Deal, Bro!

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Jan flipped her magazine closed and sighed. “Patti?”


“Do you think Jack’s a good fuck?”

Startled, Patti stared at her friend. Where did that come from, she wondered, but there seemed only honest curiosity in Jan’s question. She shook her head. “Jan, hon, I have no idea. And why would I know? He’s my brother, fer chrissake.”

“Yeah, but I thought you might have seen what he’s packing, or something.” Patti grinned and Jan laughed. “You have seen something!”

“Well, yeah, I guess I have. I needed the shower in a hurry, Jack was in, and he hurried out wearing a towel round himself. It slipped!”

“And? Come on, Patti, you can’t stop there!”

“Well, he looked to be a good size to me, but would I know? I’ve only had three lovers – four if I count you and the strap-on – but I think Jack might be the biggest. Hard to tell when they’re soft.”

There was a pause. “Patti?”

“What now?”

“Would you mind if I tried to get Jack to fuck me?”

Patti gazed at her friend’s anxious expression for a long, teasing moment, and then grinned. “Why should I mind?”

“Well, he’s younger than us, for one, but mostly because he’s your brother and I don’t want to spoil our friendship.”

“Only a year younger, not exactly a lifetime.” Patti smiled. “And just why would you wanting to fuck my brother spoil our friendship?”

Jan shrugged. ” I dunno, maybe you want him to yourself.”

“Jan, hon, he’s my brother, and for that very simple reason he’s probably the only eligible male in the city that we will not be in competition for. And why Jack, anyway?”

“Because I haven’t been laid in three months, at least not by a male. That’s why! And I like him.”

Patti gestured expansively. “As far as I’m concerned, go for it.”

Jan grinned, and then sobered. “Any ideas about when and how?”

“Why not tonight? That’s the when, and I really do think you know how! Mom and Dad are away, you’re staying over, and Jack should be home in about an hour.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Hell, no. It could be good for both of you.” Patti grinned. “Can I watch?”

“Patti Allen! What are you saying? Yes, of course you can! Makes me wet just thinking about it.”

“Any ideas on how you’re going to lure him?”

“A couple. You say you want to watch. Any objection to being watched yourself?”

“Who by?”


“Jack. Right. Okay, Jan Thody, tell me what you’re got smouldering in that little red head of yours. Come on, tell!”

Jan grinned. “Jack’s due home in about an hour, yes?”

“Yeah. So?”

“What will he do first?”

“Probably get changed.”

“Right, and which room does he have to pass to get to his?”

“The guest room.” Patti grinned. “Which is where you’ll be! Doing what?”

“That’s why I asked if you minded being watched. I was thinking it’s been a little while since we played with the strap-on, now that you’ve mentioned it. It’s in the car. Shall I get it?”

“Whoa, hold on a minute! Let me get this straight. You are suggesting that you and I are using your strap-on when Jack gets home?”

“That’s about it. What d’you think?”

“Hang on. So, effectively you’re asking me to be bare-ass naked when my brother comes home. Not only naked, but either fucking you, or being fucked by you, using your strap-on. Not only that, but arranging things so that he gets to see us. Have I got that straight?”

“I guess.” Jan’s look was anxious. “What do you think?”

Patti shook her head and grinned. “I think you’re insane, Jan Thody.”

Jan’s face fell. “You mean you won’t do it?”

“Did I say that? No. I said you’re insane. Well, so am I, it seems. Let’s do it!” Patti grinned again. “The things I do for my friends! Jack’s been trying to catch me naked for years, but he’ll never expect anything like this!”

“Do you think he’s a virgin?”

Patti shook her head. “I don’t think so. I don’t know for sure. I mean, I never exactly asked him, but he was going out with Cora Nelson for a while, and she’s no virgin, that’s for sure. No, I think Jack knows what to do.”


Jack was tired. A long day of shifting boxes, heavy boxes, in Jackson’s warehouse, but at least it had been his last day. He smiled. The gift old man Jackson and his co-workers had given him in parting didn’t hurt, either. A pleasant surprise. Only one more week and he’d be off to college. Computers and co-eds. Might even get himself a regular girlfriend. It was a while since he’d had a fuck.

There was another car on the driveway when he pulled in, and he recognized it as that of Patti’s friend, Jan Thody. He remembered Patti saying she’d asked Jan to stay for the weekend while their folks were away. He liked the slender redhead and figured an evening of Patti’s and Jan’s company might be a better option than the beer party Joey had invited him to. He wasn’t much of a drinker, and the company of two good-looking girls had more appeal than some boozed-up jocks. He grinned. Even if one of the girls was his sister.

