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Tiredness surrounded me, I put down my book and turned out the bedside lamp. I adjusted my pillows and closed my eyes. I felt my body relax as sleep came to me. I felt my mind begin to drift, that pre-sleep state where you feel like you are floating.

The bed was warm, my body was relaxed. My mind began wander, reviewing the events of the day as I drifted in a world between waking and slumber. I thought of my day, the client I had visited that afternoon.

Climbing the stairs to her office, smiling at the secretary in the outer office, knocking on her door. She called out.

“Come In.”

I adjusted my tie and stepped through the door. She stepped out from behind her desk and held her hand out to shake mine. Our hands touched and a tingle of electricity passed between us. She was tall, her dark brown long hair glistened in the sun that shone through the window behind her. Her business suit was immaculate, and she was wearing a mans tie. She looked sophisticated and self-assured. Actually she looked damn sexy, but I swallowed that thought. She spoke to me, her voice angelic and alluring.

“Karen Robertson, Director of Marketing, pleased to meet you”

I began my presentation as she sat on the edge of her desk, tapping her foot and fiddling with her pen. I was having a hard time concentrating on the product I was selling, her face and her figure kept interrupting my train of thought.

She shifted position on her desk and crossed her ankles. Her long legs seem to go for ever and I stammered slightly.

“Get a grip, Marshall, concentrate!” I spoke to myself, but it didn’t help me any. I was losing this sale, I could feel it slipping away like sand through my fingers. I tried a different tack. Shifting the balance of the presentation I asked her.

“What do you expect from our services?”

Her reply was beguiling, her smile broad and sexy.

“I expect you to be out of your suit and tie before I count three. 1-2-3” she counted as my jaw dropped.

She leaned back on her desk and unfastened her tie. My mind reeled as this goddess dropped her tie on the floor. She slipped her shoes off, one after the other. I dropped my briefcase to the floor and stared at her. She took off her glasses and placed them on her desk beside the keyboard. She slowly unbuttoned the light blue business shirt, exposing a fine deep cleavage and a flash of white brassiere. I pinched myself, but it really was happening. She was undressing right in front of me. She spoke in a soft yet commanding voice.

“Lock the office door please.” I rose and turned to lock the door, unwilling to take my eyes off her for even a second. I heard her voice and turned to see her on the telephone.

“Aimee, hold all my calls for the next hour, please.”

She stood up and crossed the floor to me, reaching for my tie. She undid it slowly and dropped it to the floor next to my fallen briefcase. My legs were paralysed, I couldn’t move. The aroma of her perfume was drilling into my brain and I could feel my pulse thumping in my temples.

She looked into my eyes and began to unbutton my shirt, her own shirt was hanging open, her breasts were heaving and she sexily bit her lip and smiled. She brushed the shirt off my shoulders and slid it down my arms. She threw it on the floor, joining my tie in a discarded mess. I reached for her and she smiled again.

“No.” she spoke this simple word that stopped me in my tracks. Her hands snaked down my chest, brushing across the mat of hair and lingering slightly as she tweaked my nipples. I sighed softly and she grinned İkitelli Escort a devilish smile.

She slipped to her knees in front of me, unbuckling my belt. I looked down on her as she concentrated on slipping the leather belt out of its keepers and she threw it onto the pile. She reached down and unlaced my shoes, then she lifted my foot and slipped first my left shoe and then my right shoe off my feet.

She peeled my socks off and threw them over onto the pile of clothing mounting on the floor of her office. I reached down and ran my hands through her dark brown lustrous hair. She looked up at me and I felt my heart race in my chest. She reached for my zipper and began to slowly, teasingly, undo it. I felt my cock hardening as she brushed her hand against me. She bit her lip and smiled up into my eyes.

She undid the button and slowly pulled my trousers down my legs. I stood there in front of her, clad only in satin boxers, the front of them poking out like a tent. My pulse raced and my breath was shallow. Her perfume was intoxicating me and I felt my knees wobble. She reached out and hooked her long manicured fingers into the waistband of my boxers and slowly eased them over my burgeoning erection. I lifted my feet and she peeled them off and threw them to the floor.

