DeAndré’s Love Making

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Big Tits

Christina Simpson stood outside of DeAndré Jackson’s room holding her chest. She still couldn’t believe the incredible night she’d had and how it ended with her leaving DeAndré soundly sleeping, sated from the rock-your-world kind of sex with Christina. Being honest, it was DeAndré who had rocked Christina’s world. The sex was incredible.

She didn’t even know why she went out with DeAndré tonight to begin with. She had a semi-decent boyfriend, who she cared for in Brandon. Yet here she was, sneaking out of her R.A’s room at one ‘o clock in the morning.

This was her sophomore year of college, so she’d known DeAndré just as long as she’d known her boyfriend, about two years. She and DeAndré shared the same Major; History, so they had mostly all their classes together. She knew DeAndré liked her from the gate too. In class she’d catch him staring or one of her girlfriends or her roommate would notify her of his eyes zeroing in on her. DeAndré was a little nerdy and was a good friend, but he just wasn’t her type.

She couldn’t blame him for liking what he saw though because Christina definitely had it going on. Christina was five foot three possessing brown sugar cinnamon-colored skin, beautiful hazel eyes, and an angelic face. Her black hair was long with streaks of golden highlights in it. Christina had always been curvaceous, but her body was banging in all the right places. Her high C cup titties were more than a mouthful, plump and juicy like two ripe melons while her hips and ass sat high and was tight.

She was hurting from what Brandon had done earlier on and with her emotions being all over the place, spending the night with DeAndré wasn’t the best move to make. Hell, with the way she was feeling at the moment, it most certainly wasn’t the best move. Closing her eyes, she thought back how this whole thing started earlier in the day.


It was Thursday morning as DeAndré like the introvert that he was, sat in the back of Ancient Histories class listening with the other students while their professor lectured them on Alexander the Great as they took notes. When the professor began talking about Alexander’s first wife Roxanna, DeAndré’s eyes found Christina. Thinking about the movie Alexander, looking at Christina, she kind of looked like Rosario Dawson a bit.

“Damn, she’s so beautiful.” He mused in his mind.

Suddenly, Christina and her roommate, Nikki looked back and his eyes darted back to his notebook.

Christina’s girlfriend Nikki laughed lowly, “DeAndré’s staring again. You should really give him a chance.”

“Are you crazy?” Christina asked, whispering. “You know I’m with Brandon.”

“Yeah, but Brandon’s so grimy though, girl. Well, not grimy, but he’s on the basketball team and you know how they get down.”

“So you think he’s cheating?” Christina asked with a frown.

“I’m just saying watch out ’cause a lot of them cheerleaders are smuts.” Nikki warned.

Christina frowned, but knew Nikki was right. A lot of the girls on the cheerleader squad had easy-to-open legs plus there was no telling what the guys did when they went on road games. Brandon was a decent guy, but being honest with herself, the fear of him possibly messing around was there in the back of her mind.

“Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B, girl.” Nikki added with a sly smirk.

Christina laughed, “And DeAndré’s plan B.”

“He’d be mine. Yeah, he’s quiet and all, but he’s still fine and he’s our R.A too. We need him in our pocket when we want to party, girl.”

Laughing off the last comment, Nikki made, Christina looked back and checked DeAndré out some. DeAndré was a milk chocolate skinned brother who stood about six foot three with soft brown eyes covered by square framed glasses. His long, black hair was done in cornrows and for a bookworm; he was pretty fit at two hundred twenty-five pounds which was all muscle.

“He’s cute, but he’s just not my type.”

“Now, Alexander’s marriage to Roxanna was shocking and upsetting to his generals, but does anyone have an opinion on why Alexander took her as his bride?” the professor asked, halting the conversation.

Nikki raised her hand and the professor pointed to her, “Yes, Ms. Lyles, go on.”

“Well, the Greeks were bisexual by nature, but men still wanted children to carry on their family lines. Alexander could have married her for that reason, but I knew Hephaestion wasn’t happy at all.”

Nikki’s comment about Hephaestion drew laughter from the class until DeAndré raised his hand.

“Mr. Jackson,”

“It’s true that men wanted children to carry on their family lines, but I feel Alexander married Roxanna out of love,” DeAndré began.

“Love, Mr. Jackson?”

“When you look at his mother Olympias and Roxanna, they were polar opposites. While Olympias did love her son, she loved him with her own goals in mind. Hell, when Alexander conquered Babylon, she requested to be Queen. Roxanna on the other hand was endearing, kind and loved Alexander for him. It’s actually one of the only examples of royalty marrying for love instead ulus escort of keeping a bloodline or forming a political alliance.”

