Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 7

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“It took you long enough. Can’t you go a little faster?” I played along. “Sorry ma’am.” The guy in the line passing the other way just smiled and shook his head. When they had to take their shoes of I saw a lot of male heads looking their way and when the put them back on it was the security people hoping for a peek. We boarded the plane first and Mercedes took a window seat with me in the middle and Rose on the aisle. Cathy was sitting across the aisle from us. We were finally on our way.

Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 7

After the plane took off and the seatbelt sign went off we leaned our seat back and folded up the arm rests. They reached in their bags under the seat and pulled out two light weight blankets. They pulled my arms around them, laid their heads on my chest and pulled the blankets over us. Then they pulled their tops down and placed my hands on their breasts. For the first time I was enjoying flying with people crowding my seat. I closed my eyes and we slept until Cathy shook Rose and said we were landing in Phoenix in 15 minutes. They pulled their tops up and packed the blankets so we could change planes. We had a 30 minute layover so my ladies headed to the ladies room while I waited in line.

When they came out they had changed wigs and just smiled at me as they walked up. Cathy said “Isn’t variety supposed to be the spice of life.” This time when we boarded Cathy was sitting in the aisle seat with us and Rose was across the aisle. When we were in the air they kept my arms down as they pulled one leg up under them and half turned to me before pulling the blankets over us and putting their head on my shoulder. This time they took my hands and put them on their thighs under their skirts.

They slid my hand up their thighs until I felt bare, wet pussy lips. They used their hands to push my fingers into their warmth and held them there until we were close to landing in Burbank, Ca. We had everything ready when they opened the door to deplane. I let Mercedes and Cathy go first but Rose stayed behind me. As we crowded towards the front of the plane she took my empty hand behind me and quickly put my hand under her skirt and on her bare mound. She let go of my hand and straightened her skirt. She whispered in my ear. “We decided no more panties, ever.”

We went to the car rental and picked up our car. Rose had arraigned for a Mustang convertible. We got the bags in and before we pulled out they all took of their bras and threw them in the trunk also. We headed for Pacific Coast Highway to sightsee on the drive to Santa Barbara. As we were going thru Malibu Rose hollered “STOP, STOP.” I pulled over and she said there was a place back there called, The Teeny Weenie Bikini. They wanted to look so I turned around and drove back. We parked about a block away and walked back.

When we walked in there was nobody in the front and as my ladies checked the racks of bikinis, a woman about 25, with bleached blonde hair, and taller than me, walked out of the back room. The first thing I noticed was her large breasts that were only covered by what looked like 4” pasties. When she came out around the counter to help my girls the next thing I noticed was her clear plastic 5” platform stripper heels. Then it dawned on me that in the side view I had there was no material showing for her bottom half. When she turned away from me all I could see in the back was a very thin strip of material in the crack between her cheeks but it wasn’t connected to anything at the top. I moved over to where she was talking to Rose, hoping to see what the front looked like when I heard Rose. “So what keeps it on?”

“The top uses an adhesive that peels off and the bottom has spring steel bands in it and two knobs that go inside.”

“Wow can we see one?”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.” As she walked past me back to the back room I saw that the bottom in the front was about 3” wide and Came just above where I thought her slit would stop. She came back with a box about 1/3rd the size of a shoe box. She pulled out the two pasties, a bottle of adhesive, a bottle of adhesive remover and the bottom piece. The bottom had two pieces designed to insert in a woman’s vagina and anus to hold it in place. Rose wanted to try it on but the sales girl said because of the way it was worn once someone wore it they couldn’t sell it to someone else.

Rose smiled and asked, “Can I have it?” Then Mercedes and Cathy wanted them also.

“Let Rose try it and tell you know how it fits.” The lady started telling Rose where the dressing room was but she just pulled her top over her head and dropped it and her skirt to the floor standing in full view of the front window.

“Now show me how to put this on.” When the lady bent down to help her with it, I was captivated by her large breasts swaying freely beneath her. I’ve always been a tit man and this was fabulous. When the bottom was on she stood up and winked at me before showing Rose how to trim the top so it barely covered her areola and then glue it on. “Uuuummm this feels different. All I need now is a vibrator.”

“I’ll be right back.” And the lady went to the back room again. This time she came back with a small bag. She pulled another knob out of it and had Rose take off the bottom. She unscrewed the original knob, replaced it with the new one and had Rose put the bottom back on. She had a small remote and pushed the red button. Rose jumped and grabbed her crotch.

“Oh damn, what’s happening?” She pressed the black button and Rose jumped and yelled. “Turn it off.” She hit the red button again and Rose gasped for breath. “What was that?”

The lady told her it was a remote 7 speed vibrator accessory that they made. She handed the remote to her. “You can keep it or give it to your lover.” Rose walked over to me and handed me the remote.

“Here lover.” She walked back to the others. They were excited and wanted their own suit. She brought out one of each style, and the vibrator knobs, so Mercedes and Cathy could pick out the ones they wanted. Just before they put them on the sales girl said there was another one they might like. It was like a regular bikini but the strings were almost invisible. She pulled a handful of what looked like colorful cigar tubes from the shelf behind the counter. She popped the end off one and pulled out three very small triangles on material held together by something like fishing line. Cathy grabbed one, dropped her skirt and top then put it on. The top pieces just covered her nipples and the bottom was smaller than what Rose had on, if that was possible.

“I like this one to. Can we get one of each?”

“Why don’t you get one each like Rose’s and 6 or seven different colors of the one Cathy has on?” They were excited and started picking out the ones they wanted. Mercedes stripped and put on one of the clear string bikinis on. They were putting everything in bags when they decided to get cover-ups. They found some sheer lace mini dresses and added them to the pile.

As I went to pay for everything the sales girl, in a stage whisper said to the girls, “Aren’t you going to buy him anything?” they looked at me and I shook my head no. Mercedes wanted to know what she had in mind. She went to one of the racks and came back with a handful of men’s pouches. Like their string bikinis all you could see was the pouch. The string was clear. I was shaking my head no but the next thing I knew they were crowding around me.

“Please dear. We do so much for you and all we want is for you to try one. Just try it for us.” As Mercedes stood in front of me rubbing her nearly bare breasts on me Rose reached around from behind me, unfastened my shorts and pulled them down. They turned to the sales lady. “Your turn.” She knelt down in front of me and tried to put my rapidly growing shaft into the pouch. Every time she touched me it jumped. She finally asked the girls if they wanted to take care of it so it would go down and fit. “That’s ok, you’re already there. Why don’t you handle it?”

I couldn’t believe I let them talk me into this. I was standing in the middle of a bikini shop with my arms around Rose and Mercedes holding their bare breasts about to get a blow job from a 20 something whose name I didn’t even know. The sales girl grinned up at me then kissed the tip up my dick before stretching her lips over the head and taking half of my dick in her mouth. She was running her tongue around my shaft as she stroked the base with one hand. She started stroking my shaft into her mouth deeper and rubbing my balls.

Cathy knelt down behind her, reaching around her to hold her large breasts. As Cathy squeezed them I felt the girl moan around my dick. I was reaching a peak with her rapid bobbing and playing with my balls. She moaned again and that was all it took. I warned her so she could pull off. “I’m going to cum”. But instead she pushed and swallowed taking me all the way in. I shot my load down her throat to her stomach. When I stopped she looked up at me still smiling.

“Do you always shoot that much?”

All three girls said “Yes.” she looked at them surprised.

“All three of you?”

“Yes, we all live together and it looks like we will all have his babies about the same time.” She gave me a puzzled look.

“We live together, play together and are having a family together. I love them and they love me. Go figure.” She shook her head and went back to tucking my balls and dick into the pouch and fastening the little string. She patted the pouch and stood up.

“Well ladies I think he looks real good, even better with that pouch.” They were laughing as I pulled my shorts back up. They were disappointed that I wouldn’t wear it out of the store.

“I think the three of you on the sidewalk will be enough of a distraction.” While I paid they walked out the door and started to the car. The sale girl gave me a store card with her phone number on it and said we should call her when we came back thru. By the time I went out the door they were half way to the car and people driving by were honking and hollering proposals at them. I got to the car and put the top back down. Mercedes sat in the front with me and Rose and Cathy in the back.

As we drove up the coast, every time we stopped at a light they got a lot of stares and wolf whistles. They loved the attention. I had Rose’s remote in my pocket and a couple of times when she was teasing guys in the car next to us I hit the power button for a few seconds causing her to jump and shake her tits. When we finally arrived at our hotel in Santa Barbara they pulled on their lace cover-up dresses so we could check in. We had a suite on the 6th floor. Two bedrooms and a living area besides a small kitchen area and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

We put our things in the room and decided to go out to supper. My ladies came out wearing sundresses, sandals and their hair in pony tails. They looked like any other young ladies on vacation. Until Mercedes and Cathy handed me the remotes for the bikinis they bought this afternoon. “We want to walk with you on the beach after dinner.” We walked about three blocks to the pier where all the restaurants were. We picked a steak and seafood place where we could watch the sunset. After we were seated I took one of the remotes from my pocket and held it out.

