Dr. Office Pregnancy Ch. 1

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Amber Johnson, a beautiful 20 year old blonde girl from Long Beach California, walked into the doctors office and sat down in the waiting room after checking in with the receptionist. Her belly was round as she was entering her 9th month of pregnancy with her 2nd child.

Amber sat down in the chair and was relieved to be off her feet. She picked up a parenting magazine and started to flip through it when her mind started to wonder. She started thinking about how she had got pregnant and the wonderful sex that she got while she was pregnant.

Amber had been seeing Dr. Collins every since she had turned 18 and was out on her own. Dr. Collins was a young 24 year old doctor right out of college when Amber started to see him. She came in for her first checkup and sat down in the lobby. The nurse called her into see the doctor. When she got back to the room she sat on the table for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Dr. Collins came into the room to see her. He started to do all of the normal checking and everything seemed to be checking out just fine. As the doctor was checking Amber out they were joking with one another and Dr. Collins was trying to find out a little bit more about his newest patient. Just as the doctor was about to finish the examine he told Amber that he needed to check her vagina to make sure everything was ok.

Amber was a little shocked when he said that but didn’t think anything of it. He was a very cute, young, doctor and she didn’t have any problem letting him check out her vagina. Amber got down off of the table and lifted up her shirt a bit and started to unbuckle her belt. She then unbuttoned her pants and started to slid them down. She got them off and folded them up and laid them down on the table. Now, she was standing there in front of the cute doctor in just her shirt and panties. Dr. Collins helped her get back up onto the table and then Amber slipped off her black lace panties. She gay seks hikayeleri slipped them off and laid them on top of her pants.

Dr. Collins slipped a finger into Ambers vagina and started to feel around in there for any abnormalities. He felt around in there for a couple of minutes and then discovered what he thought was a bump. He then stuck another finger in her vagina around the same place where he thought he had felt a bump. While the doctor was feeling around in her pussy Amber was getting very wet and very excited. The doctor pulled his fingers out of her pussy and grabbed his clipboard and started to write something down.

“When is the last time that you had sex, Amber” said Dr. Collins.

“Well I am still a virgin” said Amber.

“Hmmm.” said the doctor.

He stuck two fingers back in Amber’s vagina and started to feel around in there some more.

“I thought I felt a bump in your vagina and need to be sure that there are not any more of them in there.” he said.

“Please make sure you do a very thorough exam doctor.” said Amber as she started to grin.

Dr. Collins kept feeling around in her pussy for what felt like an eternity. Amber flung her head back with her mouth open as her pussy let the juices flow as her orgasm arose. Dr. Collins started moving his fingers faster and faster as he could tell what was about to happen. He pulled his fingers out and rammed them back, deep, into Amber’s pussy. There was no stopping it now. Amber’s juices were flowing and her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She collapsed onto the table as Dr. Collins kept fingering her pussy. Amber started to yell and as she did Dr. Collins met her lips and started to kiss her to drown out the yelling. Kissing and still fingering Amber Dr. Collins grabbed Amber by the arms and helped her sit back up onto the table. They both started to smile as they continued to kiss. Dr. Collins crawled up onto the table as he withdrew his two fingers from Amber’s drenched pussy. Amber could see the bulge in his pants and knew that his cock was hard. He looked huge and Amber just had to have that cock inside of her. Amber took off her shirt and threw it down onto the floor. She took off her bra and threw it and it landed on Dr. Collins’ chair. Amber, now totally naked, got on top of Dr. Collins and straddled his lap. There lips met in another passionate kiss. Amber pulled away from the kiss as they both once again started to smile. They knew what they were doing was wrong but there was no stopping them.

Amber looked deep into Dr. Collins’ eyes. “I want you to take your rock hard cock, and fuck the ever loving hell out of me.” she said.

Dr. Collins’ face went straight and within just a few seconds he was totally naked with his hard cock pointing right straight up at Amber. With his very muscular body he lifted Amber up and onto the table and laid her down. He then straddled her and drove his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. He broke through her Hymen in no time at all and with no pain for Amber. He began slow and Amber was loving it. She wanted more and she told his so. She started to yell for more.

“I’ll give you more” said Dr. Collins.

And with that he drove his cock deeper into her pussy giving her all he had. Amber was yelling and screaming in ecstasy as her second orgasm approached. She pulled Dr. Collins into her tight and grabbed hold for dear life. Their lips met in another passionate kiss as Amber hit her second orgasm. She started to scream and Dr. Collins tried to block out the sound by kissing her harder and harder but that didn’t seem to work. As her juices flowed all over his cock Dr. Collins lost his load as well. His cock swelled up and he shot his hot steamy load of cum deep into Amber’s pussy.

After they had both recovered from their hot orgasms Dr. Collins pulled his limp cock out of Amber’s pussy. He then went down on Amber and started to eat all of the cum out of her pussy. That sent Amber off into her third orgasm. Dr. Collins then cleaned her up and gave her yet another kiss. They both got dressed and Amber sat back down on the examining table.

Dr. Collins finished his exam and told Amber that she should come back in three weeks for another exam so he could check out that bump in her vagina. He handed her one of his business cards and told her that she could call him Brett.

Amber got up off of the examining table and was just about to walk out the door when Brett grabbed her by the arm.

“You were great” he said.

“I’m sorry for tricking you like that” he said.

“That’s ok” said Amber.

With that Amber opened the door. Dr. Collins grabbed the door behind her.

He whispered in her ear “I guess I should tell you that your fertile.”

Three weeks later Amber came back to the office for her second visit. This time she came off hours and Dr. Collins was the only one at the office. This visit was much like the same. They had sex twice and Brett ate all of their cum out of Amber’s pussy.

He finished the exam and as Amber was just about to walk out of the door he told her that they could expect their first child in nine months. Amber’s face went straight when she heard that. She turned around to face the doctor.

“You mean, I’m pregnant” she said.

“Yes” he said.

A huge smile came over Amber’s face and she hugged Brett for all she had.

“Thank You” she said as she walked out of the door.

Amber came back each month for her monthly exams and each visit she left with a fresh load of Brett’s sperm. And nine months later Amber gave birth to their healthy blonde hair, blue eyed baby boy.

“Amber Collins” she heard the nurse say.

Amber came out of her daze and got up from the chair and walked back to the examining room. She sat down in the chair and in just few minutes in walked her husband, Dr. Brett Collins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32