She turned and took me gently in her hand and sighed softly as she licked her lips. She stroked the skin of my hard penis, slowly, lovingly back and forward and then she moved against me and took me into her willing mouth. The feeling was amazing and a sigh escaped my lips. I felt my knees buckle and held her head to support myself.

She pushed against me, turning me as she went. She pushed me backwards until I felt the edge of her desk hit my backside. I leaned back slightly and put my hands on the surface of her desk to support myself. She began to suck me, deeper and deeper she took me into her warm mouth, her tongue swirling around the base of my shaft. She reached between my legs and cupped my balls in her hand, her sucking was audible in the quiet of her office. My mind was reeling at the sensations she was causing. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and a pleasant glow of heat radiated from my groin.

She reached up and parted my thighs wider, slipping her hand under me and running a gentle fingertip around my anus. I flinched at this new sensation.

“Oh god!” I called out into the office, at no-one in particular. I could feel my orgasm building as she continued to suck on my rock hard cock. She teased my balls and tickled my anus for what seemed like hours. The sensations flooded throughout my body and my mind was spinning from the pleasure. She moved her hand and grabbed my cock at the base, jacking it rapidly back and forth. My eyes glazed over as the pressure in my balls built, calling for release.

I grabbed her head and tried to force her head away, but she stubbornly clung to me, denying me. I began to shudder and knew I was close to coming. I managed to stammer.

“I’m gonna cum.!”

She smiled around my shaft and sucked me all the harder, willing me on. I pushed against her chin and erupted into her mouth, my balls contracting and spewing forth their load of white hot semen into her mouth. The force of my ejaculation tore through my body and knocked the breath out of my lungs. I called out.

“Oh god, Karen.”

She withdrew from my cock, and stood up in front of me as I half lay across the edge of her desk. Her lips were slick with my cum and she smiled a devilish smile at me. My breathing was ragged as I sat there Escort İkitelli naked, my erection flagging. She reached across the desk and found a tissue to wipe the trail of semen that had escaped her lips. She wiped my flaccid cock clean with her tissue and dumped it into her wastepaper bin. She looked into my eyes and grinned mischievously at me.

“Your turn.”

She commanded and pulled me off the desktop. She perched her ass on the desk and pushed me down to my knees. I reached up and unbuttoned the front of her slacks, hooking my fingers into the waistband and pulling them down. She lifted her shapely ass to ease their passage to the floor. Her slacks slid easily down her slender legs and she sat there, a picture of sex in a business shirt, white lace bra and white lace panties.

She hooked her legs over my shoulders and pressed her hands into my hair. I could smell her musk and her perfume combining to spur me on. I gently kissed the inside of her thigh and she sighed contentedly. I nibbled my way upward and kissed her sex through her panties, she thrust her hips into my face and I reached up and hooked my fingers into the thin waistband of her knickers. She lifted her ass again and I slid them down her legs and threw them onto the growing pile of clothing on the office carpet.

She sat there before me, bare-assed and squirming her pussy against the desktop. I reached around and clasped her fine rounded butt and pulled her to the edge of the desk. I continued to kiss my way upwards, up the smooth skin of her inner thigh and she pushed the back of my head towards the target of my lust.

She was trimmed, her pubic hair sparse on her mound. A trickle of moisture could clearly be seen and her mound was swollen and the outer lips pouting. I licked my tongue over her mound and she thrust against my face and sighed, pulling my hair.

“Eat my cunt.”

She commanded me. The words shocked me, she seemed so sophisticated and to hear this kind of language coming from her made me grin. She took one of her hands from the back of my head and reached down between her legs. She opened her outer lips with her fingertips and exposed her engorged clit for me to see. It nestled there, surrounded by blood filled warm flesh and I licked my tongue over it obediently. She pushed forward against my willing mouth and ground her ass against the desktop. I trailed my tongue down her slit and rolled it around her opening, probing her like a penis. Her nectar was sweet to the taste, like a fine wine on my lips and tongue. She responded to this by sighing my name through clenched teeth.

