Doing The Team

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Warning: the following is for adults only all others should look elsewhere for there entertainment purposes. All characters are of the writers imagination any resemblance to any person either living or dead is purely coincidental. If you like it let me know.

* * * * *

Sherry was a typical housewife of 28, slim, blonde, and fairly attractive. She and her husband John had been married for about seven years now and they seemed to have the ideal life. He had recently been accepted to the board of directors at Scolling and Sons, where he had worked for the past twelve years. Sherry was on the neighborhood beautification committee and helped head the local women’s league as well.

John was returning home early this evening to tell her the good news about his getting the corner office so he was rather surprised when he came in to find her nowhere in the downstairs area of the house, thinking she was taking an afternoon nap he crept up the stairs carefully until he had a clear view into their bedroom at the end of the hall. Much to his surprise there was his lovely blonde wife completely naked and riding the largest blackest cock he had ever seen. At first he was sure this was a rape and he started to rush to his brides’ aid but upon his listening closely he found he could hear her as she begged him to fuck her harder. John was immediately both excited and disturbed by this as she had never been what he would have called “wild” before, but now seemed to almost be out of her mind with lust for this huge black cock.

John decided this bore further investigation and stealthily moved into their bathroom through the hallway door and then into her vanity, which opened onto the bedroom. Upon looking through the half opened door he was shocked to see they were not alone but instead were with six other extremely well hung black men in various stages of undress. The largest easily topping 6’6″ the shortest at least 6’2″ and none with less than a 10″ cock.

As he watched, he began to pick up their names and realized that they were all members of the local semi-pro football team which the women’s league had hosted a dinner for just over a month ago. Ron, the big black which was currently enjoying his wife, suddenly reached up and pulled Sherry off his cock and said,” Okay, enough for now how much time we got ‘fore your ole man be gettin’ here, we don’t want no interruptions like wit’ dat UPS dude last time.”

Sherry replied,” He won’t be here for at least three hours, this is Thursday and he always goes and plays golf with his boss after work before he comes home.”

“Good cause we gonna probly need at least that long to give you the fuckin’ you need bitch. Now get over here and get started suckin’ my black dick.” At this Sherry literally dove onto the huge purplish head of his cock and began to rapidly suck it.

“Now bitch, you can do better than that I know!” and he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock into her throat. John could see the outline of the head as it forced its way down to a point midway in her slender neck. As this was occurring the others began to move in like a pack hungry wolves each one reaching and fondling her tits, ass, and pussy.

Sherry was in heaven, she had dreamed of this ever since the dinner when she caught their president, Miss high and mighty Sue Allen, blowing the big black ball player in the rec room of the meeting hall and she had spied long enough to see as he pulled his cock out of her wet sucking mouth and sprayed a huge load of sperm all bursa escort over her face, hair and outstretched tongue. She had even watched as he wiped his cock off in her hair as she begged him to fuck her once more and then when the other three linemen had come in and fucked her in everyway possible. It was the first time she had ever seen a woman, any woman, take a cock in her mouth, ass, and pussy all at the same time. And God what cocks they were! None were less than 10″ and Rons’ had been at least 14″ long and 5″ around, and here she was in the middle of the entire defensive line with more cock than she had ever seen in her life and all for her to use.

Ron continued to fuck her throat and Sherry timed her breathing to his outward strokes as Willy began to push his 10″ tool into her already stretched out cunt. Rick, Dave, and Joe all stroked their cocks near her face and Don and Mike played with her swinging tits.

“Damn Ron this bitch still tight even after takin’ on yo rod man I think she gon’ make me blow my wad now.” Ron looked down at Willy and then jerked his cock out of Sherrys’ mouth.

