Divine Neighbours

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“It’s getting ridiculous. Is there any reason to be this noisy? I wouldn’t have minded if they had told us but to have such a big party at this time of night is inconsiderate!” Jodie said loudly to be heard down the phone to her friend Angela. “It’s bad enough the house stinks from all the barbeque the kids had earlier now the music is so loud I can’t even watch the TV. If it doesn’t stop in 10 minutes I’m going round there!”

Jodie’s neighbours had moved in a few short months ago. They seemed really friendly. There were three males and a female. They sounded Polish and their good looks and exotic accents had Jodie tweaking the curtains every time she heard them go into their adjoining garden.

It didn’t help that the males always wore so very little, often in the good weather just really tight Speedos. Jodie felt that she could no longer remain in the garden in warm weather, as she couldn’t stop blushing and staring at their crotches. This excited Jodie and gave her plenty of vivid drams but also annoyed her as she had enjoyed being in her little garden at the weekends. At first Jodie had thought the two males were gay but they had told her that they were brothers to the lady who was engaged to the other male. Normally they were very quiet which was part of the reason Jodie was so surprised at their noise levels tonight.

Ten minutes came and went and the noise continued to pump out the heavy rock music. It was now after ten o’clock and had been going on since around midday. Jodie got up put her shoes on grabbed her keys and went to the door. She was prepared to tell them to shut up and that in this country there were laws about noise levels.

“Hello” came the response when Jodie knocked the door. “Come in yes!” said this rather beautiful girl. She linked arms with Jodie and took her inside.

“This music is very loud! I can’t hear myself think next door!” Jodie said to the mysterious woman. As she opened the door to the front room Jodie realised the nature of the party. It was a wedding reception. Jodie couldn’t complain now as she saw her female neighbour in a very beautiful wedding dress.

The bride shrieked at seeing Jodie “I glad you come!” she said in her delicate broken English.

“Congratulations” Jodie found herself saying as the first girl returned with a flute of champagne. Jodie raised it at the bride and groom sipping the tiniest drop. She was too polite to explain that she was a non-drinker.

“You stay yes?” the bride continued. “Me….Alina” she said pointing at herself then turning to her husband “He Janek!”

“Jodie” Jodie said pointing at herself. She felt very conspicuous now dressed in her black jeans and her rugby shirt where everyone else was either in smart suits or summer dresses. The bride linked arms with Jodie and started introducing her. Much as Jodie tried to remember names soon they all became a blur. The music didn’t seem as loud anymore. Jodie didn’t know whether it was that they had turned it down on her arrival or that she had simply become accustomed to it.

“I see that you have met my sister” said a bold voice from behind her shocking her mildly. Jodie turned around to see the tallest of the three male neighbours. “I am Stefan. You live next door am I right? He asked.

“Yes I am your neighbour, my name is Jodie a bit surprised that his quality of English was so better than his sisters. He was also a lot more attractive up close and not from behind a curtain. Jodie could feel her cheeks reddening and she turned away to try to hide her blushing from Stefan.

“We were going to invite you to the party but thought you might have been busy with your ‘boyfriend’ as you were last Saturday.” Stefan started and let a broad smile cross his face. “You kept me and my brother Anek up for a few hours that night!”

Jodie’s face now was burning izmir escort with embarrassment. Stefan was obviously referring to the noise that she had been making in her bedroom last weekend with her ‘on-off boyfriend’ Michael. Jodie liked to make noise when in the throws of passion but her noise had only been intended for her partner not two gorgeous neighbours that until now she was too embarrassed to even talk to.

“I have embarrassed you now I am sorry but you sounded so excited and Anek and I grew a little envious of your partner!” Stefan continued oblivious to her wish that the ground would open up and swallow her.

“I’m glad that you found me amusing. You should have knocked the wall and I would have stopped!” Jodie said finally finding her voice.

“Why would I have wanted to do that? I know Anek had started masturbating to listening to you and I have to say that I did too.”

“So you masturbate with your brother in your room?” Jodie said hoping to cull his very forward conversation.

“Yes we do especially when we hear you as I know that both of us have noticed you since we have moved in. I’ve never had the time to talk to you before as you’ve always ran inside the house when I went outside!” Stefan continued. Jodie couldn’t work out if this was his way of getting her to leave or an attempt to come onto her. Part of her liked his forwardness and the other part hated his brashness. Normally Jodie was the forward one especially when dealing with the opposite sex, she was on the back foot now and didn’t like it.