“How am I supposed to know which remote is whose?” I pushed the power button and Mercedes face froze as she clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from yelping. “I guess I know who this one belongs to.” I turned it off and laid the other two next to it. I looked at Mercedes startled face and the surprised look on the others. “Looks like I’m going to have a real interesting dinner.” All thru dinner the remotes were on the table and occasional I would move them around so they wouldn’t know which was which.

It was fun watching them tense as I reached for the remote, then one of them put a hand over their mouth and one in their lap when I pushed a power button. When I turned it off, she would take a couple of deep breaths then smile. Just before we ordered dessert I turned the power up to 4 when they weren’t looking. This time when I hit a button, Cathy jerked and put both hands over her mouth gasping. People at the next table looked our way as Mercedes said she swallowed wrong. When I turned it off, she was gasping. When she returned to normal she grabbed Rose and headed towards the restrooms. I pushed her button again and saw her lean on Rose for support.

Mercedes said, “What did you do?” I turned the other two remotes to 5 and pushed both buttons. I knew Cathy was out of range but Mercedes gasped and stared at me thru squinted eyes. After 15-20 seconds thru clenched teeth she said “Please stop.” I turned it off and she sat there shaking and taking deep breaths. Rose and Cathy came back and sat down. I asked if the battery died.

“No I took it off. It’s in my Bag.” I grinned at her. “It’s not funny. I had juices running down my thighs by the time I got to the rest room.” I set the remotes on 1 and hit the buttons one at a time. The first time Rose jumped so I hit it again for off. When I hit the next one Mercedes didn’t jump so I told Cathy to check the one in her bag. “It’s off now.”

“Well are you going to put yours back on or are they going to take theirs off.” They looked at each other for a bit. Then Cathy got up and went back to the restroom. When she came back we paid the pill and walked back down the pier to the beach. As soon as we were on the sand they pulled their dresses over their heads and stuffed them in their bags. They were wearing the bottoms of the one suit and the tops they had for the other suits they bought. We walked along the beach until we came to a path that let up to a small park area.

The area was empty as we walked over to one of the picnic tables. Rose moved her top aside and pulled my mouth to her breasts. Mercedes and Cathy were busy removing my shirt and shorts. When they were off I sat on the end of a bench and they pushed me back until I was lying down. Mercedes had taken off her bottom and stood straddling my head. As she lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth the other two went to work on my shaft with their lips and tongues.

I lapped at her pussy swallowing her nectar before I found her clit with my tongue and sucked it between my lips. Mercedes was trembling as I enjoyed my shaft being licked and sucked deep in a throat. When the lips were pulled off my dick I felt it rubbing a slit and then it was enveloped in a hot, wet sleeve. One of them was sliding up and down on my shaft. After several minutes she slid up and moved away then I felt anther hand lining me up and another pussy slide down my shaft. Mercedes pushed down on my face and shuddered. She stood up leaving me covered with her juices.

Rose was riding on my dick and she bent down to kiss me. She licked my face and smiled. “She tastes good on you.” She rode me for several more minutes before standing up and pulling me to my feet. Mercedes was bent over the table with her face in Cathy’s crotch and her hands behind her holding her cheeks apart. Rose got sat on the ground between her legs, pulling me to her. She slipped her fingers in Mercedes wet slit and brought them to my shaft covered in her juices. She did this over and over until it was glistening with her nectar then sucked it into her mouth. She then pulled it out and looked up. “I always said there’s nothing better than a good piece of meat with the right sauce.” She went back to bobbing on my shaft as she fingered Mercedes hole.

After a while she pulled me from her mouth and pointed my dick at Mercedes wet pussy. I pushed my dick all the way into her hot, wet hole as Rose played with her clit. Mercedes moaned into Cathy’s crotch causing her to close her thighs on her head. I pumped into her tight hole as Rose squeezed my balls. Just as I felt my orgasm start Rose pinched Mercedes clit causing her so try to yell into Cathy’s pussy as I filled her with my cum. When my dick stopped pumping out my goo, I pulled out letting our mixed cum dribble out on to Rose’s face as she took my dick in her mouth to lick it clean.

When she finished she stood up and pulled Cathy and Mercedes to her to clean the cum from her face. Cathy wiped a big gob from her cheek and put it in her mouth. “Ummm this is the best. Can we have more?”

“You can have all you want. But right now I think we should clean up and head back to the hotel.” They picked up their clothes and mine and we walked back down to the empty beach. They put all our clothes in a pile and we waded into the Pacific Ocean. The three of them had not been anywhere out of Texas before so they were splashing, throwing water at each other and laughing as they ran out until they were waist deep. I thought they were gorgeous anyway but watching them playing naked in the ocean in the moonlight was almost surreal. I waded out to them and they grabbed a hold of me wanting to have sex so they would be able to say they got screwed in the ocean.

The problem was that though the water was not cold the breeze blowing over it was and that made it difficult to perform. We decided to call it a night and walk back to the hotel. When we got out we didn’t have towels so the girls just pulled their dresses over their wet bodies. As we got back to the pier and strolled up the street the first street light we came to showed just how sheer the dresses really were. Their areolas and nipples were plainly visible as were their bald pussy’s where the wet cloth clung to them. They made no attempt to cover up and walked back to the hotel like they were unaware.

When we got into the elevator Rose and Cathy stood close beside me, with the material on their dresses still wet, smiling at the security camera. Mercedes was hugging me with her back to the camera with the wet material clinging to her round ass cheeks. When we were in the room with the door closed they quickly stripped off the dresses and were headed towards the shower when I said I was going on a soda run and asked what they wanted. Rose, my exhibitionist ran up to me and said she wanted to go and held out her hand for the money. Before I could ask if she was going to put anything on she opened the door and walked out.

I grabbed my camera and followed her as she danced down the hallway stopping periodically to pose for a picture. Instead of continuing to the end of the hall and the soda machines, she stopped at the elevators and pushed the down button. When to doors opened we got in and she pushed the button for the garage level we were parked on. The elevator went all the way without stopping and Rose stepped out walked half way across the garage to our car. I took pictures as she posed on the hood and mugged for the camera. When she thought we had enough she walked back to the elevator and pressed the up button. Just as the doors opened a car drove in. She turned and waved then stepped into the elevator.

She was surprised when it stopped on the 4th floor. The door opened and there were two couples standing there. Rose just said, “Going up?” one of the women just smiled and said they were going to the lobby. The door closed and we got out on the 6th floor. She finally got the sodas and we went back to the room. As soon as we were back in the room she dragged me into one of the bedrooms and started pulling my clothes off. She fell back on the bed pulling me with her. “God that made me so hot, fuck me, put your dick in my wet pussy and fuck me now.” She had her legs in the air and was trying to put my dick in her hole.

My dick was hard as steel. Her parading around in the nude without a care had me ready. If she had done this in the garage I would have fucked her on the hood of the car. I drove my dick into her and fucked her in a frenzy. As I shot my load into her she pushed her hips up and held me tight with her legs. “OH DAMN, OH DAMN, OH FUCKING DAMN.” Just then the other two came out of the shower. “Damn we thought you were going for sodas and we find you in here fucking her brains out.”

When she told Mercedes and Cathy what she had done they didn’t believe her until she showed then the pictures I took. “When do we get our turn?” Rose said they would have to do their own show. This one has been done. It sounded like just flashing or changing in a store was going to seem tame. I just reminded them they had to be careful of families and kids. They said we needed to be up early to go see Hearst’s castle in the morning and turned out the lights. What worried me was hearing them whisper and giggle as we snuggled into bed. Tomorrow I would have to keep my camera handy.

I woke up looking at one of Mercedes breasts. She was still asleep as it put my mouth over her nipple and ran my tongue around the tip. “Mmmmm I love the way you start the day.” She pulled me to her breast with a soft moan. “We need to wake up the others. Its three hours to the castle they want to tour and it’s already after 8am.”

“I’d rather stay in bed and pleasure you.”

“We’ll take care of that later. Right now we need to get going.” They wore knee length strapless dresses that were held up by a stretchy band above their breasts and sandals. Their hair was in pony tails. Before we went out the door one of them asked if I had my camera ready. “Why?” They stood together and pulled the top of the dress below their breasts and the hems of their dresses up showing me their bare breasts and pussy’s.

“Because we are.” They covered up and we headed out to ‘The Castle’ as they put it. I asked Rose to drive and sat in the back with Cathy. As we cruised the Pacific Coast Highway, she sat leaning back against me, with my arms around her, enjoying the ocean antalya escort bayan views. We were just more than half way thru our three hour drive when the morning warmed up and I pulled the top of her dress below her breasts and massaged them and rolled her nipples with my fingers. She leaned her head back on my shoulder, her soft moans almost sounding like purring. She had her hand in my lap softly rubbing my bulge.

