Desert Rose

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Big Tits

Part one: All Along the Watch Tower

I always was one to follow the rules. I was the perfect soldier my team leader once told me. I followed orders without question and always got the job done. My gunner, we all called him Tex, however was all about ‘when I get out.’ He was a slacker and always trying to get out of work and never cared about the rules. He had already sleep with all the women in our head quarts detachment before we were a month into the deployment.

So one night when we were stuck on tower guard together it was no surprise when the conversation turned to his next conquest. “I think I’m going to try for Miller,” Tex confided. I shook my head as I continued to watch the unchanging scenery. “What she’s fucking hot!” He declared.

“Ya,” I conceded, “She’s also our squad mate. You fucking her is like fucking a sister.”

“Man did they ever brain wash you,” he mocked as he punched me in the shoulder. “Man you’ve seen that rack. They had to give her a vest a size too big just to contain ’em. Don’t get me started on her southern bell accent and those curves, God! If it doesn’t make you hard thinking of her and that tight ass, your fucking gay.”

I started to retort but just then I herd the sound of something whizzing past my head and a gun shot. “Fuck,” we both shout as we crouch below the edge of the tower. I recover first and got behind the machinegun as I look for where the shot came from. Tex recovers just after me and starts calling in the situation report. The rest of our shift was uneventful, but we were too tense to really talk about anything.

Tex and I were walking back from the tower when we happened to walk past private Miller. She was lounging outside her room on a folding chair. She wore the standard black army PT shorts and grey t-shirt. But she had taken and tied the shirt up so that it exposed her toned stomach and a good bit of cleavage too. Her shoulder length brunet hair was held back by her sunglasses resting on her head. She sat with one silken leg propped up on the arm of the chair as she rested. Her blue green eyes fluttered open as she heard our approach.

“Hey boys,” she called, “Heard ya’ll had some action last night.”

“Hell yeah!” Tex exclaimed, ” It was crazy you should have seen it.”

“It was just a pop shot from a sniper,” I cut in. Tex, his thunder stolen and probably feeling cock blocked, glared at me.

Miller giggled as she gave Tex a pat on the shoulder, “next time sugar.” I found myself staring down the raised leg of her shorts and I noticed not only was she not wearing underwear, she had cut the liner out of the shorts. She shifted slightly and I got a full glimpse of her shaven pussy. I felt my soldier starting to stand too, and I suddenly felt vary uncomfortable.

“I’m gon’a hit the showers,” I announced not wanting to build any more spite from Tex and thinking to get away from the two.

“That’s right dirty boy you go get cleaned up,” Miller teased me. I shuffled past Tex and as I passed miller she slapped me playfully across the ass.

I looked back at her and she smiled mischievously at me. Her eyes were alight with what I could only describe as desire. “Where’s my good game?” I asked acting indignant.

She just laughed as she watched me walk away barely paying attention to anything Tex was saying. I thought of that look as I trekked through the sand bitterly called moon dust, for its fine dust like texture and ability to cling to everything, on my way to the shower trailers. “I’m just reading into it,” I told myself, “It’s just deployment goggles, a girl like her would never like a guy like me back home so why would she here. Unless she’s desperate, but Miller desperate, ya that will be the day I grow wings and breath fire.” I climb the stairs into the shower trailer as I continue to wonder and fantasies about Miller. I select a stall and start to undress.

I let my mind wander and I start to see Miller, she’s kneeling before me as she unbuttons my pants. She smiles up at me as her supple fingers reach into my boxer briefs and pull out my massive cock. She laughs excitedly as she prepares to take it into her mouth, then the sound of the door opening reminds me where I really am.

I suddenly realize I’m standing naked in the male showers with a raging hard on. Hoping the newcomer hadn’t really entered yet I quickly jump into the stall and turn on the water. I nearly scream as ice cold water rained down on me, thankfully and effectively killing my boner.

“Was that you Ski?” came Tex’s voice.

“Yeah,” I shout back trying to keep the quiver out of my voice as I adjust the water to a tolerable temperature.

“Man that Miller is a worthless slut,” Tex complained as he stripped.

“What happened?” I asked knowing full well that if Tex was talking bad about a woman it was because she refused him.

