friendship.”

“Me too, Ken,” Lori agreed. “So long as you are game, the three of us can work together to explore the topic with Barb.

I’m sure that a little patience will pay dividends for both of you.”

I nodded my agreement. “I can hardly believe that we are having this conversation. It has opened up my mind to a completely new set of fantasies. I just hope that Barb will be as curious about it as I have become. I am amazed by how open and frank you are about the whole topic of sex, Lori. You and Chuck already know something about Barb and I that nobody else in the world knows. I guess that I am feeling a little vulnerable right now, but I am also very excited about the new possibilities.”

“You aren’t the only one, Ken,” Lori purred. “Chuck’s got a hard-on right now, and I can feel a wet spot in my panties,” she giggled as she reached across the seat. It was quickly obvious that Lori was clutching Chuck’s cock through his pants. Minutes later, he pulled to the curb in front of our apartment and I slid out of the back seat, pulling keys from my pocket and again rearranging my stiff dick.

“I’ll let Barb know that you guys will be over this Saturday. Chuck, why don’t you bring the pizza, and we’ll supply the beer. Chuck, I’ll pick you guys up first thing in the morning for what may be an interesting commute to the hospital and office,” I added with a wide grin.


When I picked Chuck and Lori up the next morning, they were both all smiles. They slid into the back seat together for the commute to her hospital and our corporate office.

“Yesterday’s conversation really got us aroused,” Lori stated nonchalantly. “I think we were naked before you were a block away. Are we on for this Saturday?”

I chuckled at Lori’s outspoken confession and confirmed that Barb and I would welcome their visit on Saturday. Glancing in my rear view mirror, I saw Lori’s sweet smile and I visualized what she and Chuck would have looked like as they raced each other getting their clothes off the previous evening. The vision caused my dick to swell a bit even though it was not yet 7:30 in the morning.

“Instead of having pizza and beer on Saturday, why don’t I fix a batch of enchiladas?” I suggested. “You can bring a bottle of tequila and we’ll do some shooters and stuff.”

“Do you think the tequila might loosen Barb up quicker?” Chuck asked with a grin.

“I think it would help a lot,” I replied with a laugh. Barb gets pretty giddy when she has the hard stuff.”

Lori was nodding. “Tequila makes my clothes fall off!” she giggled. “Be sure you have plenty of fresh limes, Ken.”

I sipped my coffee and my mind began to wander. I knew that Chuck and Lori were so much more open-minded and outspoken about sex. Now, the three of us were plotting together to ensnare my sweet, conservative wife in a discussion of oral sexual foreplay. I began to ask myself if this was a good idea after all, but my curiosity was in high gear now and I decided to continue with our plans.

On Saturday, Barb helped me prepare a large dish of enchiladas. She also made bowls of guacamole and salsa to go with the bag of tortilla chips we bought. The aroma from the kitchen was heady and Barb was in good spirits as we completed our dinner preparations. I cut up three fresh limes and found our sea salt.

Lori and Chuck arrived a little after six that evening carrying a bottle of Jose Cuervo. I admired Lori’s short skirt and loose-fitting silk top, held up by two thin straps. Being quite petite, Lori had not bothered to wear a bra. A quick hug confirmed my observation as I watched Chuck wrap his long arms around Barb and pull her into his wide chest.

“Hey, it’s Saturday night!” Chuck announced as he pulled four shooter glasses from the paper sack. “Let’s celebrate with a round of shooters before dinner.”

I wondered how little Lori would handle the tequila as we raised our glasses and did our first shots.

“Can’t stand on just one leg,” Chuck said as he refilled our glasses. We downed another round, licking salt and sucking on lime slices.

Barb went right along with the party atmosphere and we had more shots as we enjoyed our chips and guacamole. Later, our enchilada dinner served to smooth out the conversation and we were all having a grand time.

We sprawled about in our small living area and I broke out some beer. Barb and Lori were chatting about shoes and nail polish, or something when Chuck interrupted them.

“Lori, tell Barb what you were working on in the lab this week,” Chuck suggested with undisguised glee.

“Oh, she doesn’t want to know about that,” Lori replied shaking her head.

“What?” Barb slurred. “What were you doing this week that was so bağdat caddesi escort interesting?”

Lori gave us a sly wink. “Well, if you must know, I was doing semen samples and they were pretty interesting.”

Barb looked puzzled. “Semen samples…you mean men’s stuff? What for?”

“Semen count determines if a man is fertile or not,” Lori replied. “I got to prepare the samples and do the counts for our medical staff.”

