David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 06

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The alarm went off at six in the morning. I looked out the window and the day looked set to be perfect. An early light had started to penetrate the clear sky. The treetops were still and bird song filled the air.

I decide on a run to clear my system after yesterday’s efforts with Lisa. I had returned to my apartment pretty well shagged, no pun intended and wolfed down whatever I could find in the fridge.

A belly full of food and a few beers later and I hit the sack, sleeping for almost twelve hours. Now I was busting for a pee and itching for action. An early morning run was perfect to take the edge off my energy.

As I ran through the breaking dawn, moving easily in the cool still air, my mind wandered back to yesterday. I was still struggling with what had transpired. I had gotten Lisa pregnant. My own brother’s wife. And now she was in love with me and suggesting a threesome with Mike and also one with me and Amber.

Amber! What was I to do? I seemed to have unleashed a nympho beast lurking deep inside that sweet, young, innocent woman. Her sexual appetite was growing at an alarming rate. I could try and feed Mike to her and maybe Lisa. Then what? It was as though sex was the reason for her being.

As that thought entered my brain, Viv suddenly came to mind. The idea of what she wanted was so off the planet. She had said ‘maybe’ it would be me. I hoped she meant that and would pick someone else. Then again it was Viv’s style to fuck around with a person’s mind as much as their cock.

It seemed the only normal person in this messy sexual web I had stumbled into was Alex. The one person I had ever felt a real connection to. I was looking forward to spending some time together with her today. We had the whole day to enjoy just to ourselves.

Thirty minutes exercise was enough to get me fully awake and ready for breakfast. A shower, eggs on toast and plunger coffee capped the run and I was ready to collect Alex.


The front door was open with the screen door closed when I arrived at the house. I pressed the doorbell anyway.

“Come in!” Alex shouted from within. “The door’s open.”

I walked inside and waited in the lounge room. Looking at the interesting artwork. The print of the couple in a pose from the Karma Sutra suddenly filling my mind of the events that took place almost where I stood just a few weeks ago.

“Hi David,” came Alex’s lovely lilting voice from behind me. I turned and beheld a vision of leather-clad femininity.

“I hope my gear is suitable,” she said with a sexy little smile as I stared at her.

She was dressed in full black motorcycle leathers with red trim that hugged her perfect form. Calf high leather boots completed the masterpiece. The style of her raven black hair and large green eyes complemented to outfit perfectly. She looked like such a vamp. Thoughts of skipping the ride and taking her right there on the floor crossed my mind.

“Oh my god Alex!” I managed to say. “You look; incredible! If you’ve got a whip and some chains, I’m all yours!”

She chuckled, “Maybe. Lets go for a ride first. I can’t wait to feel that Ducati underneath me!”

She closed the gap between us and opened her arms as I stepped forward and wrapped her in my embrace our cheeks brushing past as we buried or faces in each other’s necks.

She was a mix of heady scents. Clean fresh skin and hair, perfume and leather. I could have held her close forever, just drifting in her aroma.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” I hummed. “You smell delicious Alex.” My cock was stirring,

She gave me a squeeze.

“Let’s go. Before we get too distracted,” she whispered huskily in my ear and nibbled the lobe gently.

Reluctantly I released her and held her at arms length.

“You don’t know how much willpower that took Alex,” I said with a wink.

“C’mon lover boy,” she replied with a laugh and headed to the door.

She donned an iridescent red helmet and black gloves and mounted the pillion as I started the bike. Settling close behind me, she wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a hug as we took off.

The morning air was still cool, but the sun was out and putting some heat into our leathers as we made our way down the coast then cut across to Hastings and toured the back roads around Flinders and Cape Schanck. The scenery in this part of the state was so beautiful, especially looking out across Bass Strait on a clear still day.

The roads were un-patrolled and we took advantage of the lack of traffic to enjoy the country roads at high speed. Alex moved easily with the bike, a natural like her sister.

After a couple of hours we ended up atop Arthur’s Seat and alighted to take in the view and refresh ourselves at the restaurant.

“Isn’t the view magnificent David?” Alex said as she wrapped an arm around my waist. The sweep of the bay lay before us, the city jutting from the horizon in the haze.

“It is beautiful,” I replied, placing my arm around her shoulders. “There are many beautiful things in this world,” I said as I looked at her.