“Could it get much better than riding in a convertible being caressed by the man I love while watching the ocean go by?”

“Would this be a good time to wish you a happy 22nd birthday?” She sat up and looked at me startled.

“You remembered? Oh god I knew I was right giving you my love.” She threw her arms around my neck and almost choked me she was holding me so tight. When she let go she lay down in the seat with her head in my lap and started unfastening my shorts. As she pulled my shaft free I leaned over to my left, pulled up her skirt and laid my head on one of her thighs with my mouth on her slit. As I stabbed my tongue in her hole she took my shaft deep in her mouth and throat. We both groaned. Tasting her sweet nectar as her throat massaged my shaft was an exquisite feeling. I could do the rest of the trip but Cathy had other plans. After 15 minutes of her gently taking me deep in her throat she moved away and pulled me up with her.

She pulled on my shorts as I lifted up, taking them off and throwing them on the floor. She pulled her dress over her head and it joined my shorts. Soon my shirt was off and she straddled my lap. She sat down burying my dick balls deep in the warm wet embrace of her velvet tunnel. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and rocked slowly on my shaft as she laid her head on my shoulder. As her breasts pushed into my chest, her nipples were so hard they felt like little stones. I had my hands on her hips trying to help her but she wanted to go slow and make it last as long as she could.

We were so consumed with our coupling we were startled when Mercedes told us we were less the 5 minutes from the visitor center. Cathy raised her head and looked into my eyes. “I owe you so much more. Promise me we will pick up right where we are when we start back to the hotel.” I kissed her and promised. Rose put the top up as soon as she parked but she and Mercedes had to wait for us as Cathy cleaned my dick with her tongue and we got dressed. We got ticket for several different tours and spent most of the afternoon going thru different buildings. We stayed at the back of each group we were with and I kept busy taking photos of them with their dresses up or down in front of statues and art work all over. I even managed to get a picture of all three nude with one of the pools in the background. That was the fastest I had ever seen a woman take off her clothes and put them back on.

By the time we finished our tours and got back to the car it was 5:30. The girls were on an excitement high from flashing their bodies the last 5 hours. Cathy had her dress off before she got in the car and was tearing at my clothes before I sat down. Before we were out of the lot she was riding my shaft like it was the last sex she would ever have. Ten minutes later she shuddered and my lap filled with her nectar. She put her head on my shoulder. I felt wetness on my neck and when I pulled her back there were tears in her eyes. “You remembered. My own parents didn’t remember my last two birthdays.”

I told Rose to find a steakhouse along the way so we could eat and have a celebration. Cathy stayed in my lap holding me tight until we pulled up to a nice looking restaurant in Morro Bay. Cathy and I put our clothes on and we all went inside to eat. We had steak, lobster and a birthday cake their chef whipped up for us. I even bought a bottle of wine for my pregnant ladies. “We can have a little alcohol considering the occasion.” I told Cathy I was sorry I didn’t have a gift for her but to let me know what she wanted and I would take care of it. Cathy was the happiest I had seen her. We left there about 8:30 and still had a 2hr drive to the hotel.

Cathy was cuddled up to me in the back seat rubbing my shaft thru my pants. “You made me cum before dinner but you never finished yourself. So I have decided what I want for my birthday. I want to watch you masturbate and fill my mouth with your cum, before we get to the hotel”

“Can I touch you while I do?”

“Darling you can touch me anytime or anyplace.” She lay down on the seat with her head on my leg facing me. She wanted a close up view. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and slowly stroked it until it was hard. Cathy’s eyes followed my hand up and down my shaft as she licked her lips. She pulled the top of her dress down and placed my other hand on her breast. “Don’t you just love how good it feels to hold my breast? It’s so soft and firm. Play with my nipple and feel it harden at your touch.” She moaned as I pinched her nipple but she never took her eyes off my hand on my shaft. She pulled up the bottom of her dress and moved my hand down to rub her mound. Do you like the feel of your hand rubbing my smooth, bare pussy? Doesn’t it feel like the smooth skin of your cock as you stroke it?” She put two of my fingers in her wet slit and rubbed them thru it. “Feel how wet it makes me to see you rub your cock, knowing you’re going to fill my mouth with your hot cum.”

She moaned as she pushed my fingers into her hot tight hole. “Oh god it feels so good having your fingers in my pussy as I watch you jack off. Please, hurry. I want to eat your cum while you finger me.” When precum started to leak from the tip of my dick she put a hand over mine and pulled my dick to her face and licked it off. “Ummm an appetizer.” I pumped my dick faster as she pushed my fingers harder and faster into her pulsing hole.

“I’m ready to cum.”

“Don’t stop.” She put her lips on the tip of my dick and started sucking as the first gob of my sticky sperm shot between her lips. She held it all until my dick stopped surging then wiped the tip with her tongue across the tip to get the last dribble. She swirled it around in her mouth and made sure I saw her swallow it. She pulled my fingers from her pussy and held them up to her face. “Ummm and it comes with desert.” She put them in her mouth and sucked them clean. When she finished she sat up in my lap and put her head on my shoulder. “This has been my best birthday, a family that loves me, your baby in my belly and the nights not over.

We pulled into the hotels garage about 11pm, and went up to our room. Once we were inside, we stripped for bed and I went in to use the restroom. When I came out a few minutes later and walked into the bedroom what a sight awaited me. Cathy was on her back on the bed with Rose squatting over her head with her eyes closed, rubbing her pussy on Cathy’s face while Mercedes was bent over the foot of the bed sucking on her pussy. I stood there watching as my dick got hard until Rose opened her eyes and saw me.

“Don’t just stand there with your dick in your hand darling. There are three holes waiting for you to join this party.” I knelt down behind Mercedes and spread her cheeks admiring the little brown star of her anus and the slightly parted lips of her slit with the rose petals that were her inner lips peeking out. I put my lips to that little bud and kissed it. Mercedes jumped then pushed her mound back against me. I pushed my tongue between those soft petals and into the hot, wet hole in their middle. It seemed to pulse around my tongue, pulling it in. when her legs started trembling I moved up and moved my tongue in circles around her anus then put it to her little asshole and felt it tighten and release in anticipation. At first when I penetrated her sphincter with my tongue it tightened, then it relaxed and let me drive all I could of my tongue into her ass.

Mercedes groaned into Cathy’s pussy as she pushed back trying to get me deeper in her ass. Her ass was shaking as I pulled back and put my dick in her pussy. As I buried my shaft balls deep in her, she raised her head and looked back at me. “Oh baby, I need you in both my holes tonight. Fuck me special.” I drove into her over and over as she pushed her ass back to me my strokes. I fucked her until I thought I was getting close and I stopped, just holding it deep and catching my breath. When I heard Cathy moaning from Mercedes licking and sucking her pussy I pulled out of Mercedes pussy and slid my dick into her ass, I started driving into her ass like I had her pussy and she tensed up, squeezing her ass cheeks together causing her to feel tighter than ever.

As her back arched and she yelled into Cathy’s mound I blasted cum inside her bowels. Big hot strands of cum sprayed inside her. She collapsed forward onto Cathy as I continued pumping into her ass, prolonging her orgasm. When I stopped and moved back from her I looked up at Rose leaning back against the headboard with her pussy still on Cathy’s mouth. “Come up here baby you still have one more hole that needs attention.” I stepped up on the bed in front of Rose and she grabbed my hard dick and pulled me to her. She put her lips on it and sucked it in. As soon it was hard again it was plunging down her throat as fast as she could move her head.

She had her hands on my hips driving her head all the way down on my shaft each time. This time it was only minutes until what cum I had left in me shot down her throat. She pulled me to her and held me deep milking my shaft with her throat muscles. When she was thru I collapsed down to the bed felling the most satisfaction and spent I had in quite some time. My three wives had milked me dry. Soon I had all three cuddling around me. We shared hugs and kisses then drifted off to sleep.

We all slept until after lunch time. When we got up the ladies were well rested and wanting to go sightseeing. Today they were wearing their bikinis with the clear strings and for a while had the sheer lace cover-ups. We ended up walking down the beach. They took off their cover-ups and were running in and out of the water as we walked. When they found out how transparent the material became when it was wet they made sure to spend enough time slashing to keep them that way. When we came to a section of beach they liked they spread out the towels and pretended to tan. What they were really doing was laying on their backs, their eyes closed, their legs wide with their bottoms either transparent from being wet or the tiny strip pulled up until it disappeared between their lips.

Rose stood up and told me she wanted me to come with her. We walked out until we were waist deep when she pulled my swimsuit down, put her arms around me, jumped up and locked her legs around my waist and said she was ready for the ocean fuck she didn’t get night before last. I reached under her and pulled the tiny strip of her suit out of the way then lowered her down on my dick. She was giggling as we moved into water a little deeper to make her movement easier. She said the salt water was tickling her crotch.