“Ugh, that sounds nasty,” Barb said as she made a face and swallowed more beer.

“Not at all, Barb, semen is very clean and either white or clear liquid. Most of it tastes good, actually.”

My wife’s mouth fell open in disbelief. “What? You mean you put some of that in your mouth?”

I was beginning to regret the plan we had cooked up. Barb was shocked and the conversation might lead to an early end to our party.

Lori continued, evidently without concern. “Well, it is against the rules, but I just wanted to see if other men’s semen tasted different than Chuck’s,” she calmly admitted. “Haven’t you ever tasted Ken’s semen?” she added innocently.

“No, of course not!” Barb responded as she sat back aghast. “How would I do such a thing?”

Chuck and I sat back in wonder as Lori continued to talk to my innocent wife. Evidently, the tequila had heightened my wife’s curiosity to some extent and she kept quizzing Lori without any concern that we were also listening.

“Just suck on his cock,” Lori replied flatly, “pardon my being so blunt.”

Barb looked at me, wide-eyed, as if I was to blame for Lori’s remark. Then, she put both hands over her face as she tried to deal with the discussion and Lori’s revelations.

“Have you really done that to Chuck?” Barb whispered. “You got some out of his…uh…that way?”

“Sure, lots of times,” Lori confessed. “We both enjoy how it feels, and I like the taste too. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, Barb. It’s just that normal bodily functions are taken for granted in my work. I guess you and Ken have led a more sheltered married life, eh?”

“You can say that again,” Barb replied nodding her head rapidly. “But now, I have this vision in my head of you and Chuck, and it won’t go away,” my wife blurted.

Chuck laughed aloud and I was surprised when Barb looked up and began to giggle with him. Her face was flush and I saw her squeeze her hand between her legs. The mixture of tequila and sexy talk seemed to have had a strong effect on my wife.

“Really, Barb, you need to try it. You’ll be happily surprised at the results, I think,” Lori encouraged. “It’s easy and it’s something many married couples enjoy. Chuck and I aren’t married, but we enjoy pleasing each other orally too.”

Barb looked up. “Each other? You mean Chuck puts his mouth on you too?”

“Oh sure, it feels divine and he loves to do me that way. We even do it together at the same time.”

“Oh God, I wouldn’t even know how to do such a thing,” Barb shakily responded. “We only do it in bed in the missionary way,” she added, as she blushed red again.

Lori smiled at Barb’s confession. “You two are really missing all the fun. You need to loosen up and experiment more while you are young and full of energy. I’ll bet Ken would love for you to take a taste, wouldn’t you, Ken?”

Both women looked at me and it was my turn to blush. I was tongue-tied for a moment, trying to decide how to respond to Lori’s challenge.

“Well, that would be up to Barb,” I began. “But, I would be very willing to taste Barb and try to be more adventurous,” I added. “Like you said, I don’t think that it would be nasty or anything.”

“It’s really easy to try, Barb,” Lori agreed. “I can tell you what to do, or better yet, why don’t I show you? We’re good friends, right? We don’t have to be so discreet do we?”

“What do you mean, Lori? Do you mean to say that you would do it to Chuck while we watch?”

Lori nodded. “It wouldn’t bother me and I think it would help you guys to learn some new tricks and put some zing in your relationship.”

Barb’s hand was still between her legs and she was rocking back and forth on our sofa. She licked her lips and seemed to be arguing with herself…trying to make sense of the strange emotions now running rampant in her brain. I felt my cock swell against my slacks as I listened and observed.

Lori leaned close to my wife. “Do you want me to show you how to do it?” she whispered just loud enough for Chuck and me to hear.

Barb was silent for several moments. “If you really want to,” she finally muttered breathlessly.

Chuck was sitting in a chair across from us. Lori slid between his legs and pushed his knees apart. His head fell back against the chair as Lori slowly unzipped his slacks. Her small hand reached into his Jockey shorts, pulling his stiff dick free. Barb and I both watched in amazement as Lori held him out.

“See, Barb, he’s already nice and stiff. He knows how good this is going bostancı escort to feel.”

Lori leaned forward and kissed the head of Chuck’s cut cock, then let it slip between her open lips about an inch. Her fingers held him to her face and she used her tongue tip to tease the head, giving Barb a clear view.

“Oh my God,” Barb gasped as she watched Lori’s every move. I glanced at my wife. Barb was entranced by an incredible sight. Chuck’s cock was being lovingly touched by Lori’s lips and tongue.

