Aunt June Ch. 01

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“Tommy, Aunt June and I are leaving now! Don’t forget to lock up!” Mom called from downstairs.

“No problem, be right there!” I replied. “You guys be careful!”

I doubt she heard me as the door slammed before I finished. And they were off. Mom and her sister June were going to their 20 year High School reunion. Well it was June’s class as Mom was four years younger but they shared many of the same friends and Mom had been in some of the advanced classes. Back then they didn’t use the term “gifted”, she was just smart. She had gone on to get her Master’s by the age of 21, married a guy, built a company all her own (where Aunt June was the Receptionist)and been very happy. Oh and all this while toting a baby boy around. Yeah when she was sixteen Mom was dating a guy she thought she was in love with and he pressured her into sex and nine months later I was born. About the same time he enlisted and shipped out. My Grandparents were awesome about the whole thing and supported her fully, never judging and always loving.

So now if you did the math you’ll see that I’m 18, Mom is 34 and Aunt June is 38. Thirty eight, that is a very important number. You see, Aunt June is hot, and like most teenage boys I found one of her bras in the laundry room where she had hung it to dry. It was a 38DD. I had of course also checked one of Mom’s bras, she wore a 34D. Aunt June was a couple of inches taller than Mom at around 5’6″ and though had no idea how much she weighed, she still had an amazing full shapely figure. Big tits, thick waist, full round hips and shapely legs. But it was her tits that attracted me the most. I have dreamed of those titties most of my teenage years.

I guess I need to fill in a blank here, you see Aunt June has lived with us for almost seven years now. A few weeks before she moved in, her husband and my step-dad were on a charter fishing excursion when the small plane went down off the coast. The two widows had it rough and then the remains were found and it was worse. I remember Mom having nightmares about it. Aunt June would run from her bedroom into Mom’s to comfort her. This was when I first saw Aunt June in a sexual way. I had come to see why Mom was screaming and crying, and Aunt June was cradling her and rocking her gently. After a few minutes she saw me and eased Mom back onto the bed then came over to me.

As she stood and walked over, her robe was open and I gasped because Aunt June was naked under it. I had just a glimpse of her big heavy breasts and a dark patch of hair before she tugged it closed and took me back to my bed. We talked for a bit and she explained about the nightmares. As she talked her robe slipped open a bit and I could see her left tit. All of it; and it was beautiful! It was full and smooth and her nipple was so pink and was perfectly shaped. Finally she noticed where I was looking and sighed.

“Tommy, I’m going to be living here with you, are you going to stare at my boobs every day?”

Not knowing what else to say, I told the truth. “Uh yeah… probably.”

Aunt June looked at me and then pulled her robe open displaying both breasts and turned to face me square on. “Then get an eyeful boy because I ain’t got time for worrying about your sensitivities!” and then she got up and left the room to return to Mom.

After that there were many times that I saw her in her nightgown, underwear or just a towel. She was relaxed and comfortable with it. And I never stared at her. There were a few times I did see her topless and one time totally nude without her knowing and once I started masturbating she was my usual fantasy, well until I discovered porn. Hell, she still was a common fantasy. Sometimes I wondered what would have happened if I had tried to touch her that night… Yeah she would’ve smacked me across the room.

Now alone in our bursa eskort pleasant country home I didn’t waste any time and headed for the pool. I stopped in the kitchen to grab a bottle of sports drink and stripped in the laundry room. Whenever they were gone I like to swim and sunbathe nude. I don’t have a current girlfriend but I like to think that when I do, I will be amazing. I swim, run, bike and work out. I have an athletic scholarship and will leave for State U. in August. I intended to make every single day of these next two months count. After my laps I just swam a bit more to relax and then stretched out on a chase to soak up some sun. I wasn’t worried about being nude; we lived in the country on acreage and had no neighbors within sight. As I said, Mom was successful.