There bursa suriyeli escort escort was no sign of Patti or Jan in the living-room, nor elsewhere downstairs. Jack shrugged. Maybe they’d gone for a walk. Change and a shower, and maybe they’d be back by the time he’d finished. He hung his coat in the closet and headed for the stairs, whistling. As he neared the guest room, he thought he heard voices. He could see the door was open and was opening his mouth to greet the girls when he stopped dead, startled, excited and feeling his heart in his mouth as his prick began to stiffen.

Patti was kneeling on the bed, naked, leaning on her elbows, her breasts pendant, while Jan was rhythmically fucking her from behind with a strap-on dildo, her hands on Patti’s hips, her own hips moving in an even rhythm as she fucked her friend. Jack must have moved because Jan’s head came round, and to his great surprise, for while she flushed, she also smiled widely and beckoned to him to come in.

“Hi, Jack,” said Jan. “Patti, Jack’s here,” she said, never ceasing her motion.

Patti’s head came round and she flushed, too, but smiled at Jack. “Hi, bro. Excuse us for the moment. Jan’s almost making me come, and I don’t want her to stop.”

Jack gestured weakly, his mouth dry as he tried to speak, but no words came as his eyes flicked back to the slim redhead fucking his sister. Jan’s breasts weren’t big, but they looked like a nice handful to him, almost conical, pencil-eraser sized nipples proud on inch-across areola.

“Jack,” said Jan, never ceasing her movements. “Why don’t you get naked, too? It’s my turn next, after Patti comes, and I think I’d prefer to have what’s making your pants bulge in my pussy, rather than a piece of plastic, pleasant though it is, especially when Patti’s driving. That’s if you’d like to fuck me, of course,” she added, her tone hesitant, color still in her cheeks.

Jack swallowed the huge lump in his throat, swallowed again, tried to speak, and eventually managed to croak, “I’d love to.”

Jan grinned widely. “Great! Now get naked, so I can see what you’re offering me, while I get your sister here to come.”

There was a chair in the corner and Jack kicked off his sneakers, then dragged his jeans and boxers off, piling them on the chair. His prick sprang free and he sighed in relief as it bounced up. He dragged his t-shirt off, then his socks and threw them on the chair. Naked now, he watched in awe as Jan reached under Patti to finger her clit. Whether she’d been close, whether Jack’s presence stimulated her, or whether it was Jan’s touch that pushed her over the edge didn’t matter, because Patti cried out as Jan drove the dildo into her, gasping, shaking as her climax took her.

It was several long moments before Patti calmed, and Jan eased the strap-on out of her. Jack was fascinated to see the size of it, and to see the pulsing hole of Patti’s pussy. She glanced up at him and flushed, but he caught her eye, shaking his head.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, and Patti half-smiled and blew him a kiss. Jan was now sitting back on her heels, loosening the strap around her waist and Jack was momentarily surprised when she lifted herself and slid the cock-sized shaft that had been inside her out of her pussy.

“Yours is bigger, and it’s warm,” she said, with a quick grin for him. Jack laughed, and sat on the edge of the bed as Patti turned and laid herself on her back beside him. He glanced across at his sister and she smiled.

“You’re beautiful, sis,” he said. “Well worth waiting all these years to see properly.” Patti laughed and Jack turned to Jan. “I believe I was propositioned when I came in. That right?”

Jan chuckled. “You could say that. If I remember right, I think I asked you to fuck me. You okay with that? Having seen what you’re offering me I’d really like it.”

Jack laughed. “Are you for real? One of the nicest, sexiest and best-looking women I know is sitting in front of me, barefoot all the way up to her ears, asks me to fuck her and then asks if I’m okay with it. Of course I’m okay! I’m still in shock, yes, but definitely okay.”

Jan took a deep breath and for a moment Jack was distracted by the way her breasts lifted, but his attention came back with a thud when he heard her words. “There’s a price.” Startled, Patti stared at her and Jan looked apprehensive for a moment.

“Price? What price?” said Patti, her tone accusing.

Jan flashed an apologetic glance at Patti. “Jack, I do want you to fuck me. I do, very much. Patti wants to watch us, too, and I said yes, she can.” Jack looked across at Patti, who avoided his look, flushing again. “But I’d like something from both of you in return.”

Patti stared at her friend for a long moment before she spoke. “And that is?”

Another deep breath before Jan spoke. “Jack, I want you to eat Patti out, and Patti, I want you to give Jack a blow-job.” Startled, Jack and Patti stared at each other but Jack knew instantly bursa ucuz escort that he wanted to do it, he wanted to taste his sister, and Patti didn’t exactly seem revolted. Simultaneously, they turned to Jan, who smiled. “To climax,” she said, and held her breath.