Mercedes and Cathy spotted us in the water and figured out what was going on. They came running out to us and soon they were next to us wanting to be next. Rose decided that salt water was not a good lubricate and climbed off laughing. I stepped out of my swimsuit and handed it to Rose. She also was holding Mercedes and Cathy’s bottoms. They still wanted a turn so they could say they tried sex in the Pacific Ocean. When they were done we looked around and Rose was sitting on the towels up on the beach waving my suit and their bottoms at us. It must have been a site to see, naked me and two bottomless women walking out of the ocean because Rose was laughing her ass off. She took off running down the beach with Cathy and Mercedes hot on her heels. They finally caught her a long ways down the beach. They got their bottoms and mine back then held her down, took hers of and made her walk back without it. Knowing Rose it didn’t take much.

Rose sat with us on the towels but didn’t put her bottom back on. When they decided to go looking for some souvenirs Rose took her top of and pulled on the lace cover-up. I had my camera out from their run down the beach so I just kept taking pictures as the other two did the same thing. As we walked back they went into several stores and people looked like they weren’t sure they were seeing what they thought they were. We got back to the room about dinner time and they decided to order pizza delivered.

When the delivery guy knocked Rose answered the door naked and told him Cathy had the money. When he stepped inside Cathy was bent over naked with her back to him digging money out of her purse. “Mercedes I need two dollars.” She stepped out of the bedroom wrapped in a small towel and when she reached to give the money to Cathy the towel fell. The poor flustered pizza guy was surrounded by 3 naked women and was having a hell of a time counting the money. He finally turned and left. We spent the rest of the evening laughing about that, watching a little TV and just relaxing together. Tomorrow we would check out and head back south. They wanted to see some of the famous surf beaches and just play tourist.

One nice thing about vacations was not being tied to an alarm clock. I woke up the first time about 7 and tried to get out of bed. Mercedes pulled me back down and laid her soft warm body across me as Cathy rolled over onto my other side. “Don’t get up yet I want you to hold me a little while. I put my arms around them and went back to sleep. I loved being covered up by my wives.

We decided to get up about 9:30 when we all started making trips to the bathroom. We all crowded into the Jacuzzi tub and spent the next hour scrubbing and playing, mostly playing. We checked out and drove down the coast. Of course they wanted to stop and look at most of the beaches. All they were wearing today were tank tops and short skirts, so I collected a lot of pictures of them on beaches topless, bottomless or nude. There were even a few that they took of each other on their knees in the sand with my dick in their mouth or being fucked doggy style. This was going to be one XXX rated vacation album.

As we got close to Malibu, Mercedes said she wanted to stop and visit Donna. “Who’s Donna?”

Surprise she asked, “You don’t remember the blonde with big tits that gave you a blow job so the pouch would fit?”

“I remember both but she never told me her name.”

I got the card she gave you and called her after lunch. She said if we stopped she would buy dinner.” When we pulled up to the shop the lights were off and the closed sign was out. Mercedes called her and talked for a few minutes. “I have directions to her place. She said she will be ready and waiting when we get there.” The address was on Pacific Coast Highway and when we got there we found out it was on the ocean side. As we pulled up donna came walking out in a skirt as short as my ladies were wearing and a black corset top that looked like her breasts would spill out of any minute.

She got in back between Rose and Cathy. “I’ll give you the grand tour when we get back.” She started giving directions and we ended up at a valet stand in front of a restraint with a name I couldn’t pronounce. The attendant said it was full and if we didn’t have a reservation we wouldn’t get in. When we walked in the door Donna showed the Maître de a credit card and we were taken to a table. “It helps to have a boyfriend with a well known name.” I don’t know what the food cost but it was one of those places where a big plate has very small portions and big prices.

After dinner we went back to her house. As we walked thru getting the grand tour she told us that the boyfriend was married and on a cruise with his wife. The house had a deck with a hot tub and a fabulous view up and down the beach. Rose was the one that suggested we get in the hot tub and the next thing I knew we were all naked in the tub together with Donna sitting next to me with her hand on my dick. She told us he wasn’t coming back until next week sometime and we were welcome to stay if we wanted. All my girls could think about were naked late night strolls and sex on the beach.

Cathy said they wanted to see Venice beach and the Santa Monica pier. Donna offered to take off a couple of days and play tour guide. Of course the entire time she kept stroking my dick. She finally asked the girls, “Can I borrow him for tonight? I promise to bring him back in one piece, just worn out.”

Mercedes laughed, “I hope you’re not taking on more than you can handle.”

“So wives, does that mean I have your permission to make Miss Donna beg?”

“We’re going for a long walk on the beach. Guess we’ll see whose still up when we get back.” Before they left I helped bring in our luggage and grabbed one of my blue pills. As my girls headed down to the beach in the dark, Donna took my hand and led me towards one of the bedrooms.

“I have something I think you’ll like. After we’re done, you and your wives can feel free to try it out.” She opened the door and hanging in the middle of the room was a sex swing. It had multiple straps and cuffs, with a winch on the wall to adjust height. “I want you to strap me in and fuck me as long as you can. I’ve been dreaming about this since you were in the shop Saturday. When Mercedes called I knew I had to have you.”

With her help I started buckling straps to her before going to the winch and raising her of the floor. There were cuffs for her wrists that allowed her upper body to lay out flat and stirrups for her feet that kept them high and spread wide. As I tightened straps she watched until I found a blindfold on a shelf and put it on her. “That’s not fair. I like watching what you’re doing to me.” There was a box on a table in the corner that had plugs, dildo’s and a gag in it. I put the gag in her mouth and buckled it behind her head.

“You talk too much. Just lay there and get ready to be fucked.” I grabbed a small dildo and a tube of lube from the box before I raised her up to shoulder level and turned her around so I was looking at her slit and asshole. She was already wet from not being in control. I reached in and drug a fingernail up her partial spread slit and watched her shake. I put two fingers to her wet pussy and gently slipped them in. She moaned into the gag. I fingered her hole until my fingers were slick with her juice then put them to her clit and rubbed until her little man was engorged and peeking out from its hood. I leaned forward and sucked on the nub and she bucked her hips to me and tried to groan around the gag.

I stepped back and rubbed my fingers over her asshole pushing some of her slick juices that were running out of her slit, inside her. I stepped back and put lube on the dildo and noticed it had a vibrator. I bent back to sucking on her clit then pushed the dildo in to her ass. She started thrashing in the swing and trying to yell. I pushed the dildo in until its rubber balls were against her cheeks. As I rubbed and pinched her clit I moved down running my tongue thru her slit and back up to drive it into her pussy to taste her tart musk. I pulled the dildo most of the way out then drove it back in. I fucked her ass with it driving it in until it wouldn’t go farther. I pushed the dildo in one more time, left it there, then stepped to the wall and lowered her until her holes were level with my dick.

I moved between her thighs and put the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy. I grabbed the straps on her thighs and using them as handles I pulled her to me as I jammed my dick into her. Her back arched up and she jerked on the cuffs holding her wrist and her body shook. All she could get out around the gag was “MMMMFFFFPPPPPPPTTTTHHHH.” I pulled out and fucked her ass a few more strokes with the dildo before pulling it out and pushing it into her pussy. I put my dick to her ass and started fucking it. Each stroke drove the dildo back into her pussy. She must have felt like she had two dicks in her.

She was moaning as I pulled out of her ass and shoved the dildo back in before spinning her so her mouth was in front of me. I un-buckled her gag and took it off. “I’m going to fuck your three holes until you beg me to stop. If you don’t want that tell me now.”

She just smiled “Fuck you old man I’ll take whatever you give.” I held her head in my hands and pushed my dick between her lips. I pushed until I hit the back of her throat and held it there. Her throat didn’t open so I fucked her mouth hitting there until she opened up and took me all the way in. I used her large breasts for hand holds and fucked her throat pulling out and letting her get a breath every few strokes. When my cum boiled up I jammed my dick in her throat and hunched on her face. When I stopped shooting down her throat I pulled out and wiped my dick on her face before stepping up and putting my ball sack on her mouth for her to lick clean.

I spun her around and putt my dick back in her pussy and fucked her hard for ten minutes then pulled the dildo out of her ass and replaced it with my dick. I Leaned forward as I stroked her ass and put the dildo in her mouth. She sucked it in like it was my cock. I was pounding her ass as I fucked her throat with the dildo. I pulled the dildo out of her mouth, pulled my dick almost out of her ass to give me room to put it in her pussy. As I drove back into her ass my groin drove the dildo deep again into her hole. As I continued fucking her ass and bumping the dildo in her pussy I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and pulled on it.

Her body shook like she was having a convulsion and her cum squirted out around the dildo. “OOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GOD. Fuck me. Fuck escort antalya me hard.” I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass. I drove my dick in her pussy as hard as I could, using the straps for leverage. In just another minute or two I blew a load of my cum deep in her vagina. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH” and then her head fell back. I pulled out and spun her around so I could fuck her mouth with my cum slick shaft. As I pulled out of her throat to let her breath, she gasped “Don’t you ever get soft?”