“Get up here and blow in her face no need in wastin’ good sperm she done said she was goin to get her a facial tomorrow, guess we can give her one of our own now.” Willy pulled his cock from her cunt with an audible pop and grabbed the base to prevent his cum from erupting too soon. As he scrambled to her face he released his hold on his cock and a jet of white sticky cum sprayed across Sherrys’ left cheek and down her chin his next streamer pasted her left eye closed and the remaining short spurts he forced out on her tongue and she swallowed. Sherry was amazed by the amount of cum pent up in those large black balls and sat up quickly to wipe the cum from her eye as she did Mike lay down and pulled her on top of him and pushed his 11″ tool into her wet slot. Sherry, unprepared for the onslaught fell forward onto his chest opening herself up for Don to rub his 10.5″ rod into her tightly puckered ass.

“Damn this one hot little bitch, Mike, I ain’t sure she ever had a cock in here befo’!” Don yelled as he forced his rock hard prick into her tight ass at the same time as Mikes’ cock tried to split her wet pussy. Within a few strokes they had settled into a comfortable rhythm and were fucking her for all they were worth.

Meanwhile, John had pulled his own fully erect cock out of his trousers and begun to stroke it in time to the fucking his wife was receiving. As he watched, Willy dressed and left by the bedroom door and Joe seeing an opening pushed his 12″ cock into Sherrys’ waiting mouth. As she felt Joe ram forward into her tonsils Sherrys’ cunt and ass seemed to explode with pleasure as she felt the two enormous cocks bump together separated by only a thin layer of flesh within her body. Joe pushed forward into her mouth until his large fuzzy sac was resting against her chin, then he began to fuck her face in earnest pulling back until only the tip of his cock head remained within the wet confines of her lips and her face took on a lewd distorted appearance.

From the vanity John watched the degrading of his wife of twelve years and silently thanked the powers that be that he could witness this erotic event, he only wished he could get to their closet for the home video camera to record the fun. Dave, who had been rubbing his cock and pinching Sherrys’ nipples all this time suddenly pushed Joe out of Sherrys’ face and rammed his 10″ cock into malatya escort her throat as he spewed hot cum onto her cheeks and chin. Daves’ load was too much for the unprepared woman though and as it erupted into her mouth and throat she coughed a thick white streamer out through her nostrils and down onto his throbbing cock. Dave finished his cum and reached for her long blonde tresses to wipe the wet mixture of cum and snot from his rapidly deflating cock. As he did Don and Mike were nearing the point of no return as they could each feel the others cock through the thin membrane separating Sherrys’ holes. Don was the first to cum with a loud groan he pumped her tight cunt full to overflowing of thick hot sperm the throbbing of Dons’ rod set Mike off and he yanked his spewing cock from her bowels and launched a long streamer of cum into the back of Sherrys’ blonde locks and down the center of her back. Each spurt seemed to be stronger than the last until he had shot a total of ten across her ass and back he then reached forward and began to rub the slimy goo into her skin and hair saying, “I always heard it was good for the skin so you be sure and let me know so’s I can come back and give you another shot or two.” Sherry could say nothing in reply as Joe had once more forced his entire 12 inches back into her throat and was steadily stroking toward climax.

Don rolled out from under Sherry and Mike slid away and they began to dress quickly but both attempted to linger and watch, as they knew the main event was on the way. John, to his credit, had so far been able to hold back from dropping his wad on the floor but could hardly believe what he was witnessing in his own bedroom as Rick moved to take Mikes’ place at Sherrys’ stretched and open asshole. With no preamble at all he slammed forward into her bowels and began to furiously pound her ass against his rock hard abs.

Rick wasn’t the largest but he was a bit oddly shaped with a slight corkscrew twist to his 11.5″ cock. This made the pounding Sherry was receiving that much more arousing as each time he withdrew that twist caused her to moan around Joes’ huge member deep in her throat. Ron all this time stood patiently to the side knowing what he was going to do to the young white housewife and secretly smiling as his teammates loosened her up for the main event.