Jack looked back to Patti. “I’d like that,” he said softly.

Patti gave him a faint smile, and flashed a look at Jan, before she nodded. “I’d like it, too, Jack.” Her voice was a whisper. She gave a wry smile. “Kind of been a fantasy of mine for a while now.”

Jack’s answering smile was equally wry. “You’re not the only one, sis. You’ve been on my mind since I found out girls were different to boys.”

Jan blew out the breath she’d been holding. “Hoo, I took a chance there. Glad you’re both okay with it.”

Patti looked across at her friend. “I suppose you want us to sixty-nine, too?” she said, her tone droll. “I expect you’ve got a camera tucked away somewhere for the blackmail later?”

Jan shook her head, laughing. “No camera, although it’s a great idea, and no sixty-nine. What I’d really like is for you to blow Jack first, and then for him to eat you. He’ll be getting his second wind while he’s eating you, and he’ll be ready to fuck me as soon as you come, I reckon. Does that sound about right, Jack? How soon can you come again?”

Jack laughed. “Pretty quick if the stimulation is there, and I kind of think it’s going to be, the way you have it planned.”

“Yeah, I guess. Patti, you okay? You ready?”

“Slow down, Jan Thody, I’m still getting used to the idea I’m gonna suck my baby brother off.”

“Some baby,” said Jan, almost inaudible, but Patti grinned.

“Yeah, I know. I have to say, Jack, that seeing that lovely erection of yours is making me even wetter than I am already. You’ll be able to drink me, not eat me.” Jack laughed, reaching out to squeeze Patti’s fingers. “What’s the best way to do this?” Patti added, sitting up. Nice, very nice tits, Jack thought. A couple of nice handfuls, and those nipples are just begging to be sucked.

Jack shrugged. “I don’t know. The only blow-jobs I’ve had were in the back seats of cars, and there isn’t much room for anything except sitting back and letting my girl of the moment bend over.”

“Anyone I know?” said Patti, with a quick grin.

“All three, I think, but no names, so there.”


“Yeah, I know. Rotten little brother. How’s about if I sit on the edge of the bed and you kneel on the floor, maybe on a pillow, between my legs?”

“Sounds like a plan. Um, Cora Nelson, Theresa Henessy and Billie Jansen would be my blow-job guesses.”

“Not bad, sis. Two out of three.”

“Who’d I miss? And which two? Cora must be one of them, surely?”

“Uh-huh. My secret.”

“Your discretion does you credit, little brother, but you can tell me.”

Jack smiled but shook his head. “Sorry, sis.”

“Were they good?”

“I enjoyed them, that’s for sure. When a girl gets a guy off, however she does it, it has to be good.”

“I guess it’s time to see how good I am, then.”

“Tell you one thing, sis.”


“The excitement factor of getting a blow-job from my sister gives you a head start, excuse the pun.”

Patti grinned. “Let’s see how well the rest of this goes.” She reached for a pillow and dropped it to the floor beside the bed, and Jack sat up, swinging his legs to the floor beside it. Patti rolled off the far side of the bed and stood, lifting her long, dark hair and throwing it behind her, well aware, Jack reckoned, of the way her breasts lifted. She came around the bed in a strutting parody of a walk, one hand on her hip, the other on her thigh, rolling her hips, her eyes half-hooded, until she was directly in front of Jack.

He looked up at her and she blew him a kiss, then went gracefully to her knees before him. Jack studied her, admiring the beautiful shape of her breasts, the nipples rigid.

“Like what you see, little brother?” she murmured.

“You’re truly beautiful, sis.”

“Thanks.” Patti’s eyes traveled down, and she smiled. “So are you, little brother. so are you.” Patti reached out and Jack sucked in a breath as her fingers closed around him. She glanced up, flashing him a smile. “Biggest one I’ve held, bro.”

Jack laughed. “Held many, sis?”

Patti grinned. “A few.”

“Gonna tell me who?”

“Only in an exchange deal.”

Jack laughed. “I’ll think about it while you’re getting me off, okay?”

“Okay. Ready?”

“Fuck, yes!”

Jack propped himself up on braced arms as Patti bent over him, hissing his breath in as her tongue swept up the length of him from balls to crown. She glanced up, eyes sparkling.

“Like that?”

“You need to ask?”

Patti laughed. “Guess not. Okay, little brother. Show time!” He lips closed over him and Jack gave an involuntary moan as her lips moved down his hardness. He watched in awe as Patti’s head kept moving, until he hit the back of bursa üniversiteli escort her throat and the gag reflex brought her head back. Her lips never left him, and her head began to move in a regular rhythm. Jack was pleased that she didn’t try to take much more than the head into her mouth, because it was there that the sensitive nerve-endings his sister’s lips were stimulating were giving him so much pleasure.