“Not when a blonde with big tits tells me to fuck her, she’ll take whatever I give her. All you have to do is beg.” Before she could say anything else I shoved my dick back down her throat. When I pulled out again I only gave her time to inhale and drove in again. I held my dick deep and wallowed in the feeling of her throat trying to push me out. I pulled out and moved back to her pussy now that I had shot two loads I knew my pharmaceutically enhanced hard on would be good for at least another hour and a half. I just kept up a fast pace moving like a rabbit from hole to hole. I was fucking her ass with the dildo in her pussy when she had another long orgasm. She trembled and her girl cum flowed round the dildo. All she said was “Please, Please no more. My ass and pussy can’t take anymore.” She closed her eyes her head fell back and her body went slack. She was out cold. I pulled out and left her in the swing with the dildo still buried in her ass and went to the hot tub on the deck.

It was only a few minutes later when my three wives walked up the stairs from the beach carrying their bikinis in their hands. “Did you ladies have a good walk?”

We did. We were invited to two parties and one group of guys offered money for sex. But we were good. We were in a hurry to get back and see which of you won. Where’s Donna?”

“She’s hanging around somewhere.” About then Donna started yelling for someone to help her and the girls took off to find her. All four of them came back to the deck with Donna calling me an asshole for leaving her hanging in the swing. She was smiling so I wasn’t too worried. My wives were laughing and giving her a hard time about begging me to stop and passing out. They all got into the tub and crowded and me with Donna on my lap. She reached down and grabbed my hard shaft. Before she could say a word I asked her, “Are you ready for round two?” She let go like she had been shocked and jumped off my lap. “Oh fuck no. Not tonight. You need to share that with your wives.”

They were laughing again when Mercedes said “We get all we want anytime we want. One thing we’ve learned is not to challenge his stamina. One on one we always lose.” Mercedes took her place on my lap and said sweetly, “Husband would you like to fuck my pussy in that new toy? I sure want you to.” I got up and led her to the bedroom and helped her get buckled in.

I raised her up so her pussy was the right height. I picked up the lube that was on the floor and put some on my shaft. I didn’t put her hands in the cuffs or her feet in the stirrups so when I stepped between her thighs she put her legs around my waist and clasped her hand behind my neck. Holding me loosely left enough room for me to swing her back and forth sliding my shaft in her pussy. “You know husband we might have to get one of these for our deck. Under the stars, swinging on your cock, that sounds like a wonderfully way to spend a night.” It was twenty minutes of slow gentle sex before we came together. I helped her out of the swing and we walked back to the others on the deck. They were getting out of the hot tub.

We were heading to Donnas’ room. She has a California king water bed. Want to join us?” I grinned at Donna and she turned red down to her nipples. “To sleep and nothing else.” We all laughed and piled into her bed. She asked my wives if she could cuddle up to one side of me, she missed a warm male body next to her. Instead of her cuddling up to me I had her lay on her back and I cuddled to her laying my head on her shoulder. Rose was behind me with one hand between my legs holding my balls. I looked across Donna at Cathy on her breast and Mercedes behind her with an arm around her holding a breast. What a way to spend a vacation.

The smell of bacon cooking woke me in the middle of the morning. When I opened my eyes I was on my back with Mercedes and Donna lying against me. I turned to each one and kissed their foreheads. In return as they stretched awake they rubbed their bodies against me. Donna rose up and pressed a nipple to my lips. “You ignored these last night but your wives tell me you’re a tit man.” I suckled on her nipple as she squeezed her breast and pushed it against my lips. I felt Mercedes hand start stroking my dick to life. Just as my dick got hard and Donna’s nipple’s felt like little stones, Rose stuck her head in the door. Breakfast is ready. You three can finish up after breakfast or at the beach.

Donna pulled her breast away from my mouth with a pop. “You can have all you want on the drive to the beach.” Mercedes planted a kiss on my dick then we walked out to breakfast. As we sat eating bacon and eggs, Cathy said, “We want to go to Venice beach. Donna says it’s cool and weird at the same time.” Donna said if they wore either of the bikinis they bought, they would have to wear the cover-ups because the cops down there were a bunch if dicks. Rose said it sounded like a challenge to her.

Donna told us we should wait a few hours. Most of the interesting stuff was in the afternoon or evening. When we finished breakfast Donna sat in my lap and pulled my face between her breasts. “You, Mercedes and I have some unfinished business. After letting me nibble on her nipples for a moment she stood up and led me and Mercedes back to the waterbed. We picked up where we were when we were interrupted. I was on my back with a mouth full of nipple and Mercedes was stroking my dick. I pulled Donna astraddle my chest as I felt Mercedes slip her mouth over my Glans.

I put my hands under Donna’s thighs and pulled her up so I could suck on her clit. As I feasted on her little nub and the juices in her slit, Mercedes put my shaft in her pussy and lowered herself down completely on it. She was riding my shaft and I had moved to sucking on Donna’ wet hole when I felt more weight on the bed. Someone straddled me between Mercedes and Donna and I could feel her wet slit on my stomach. Someone else was fondling my ball sack. Donna was rubbing her slit on my face with more urgency when she groaned and flooded my mouth with her cum. She pressed down almost stopping my breathing.

My own cum boiled up and sprayed the inside of Mercedes vagina. She bounced hard several more times on my shaft and wetness flowed onto my crotch and balls. Donna rose up to lie next to me and lick her moisture from my face. That’s when I saw that it had been Cathy between Donna and Mercedes. Now I could see her kissing Mercedes as they groped each other’s breasts. That meant it was Rose who had her hand on my ball sack. Cathy moved to lie next to me and Mercedes lay down on my chest. Rose grabbed my shaft as I slipped from Mercedes pussy and I could feel her tongue all over it, cleaning off our mixed goo. She crawled up and spooned behind Donna as we all drifted off to sleep again.

The ladies woke me up saying it was time to shower the smell of sex off and head to Venice Boardwalk. Five of us crowded the shower but we had fun. They all put on the bikinis with the stick-on nipple pieces and their lace cover-ups. Just in case they each put a small bag in the trunk with a regular bikini and a sundress in case we decided to have a nice dinner. As I held the door open for them as we left each one handed me a small black remote, even Donna. This time there was an initial in red polish on each one, M, R, C, and D.

Cathy drove with Donna as navigator and I was in the back seat with Mercedes and Rose. They had their cover-ups off, leaning against me with their heads on my shoulders. Rose was rubbing my bulge thru my shorts and letting her head slowly slid down across my chest. Mercedes snickered. “She thinks she’s being sneaky. Another minute and she’ll have your cock down her throat.”

“You sound jealous.”

“A little.” She pulled my arm around her and put my hand on her breast. “But you can help me get over it tonight.” As Rose pushed down my shorts and started stocking me Mercedes was squeezing my hand on her breast and moaning softly. When Rose put her lips over my Glans and sucked me deep into her mouth and throat, Mercedes squeezed my thumb and finger on her nipple making her tremble. She slipped her other hand under her bottom and brought them wet to my lips. “I have a treat for you when she finishes.” Mmmmm, cruising Pacific coast highway. With my blonde wife sucking on my dick and my hot Latina wife feeding me her sweet girl cum form her hot pussy. I don’t know how far or how long until I shot my load in Rose’s mouth. With the first shot she pushed down taking me all the way in and holding it as I shot straight into her stomach.

When I finished, Mercedes pulled off her bottom as I slid down to the floor and turned to her. She put one foot on the seat behind Rose and the other on the front passenger seat. I put my lips to her sweet wet hole and lapped up her nectar. When I licked across her little nub she grabbed my head and pulled me to her. As her body shook moisture flowed from her faster that I could lick it up. When she stopped shaking and released her grip on my head I moved back up to the seat. I pulled Mercedes into my lap facing Rose. Rose moved close and put her arms around us. We sat like that until Cathy pulled in to a parking lot near our destination.

Mercedes got the bottom back on and they both pulled on their lace cover-ups. I put my shorts back on and we headed to the boardwalk. The board walk is more than a mile long and lined with shops on one side and street vendors and entertainers on the other. Typical women they looked in every store and checked out each stall. Several times, standing in front of a vendor stall, they would pull off the cover-up they were wearing to try on a sarong or wrap around dress. From behind when they did this they looked naked and got a lot of stares, more than they got with the cover-ups over their barely there bikinis.

As we walked the boardwalk I would pick a random remote in my pocket and push the power button and wait to see who jumped and gave me a ‘look’. When we were at the far end and started back I turned them to level three and continued to randomly tease them. Once as Donna stepped into a skirt a vendor was showing her I hit her power button and her legs shook and she almost fell down. The lady asked her if she was ok as she shot me a ‘I’ll get even” look. As we walked off the boardwalk back to the car I decided to try the higher level. I put all four on 6 and just as we got in the car I turned them on.

