Dad’s Cabo Release Ch. 02

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The next morning I went for a swim in the ocean while everyone was still asleep and the coffee was brewing. The salt water was invigorating, and I kept thinking back to last night. Even as I was having coffee, I was caught up in the memory. I was smiling to myself when Bella shambled up the stairs, sleep still in her eyes.

“Hello,” she said as I poured her some juice. She was wearing little grey cotton panties and a plain white tee-shirt, her black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her nipples could been seen through the thin material thanks to the bright morning light. How I wished to be able to see more.

She smiled at me as she walked past and added, “Nicky is still sleeping. Mind if I wait around until she wakes up?”

“Sure, I’m actually going to grab a quick shower and get the salt water off of me. Why don’t you sit down and wake up slowly? Then we can all go off and do something.”

“Sounds good.” With that she set down her juice and started getting herself something to eat in the kitchen. I watched her muscular form as she moved around, and my cock immediately started to respond. I quickly made my way to the bathroom to put my naughty plan into action.

I turned on the steaming hot shower, and left the door wide open. Checking that all the towels were missing, I then stepped into the shower. As I did this, my cock flopped stiffly from side to side. I still could not believe it. Nicole and Bella had driven me mad with lust. My own daughter was the subject of my most erotic fantasies! But, I could not act on those; however, I was going to act on my lust for Bella. I still could not believe what I was about to do – AGAIN – expose myself to a teenage girl, expose myself in front of my daughter’s friend.

I reached down and adjusted the water temperature. I stepped under the spray and turned my body just enough to conceal myself from her. I didn’t want her to see me straight off. I wanted to toy with her. I wanted to tease her and get her worked up nice and slow.

I rinsed my short, light brown hair under the spray and waited for her to get into place and get settled. I knew it would not take long. Then I heard the telltale sound of someone coming up the tile steps to master suite. With much anticipation I watched for any movement in the hallway. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her come into view.

I could see Bella find me in the mirror as she stepped up. She gave me a steady gaze before ducking herself behind the wall again like she had done the other day. My cock stiffened and began to rise and swell, I could feel the veins pop out as it started to throb. Everything was in place. I had to take a deep breath to compose myself. Bella’s eyes were on me again and it was electrifying, but I secretly wished my daughter were the one to be here right now.

I grabbed the soap and began to lather up my chest. With my backside still facing her I moved from side to side enjoying the warmth of the water and enjoying the fact I was being watched. What a turn on! I lathered up again but this bursa otele gelen escort time I brought my right hand back and soaped up my butt. I worked my hand around and around giving myself a good scrubbing.

As I moved around I took the opportunity to look into the mirror. I had to see her, I had to see if my little antics got Bella to start touching herself again. Sure enough, her head was rhythmically moving up and down, her straight black ponytail swaying back and forth. I built the picture in my mind. I pictured her lovely hand deep in her crotch darting in and out of her pussy, her small and firm breasts being pushed together between her arms. Maybe she had pulled her bikini bottoms over her tiny butt, down to her thighs giving herself free reign with her hand. It was a sight that I would love to see and hoped to very soon.

The sight of her heightened my own arousal tremendously. We were both watching each other but only one of us was enjoying it as an exhibitionist. I took a deep breath and slowly turned exposing myself to her in profile. I continued to watch her. Her gaze was intent and firm. Her mouth dropped open slightly at the first sight of me in bright light and then she closed it and bit down lightly on her lower lip in a wanton way. What an incredible turn on to see Bella react in such a way.

Slowly I turned to face her and grabbed the soap again. I am sure she was waiting for this moment, waiting for the show to again happen, waiting for me to finish up cleaning myself and grab my cock and stroke myself off for her. I resisted the temptation to do it then and there. I had other plans.

I soaped up my chest and rinsed it off. As I did this I swayed my hips back and forth causing my cock to flop heavily from side to side. The soapy water cascaded down my body and dribbled down and around my balls. Again the warm water and the fact I was exposing myself heightened my state of arousal. I knew if I touched either my cock or balls I would explode.

I took another deep breath. It was now time to implement my plan. I was beside myself. It had to work. Bella and I were both at the peak of our arousals. My hand shook slightly with anticipation as I quickly reached down and turned the water off. I stepped over and pulled the sliding glass ajar and yelled out.

“Hey Bella, are you there? If you are, can you help me? I need a towel, there are no towels in here.”

This was the plan, and I had removed the bath towels for this very reason. She would have to bring me one and when she did I would make sure she sees me, I will make sure she sees my erection. But there was more, much more. I waited for several long moments and then called out again. She must have time to collect herself, to decide to do it or not, to decide how to react.

“Hey, can you help? I need a towel…” I said aloud and allowed my voice to trail off like I was disappointed that there was no help coming.

Again, I waited. My heart raced when Bella finally appeared. “Hello,” bursa eve gelen eskort she said, “you need a towel?” she asked as she held one up. As anticipated she played it up and discretely turned her head and gaze from me as she approached. I did my part as well and stood back behind the glass and to the side as she got closer.