I licked her up and down, feeling her squirm against my probing tongue and the desktop. My cock had began to swell again and I longed to plunge it into her. Her nectar covered my chin and goatee as she ground against me. I moaned at her.

“God Karen, I need to fuck you, Please let me fuck you.”

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my feet. It hurt, but it was a pain I could deal with. She locked her eyes to mine and took my hard cock in her hand and pressed it against her outer lips. I shuddered as our hot flesh made contact for the first time. She pushed her hips forward and I felt my cock-head being encompassed by her hot, slick, wet lips. I thrust against her and buried my hard-on deep into her body. I grabbed her firm ass and pulled her against my cock. I felt her heat on my penis as it tunnelled into her. She sighed and closed her eyes and lay back across her desk. I held her hips and began rocking against her, pushing deep into her.

She İkitelli Escort Bayan moaned and undid her white lace brassiere, pulling my head down to her firm, heaving breasts. I rolled my tongue around her nipple, feeling it harden in my mouth. She pressed her breasts together, deepening the cleavage between them. She groaned and thrashed her head from side to side as I pumped my hard cock into her. My thrusts were echoed by her lifting her hips to meet my cock. She was tight, and her pussy clamped down on me, again and again. She had amazing pelvic muscle control and it was working against me. I could feel my orgasm building deep in my balls again and I tried to control it. I wanted to make this last.

She began to shudder and shake on the desk, thrashing her head from side to side and knocking her penholder onto the floor. Her moans and sighs became louder and louder and I was sure they could hear us out in the outer office, but I didn’t care. She sat up and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep into her slick tunnel. She wildly kissed my mouth, her tongue duelling with mine in a fire of passion. Her orgasm built deep inside her and her body got hotter by the minute. She called my name over and over, pushing her hips up to meet my deep thrusts.

“Marshall, oh, Marshall. Fuck me, fuck me harder. HARDER.”

I responded by pulling her hair and kissing her deeply again, trying in vain to quieten her down. She sighed and shivered against my tongues onslaught. She pushed her hips up and wrapped her long slender legs around my waist. Then she shook all over and I felt her muscles contract, rapidly pulsing around my cock. She was coming hard against me, her nectar flooding out and soaking my pubic hair and her breathing was hoarse. She bit down on her lip to stop herself from screaming and then she collapsed across her desk. My own orgasm overtook me and I shivered and shuddered and thrust deep into her, flooding her pussy with my hot sperm, erupting into her.

We remained locked together, her stretched across her desk, and my body laying across hers. She opened her eyes and smiled up into my face, her breathing ragged and shallow.

She pushed me off her, and sat up, grinning like a wicked schoolgirl. I stood there, with a fading cock, completely naked and spent. She fastened her bra and managed to speak, her voice shaky.

“Pass me my clothes, please. You’d better get dressed before anyone figures out what we’ve been doing. Quickly now.” I struggled into my boxers and pants, as she slipped her panties back on. We quickly slipped on the rest of our clothes as our composures returned.

She returned to her office chair, and picked up the pens and pencils strewn over the floor. I picked up my briefcase and returned to my chair. I picked up my presentation folder and looked into her eyes.

“Now, about our product?” I began my sales pitch again but she cut me off.

“We’ll take 100 per month for the next six months. But only on one condition.”

“Great,” I replied, “but what is the condition?”

“Simple” she purred, “You come and visit me like this each month. I think we’ll have a very profitable business relationship.” She flashed her dazzling smile and signed the sales agreement. I added my signature and she rose and shook my hand. I stood up and grabbed my briefcase and put my folder in it.

I turned and made my way to the door, crossing into the outer office. Aimee sat at her desk, blushing a deep crimson. She obviously had heard all.

“You boss drives a hard bargain” I managed to stutter.

The telephone on her desk began to ring, a loud ringing that cut through my subconscious. It was my phone that was ringing, and reluctantly I rolled over and picked up the phone. I glanced down the bed and noticed my cock was as hard as steel. I grinned to myself and thought.

“What a vivid dream.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32