It wasn’t long before he could feel the first stirrings of climax, glad he hadn’t jacked off that morning, glad too at the sight of Jan sprawled in a chair, legs spread, her fingers busy at her pussy. A very pretty pussy, too, Jack thought, even prettier to him as he would be penetrating it later. Jan caught his eye and winked, spreading herself even more to him, her fingers never ceasing their manipulation.

Patti’s head was bobbing, her lips tight about his cock as she moved, and Jack realized she had one hand playing with her pussy as she moved, keeping herself stimulated. She’s right, he thought, I’ll be able to drink her. The sensations were rising in him, quicker than usual because of the novel excitement of it, being blown by his sister, and he could feel that slow build of tension inside himself that goes before climax, the tightness building in him, quickening now.

A moment of panic, and he touched Patti’s arm. Her eyes flicked up and she raised her eyebrows, but her movements didn’t slow or falter.

“I’m getting close, sis. I’ll let you know when I’m coming. Finish me with your hand if you want, okay?”

Without ceasing her motion, Patti managed to nod, and Jack closed his eyes, abandoning himself to the sensations which were building in him. He was getting close now, more quickly than when he jacked off and he acknowledged to himself that getting a blow job from his gloriously-naked sister, while her friend jilled herself, waiting for him to fuck her, well, these were good reasons for the quicker build, imminent now.

“I’m close, sis,” he murmured, “very close. I’m going to come, Patti.” He groaned at the sensation building in him. “Patti!” More urgent now. “I’m coming, Patti! Patti! I’m coming, I’m coming!” Then a wordless cry, a strangled moan, and he went rigid as he felt the surge in his prick and the jet of seed into Patti’s waiting mouth.

She coughed, swallowed, swallowed again, and again as he came in three or four hard spurts, easing to a pulse, slowing to a trickle. Patti stayed with him, swallowing, her tongue busy, the sensation an exquisite agony in his super-sensitive state. Eventually, Jack sighed, Patti’s tongue made a last swirl of his glans and she let him slip from her mouth with a soft ‘plop’. She smiled up at him, flushed.

“First time I ever took it in my mouth and swallowed, Jack.”

“First time? You’re kidding!” He was astonished.

Patti shook her head. “I’m not. First time, I promise. I always finished it with my hand before. I think it was because it was you.” Patti’s smile was wry.

“Thanks, sis, because I have to tell you,that was the best blow-job I ever had.” Jack grinned. “Better than Cora Nelson, better than Billie Jansen.”Jack paused, smiling. “Better than Meg McKendrick, too.”

“Meg? Meg gave you a blow job?” Patti’s face was a picture of astonishment. “I didn’t think she even knew what a guy’s prick was for, the goody-goody impression she gave!”

“I think it might have been because I ate her first, but she was better than Cora or Billie, and nearly as good as you.” Jack laughed. “She was a little bit drunk the first time, which is why I think it happened, but she was stone-cold sober when we did it again, and she was even better.”

Patti grinned, sitting back on her heels, her flush fading. “I’ll be damned! Meg, of all people.”

“Okay, sis, your turn now. Who have you had in that talented mouth?”

Patti grinned again. “You’re only my third. Tommy Carson, and Keith McKendrick were the others. The other guys I got intimate with, apart from the three I’ve fucked, only got hand jobs.”

“They missed out on a major talent.”

Patti blew him a kiss, and then cocked her head. “Did you fuck Meg?”

Jack paused for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

“Was she good?”

“Best I’ve had so far.”

Patti laughed. “It’s funny, because Keith is my best so far.” She giggled suddenly.


“I wonder if they practised on each other and we reaped the benefit?”

Jack laughed. “Maybe, but we’ll never know. He looked down at his wilting prick, still wet with Patti’s saliva. “How are the mighty fallen.”

“I sure hope it will rise again,” said Jan, from her chair in the corner.

“That’s two of us, Jan,” said Jack.

“Three,” said Patti. “Remember, I’m watching the two of you.” She laughed. “I wish we had a video camera.”

Jack smacked his forehead, remembering. “We do. Mr Jackson gave me one as a parting present. The other guys took a collection, and Mr Jackson made up the difference. It’s in my bag, downstairs.”

The three of them looked at each other. “Do we?” said Patti.

“Are you prepared to be filmed, being eaten by your brother?” said Jan.

“Who sees it?”

“Only we three,” said Jack. “Only way it works.” Patti nodded. Jack turned to Jan. “You film me eating Patti, Patti films us fucking.” He grinned. “And maybe I film the two of you with the strap-on? Okay?”

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