Disciplines for Lack of Service

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She didn’t know what to expect when she acted like she was too busy playing on her phone and ignored the fact that his glass was empty. She should have known, sure, but she had never been in this situation before. Today he had decided to go watch the football game with his friends and told her she would be coming despite her protests. After all, he needed somebody to make sure his drink was full so he wouldn’t miss any of the game. Most of the friends she knew but a couple she didn’t so she didn’t feel completely comfortable serving him in front of strangers so she made the dumbest decision she could that day, she didn’t. She neglected him, and his glass, all evening.

He waited until after the third quarter of the game and called her name. He had to call it three times to get her attention away from that damn phone. To him, that felt very disrespectful and embarrassed him in front of his friends. Her attention should be focused on him, his friends and what’s going on at the present time. She was always preaching about being in the present and not wasting so much time on the phone and the internet and now she was going against everything she preached.

After he got her attention he told her to strip. She sat there with a deer in the headlights look knowing he was a man of few words and that it wouldn’t end well if he asked her again. Her stomach just sunk and immediately started doing back flips as she looked at him. She was aware of the other seven men in the room but refused to give them any eye contact. This was embarrassing enough as it was and she couldn’t believe he was going to punish her in front of all of them since he had never done that before. Of course they had always talked about how she wanted to be punished and embarrassed in front of a group of people but they had never acted on it.

She tried to take her clothes off quickly while remaining sitting on the couch but he instructed her to stand in front of the television that hung on the wall (they paused the game) and strip slowly. She couldn’t move any slower as she shuffled in front of the tv and started taking her dress off slowly before Ümraniye Grup Escort removing her heels and stood there sheepishly staring at him. “Take off your bra but leave your thong on,” he told her. He had other plans for that thong. She removed her bra and waited for further instruction.

“Do you know why you are standing there?” he asked. She shook her head. “When we are at home you always make sure my glass is full, this is no different. I don’t care where we are or what we are doing, you need to remember your place,” he told her. She blushed even more so than she had already. She wouldn’t be blushing nearly as much if she had done what was expected of her to begin with.

“I’m sorry Sir,” she said, “I forgot my place this afternoon.”

“Hold your apologies, you will be sorry soon enough. Now face the tv, bend over, grab your ankles and spread your legs wide.”

She stared at him with wide eyes for half a second before quickly complying. The only “easy” way out of this would be doing exactly what he told her to do. She turned around and spread her legs wide before grabbing her ankles. Her ass was on such magnificent display and everybody in the room could tell she had been working out lately. He rubbed his hands gently over her butt before reaching in between her legs. She was already wet with excitement. He knew being embarrassed added a level of excitement for her but he never knew how much.

It wasn’t long before she heard the swoosh of the belt come through the belt loops before he gently laid it on her butt. “You’re going to want to brace yourself. God help you if you don’t maintain position,” he told her.

She was already perspiring and breathing hard when the first stroke of the belt hit the soft skin where her butt meets her thighs. She hated how he always aimed for her sit spot and the top of her thighs over and over again but at the same time she enjoyed it. She enjoyed the pain that came during and the cleansing that came when it was all done. Spanking was such a wonderful release for her.

She gasped at the first stroke but maintained her position Ümraniye Manken Escort and braced herself for the next. He loved to wrap each thigh individually with the belt which wasn’t such a big deal for the right thigh but whenever he did it with the left thigh the belt would hit her very sensitive, and by this point wet and swollen, pussy. He wrapped on the right side first knowing that his friends would enjoy the show when he hit her left thigh. When he hit the left thigh she cried out at the pain of the belt on her swollen pussy but she had been in this position plenty and knew better than to move. He loved to test her by putting her in comprising positions until she broke position.

Three bright red welts brought such beautiful color to her backside and she knew she was putting on a show for his friends with the little bit of dancing she knew she could get away with. He brought the belt down twice harshly on her butt before wrapping on the left thigh again. She cried out as the belt hit her sore pussy again but this time he wasn’t playing. He asked one of his buddies for a knife and cut off her thong. She got nervous knowing how soaked her thong was and hoping she didn’t drip on his friend’s hardwood floor. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to push the wet end of the thong into her mouth. “Bite down on this,” he said. He knew how much she loved wet panties in her mouth and it was such a hot sight for him. And it was so much nicer when she wore a thong because then he could fit all of it into her mouth for her to bite down onto.

He let go of her hair and she grabbed her ankles again as he wrapped the belt on the right side before doing it again on the left and right once again quickly. His friends had big grins on their face as she squealed through the panties in her mouth. That was enough for her thighs and pussy, he had plans for those later, so he brought the belt down on the sensitive sit spot again four times in quick succession. Her legs were shaking by this point and she was hoping he would stop soon. She was sure the guys were loving the show and they probably Ümraniye Masöz Escort loved it even more after he checked her for wetness again and then made her suck his fingers dry. By this point the moisture was flowing down close to her knee. It was unbelievable how wet spanking made her and the embarrassment that was added today at least tripled the normal amount of wetness she had.

Eleven more times the belt found her ass as it turned bright red and hot to the touch. Her cries came out muffled and she was shaking and perspiring greatly by this point but maintaining position. After he was done with the belt he asked two friends to come over as he reached for the large plug out of her purse. He knew that he would end up needing this tonight and now was the perfect time. He was so glad he instructed her to carry it in her purse every day and everywhere she went. He had one friend on each side of her ass spreading her cheeks as he put the plug in her pussy first for lube and then in her ass.

The groans were loud and clear through her thong as he stretched her in a harsher manner than usual but she was his good girl and maintained position hoping he would allow her up and make this all end soon. She wasn’t going to let his friends know exactly how much it hurt. She would just take it and make him proud.

After the plug was inserted he did something she never thought he would do. He told her to maintain position until the game was over. The television was hung up high on the wall and, since she was bent over, she wasn’t interfering at all. Every part of her body turned even redder but she had no option but to obey.

The continued watching the game yelling at the tv the entire fourth quarter. Apparently their team was losing but she had no way of knowing since she couldn’t see the tv. Her legs started shaking by the end of the fourth quarter but she didn’t have to wait much longer. After what seemed like forever, he grabbed her purse in one hand and her hair in the other as he pulled her out of his friend’s house by it. On the way out the door he said, “we’ll finish this when we get home”. She couldn’t help but notice that her clothes were still laying in front of the tv as he pulled her out the door. She didn’t even know yet that he didn’t grab her phone. She wouldn’t need it anyways for quite a while. And after what he had planned for her tonight, her phone would be the last thing she wanted…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32