Mercedes and Rose collapsed into the front seats shaking. Donna was in the seat next to me and Cathy stumbled getting in and fell across me holding her crotch. They were yelling “Oh shit”, “Oh god” and “Turn it off, turn it off.” I was laughing and when I did turn them off I had four women threatening me with bodily harm but they were laughing as they did. Next thing I knew there were four bikini bottoms in my lap and four bottomless women. Mercedes put the top down and as soon as we were back on PCH, all four put their tops down and peeled off the breast pieces of the bikinis. They were riding down the highway with nothing on except the cover-up that was bunched at their waist.

30 minutes later we arrived back at Donna’ house and they finished stripping as we walked in the front door. The sun had set and they wanted to go for a moonlight swim, nude of course. We went down to the beach and played in the surf for an hour or so. I spent most of the time with Mercedes legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and my dick deep in my favorite pussy. She just rocked on my shaft slowly whispering in my ear how much she wanted this to last forever.

When everyone decided to go back up to the house Mercedes reluctantly let me pull out and we walked up the stairs holding hands like school kids. It was only 11pm so we all climbed in the hot tub to relax. Around midnight Donna made an unusual request. “I want all of you to secure me in the swing and fuck me and suck me until I pass out like last night then leave me there until morning. I have always wanted to have someone else take charge then leave me bound and not in control.” We talked about it for a few minutes and made sure we knew what she wanted then got out of the tub.

After we dried off we went into the room where the swing was and began buckling her in. This time instead of her hands in cuffs above her, after I raised her up I cuffed her behind her back and secured them to one of the straps under her so she would not be able to move her arms. We put the blindfold and a ball gag from the box on her along with some foam earplugs that were in there. We opened the closet and found an adjustable ankle spreader bar with leather cuffs and chain in the middle to attach it to the swing. I put it on her and moved it out until her ankles were almost 4’ apart then pulled her legs almost straight up before attaching the chain to the swing. She was groaning around the gag and we hadn’t started the sex yet.

Cathy had found a feather duster and started on her thighs and pussy as Rose and Mercedes rubbed her breast and nipples. I found a riding crop in the closet and handed it to Mercedes. “Each time I put my dick down her throat give her a swat on her thighs or pussy. Just enough to sting but not leave a mark.” I pulled the ball gag out and before she had a chance to say anything I pushed the head of my shaft between her lips and hit the back of her mouth. Mercedes struck her thighs and as she tried to yell her throat opened and I pushed the rest of the way in. I held it there a moment and started stroking slowly in and out. Mercedes struck her each time I bottomed in her and I could feel her throat tighten with each blow.

After about ten blows I motioned for Mercedes to stop and I reached down and slid two fingers thru her slit and they came away soaked in her cum. I held them up for Mercedes and she tasted them then bent down and lapped at her pussy for more. Cathy had picked up the dildo from the box and put some lube on it. As Mercedes sucked on her clit or licked her hole Cathy put the dildo to her crinkled ass and pushed it in. Donna’s throat tried to close on my shaft. It felt like a fist closing on the head. When she relaxed I pulled my dick out of her mouth and put the gag in place.

I pulled Rose to me and had her straddle Donna’s head facing away from her breasts. I moved the gag again and using her hair pulled her mouth to Rose’s ass. I handed her hair to Rose and told her to ride her good and make sure she got her ass and pussy licked real good. I moved around next to Mercedes and she stopped sucking on her, put her lips over my Glans and sucked as she stroked my shaft. I only let her do that for a minute or so then I straddles Cathy who was fucking Donna’s ass with the dildo and drove balls deep into Donna’s pussy. She was shaking in the harness and trying to yell something but with Rose holding her mouth to her ass it only came out as “MMMMMMFFFFTTTTTPPPPPPPHHHHH.” I held her legs and kept driving into her as Mercedes pinched and rubbed her clit while Cathy dildo’d her ass. Her back arched and she was still trying to yell into Rose’s ass when I felt her hole get wetter and slicker. My cum rose and I filled her vagina with sticky white goo and she moaned more.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer at this rate so I told Cathy to push the dildo in and leave it, then take the crop and give her a swat on her ass every 15 seconds until I came back from the bathroom. Rose was still riding her face. Rose was holding Donna’s mouth to her pussy by her hair and Mercedes was punishing her clit and fingering her pussy. Donna was still shaking and moaning into Rose’s pussy when I walked out of the room. I grabbed one of my blue pills from the bathroom and went back in the room where the girls were. I motioned to Rose to let go of Donna’s hair and move. When she did I put the gag back in place. I took the crop from Cathy and gave Donna one hard slap on her pussy then led the girls out to the hot tub. As I closed the bedroom door she was thrashing her head around and crying into the gag.

We climbed into the soothing waters of the tub and Mercedes climbed into my lap. “Husband I need to know, would you do that to one of us?”

“Do you want me to?” They all shook their heads no. “Then I will never do it unless you ask me to. I love you all and will never do anything to harm you just because I want to.” They snuggled close and we had a group hug before Mercedes reached down putting her hand on my shaft. She stood up with her back to me, guided my shaft to her pussy and sat down. She put her hands on my knees and slid up and down on my dick. I grabbed her waist and rose up to meet her strokes.

“Mmmmm I just wanted to feel your cock in me for a while before we go back to the room.” Rose and Cathy wanted to know if she was going to share. “Give me a Few more minutes then he’s all yours, sisters.” When she dropped into my lap and sat there shivering in the hot water I knew she had orgasmed. She leaned back against me and pulled my arms against her. “Thank you. I’m ready to go home and be your wife and a mommy.” Rose and Cathy took turns riding my dick until I said we needed to go finish with Donna.

When we walked in the room, I picked up the crop and gave her one more swat on her ass to let her know we were back. She jumped and yelped into the gag. Rose started teasing her with the feather duster just before Cathy grabbed the dildo in her ass and fucked her hard with it. She was jerking in the straps and moaning into the gag. Cathy pulled the dildo out and pushed it into her pussy. As she jumped from the sudden switch I drove my dick deep into her bowels causing her to shake harder. I looked up and saw Mercedes straddling her head facing me. As I fucked Donna’s ass and pounded the dildo into her with my groin Mercedes removed the gag and put her pussy on Donna’s mouth.

We fucked her this way for ten minutes then I went and stood behind Mercedes, pushed her forward and bent her over Donna’s torso. Her pussy came away from Donna’s mouth and I replaced it with my dick that had just came out of her ass. As I fucked her mouth Cathy went back to fucking her pussy with the dildo and playing with her clit. Donna’s body went stiff and her throat clenched tight, then her whole body relaxed. I pulled out of her mouth, spread Mercedes cheeks and slid into her wet pussy. I was so close it only took a few strokes and I sprayed her vagina with my seed. Mercedes said, “Mmmmm thank you baby.”

I moved and pulled Mercedes away from Donna before replacing the ball gag. I had Cathy push the dildo all the way in and leave it. I lowered Donna until she was just above the floor and put a pillow under her head so she would not hurt herself. When I turned off the lights and closed the door it was after 2:30am. I climbed into bed with my shaft still throbbing from its pharmaceutical enhancement. Mercedes walked in and looked at the purple head. “I sure hope you’re saving that for me.” She put her hand on it and gave it a few strokes before lying next to me with her back to me. She lifted one leg and put the tip at her little brown star. “Push it in baby.” I eased it all the way in and Mercedes turned her head to kiss me. “Now make love to my ass and hold me tight.”

I was rocking into her as she pushed back to meet my strokes when Rose and Cathy came to bed. “Don’t you old people ever get enough?”

“There’s no such thing as enough good loving. You two should know you keep coming back for more.”Cathy lay next to Mercedes facing her and Rose curled up to my back. I told Mercedes “I guess you get a rain check.” She just wiggled her butt against me, pulled my arms tighter around her, sighed, and then we all went to sleep.

I woke up about 8:30 and managed to get out of bed without waking my girls. I went to the bedroom where we left Donna and shut the door a little hard. The vibration caused her to jump and moved her head around like she was trying to figure out what was going on. I took the feather duster and touched her in random places making her jump and fight the straps. I stood by her head and removed the ear plugs. “I am going to free you but you cannot speak nor do anything unless I tell you to. Nod your head if you understand.” She nodded twice so I lowered her to the floor. Unhooked the chain holding the ankle spreader bar to the swing and lowered her legs to the floor.

I removed the ankle cuffs and all of the swing straps but left the handcuffs, ball gag and blindfold. I pulled her up to her feet but her legs were wobbling from being restrained all night. I stood behind her and held her up and against me by her breasts. When her legs stopped shaking I turned her facing me and took off the blindfold. “I’m going to remove the gag and you will not speak, understand?” She nodded again. When I unbuckled the gag and removed it she mouthed ‘Thank You’ then smiled.

I led her still in her hand cuffs into the master shower and wet her under a warm shower. I turned off the water and put her face first against the wall. “I’m going to remove the cuffs and you’re going to put your hands as high on the wall as you can reach and keep them there no matter what.” When I took them off she reached high and put her face to the wall. I soaped up a wash cloth and scrubbed her from her neck to her heels making sure to antalya escort thoroughly scrub between her ass cheeks. When I was done I took the cloth and soaped my dick. “Spread your ass cheeks.”