“Has soon as you left I tried putting my moves on her you know,” he climbed into the shower next to mine as he continued, “and she said that she was flattered but she doesn’t sleep with players. Can you Marmaris Escort believe that? Me a player? What ever. Dumb bitch.”

“Sure man,” I tell him as I rinse the soap from my body, “you’re the picture of celibacy.”

“Damn strait.” he states and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. “What,” he ask, “what’s so funny?”

“If your celibate you never have sex,” I explain with mounting laughter.

“Oh like you,” He jabbed back.

“Hey I’ve had sex before,” I snap back as I climbed out of the shower.

“yeah,” Tex taunted as he climbed out too, “When was the last time?”

“Six years ago,” I tried to act proud of that fact, as if it was a moral choice. But in truth I just sucked at picking up girls. I’ve been complimented enough on my looks I know they weren’t my problem. It was I simply never picked up on the signals and eventually they would stop trying.

“Six years!” Tex exclaimed in obvious shock. “My God man. No wonder you are so uptight. Brother you need to get laid.”

“Yeah, first priority when we get home,” I said but Tex was already shaking his head.

“No man, I mean like now.”

“You’re a pervert.” I say as I finish dressing and head to leave.

I spent the next two days hearing plan after plan from Tex as he tried to find a woman he new he could hook me up with. Each suggestion I shot down, making up excuse after excuse. In reality I was really tempted by a couple of his ideas but ultimately my fear of being caught or my lack of self-confidence won out.

The third day started out the same, but just as me and Tex went to report for our tower guard shift our platoon sergeant stopped us. Miller was with him combat dressed, gear and all. I almost laughed at her looking so small inside her gear, still it did little to discredit her figure. “Tex, come with me. Miller is taking your shift.”

Me and Tex exchange looks then he shrugs and starts walking away with our platoon sergeant. He waves at me as he shouts back over his shoulder, “Hey virgin, Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I shake my head as Miller and I head to the tower.

The first hour up in the tower passed uncomfortably as we both stood just staring at the unchanging terrain. I felt like I should say something but all I could think of was how hot she was and a few perverse jokes I had picked up from Tex. The final rays of sunlight were just disappearing over the horizon when Miller looked at me, “you got first watch?” she asked.

“Um sure,” I said not really knowing what I just agreed to. She smiled at me and again, even in the failing light, I saw that hint of desire spark in her eyes. She squatted down below the chest high wall of the tower, and started removing her gear. “What are you doing?” I asked trying my best to sound disapproving.

“You said you’d take first watch,” she said some confusion in here voice, “in half an hour or so we’ll switch and you can relax a bit and I’ll keep watch. You and Tex never did this?”

“No,” I stated flatly. “You know how much trouble we both would get into if some one found out about this?”

“Relax,” she sat down and stretched her back, pushing out her breast under her skin tight combat shirt. “As long as we do our hourly radio checks no one will bother us.”

I didn’t like it but I knew I’d look like a loser if I argued farther. She leaned back against the wall of the tower as she lit a cigarette, she offered me one witch I accepted. After she had a few drags from her cigarette she looked at me and asked, “are you really a virgin?”

“No,” I said with a long sigh, “It’s just Tex’s way of teasing me.”

“About what?” she asked as she crossed her legs and leaned forward.

“I’d rather not get anyone else in on it. His harassment is enough for this deployment.”

“I wont tease you, I promise.” she sounded like a little girl begging for a pony. But still I shook my head no. “Is it that you haven’t been laid in a while?” The brief flash of surprise was all she needed to know she guessed right. “how long has it been?”

“Your not going to leave this alone,” I asked. She enthusiastically shook her head a childish smile on her face. “Six years, it’ll be seven next week.” I sighed defeated, waiting for her laugh or taunt, but nothing came. I looked at her and saw her staring at me, her look was a mix of pity and amazement. I looked into her eyes and could see that the hint of desire that was there was now a blaze of lustful wanting.

“Six years,” she breathed. “We need to fix that.”

I rolled my eyes, “Great now I got you saying it too,” I griped, “Who you going to try and get me to screw?”

She grinned up at me as she rolled onto her knees. She moved closer and I started to back away.

“What are you doing?” I nearly shouted.

“Fixing it,” she said as if it were obvious. She moved closer again and again I backed away. “What? Don’t you want your dick sucked?”