She antep escort looked up at me and smiled, then closed her eyes and reached her face up towards mine, mouth opening. I bent my head down and our lips met, tongues reaching out, sliding over each other.

We held the kiss for a few moments and then parted.

“How about some refreshments before we start to make a public nuisance of ourselves,” I said quietly.

“Ummmmm, okay!” she replied with a laugh.

We took a table at the restaurant that afforded a view of the bay and ordered coffee and food.

“David,” Alex said as she placed her hand on mine as it rested on the table. I looked at her.

“About the other night…”

“It’s okay Alex, you already explained,” I interrupted.

“Well, not really,” she said slightly pained. Her eyes became a little sad. “There’s more to it than that.”

I covered her hand with my other one as she spoke.

“Well, before, before last Wednesday,” she was struggling to say the words. “I, I hadn’t been with a man for almost a year,” she finished almost in a whisper.

I looked her in the eyes. They were becoming moist, forming tears. I let her continue.

“When, when I found out about you from Amber, and that you were Mike’s twin brother, I just, I don’t know! I’ve had such a crush on Mike since I first met him.

“I’m ashamed to say I was jealous of Lisa.” A tear welled at the corner of one eye and ran down her cheek.

I squeezed her hand. “It’s okay Alex,” I reassured her.

“I’ve been such an emotional mess the last week,” she continued. “Things have happened so fast. First Amber suddenly becoming a woman, I suppose, then getting a real job and now you.” She looked up at me and smiled weakly.

We looked at each other and she sighed deeply. “The last couple of years have been such shit. Trying to complete uni, work and have a social life.”

She looked down at the table. “My ex-boyfriend and I had a really big break-up. He was such an asshole!” Looking up at me and her eyes flashed anger. They were so green, so beautiful.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We just weren’t made for each other. He didn’t want me to ride a bike. ‘Too dangerous’ he said. We weren’t the best match in bed either and there was just other stuff that we didn’t agree on.

“In the end we had a big fight and that was that. Two years of a wasted relationship.”

She brought her other hand up to the table and I held both her hands in mine. Her eyes locked with mine.

“I was so afraid that Amber was going down the same path with her current, well, now ex-boyfriend.” She smiled at me.

There was a moment’s silence between us.

“David,” Alex whispered, looking at me soulfully. “If, if you and Amber are well, you know, I, I won’t interfere.”

I shook my head. “Oh, no Alex! No!” I exclaimed. “Amber is a wonderful girl, but she’s not the one for me.”

I smiled at her. “I’d like you over for dinner tonight. I’m cooking! Will you stay?”

Her shoulders slumped slightly as she sighed relief.

“Yes. Yes I would like that very much! Thank you,” she replied smiling.

“Let’s finish up and go then, we can freshen up at my place.”

We cleaned up our plates and coffee and headed out to the bike. Cars full of tourists were starting to turn up.

“Good timing,” I said to Alex as we observed the growing crowd on the mountaintop. “Looks like civilization has woken up. Lets take the back roads home. It’s more fun.”

We mounted the bike and she gave me a big hug before we headed off back down to road for the return trip to my apartment.


“Please don’t mind the mess,” I said to Alex as we entered the apartment. “It seems to be like this perpetually.”

“Bachelors pad hey?” she replied humorously.

“Err, yeah,” I said looking sheepishly at her as I scratched the top of my head.

“It needs a woman’s touch,” she said with a more serious tone.

“What?” I asked. “A cleaning woman?”

Her eyes flashed. “David Wilde!” she exclaimed. “You! You!” she stammered and leapt at me trying to dig her fingers hard into my ribs.

I stood there with my arms up as she futilely attempted to tickle me through my leather jacket.

“Ha! I am invincible!” I pronounced triumphantly as she ceased her efforts.

She looked up at me, a sly smile on her face.

“Really? I know another way…”

She slid her leather clad form up against me and placed her lips to mine as her hands snaked around my back, one continuing up to grasp the back of my head as she pulled my face to hers.

My hands found her backside and as our tongues writhed against each other’s she ground her hips against my groin as my cock started to grow in response.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she hummed into my mouth. Her wet lips slid over mine, tongue diving into my mouth, licking inside.

After a moment she pulled away.

“I think I found a chink in your armour,” she said, grinning at me.

“My secret! She is out!” I exclaimed, as I tried to look distraught.