The moaning proved to be too much for Joe and he began to shoot into Sherrys’ sucking mouth and throat, Joe had the reputation of having nearly drowned one the teams cheerleaders on an out of town game celebration and this was no exception to the rule, as his cock flexed in her throat Sherry knew he was cumming but wasn’t prepared for the sheer volume of this mans tennis ball size sperm factories. As her throat quickly filled up with cum and it washed into her mouth her cheeks expanded in a vain effort to prevent any of it being lost before she could swallow it all. Joe withdrew his still spewing cock and pointed it toward her forehead and shot streamer after streamer of thick sticky cum until it ran down her face as if she were crying sperm, only then did he seem to be spent and he pushed his softening cock into her mouth to be sucked clean. Sherry quickly and gladly complied as she felt Ricks’ pace quicken and his invading prick begin to stiffen further as he prepared to give her his load of white sticky cream.

Rick slammed into her one last time and then seemed to fly up over her head to drop his copious load onto the top of her already matted çanakkale escort blonde hair. As he came it ran down into her eyes and dripped from her nose onto the silk comforter on the bed. Finally Rick rung the last drops into her hair and Ron stepped forward to finish the job at hand. Taking his huge horse dick in hand he rubbed it in the slimy cum on her back, face and hair and then moved to her face where he rubbed the rapidly dripping pre-cum on her eyebrows and down her cheeks.

“Open up and swallow this bitch, if you can.” with that he pushed violently forward into her mouth and down, once more, into her throat. Sherry could hardly believe she could take as much of his cock as she was for when he arrived earlier that afternoon she had measured it and it was 14″ long and 5″ around the base with a 4.5″ head. She had tried then just to get all of it into her mouth and could only accommodate the head but as he had done earlier he had forced it into her throat until she could feel its’ outline with her hand at her neck. Once more Ron face fucked her mercilessly not allowing her to breath for what seemed like several minutes at a time to John but he knew could have been no longer than a few seconds. With no preparation other than her spit and the cum from the other black cocks which had filled her earlier Ron pulled out of her mouth and spun her around with her ass toward him.

Sherry, suddenly realizing what he planned said, “Oh please no I don’t think I can take you in my ass it’s just too big, please just fuck me again I promise I’ll swallow all your cum this time!”

Ron just laughed and replied, “Hell bitch you said you wanted it like that tight ass Allen bitch so here I come ready or not!” With that he grabbed his cock and thrust it deep into Sherrys’ hot tight ass. Sherry screamed and bucked but could not dislodge the huge black dong from her overly stretched rectum. Ron then began to thrust and she could feel more and more of his 14 inches stretch her already fit to burst asshole. Finally Ron had it all in her and she carefully reached between her legs to feel the thick base of his distended prick as it was buried so deep within her. Then Ron began to fuck her with long deep strokes. From his hiding place in the vanity, John could see the tightly ovaled ring of his wife’s asshole as it squeezed the big blacks’ cock and he stroked his own dork faster planning to drop his wad when the big black man blew his.

For Ron this was by far the hottest and tightest white ass he’d ever had and knew he couldn’t hold back for long especially when he looked down and saw that it looked like his cock was being pushed through a rubber ring two sizes too small, on a whim he flipped Sherry onto her back and watched as the head of his distended cock pushed against her stomach looking like some kind of bump trying to escape her body, John could see it too and it proved too much for him he sprayed a stream of cum onto the mirror on the back of the vanity door as he watched the black cock invade and stretch his wife’s tender ass. Ron finally began to stiffen as Sherry had her thirteenth screaming orgasm while the huge black fucked her butt. Ron shot the first few spurts deep inside her ass then pulled out and dumped the remainder of his load onto her face, hair and tongue. Ron then pushed his soiled cock into her mouth and let her clean the sticky gooey mess off, once his cock seemed clean enough, he pulled it from her warm wet mouth and dried it on a fairly clean part of her hair and left her lying there with cum from her eyebrows to her knees.

John silently crept downstairs after he heard them leave and drove around the neighborhood for an hour before returning home with his good news and a plan to call and have cameras installed in the bedroom along with a 24 hr VCR so next time he wouldn’t miss out just because he went to play golf.

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