The professor smiled with a nod, “Wonderful, Mr. Jackson. I see you’ve researched a head of time.”

“No, it’s just that Alexander is one of my favorite historical figures. I emulate him at times.” DeAndré admitted.

“An admiral thing, but always remember Alexander’s faults in trying to be ever the best.” the professor cautioned just before the bell signaling the end of class rang. “Okay, that’s a wrap class, but please study up on Alexander and his personal relationships because there could a quiz on it.”

A collective groan went the room as everyone hated the professor’s pop quizzes. Nikki and Christina met outside the classroom as everyone left the building, waiting on DeAndré as Nikki had to talk to him.

“Hey DeAndré,” Nikki cooed as he walked out of the classroom.

“What’s up, Nikki? Christina,” he replied, smiling brightly at Christina.

“You know it’s Thursday and there’s a party tonight. Are you on duty to keep campus security off our asses?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not on duty. Keisha is and you know how much of a hard ass she can be, so I wouldn’t get too wild tonight, y’all.”

What do you mean, y’all, Dré?” Christina quizzed. “I’m not partying tonight. I’m just chilling since my man’s leaving for La Salle to kick their ass in basketball.”

DeAndré smirked at Christina’s mention of her boyfriend, “Good, a girl as beautiful as you don’t need to be getting wild anyway.”

Christina didn’t mean to, but her cheeks went crimson. “What’re you up to tonight, Dré? I know your sweet behind got some cheerleader coming to your room.”

DeAndré swallowed hard, “No, well, actually I was going to go to the Poetry Club’s Movie Night tonight.”

“Oh cool, what are they showing?”

“Surprisingly, we’re watching Love Jones. Since you’re not doing anything, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me.”

“Damn Dré, check you out growing a pair and asking females out. And here I thought you didn’t even like pussy,” Nikki piped in, jokingly.

Christina nudged Nikki hard, “Shut up, girl. Don’t mind her, Dré.”

“So…do you want to go to the movie, Christina?” DeAndré pressed.

“I’ll think about it, Dré. I’ll call you later with what I’m going to do.”

DeAndré smirked. It wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but it was something. He eyed both girls up and down then slung his book bag over his shoulder, taking off for his next class.

Christina and Nikki, on the other hand were done for the day. Nikki was headed to their room while Christina was going to meet her boyfriend on the basketball courts since his practice ended the same time as her History class. Little did she know this would set everything in motion to lead her where she was now…standing outside DeAndré’s door.

History class ended around noon and Christina reached the basketball courts about twelve-fifteen. She found the basketball team and the head coach finishing up wind sprints, but there was no sign of Brandon. She heard voices coming from the small hallway leading to the basketball team’s mini-workout room. Christina glanced in that direction and what her saw shocked her. It was her boyfriend, Brandon, but he had two cheerleaders, Kristen and Regina (two of the biggest smuts on campus) all over him.

“What the fuck does he think he’s doing?” She mused angrily.

When Brandon noticed Christina’s presence, his eyes widened because he knew he was cold busted.

“Who are your friends, Brandon?” she asked, feinting genuine curiosity.

“Oh, you know Kristen and Regina, right?” he said nonchalantly, playing it off as the slutty cheerleaders made the ‘I-Want-To-Fuck-You’ or maybe it was the ‘I-Want-To-Fuck-You-Again’ face at him, rejoining the team on the court.

“Yeah, I’ve heard all about them, but why were you coming out the workout room with them when the team’s out here?”

“I was working out and they were helping me out,” Brandon lied. “You know I’m leaving tonight for La Salle tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ve got a semi-decent boyfriend now.” Christina thought because she knew when she was being feed bullshit and right now she was.

Christina couldn’t say whether Brandon was fucking around, but it certainly looked that way. She couldn’t go off that alone just decided to drop it for now. Just seeing him hugged up with those smuts had her pissed though.

“Do you have any time to chill with me before you leave?” Christina asked.

“Sorry, baby, but coach wants us to pack up and outside before the bus gets here at two.” Brandon lied a second time.

He was already packed up to leave and after the dual blowjob Kristen and Regina just gave him in the workout room, he was going to have some three-way fun for hitting the road at three ‘o clock.

Christina frowned, but hugged and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek. “Alright, I want you to have a good game tomorrow and come back with a win.”

Brandon smiled since he yenimahalle escort was off the hook, “You know I will.”