We looked at each other.

“So, Alex,” I said seriously.

“Yes David?” she replied softly, her voice becoming sexy.

“Did you want the cleaning job?” I laughed.

“Oh! Damn you!” she cried and beat her fists on my chest as I stepped back laughing, trying to avoid the blows.

She looked at me and huffed, her eyes wide and very green.

“The only thing I want to get clean right now is myself! Would you point me in the direction of the bathroom please,” she said sternly.

“Shower that way,” I pointed to the right. “Ladies opposite.”

I watched her as she trotted off down the corridor, hips swaying sexily. She looked so magnificent in leathers. I was convinced she could make a potato sack look good if she put one on.

I stripped my gear off and proceed to clean the place up a bit. Soon I heard the shower start and after a few moments removed the rest of my clothing and headed to the bathroom.

Steam filled the room, but I could see Alex’s naked body easily through the clear glass shower divider. Her back was to me as she bent down and washed a leg, the spray of the water cascading down over her.

I stood there transfixed. Never had I seen a more perfect example of the female form. Her limbs were long and slender, her body in perfect proportion. Muscles writhed under her lightly tanned skin as she moved. Her medium sized breasts, hung down erotically and swayed slightly as she washed her leg.

She straightened up and drew the soap bar over the slight bulge of her tight belly to her breasts, now working both hands over the pendulous orbs. The high set nipples now becoming erect. One hand dropped back down over her stomach and over her prominent pubic mound and stroked between her legs.

Eyes closed, her head tilted back and the spray bounced off her chest as her hand worked on her pussy and the other massaged a breast.

A minute passed as I watched her pleasure herself, then she opened her eyes and half turned to look at me. A sexy smile crossed her face and the hand between her legs came up, her index finger crooked at me as she beckoned me towards her.

As if in a trance I moved forwards, opening the glass door and into the shower recess. My cock was at full stiffness from watching her display and as I stepped in she faced me and slowly sank to her knees before my manhood.

A hand reached up and grasped the base of my cock as another held my balls in a light grip. Looking up at me with those beautiful eyes, her tongue reached out and licked up the underside of my shaft all the way to the top where she then opened her mouth and plunged my bloated knob into her wet orifice.

“Oh! Fuck!” I cried as my hands reached for her head to grip it.

Her head bobbed up and down over my cock, forcing my glans to the back of her throat as her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft.

She adjusted her position slightly and placed her hands on my buttocks. I looked down at the sight of her mouth engulfing half my length as she looked up at me with lust. Her breasts wobbled on her chest as she pulled me into her mouth and then back off again.

Without warning she suddenly plunged forward and slid my full length into her throat. Her tongue slipped out and licked at my balls as her nose pressed against my pubic mound.

“Oh my fuck Alex!” I grunted as the tightness of her throat engulfed my turgid cock. Strong muscles clamped around my glans as she held me tight against her face.

She pulled back, a river of saliva running from her mouth as she gulped in air. Her eyes were wild.

“Did you like that?” she panted.

“Alex, that was incredible.”

“Better than Amber?” she asked with smile.

There was certainly some competitiveness between these sisters.

“Alex, you’re natural.”

Her hand came up and stroked my shaft in a tight grip.

“Lets get you clean and dry and have some fun then!” she responded.

As we stepped out of the shower Alex grabbed a fresh towel and started to dry me. I turned on the overhead heat lamp and stood there in the warmth as I watched her run the towel over my skin.

Kneeling before me she dried my legs and buttocks, her face inches from my groin. Her breath blew lightly over my semi-hard cock. Finally she carefully dried my shaft and scrotum. Looking up at me she held my balls in her bare hand.

“I love your hairless sack,” she said with a smile. “Makes it much nicer to do this.”

Whereupon she sucked a testicle into her mouth and rolled it gently around with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck! Alex,” I hissed. “That feels so nice!”

She continued for a moment and then swapped to the other ball as a hand reached around under my backside and stroked the area between my scrotum and anus.

She kept looking up at me, her large green eyes holding onto my own. She looked so damned sexy like that.

“Come up her,” I whispered. “My turn to dry you.”

She let my testicle slip from her mouth and sliding her tongue up the underside of my shaft, stood before me.