She brought her hands down and spread them as wide as she could then arched her back so her ass would stick out farther. I put my dick to her ass and pushed it in. I had her put her hands back on the wall and spread her legs until I was standing with my dick completely in her ass. I held her hips and fucked her ass while she moaned against the wall. I stopped after a few minutes, pulled out and turned her around. I washed the front of her like I had the back, paying special attention to her crotch, scrubbing it harder with the coarse cloth. She had her teeth clenched wanting to cry out.

I grabbed her waist and lifted her pinning her against the wall. “Put your legs around my waist.” I felt the head of my dick touching her pussy so I lowered her down until it was impaled on my shaft. “Now put your legs on my shoulders.” She reached down with one hand and maneuvered her left leg to my shoulder. When I had reached around that leg and had a hold of her she moved the other leg. I drove into her hole pounding her against the wall. She had her eyes closed and was fighting to keep her hands up on the wall. Suddenly she was gasping for air and her pussy filled with her cum. It flowed out around my shaft.

When she stopped gasping I lowered her legs and pushed her to her knees. “Put your hands behind your back.” When she had I put my hands in her hair and guided her open mouth to my dick. I only put a few inches in and she wrapped her tongue around them licking her cum off. As I pulled her closer to me her throat opened to take me in. I fucked her mouth and only lasted a couple of minutes. I held her nose against my pubes as I shot my cum down her throat. When I finished I told her to stay where she was and finished my shower.

As I toweled dry I looked at her still on her knees. “Finish your shower, prepare breakfast, set 4 places then come wake me by sucking on my cock. As soon as I’m awake go kneel next to my chair sitting on your heels and wait. I went back to the bedroom where my girls were and slipped back into bed. Rose mumbled something and I whispered “Go back to sleep I was in the bathroom. Rose cuddled back up to me and was soon breathing softly, sound asleep.

About 10:30 I woke up with Donna bobbing her head the length of my dick. I motioned for her to leave and started waking the girls. All were on their backs so I got on my hands and knees and moved from girl to girl licking clits until they all were awake with smiles on their faces. “Time to get up, Donna has breakfast ready.” When we walked into the dining area our places were set and there were plates full of eggs, sausage, pancakes and toast. Best of all Donna was sitting exactly where she was supposed to be. The girls tried to get her to talk but she just looked at me then put her head back down.

I sat down and stroked Donna’s hair. “Are you happy Pet?” She just shook her head yes. “I bet after all that sex you’re hungry.” She shook her head yes again. I took my plate and put some food on it and sat it on the floor by my chair. “You may eat but on all fours and no hands.” She did as instructed and started biting food from the plate. I looked back up and my three were looking at me with puzzled looks. I went and got another plate and sat back down. “Finish breakfast then we’ll explain. I ate my fill, occasionally stroking Donna’s back and hearing her moan as I did.

When everyone was done I had then go to the living room and sit. I came in with Donna on her hands and knees at my side. I sat down between Mercedes and Cathy with Rose sitting on the floor resting her head on my thigh. I told Donna to stand then said “I think she has something she wants to say. You may speak.”

“Thank you, thank you. I have never had such a wonderful two and a half days. But what I really want to say is I have been waiting for the right man to come along and your Mister Bill is him. I…I want him… be my master. I want to be his slave. Not a wife, not a girlfriend but his sex slave. I will do anything he wants, be anything he wants. I will cook, clean and do any other chores. I just want to be told what to do and when to do it and punished if I do wrong. I tried to talk to my boyfriend but he thinks I’m crazy. My last boyfriend thought I just wanted to be tortured. Sexy has never been as good as when I was not the one in control and was forced to do things.” Please take you with me and let me serve you.”

“Get a towel and go lay in the sun until I summon you. Also you are now free to speak, just be careful what you say and how you say it.” She grabbed a towel and was gone in a blur. “I wasn’t sure what she was going to say but the way she had been acting especially after the first time in the swing I had a clue. This morning before you guys got up I put her thru some paces and she was very obedient. First if you decide this is ok I will be her Master but you will be her Mistresses. She will follow your orders as well. If she doesn’t I will punish her. I will be the only one to punish her. You can watch. Second with baby’s coming there will eventually be a need for a nanny. I am asking your permission to do this and if you say no I will understand.” They told me to go away and let them talk.

I went to the deck but Donna was not there. I looked down to the beach and there she was naked on a blanket in the sun. I turned on the hot tub and climbed in to relax. Ten minutes later they joined me in the tub. Mercedes sat on my lap and spoke for them. “We have a condition. If any of us becomes unhappy or uncomfortable with this you will release her and she will be free to leave or stay as she chooses.”

“I would have it no other way. The three of you mean too much to me.”

“Then you can call her and give her our answer.” I went to the rail and called her.

“PET?” She looked up and when I motioned for her to join us she grabbed her towel and came up the beach stairs two at a time. She ran up to where I was standing and went to her knees, sitting back on her heels.

“Yes master.” I pulled her to her feet.

“No.” Her smile instantly turned to a frown.

“What did I do wrong, Mas…I mean Bill?”

“Nothing, Join us in the tub so we can talk and relax.” We climbed in and I sat her between Rose and Mercedes. I want you to understand what is going to happen if you go thru with this. First if any of my wives decide this is not good for the family I will set you free and you will decide to move or live with us as a close friend. Next you will submit to any demands from me, your Master, or Mercedes, Rose and Cathy as your Mistresses’. If you disobey or fail to complete any act or task you will be punished on each Thursday evening. You will be our sex toy. You have two weeks to decide if you are absolutely sure you want this life. If you are positive this is what you want you will pack all of your belongings, except bras, panties, shorts and pants, and you will be at the address I give you at 5pm exactly, on your knees with your hands behind your back, at the front door totally nude. No clothes, no shoes, and no jewelry. If I open the door at 5 and you are not there exactly as I say you will not be allowed in and you will not get another chance. When I open the door you will say ‘Please take me in and let me serve you. I submit to you in all things. My body is yours to be used as you wish.’ Now do you have any questions?”

“No Bill. I just want to thank you for saying yes. Please let me show you how much this means to me before you leave.” I stopped her before she could move to me.

“My wives are the ones you owe your thanks to. They’re the ones that approved you.” She turned to each one kissing them deeply and saying thank you. Then she stood up, took Mercedes by the hand and asked her to allow her to show her appreciation. They walked off towards the bedroom, Donna smiling from ear to ear. Rose and Cathy slid next to me and we shared a hug.

“Are you happy husband?”

I have been happy since the day I met Mercedes and you. I just hope I’m making you happy.” We decided to get dressed and go walk on the beach and enjoy a quiet day in the sun. When we went past the closed door of the bedroom Mercedes and Donna were in there was no mistaking the sounds of pleasure coming from inside. They put on regular bikinis and I grabbed some shorts and cash. We went down and walked the beach until we saw a place we could walk to up by the road to get an ice cream and just sat there enjoying some time together. We walked back up the beach to the house. They had pulled my arms around them and were holding my hands on their breasts under the tops. We got some disapproving looks as we walked but most just ignored us and went on by.

We got back to the house and found Donna and Mercedes cuddled on the couch asleep. They woke when we rattled some glasses in the kitchen and came to join us. Mercedes put her arms around me and whispered in my ear. “Mmmmm I think we made the right decision.” Donna had walked up behind Cathy and Rose and put her arms around them. They whispered among themselves and the next thing I knew they were walking away. Mercedes looked up at me and said “Looks like they left us old folks to take care of ourselves. What would you like to do?”

“Don’t I owe you a rain check? Where would you like to collect since they have our bedroom?”

“Wait here.” She ran out if the kitchen and came back with the tube of lube we had left in the room where the swing was. She grabbed my hand and led me out onto the deck. After she pulled off my shorts she bent down and sucked on my shaft until it was hard as steel then stood up and coated it with lube before handing the tube to me. She turned to the railing and bent over supporting herself with her shoulders on it. She reached back and spread her cheeks. “Your turn.”

I went to my knees and was eye level with her little star and could see moisture collecting on her lips. I put my tongue in her slit and licked until I had collected all her nectar. I moved to her clit and when I sucked it between my lips she moaned. “Stop teasing me lover. I want my IOU.” I stood up and squeezed some of the lube onto my hand and rubbed it around and over her anus. I used one finger to push lube past her ring then added another and stroked them in her ass. I pulled them out and put the tip of my shaft to her pucker and pushed the head inside. “Oh god, fill my ass with your cock.”