Christina watched Brandon rejoin his team and he had to audacity to go back to the sluts, laughing and carrying on like she didn’t exist.

“Asshole,” she moaned lowly, storming off.


“Brandon, did what?!” Nikki hollered as Christina told her what happened when she got to their dorm room.

“Shush, I don’t want the whole floor knowing my business, girl.”

“Okay,” Nikki said lowering her tone some. “But I’m mad at you now.”

“Me, what did I do?”

“You see your man coming out of a room alone with the biggest smuts around and you don’t dump his ass? What’s wrong with you?”

“I didn’t see him do anything, Nikki, so I can’t just end it on a hunch. That’s dumb. If I catch him then we’re through. Hearing shit and hunches don’t mean shit until I see it for myself.”

Christina frowned as she thought back to Kristen and Regina all over her man. Even though, she didn’t see anything go down, that visual alone hurt like a motherfucker.

“So, what’re going to do tonight? I heard you about just chilling earlier, but after what happened you could definitely use some fun.”

Christina couldn’t believe she was actually about to do it, but she pulled out her cell phone and dialed DeAndré’s number.

“Who’re you calling?” Nikki quizzed.

“My fun for the night,” Christina replied before signaling her to be quiet.

“Hello,” DeAndré’s voice answered instantly.

“Hey Dré, it’s Christina. Are you still going to see Love Jones tonight?”


“Do you mind if I came with you?”

“No, not at all…we could go together if you want?”

“That’s fine. What time do you want to meet up?” Christina asked.

“The event starts at eight, so how about I come to your room at seven forty-five. Is that good?”

“That works, so I’ll you later tonight.”


“Bye Dré,”

Christina hung up and was greeted to Nikki’s smirking face.

“It looks like somebody’s using Plan B.”

“Shut up, we’re friends going to see a movie. On campus by the way,” Christina replied with emphasis on the word campus. “Nothing’s going down plus Dré’s too sweet to pull some shit, so it’ll be cool.”

DeAndré’s day consisted of three classes and working out at in the gym, so the hour long nap he took at seven ‘o clock did him some good. He woke up at seven and took the hardest fifteen minute shower ever, making sure he scrubbed every piece of dirt off his body. He made sure he put together a good outfit and put his best oil on. He knew this wasn’t a date, but just the fact he was hanging with Christina for a few hours, he had to look his best.

“This is the night you’ve been waiting for Dré. Don’t mess this up!” he said out loud, looking in his bedroom mirror.

DeAndré wore Timberland boots, ironed blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a cream-colored shirt over it.

“You look good, you smell good, so just have a good time.” He told himself just as he was about walk out the door.

He arrived at Christina’s door at seven forty-five exactly and after a strong knock, she came to the door looking great. Her hair was still worn long, but some of it pulled back into a short ponytail. She wore a white blouse, a small gold chain with the letter “C” for a pendant and sneakers. She also was wearing some tight, tight jeans that fit snug around her waist while showing off her hips, thighs and ass. A long strap purse hung from Christina’s left shoulder and she wore a gold bracelet on her left wrist.

“Fuck, does she know how sexy she is?” Dré thought, swallowing hard while feeling his dick throb.

“Hey, you ready to go?” Christina asked.

“Ready when you are,”

A lot of students showed up to the event and to Christina’s surprise, they weren’t just watching Love Jones. That was in the middle of the event. First, there was a fifteen minute smooth jazz set by a local band, then Love Jones, and lastly and most shocking to her was when the event turned into an Open-Mic Night.

Dré and Christina practically chilled out all night with the music and the movie then enjoyed their school mates reciting some good ass poetry.

“Malik Smith everybody,” the Emcee said after the applause for the fifth poet up died down. “Now for our last poet of the evening,” the Emcee said with some delay. “DeAndré Jackson, ladies and gentlemen!”

DeAndré glanced at Christina with smirk then left his seat and stepped up to the microphone. The applause died down for DeAndré and he breathed a sigh.

“Hey guys, um…I really don’t have a title for this, so I’m going to just recite it.”

The local band was still playing the smooth jazz along with the student’s poems and for this poem; Dré needed the heavy saxophone to accompany his words as he looked dead at Christina.

“My eyes were liking what they saw, now loving what they see. Bronze skinned cutie—no…you’re just an angelic beauty,” he began as the soft saxophone went off.

“Eyes that shine like stars, a smile that makes my soul stir…body like the Akkadian queens. Shit…I’m thinking about that body, so you know what that means. Night falls…there you are haunting me it seems. Oooh! Giving me some sweet dreams, but all those dreams are a fallacy…that I’ve wanted to make a reality. You’ve got me so heated…I’m trying to halt this lustful mentality.”