I couldn’t refuse that I wanted it but my morals refused to relent, this is wrong. “I do,” I said pleadingly, “but we Marmaris Escort Bayan cant do it here, what if we are attacked, or worse someone catches us.”

“Your right,” she relented and I relaxed a bit. She smiled at me alluringly as she sat back against the wall just under our mounted machine gun. I tried to stand behind the weapon but she was in my way. I looked down at her to ask her to move but my words caught in my throat as I saw her un tuck her shirt and with one hand she started to fondle her breast. Her other hand undid her belt and the top button of her pants then descended down the front of her panties. She started to moan and gyrate as she pleasured herself.

She looked up at me and when she saw I was watching she said, “No way mister by the rules. Eyes front soldier boy. You didn’t want me to suck you little trooper so you don’t get to watch me play with my gear.”

When I continued to watch her she kicked a foot up between my legs, thankfully because of the close quarters she missed my crotch but the tow of her boot cracked me right in my ass. Taking her seriousness I once more looked out at the horizon. I did my best to keep my eyes outward as I listened to her gasp and moan at her self gratification. Soon though my eyes drifted back down to her. She had taken off her shirt and let her hair down out of its bun. Her sports braw was pulled up exposing her breast to the cooling night air.

But what really got my attention was when I noticed that she had fully unbuttoned her pants and was pulling aside her panties with one hand as she fingered herself with the other. I watched breathlessly as she worked her hands. My vantage point didn’t afford a good view but I could easily imagine the sight. When she tilted her head back and saw me watching once more, she kicked her heal into mine and I once more looked out.

Her moans became louder and more frequent as she started to near an orgasm. I was so caught up in remembering what I saw and listening to her cries that I hadn’t realized that I had began rubbing my cock through the bulge in my pants. She suddenly went silent and I looked down to see her locked at the peak of her tension trying to scream so loud that nothing came out. Then she came, and breathed out a sigh of release.

She looked up at me as she regained her breath and her senses. She let me watch as she brought her dripping wet fingers up to her mouth before she once more kicked me. “did you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said with a bit more enthusiasm then I meant to show.

“Good,” her seductive tone making my throbbing dick ache even more. “You broke the rules, now you have to pay.”

“What?” I asked a little stunned

“You watched me instead of keeping watch,” she stated, “now you have to keep watch as I watch you please yourself,” she ordered.

I started to protest but her boot grinding on my toes shut me up. I unfastened my belt and unbuttoned the top of my pants then reached down the front of my boxer briefs. Or rather started to when she grinded her boot on mine again.

“Ouch!” I cried as I looked down at her. “What I was doing what you said, what do you want?”

“I said you had to let me watch, I want to see your big gun.” she said. Then added with another stomp on my foot, “And don’t argue with your mistress.”

I started to argue but then thought better of it. I undid the other buttons of my pants then pushed all the fabric down until I was able to pull out my dick. My mind may have been refusing to play along with Miller’s game but my body had no qualms and even seemed to be enjoying it. My shaft was the hardest I had ever felt it and even I was surprised at how large it had grown. I held it firmly and began to slide my hand along its hard fleshy length. I felt her breath on my balls as she leaned in close to me and pulled my clothes to my ankles.

I started to stroke more fervently but she ordered me to slow down. I looked down at her and saw that she was once more playing with herself as she watched me stroke my manhood. When she saw that I was watching she grabbed my balls and pulled just enough to make me look away. Once I was looking out again she began fondling my balls.

“Faster,” she cooed, and her warm breath on my cock was all the encouragement I needed. She stated to moan again and I couldn’t help but look down at her. She had completely stripped and was now sitting on her legs as she was again fingering herself, she was fixated on my cock like a charmed snake. I held that image in my mind as I looked away before she noticed I was watching. I listed to her moans as I continued to speed up my pace.

“That’s it dirty boy, stroke your cock for your mistress,” she muttered.

“Yes mistress,” I managed to grunt as I felt like I was near my limits.

“dose the dirty boy want to give his mistress his cum?” Her mouth was near the head of my cock and her every word edged me closer to my climax.

“Yes mistress,” I gasped, “I want to cum mistress.”