I could not believe she was only paces away and I was standing there with my cock still very hard and throbbing and my balls full of sperm and ready to explode. As she neared she held the towel out with an outstretched arm for me to grab. I pushed the glass door open just enough so that I could reach for the towel. I gave it a slight tug and Bella released it. I purposely did the same and the towel fell to the floor.

“Sorry,” she immediately said, thinking she had dropped it and quickly knelt down to pick it up.

This was it. I was going to expose myself to this Bella up close and personal. I pushed the glass door further aside and stepped forward so that I was now facing her straight on. There was nothing between her and me now. Sure enough she looked up. I was beside myself. My 8″ cock stood straight up and out with a slight upward arc and was not more than a foot and a half away from Bella’s lovely face.

From her angle she was looking just up at the underside of my cock and straight onto my swollen balls. You could not get any more personal than this. I never knew it could be so exhilarating to expose yourself in this way! My cocked twitched slightly up and down with every beat of my heart as I watched Bella – my daughter’s friend – stare at my erect manhood. She took a quick moment and then began to put on an act.

“OH MY!” she gasped and then turned her head and eyes away as if looking up at me was accidental.

She grabbed the towel and thrust it upward towards me and took her other hand and covered her eyes. As I grabbed the towel she stood up quickly and stepped back turning her head completely away from me.

“Really it is okay, you can turn around now.” My heart raced.

The way I said it – I am sure – made her believe I had wrapped the towel around myself and it was now safe to turn around. But the fact was, I had not. I had the towel still in my hand. I had brought it up to my head to start drying my hair off. As she started to turn I stepped out of the shower. I was still very wet and quite a bit of water dripped onto the bath mat.

“Oh!” she gasped again when she saw I was not covered and she quickly looked away again.

But, Bella did not stand; instead she adjusted her position on the mat to be more comfortable.

“I really don’t mind if you see me. I know in fact, that you HAVE seen me. You and Nicole watched me jerk off last night. I saw you pleasuring your selves too. You turned me on more than you could imagine.”

Slowly she turned her head and faced me. My heart pounded yet again. Bella glanced up at my cock and then at me. I could see it in this girl’s eyes she could not believe bayan escort bursa I could be so bold. I felt so incredibly nasty standing there completely naked and fully erect in front of my daughter’s friend. She licked her lips as we locked eyes, I could see her chest heaving in excitement.

“I should go,” she hastily said as she started to turn quickly to head out of the bathroom.

“Wait, please” I said softly. She stopped immediately. My heart raced faster it was now time for the second part of my plan. I reached down and grabbed her hand, placing it on my rock hard erection. I could smell her musky scent on my hands, now that I had touched hers.

“You are one naughty man,” she said breathlessly as she looked at her wet hand touching me intimately.

My cock began to twitch wildly. I knew I would not be able to take much more of this. Her hand was so soft and warm and made my balls tingle. I began to shudder and my legs got weak. Sensing this she moved herself over a little to get herself into a better position and slowly brought her delicate little hand up and around the shaft of my cock. I looked at her intently. My cock was so engorged that her hand almost did not make it all the way around. She held her hand there teasing me for what seemed like forever.

With a grin, she pulled her t-shirt up over her head, revealing her firm breasts. They were smaller and firmer than my daughter’s, but the sight of them caused my cock to twitch wildly in anticipation. I was close, very close. Bella’s Asian features had always been attractive to me, and here I had her on her knees in front of me – topless.

Slowly Bella placed her hand back on my cock and slid her hand up the length of my shaft. She held it there as well, again teasing me. One downward stroke was going to be all it would take. I knew it, and she knew. It was all too much for me to see my daughter’s friend with her hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock poised to stroke down and set me off, poised to cause my cock to explode and shoot my sperm out all over the bathroom. Poised to start jacking me until my balls are dry. I couldn’t help but imagine what my daughter’s hands would feel like on my cock.

Reading my thoughts, she asked with a grin, “Should I call you daddy while I do this?”

She then did it. She tightened her grip and stroked down the complete length of my shaft. The soft skin of her hand felt incredible as it glided over the many contours of my thick shaft. I exploded in a thick stream that shot out violently.

The initial stream sailed up and into her hair. On cue she began to pump my cock in earnest. Again stream after stream kept coming, even more so than the night prior. I reached out and grabbed her shoulder to steady myself. Eight, nine, ten eruptions. My sperm was everywhere. In her hair, on her beautiful firm breasts, on the floor and all over her hands. Finally I was empty but my cock kept twitching. She continued to stroke me but more gingerly. Slowly she squeezed the last bit out of the tip of my cock. It dribbled down the back of her hand to the floor.

“Wow, Bella, thank you,” I said, “that was incredible.”

She smiled.

“Well, I hope it lived up to your expectations. I suspect you might want someone else to do this next time,” she said playfully as she licked my semen off her hand, “But, for now … I think it is my turn in the shower now.”

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