She put her hands on the railing and raised herself enough that she could turn and kiss me as I fucked her tight ass. “I love you, husband.” Then she turned back to the railing and pushed back to meet my hard strokes. She reached back with one hand to rub her clit as I held on to her breasts and used them for leverage to drive into her harder. “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD. CUM WITH ME, NOW.” I was past ready and drove into her so hard she lost her grip on the railing and only stopped when her breasts and my hands hit the rail. I was pumping my cum deep in her bowels as she trembled and tried pushing me back. We were both gasping for air as I pulled away and turned her to me.

“You do know you are and always be my favorite?” She hugged me and led me to the hot tub. She climbed in first and as I started to climb in she had me sit on the edge. She knelt on the seat and took my dick in her hand.

“I know and I want to thank you.” She put the Glans to her lip and after a long kiss to it she licked my shaft clean then sucked it down her throat. She held it there so long she gasped for air when she pulled it out. “I need to practice holding my breath longer.” She pulled me into the tub and we sat watching the sunset. She got on her knees in the middle of the stub and started stroking me again. When I was hard again she took a deep breath put her head under water, put my dick in her mouth and bobbed up and down. She was giving me an underwater blowjob. She was going down for the 6th time when Donna, Rose and Cathy came out on the deck.

Damn husband you two make rabbits look celibate.” When Mercedes came up she continued. “If you two think you could stop long enough we want to go out for dinner together since we’re leaving tomorrow.” Mercedes pushed her wet hair out of her face smiling.

“Don’t lose our place sweetie. I’m not finished.” We got out and the girls started for the bedrooms to get dressed. I held Donna back for a moment.

“Remember you are still Donna until I let you into my house. You make your own decisions until then.” She hugged me and mouthed ‘Thank You’ before she turned to catch up to the others. I didn’t take them long to get ready. It probably took longer to do their hair and makeup than to put on a short pleated shirt a cropped tank top and 5” heels. They looked beautiful and slutty at the same time. We left with me driving and Donna in the passenger seat giving me directions. We ended up at another one of her favorite places where her credit card got us in right away. This place was better than the last, with good service, good food and big portions. She said she might as well use the card while she still could. During dinner Donna told each of us how happy she was and how she would make us proud we had agreed to take her in. She sat close to me in the middle of our booth and rubbed my bulge the entire time. The table had a dark cloth cover that hung almost to the floor and it gave me an idea.

“I know what we should have for dessert.” When they all looked at me I continued. “Donna, we should all have Donna for dessert. I think she should slip under the table when no one is looking and give us all a sample of her talents. Are you game Miss Donna?” She smiled wide, licked her lips and nodded yes. As she slid forward on the seat I stopped her. “Take off your skirt.” She looked surprised but quickly slipped it off, folded it and laid it in my lap. As she slipped down off the seat I said, “And your top.” She was visibly excited now as she slipped it off and handed it to me. I had her wait while I asked if anyone had their camera in their bag. Rose did and handed it to me.

I held it up and took a non-flash picture of Donna kneeling next to my leg with her breasts exposed then I handed her the camera. “Take a picture of yourself with each of us.” She slipped the rest of the way under the table and a moment later Cathy smiled and said, “Ooo.” She squirmed in her seat a minute before I saw the flash on the floor. Just after that Rose slipped down in her seat a little and sat with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. After the flash Mercedes put her hands in her lap and was smiling when the flash went off again. I was next.

She unzipped my slacks and pulled out my shaft. I felt her lips on the tip then stretch over the head. She stopped there for a moment and the flash went off again. Her hand came out from under the cloth and she handed me the camera. She was still under the table when the assistant manager came over saying some of the other patrons had complained about a flash. As I held up the camera to explain, Donna sucked my shaft into her mouth and down her throat. With some difficulty I told him “I was just taking tome pictures of the ladies and this delicious meal but I’ll stop if it’s bothering someone.” Just then Donna nibbled on the tip of my shaft and I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelping. The manager said thanks for our cooperation and to let him know if we needed anything. I asked him to send our waitress over so we could order dessert. As he walked away I groaned as Donna gently squeezed on my balls while she deep throated my shaft.

The waitress came, took our dessert order then left again. Donna moved the cover over her head enough that I could watch her bobbing on my cock but she couldn’t be seen by anyone walking by. Cathy slid next to me and put my hand between her legs and slid it up until I touched her wet lips. She gave a little shiver and held my hand tight against her. “She what your little pet slut did to us? I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together.” Donna continued to bob on my cock and massage my ball sack as our waitress delivered dessert. I couldn’t eat because she would bite softly or squeeze my balls each time I reached towards the table.

Finally my groined tightened and I knew I was ready to blow. I took hold of Donna’s hair with one hand, took my other hand from between Cathy’s thighs, pushed her head back and stroked my shaft. Softly I told her, “Close your mouth.” she did just before I shot 3 heavy strings of my sticky white goo on her face. I pulled on her hair and pushed my dick back in her mouth for her to suck out the rest of my load. When she had sucked me dry I took my shaft and used the head to smear the cum on her face all around. I released her and handed her, her top. “Put this on and get back up on the seat.”

“What about my skirt?”

“Don’t worry about it and don’t wipe your face on the table cloth.” She slid back under the table cloth and when she had her top on peeked out next to my leg.

“Is it clear?” I indicated it was and she slipped back up on the seat. She tried to cover herself with the table cloth but I pushed it back down and handed her one of our cloth napkins.

“Put this over your lap if someone walks up to the table but otherwise I want to you to open your legs so I can see your wet pussy lips.” The girls mentioned her face was shiny and she blushed for the first time since we had met her. She could be embarrassed. I would have to work on that later. As we ate our desserts I put a finger in the vanilla ice cream she was eating and reached down to rub it on and in her pussy. The cold startled her and she jumped each time I did this. After I pushed five or six gobs into her she closed her eyes and her body gave a little shake. She turned and after she gave me a soft kiss whispered in my ear.

“Thank you for that ice cream orgasm. That was something new.” I handed her skirt to her and told her to go clean up before we left. Rose got up to let her out then decided to go with her. By the time they came back the table had been cleared and we were almost ready to leave. Instead of Donna sliding in next to me it was Rose. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. She thrust her tongue in my mouth and I tasted sweet, salty and musky at the same time. When she let go she smiled sweetly.

“What did you think of that kiss?”

“It was wonderful but what was that taste?”

“It was ice cream, Donna’ pussy and your cum from her face. I hope you liked it because I have plans to get a lot more and we can all share.” We got in the car to leave with me driving and Mercedes riding shotgun. As we were going down the road the car shook a little and when I looked in the mirror I saw Cathy kneeling across Rose with her face buried in Donna’s pussy. Rose had Cathy’s skirt pulled up above her waist with two fingers plunging in and out of her pussy.

“Are you enjoying the ride back there?”

Cathy raised her head and said “Pussy and ice cream. All that’s missing is your cum for a topping.” She went back to sucking Donna’s pussy and groaning as Rose fingered her. I looked at Mercedes.

What about your darling what do you need.” She pulled her top up over her beautiful breasts.

I need to get you in bed cuddled up to me and sucking on my titties and stay that way until we get up and get ready in the morning. I love the way you touch and suck them and I just don’t seem to be getting enough lately.” She gave me a little pout. “Do you think you can do that for me?”

I can suckle on your breast anytime you want and I can hardly wait for you to start breast feeding so I can sample your milk.” I drove the rest of the way back listening to moans from the back seat and watching Mercedes playing with her breasts. When I pulled in the drive and I opened the door, Rose Cathy and Donna ran past us. As they headed to one of the guest rooms I heard ‘Good night, see you in the morning.’ As we went into our room we heard laughing and giggling just before their door slammed shut. I set our alarm for 6am since our flight home departed at 11:30 I wanted to be plenty early. It was time to go home.

We crawled up on the bed and for the first time in days it was just the two of us. It felt so good to just lie together. I put my lips on her nipple and sucked like I was nursing. She moaned and held me tight. “I am so happy. I can’t wait to have your child and have you both at my breasts.” That’s the way we fell asleep.

When the alarm went off we were still holding each other and my head was resting on a breast. We got up and went to wake the rest and when we opened the door we were met by the smell of sex and a tangle of arms, legs and heads in crotches. We managed to get them up and herded them to the shower. They came out twenty minutes later looking a lot more lively and smelling of soap and shampoo. Mercedes and I got in and rubbed each other clean. When we came out Rose and Cathy had put on sundresses and were finishing packing. Mercedes pulled her sundress on just the way I liked it. No bra and no panties. I put on shorts and a pull over shirt and helped finish our bags.

I loaded our bags in the car and went back inside to join the girls saying goodbye. After some hugs and kisses we headed for the door. Donna was still nude but she walked out with me and when we got to the car she asked if she could have one last kiss. When I said sure, she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my dick. She got on her knees and kissed up and down both sided of it before taking it deep in her throat and holding it. She pulled back kissed the head, put it back in my sorts and zipped them. She put her arms around my neck and gave me on more long lingering kiss. “We’ll be doing a lot more of this soon.” As I backed out Donna was standing in the middle of the driveway throwing kisses. We were finally on our way home.

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