It would have helped if Stefan was ugly then she could have dished him an insult that would have put him right in his place but he was very gorgeous. Stefan was around 6 foot tall with blondish brown hair and blue piercing eyes. He had a body to die for also as he and his brother worked for the local council repairing roads. A great deal of physical work kept their bodies in top physical condition. Jodie had deduced this from watching them in their fluorescent tabards going to work every morning. Anek was slightly taller than Stefan with black hair.

At that point the other guy who she assumed was Anek appeared with the girl that had shown Jodie inside the house earlier. Stefan introduced Anek and Petra and they both reached over and one at a time gave Jodie a peck on the cheek.

“You’ll have to excuse Anek and Petra their English isn’t too good. Petra has only come over for the wedding and Anek has only been here a month!” Stefan said before talking to his brother and Petra in what Jodie assumed was Polish. All three of them looked at Jodie and smiled. “I was just telling them about all that we were talking about. Petra says that you are very beautiful and that I shouldn’t have told you about us masturbating thinking of you!”

Petra linked arms with Jodie and made some eating motions and led her to the kitchen. It looked a bombsite with food on plates on the work surfaces and lots and lots of bottles and cans of various alcohols littered around. Petra gave her a paper plate and started putting some of the food onto it. It became obvious that Petra’s English was very poor. Somehow though Jodie could understand the basics of what she was saying. Petra kept touching her hair and smiling Jodie thought that Petra liked her hair.

Petra was beautiful too she was about the same height as Jodie but in her heels she was easily 6 feet tall. She had long straight brown hair, green eyes and not an ounce of fat on her. Petra seemed so friendly even though they had just met. She was soon leading Jodie back into the party and back to where Stefan and Anek were whispering to each other before turning and broadly smiling at the ladies. Jodie politely tried the champagne and finished the sandwich and the salad that Petra had put on mersin escort her plate and listened to the three of them chatting away.

A while later after all the other guests had long left, they had seen the bride and groom off on their honeymoon and now it was just the four of them alone in the house. Stefan asked Jodie to dance as Anek put a slow song on the CD player. As Jodie danced with Stefan it wasn’t long until she could feel Anek’s hands on her waist and felt him dancing behind her. Slowly they danced closer and closer until all three were dancing extremely close. It was very erotic to have these two handsome men on either side of her body both moving slowly in unison. Petra was sitting to their side watching their every move and smiling. Stefan and Anek were moving their hips into Jodie at the same time and much as she didn’t want it to she found herself wanting a whole lot more. Jodie could feel that her pussy was becoming rather wet dancing with these sexy men.

Stefan bent his head over and kissed Jodie’s plump lips. As she put her hands around him and kissed him back Anek’s lips found Jodie’s neck. She pulled back to stop him as it didn’t feel right but Stefan whispered to her “its ok, we’ll just have some fun!” The kissing then continued for a few minutes. They stopped as smoothly as they had started. Anek held his hand out and led Jodie to the plush sofa and sat her down. He spoke softly to her and Stefan translated for him “Anek wants you to relax, he wants you to have a good time. He hopes you will let us make you very happy and that hopefully you will make a great deal of noise!”

It finally hit Jodie Anek and Stefan both planned to have sex with her. Jodie suddenly shot a look at Petra wondering what she would be doing. Jodie soon realised that Petra was enjoying the site of these two brothers coming on to Jodie. Petra had a big smile on her face and was settling down into a comfy chair to watch the scene unfold. She had already slipped off her shoes and was now sitting cross-legged on the seat.

Stefan took off his shoes and sat down next to Jodie on the sofa. Now was the time to walk out in disgust, to escape but Jodie wanted to stay. She had never had sex with more than one male at a time so the thought of two gorgeous men wanting to satisfy her and a beautiful woman wanting to watch her was enough to make Jodie want to stay.

Jodie looked at all three of them one after another until she settled on Anek who learned forward and kissed her. She felt a little uneasy at first but his lips were encouraging her. Stefan was now the one kissing her neck and his hands were soon around her chest feeling her large breasts through the Rugby shirt. Anek and Stefan then put their hands so that they were lifting the shirt off her and they threw it on the floor. They had obviously done this before as both sets of lips landed delicately on her soft neck. Jodie looked forward opening her eyes to see Petra now with one of her hands touching her breasts through her dress and her other hand between her legs pleasuring herself. Jodie had never watched a woman masturbate before well no one but herself and she was intrigued and Petra kept her eye.