“Cum for me dirty boy,” Escort Marmaris she whispered into my cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded and kept exploding for what seemed like an eternity. I cried out with my release and I heard her cry out in surprise and enjoyment. It took all I had to stay standing as glob after glob of cum poured from my dick. When I could finally open my eyes and see strait I looked down at my mistress. She was smiling up at me as she wiped at the cum that had missed her mouth and landed on her face and tits.

“Did you enjoy that?” she purred as she licked the last bit of my cum from her large round tits.

“Yes mistress.” I groaned as I closed my eyes, my vision starting to blur again.

“Do you want more?” She asked slyly.

“Yes mistress,” I mutter, “Please tell me how to please you mistress.”

I heard her shuffle and when I opened my eyes I saw her crawling out from in front of me and toward her discarded gear. I feel my erection renewing as I glimpsed her wet pussy. Her cum ran all along her inner thighs and had even run down her ass crack. She sat back on her heals and when she saw me looking she slapped my bare ass and pointed out toward my sector.

I heard her grunt as she put her protective vest on over her head and fastened the bindings. I then heard her stand and walk around behind me as I recognized the click of a helmet strap being fastened. I sensed more then felt her press up behind me, our vest making it hard to feel anything where it covered.

“Its your turn,” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled on its lobe. I start to turn but a stiff shove held me facing forward. Suddenly she brought something around in front of me and wrapped it around my eyes. The fabric was soft and I idly wondered what it was. Her fingers brushed my cheek as she unsnapped my Kevlar helmet . With the binding around my eyes she urged me to kneel and as I got to my knees I felt my helm pulled from my head. I strained to hear what she was doing as the sound of my helmet bouncing on the concrete floor echoed in the tower.

The radio crackled as the first tower started the sequence of radio checks. The bindings loosened as Miller reached for the radio and as the binding slipped from my eyes I used the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her.

She stood there watching the horizon as she waited for our turn in the sequence. She was completely naked except for her vest, helmet, and boots. The weight of the vest flattened her breast so that they seemed as though they would pop from the pressure. I Suddenly realized that my makeshift blindfold was actually her panties and as she commenced with her radio check I tried to work the blind fold where I might taste it.

She set the radio down and noticed I had been peeping. With a sharp tug she reset the blind fold and I was once more in the dark. I felt her move as she leaned to my right and I herd the sound or a course fabric being quickly drawn through another fabric. She stood again and when I felt something wrap around my blindfold and tighten at the back of my head I realized she had used her belt to ensure my blind fold wouldn’t loosen.

“Naughty boy,” she chided seductively as she stepped back away from me. I turned my head so I could hear her better as she continued to berate me, “You looked when I didn’t give you permission, now you will have to be punished.”

“Yes mistress,” I said. I suddenly realized just how much I was truly enjoying this, not just breaking the rules or the sexual gratification, but the loss of control and power. I truly was excited by letting her take control. “Punish me mistress, I’ve been bad.” I beg as I try to figure out where she is.

Her voice comes from my right side and above me, “Put your arms behind your back.” I did as she commanded and I felt her bend over and pull my belt from my pants. She grabbed one arm and wrapped the belt around my wrist, she then brought it down to the other and bound its wrist too. I had little doubt I could free myself easily but just then I didn’t want to. She pulled the quick release on my vest and it fell to the tower floor. She grabbed my combat shirt and raised it up over my head and down my arms until it got caught up with my bindings.

“Face me,” she ordered as she once more stood behind me. I complied and couldn’t suppress a smile as I heard her moan, “ooh, your hotter then I thought.” I felt her gentle fingers on my neck as she traced its side, then she moved her hands down to trace my collar bone. Then lower still as she groped my muscular chest, teasing my nipples as she did so.

I could feel her body heat on my face as she sauntered closer. I felt a weight on my shoulder and as I smelled her scent I guessed it was her leg. Her foot at my back confirmed my guess and she used it to urge me closer to her dripping wet cunt. She grabbed my head and pushed me into her as she ordered, “lick it.”

I licked her moist lips savoring the bitter tang of her nectar. She sighed in pleasure and pushed her hips forward as I used my tongue to gently part her lips. I moaned, using the low note to add stimulation as I began massaging her clit with my tongue. She forced my head back slightly as she tried to get my mouth even deeper between her full tight lips. I kept up the moaning as best I could as she started rocking her hips on my face.

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