DeAndré paused and let out shuddering moan that sent the audience into a frenzy of applause and snaps.

“With you I’m staring…caught in a burning trance. Wanting to lay you down and do that carnal dance. For how long…girl, I want it all night.”

At the end of DeAndré’s poem, Christina’s eyelids fluttered as she sat with a pair of soaking wet panties. She opened and closed her thighs a few times in an effort to calm down. She didn’t know if it was Dré’s words, the sounds of the saxophone, or both, but she’d never been this turned on in her life. Looking at the clock on the wall, she thanked God it was eleven-thirty because she and her vibrator needed some serious time alone.

After DeAndré poem, the Dean thanked the band and the students and with that, the event was over. Christina managed to calm down some, waiting in her seat for him.

“God, how am I supposed to walk back like this?” She wondered as he now stood before her.

“How’d you like the event?” he asked with a smile.

“It was great and that poem of yours…shit, I didn’t know you wrote like that.”

“Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, Christina.”

“Yeah, I sure as hell didn’t know how fucking sexy you could be.” The lust in her said, talking over her logic for a second.

“That’s right, don’t fight it girl. Get that dick, Christina.” The lust coaxed her on.

DeAndré just saw Christina in deep thought, but in reality, a war was going on inside her. It was a war between her erotic brain and her logic. The erotic said to fuck DeAndré’s brains out while her logic reminded her of Brandon and their year-long relationship.

Unbeknownst to her, Brandon was fucking Regina while Kristen watched. DeAndré just let her stand there as the war raged on for a few minutes in real time, but in Christina’s mind, it was an eternity. Finally, the war ended when Dré put his on her shoulder.

“Hey, everything alright with you, Christina?” he asked with concern.

“Yeah,” The erotic victor said with Christina’s calm voice. “I’m fine. Let’s get back to the dorms. Can we hang in your room for a bit?”

Dré smiled, “Yeah, it’s all good.”

The walk from the event back to DeAndré’s room was a good ten minutes. They sat on DeAndré’s bed, each really not knowing what to do next. You could have heard a pin drop if there wasn’t music from two different rooms playing through the walls.

“Thanks for coming out with me tonight,” DeAndré said, ending the silence between them. “I hope you had a good time.”

“I did,” Christina replied softly.

“Um…look, this isn’t TV, so I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. I like you, Christina and I really want to kiss you right now, but you’re with Brandon so that’s a no go, right?”

“Mmhm, that’s a no go, but know I really like you too, Dré.”

Without warning Christina stole a peck on Dré’s lips.

“Mmm, what was that for?” he quizzed.

“For being so sweet,”

Dré shrugged, “Hey, what are friends for? I’m a guy, but I’m not Quagmire.”

Christina’s reply to his joke was kissing him again and DeAndré instantly gave in, kissing her back with a strong passion. Their tongues met and danced together as Dré’s dick grew, poking Christina in the thigh. Suddenly, the passion died away as Dré’s logic broke through. This wasn’t just some girl. It’s was Christina—his friend, Christina and Brandon’s girlfriend. Sure, he didn’t know Brandon much, but DeAndré wouldn’t want another guy fucking his girlfriend if he had one.

“No,” he snapped, breaking the kiss. “No, we shouldn’t be doing this, Christina.”

She frowned, gripping his dick through his pants, “Why, DeAndré? Somebody else doesn’t want to stop.”

“Simple, you’ve got a boyfriend, girl.” he explained.

“Well, I don’t see Brandon here. He’s too busy hanging with smuts and I want you, Dré. Please,” she said seductively.

Like Christina’s struggle earlier, Dré’s mind was telling him not to do this while his body was screaming that he had to have her. Unlike earlier though Christina’s lustful mind didn’t have time for his struggle and quickly freed his manhood from his pants, stroking his dick softly. DeAndré gasped at her touch. Looking down, the sight of Christina’s small hand gripping his thickness made his softness spring up to its rock hard eleven inches.

“I know brothers are packing, Dré—” she started, stroking him faster. “—But nothing like this.”

“Are you sure, Christina?” Dré had to know.

“Fuck me, DeAndré,” she whispered.

With her carnal-filled words, they kissed, pawed, and fondled one another until they were only clothed in their under attire. DeAndré’s hands ran up and down Christina’s legs and found her ass. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. While kissing her, he slid off her panties then his hands crept up to her luscious breasts and freed them from her bra.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32