Stefan moved to the floor between Jodie’s legs and his hands moved up her black jeans and as he began to slowly undo the zips Anek’s mouth moved to her bra making her nipples stand erect. Jodie shuffled upwards as Stefan undid her jeans and pulled them down her lean legs. Anek undid her clasps on her bra and soon she was naked in front of three virtual strangers. Jodie moved slightly so that she leant back into the sofa and one of her legs moved around onto the seat leaving Stefan open access to her now gushing vagina. Anek also had access now to her very erect nipples and he began to lick and suck each sakarya escort of them in turn. As he did this Stefan started fingering Jodie’s wet pussy and soon he was drinking her juices. Jodie looked over at Petra who was now standing and slowly unbuttoning her dress and letting it fall to the floor. She hated to admit it but Petra looked amazing in her baby blue lacy bra and matching panties. Petra was wearing black stockings with lace hold ups at the top of her silky legs. Petra’s hand soon moved back to the inside of her panties as she sat down to continue watching the show.

Petra came and sat next to Jodie. Jodie couldn’t take her eyes off Petra. Petra put her fingers to Jodie’s lips. Jodie let her gingers inside her mouth sucking Petra’s juices from her fingers. Jodie had never tasted some other woman’s juices before. Petra’s fingers tasted creamy they were slightly intoxicating to Jodie. Soon Petra was kissing Jodie whilst Stefan kept licking and fingering Jodie’s pussy, Anek remained sucking at Jodie’s nipples. Jodie felt totally spoiled and she intended to take everything these three had to give. Stefan and Anek swapped places.

Jodie found herself fingering Petra’s wet pussy and sucking on her tits after Petra had turned to face her. Petra’s face showed Jodie that she was doing it right. Petra’s eyes soon rolled back into her head. Petra let out a great deal of moaning and her pussy gushed. She shook violently then moved away from Jodie, taking Jodie’s fingers and sucking off her juices. Petra got up and went and sat on the chair opposite. Stefan motioned for Jodie to lie back on the sofa. Anek and Stefan stood up removing their trousers and underwear. Jodie’s face must have shown how surprised she was at the sight of Stefan’s cock. He was huge and Jodie couldn’t help but wonder if his cock would be too big for her.

Anek and Stefan said something then Anek got on top of Jodie. He kissed her before his cock entered Jodie’s wet pussy. Jodie groaned as he started fucking her although Anek wasn’t as well endowed as Stefan he was still quite ample. Soon Jodie was moaning and groaning loudly. As she looked around the room Jodie saw Stefan standing next to Jodie masturbating that large cock of his. Petra was sitting legs apart with her fingers flicking her clit.

“Anek wants you to suck him. Come on the floor” Stefan ordered Jodie.

Jodie obliged and got on all fours. Anek manoeuvred around and Jodie started licking the juice from Anek’s cock. She licked and sucked her juices from his cock too. Just as Jodie took his full length into her mouth Stefan rammed into her throbbing pussy. This pushed Jodie forward and she started gagging on Anek’s cock. He removed his cock from Jodie’s mouth and stood up masturbating himself. Jodie concentrated on accommodating Stefan’s cock. He filled her completely like she’d never been filled before. Jodie closed her eyes and concentrated on the throbbing between her legs. She moaned and groaned loudly. When Jodie opened her eyes Petra was lying in front of Jodie masturbating. Jodie leant forward and stared licking at Petra’s open pussy. She swirled her tongue around her vagina lips sucking gently at the open lips. Jodie quickly found Petra’s clit, which was large and obviously tender to her touch judging from the noise coming from Petra.

Suddenly Jodie felt something on her back and in her hair. When she looked up Anek had cum over Jodie’s back. Anek looked very pleased with himself and sat down on the sofa continuing to watch the show. Almost at the same time Stefan grabbed Jodie’s hips and groaned loudly. His warm cum filling Jodie and soon after Petra rolled her head backwards letting out a loud scream and pumping juice out into Jodie’s mouth. Stefan sat down next to Anek both smiling ear to ear.

Petra motioned for Jodie to lie down. She’d obviously noticed that Jodie hadn’t cum yet. Petra put her hand to Jodie’s pussy expertly. Petra rubbed Jodie’s clit until Jodie was shaking with orgasm. She came over and over onto Petra’s eager hand. It was only then that Petra stopped masturbating Jodie. She laid down next to Jodie letting her arm fall gently across Jodie’s waist.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32