I grabbed the towel and started with her hair and face then worked down her arms and chest. Now I could truly appreciate her sleek body as I ran over every inch of her, my eyes soaking up every detail. As I gently towelled her breasts her nipples stiffened and I flicked them lightly.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

I continued down her sexily curved belly and dried her long sexy legs and pussy mound. Turning her to face the bathroom mirror I dried her back then knelt behind her.

“Put your hands on the basin and spread your legs a little,” I ordered.

She bent at the waist and moved her legs apart. Her bald pussy hung like a ripe peach between her legs inches before my eyes. The thick outer labia parted, leaving her long inner lips protruding out from her vulva.

I ran the towel over her tight round buttocks and massaged my fingers in the muscles just below them.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she sighed.

I could see a slight moisture forming at the entrance to her hole and above it her light pink anus twitched a little.

Settling behind her I dried her legs as I let my warm breath blow over her vulva. I could smell the unmistakeable scent of her sex juices as they started to seep from her swelling pussy.

My hands came up and holding her butt cheeks I pulled them apart, opening her pussy hole slightly and exposing her delicate anal hole completely.

Her breathing suddenly slowed and became deeper in anticipation of the next move.

Wetting my tongue with a load of saliva I ran it up over her inner labia, pushing the tip into her pussy hole and then over the bridge of skin to her anus where I rimmed it.

“Oh! Fuck!” she exclaimed and pushed her hips back into my face.

I slid my tongue back down and pushed it into her entrance, feeling the folds of her tunnel and the taste of her sex juices.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed. “That’s nice, stick your tongue into my hole. Tongue fuck my pussy!”

I alternately jabbed my tongue in and out of her wet entrance and licked all around the hole and then down the cleft between her labia to just before her clit and then back up again.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! That is so fucking nice David!” she panted, still grinding her pussy onto my face. Her sex juices were flowing freely out of her cunt and into my mouth and down my chin.

“I need you to fuck me David! Fuck my hot pussy! I need your massive fuck stick in me! Pleeeeeease!” she wailed.

I stood up behind her and placed my bloated glans against her open pussy hole. As I held her hips I looked in the mirror at her. She looked back as I started to push into her tight wetness.

Her eyes widened as I penetrated her from behind slowly sinking my erection into her belly.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed.

I pulled out a little and drove slowly back in, all the while we looked into each other’s eyes in the mirror.

The muscles of her tunnel gripped my shaft as my knob parted the tight flesh ahead of it. Finally my glans pushed up against the end of her vagina, my balls resting against her labia. Her womanhood enveloped me completely.

“Fuck!” she said, “You are so big in my pussy! Fuck me David! Fuck my tight cunt!”

I slowly slid my cock out of her till just the knob was inside. Then holding her by the hips I pulled her back onto my shaft as I drove in, this time faster. Her eyes closed as I did and her mouth opened a little, her tongue slipping out and wetting her lips as I started to thrust back and forth into her hot, wet depths.

“Oh fuck yes!” she panted. “That’s it! Right there! Oh yes, right there!”

The knob of my cock rubbed hard against the back wall of her pussy up to her cervix, where the soft flesh held my glans for a moment before I pulled back out.

“Pull my hair!” she groaned as I increased the tempo within her. I could feel her channel tightening around me as her sex juices started to flow from her swollen vulva and down over my balls.

Reaching forward I grabbed a fistful of her sleek black hair and pulled her head back.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” she hissed as her neck stretched out. “Pull harder!” she grunted.

Her head craned back harshly as I pulled it towards me, using her hair to force her body onto my thrusting shaft. Her back arched and I could see her swollen breasts swaying below her chest, the erect nipples so very long and rock hard.

“Fuck me hard! Ram your cock into me!” she said with a wail.

I thrust my length into her body mercilessly, feeling her pussy yielding to my onslaught. I looked down to where were joined. Her sex was incredibly swollen, the labia plum and wet, her hole stretched by my girth.

Putting a thumb to my mouth I deposited a load of saliva onto the pad and brought it to her tight anal hole and rubbed the sensitive bud.

“AGHHHHHHHH!” she suddenly cried.

I rimmed the area with my slimy digit and then pushed my thumb through the tight orifice and buried it deep in her ass.

“OH! FUCK!” she screamed and tensed up.

I looked in the mirror at her. Her jaw dropped open in a soundless scream and a flush of redness washed over her taut neck and down her chest as an orgasm started to engulf her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32