As I sat back, I noticed that Lori’s short skirt was no longer covering her ass. Her thin, baby blue panties did little to cover the wet spot at the bottom of her crack. My cock stiffened even more as I watched the scene before me.

Barb moved around to gain a better view and Lori glanced up smiling. “Once he’s nice and hard, all you have to do is put him in your mouth and move it up and down while you suck on it. See, watch this,” Lori told my wife.

Lori’s fingers moved to cup Chuck’s balls as she slid her lips over his throbbing cock and made audible slurping sounds. Chuck moaned as Lori continued to move and suck his hard dick. As Lori took in more length, it became hard for Barb to see, so she moved in very close. Chuck put his hand on Barb’s back and encouraged her to lay her head on his belly.

I watched Lori’s cute little butt as she continued to give Chuck a first-class blow job, my wife only inches away from the action.

Chuck’s legs began to tremble and move and I could tell that he was about to shoot into Lori’s throat.

“Mmm, oh yeah,” Chuck moaned. Lori’s head jerked back slightly as he unloaded down her throat. I looked and I could see a foamy white ring form around Lori’s lips as she tried to swallow his warm semen. Barb jumped back in surprise as the sexy show ended. Lori’s lips were ringed with sticky cum as she released Chuck’s limp dick. She let her tongue move around to catch the errant droplets and looked at my wife.

“See how easy that was?” Lori cooed. “It’s a little salty, but I like the taste.”

“That was unbelievable,” Barb sputtered. “I still can’t imagine doing that to Chuck.”

Lori giggled. “I’m sure Chuck would let you suck him off, Barb, but you need to be imagining do it to your husband, Ken.”

“Oh, no, that’s really what I meant to say,” Barb cried, “I just said it all backwards.”

“I think you got it right the first time,” Chuck laughed. “I’m easy you know, but I’m not sure Lori would like that.”

My own mind flashed a picture of my wife with Chuck’s dick in her mouth. I shook my head to erase that vision, blaming the tequila for it. The sight of Barb’s head on Chuck’s belly as Lori sucked him off was arousing enough!

Lori laughed at the exchange. “Well, Barb, now that I have shown you just how it’s done, you need to practice on Ken, right?”

“You mean right now?” Barb asked. “You mean right here?”

“Sure, why not?” Lori nodded. “It’s only fair, I think.”

“I can’t, I just can’t. Not with you watching us. That would be too much for me.”

Lori put her arm around my wife. “Okay, I understand, honey. It’s a big step for you. But, you need to give it a try. Why don’t you take Ken into your bedroom and test it out? Chuck and I will find some way to entertain ourselves while you two experiment, okay?”

“Well, maybe we could do that. We could try.”

Lori looked over at me and nodded her head toward our bedroom. I got the message and extended my hand to my wife. “Why don’t we find some privacy?” I softly suggested as I adjusted my slacks.

Numbly, my wife took my hand and we walked down the hall to our room. Barb slid onto our bed as I turned to our bedroom door, leaving it ajar.

I slowly undressed as Barb watched. Then, I helped her out of her dress, bra, and panties. Lying on my back, I coaxed her to straddle me, facing the opposite direction. She looked down at my very stiff cock, and then turned her head to look into my eyes.

“Do you want me to suck you? Are you going to try to taste me too?” she whispered.

“Let’s just try it,” I prompted. “If you don’t like it, we can always stop,” I added to help her decide. I wanted so badly to taste my wife’s nectar after hearing about it for almost a week.

I moved Barb’s legs closer and her head bent lower, her face almost touching my erect pole. Raising my head slightly, I extended my tongue and touched the tip to my wife’s very wet mound. Her juices glistened on her light brown bush. As the first droplet touched my tongue, I felt the exquisite touch of Barb’s lips on the head of my cock. The moment was magic.


I soon had my tongue buried deep inside my wife’s wetness. That first taste of her womanly nectar was divine and I knew that I wanted more. It didn’t seem to matter how wet and messy my face became. I pressed into her as far as her cheeks would allow, continuing to move my tongue around as she squirmed. My hands held her slender legs and I felt her press back as I lapped her juices.

The sensation of Barb’s lips on the head of my erect cock was sublime. Her tongue made circles around the rim and she stuck her tongue onto the hole and licked several times. When I groaned with pleasure, she explored along my length and let her tongue trace up the lower side before she put me in her mouth and closed her lips tightly around the end of my swollen dick.

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