I am aware of the risks and never lay in the sun too long so as soon as the timer on my phone sounded I went in to grab some lunch and hit the computer. I gamed online and had a raid scheduled with my guild that afternoon. I didn’t bother to get dressed, our housekeeper only works mornings. When the opportunity came for me to get naked, I took it. I like the freedom.

Well this routine went on for the next three glorious days. I would get up and go for a ride followed by a run. I would then shower and eat breakfast while chatting with Ms. Baker our housekeeper. This was followed by some computer time (typically porn) before hitting my weight machine and then when I was alone I would strip and hit the pool.

Saturday night I was gaming again when I heard the garage start to open (my room is above the garage) I looked out the window and saw Mom’s SUV easing in. What the hell? They weren’t due back until Sunday night! My phone rang, it was Aunt June.

“Tommy are you still up?” she asked.

“Yeah, why are you guys back?” I inquired.

“Long story, just come help me.” She said and hung up.

I tugged on a pair of shorts and ran downstairs. When I got to the garage I was greeted with an assortment of odors: booze, piss, vomit and, ugh…feces. Mom was passed out in the passenger seat and Aunt June was looking pretty ragged.

“What the fuck happened to her?” I demanded, forgetting that I usually didn’t say “fuck” around them.

“What the hell does it look like Tommy?” Aunt June yelled back at me. “She’s fucking drunk off her ass and she threw up, pissed and shit herself a few miles back! All I could do was roll the windows down and keep coming!”

Mom? Drunk? Yeah she drank but I had never in my life seen her intoxicated much less blind stinking drunk. I looked at Aunt June and cocked an eyebrow.

“Look hon,” she said a little softer, “I will explain later, but right now we need to get her inside and cleaned up. Then I need a shower and a few stiff drinks myself.”

Now I softened some too, I couldn’t stay mad at her. “No, you go on and take care of yourself. I got this.” I said.

“Are you sure?” she asked. I nodded and she grabbed her bags and started inside. “Come get me when you need me.”

I first tried to wake Mom up thinking I could help her walk inside. Shit, it was no use she was blasted. Without much of an option I picked her up and carried her inside. Damn did she stink! I realized that I couldn’t set her down anywhere without staining the furniture or carpet so I took her all the way to the master bedroom and straight into the bathroom. At least this was tiled and easy to clean.

I realized she needed to be hosed off so I decided it would be easier if she was already in the shower. I eased her down onto the cool tile of the big shower and pulled off her shoes and socks. I grabbed her shirt tail and pulled it off over her head. That was when I got three very big surprises.

Firstly Mom was not wearing a bra. Here I was thinking that I could bursa escort bayan strip her clothes off and leave her in her underwear and hose her filth off. Nope, no bra. It had never occurred to me that my Mom might go braless. Wow.

Secondly Mom had some “body modifications”. There was a nipple ring in her right nipple and a tattoo around that areola. It was a twisted wreath of ivy and on the outside of the breast there was a beautiful purple butterfly. So double wow.

And thirdly I was stunned to see just how beautiful those tits were! I mean they were big and firm with a minimum of sag due to their size. Her nipples were long and erect. Unlike Aunt June, Mom’s nipples and areola were darker, more red actually. I realized that my cock was struggling to rise in my shorts. What the fuck is this? She’s my Mom but DAMN those are nice tits! I had to adjust myself in order to stand up.

Luckily the shower was huge so I could ease her down onto the floor in order to pull off her jeans. The fecal odor was too strong in this tiny space despite the exhaust fan. I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. I bent over her and unfastened her jeans and tried to pull them down. I was glad to see that she had panties on. However I only had marginal success getting them down. But the water was stirring her a bit so with some coaxing and muscle I got her onto her hands and knees. This helped. I was able to turn her backside to the water and wash most of the filth out once her jeans were down to her knees. Then I realized that her panties were full, they had to come off.

I stepped out of the shower and called for Aunt June several times but there was no response. My phone was still in my room, I had no idea where Mom’s phone was, and I was dripping wet.

Shit, I gotta do something… Oh well she is too drunk to know what I’m doing anyway. I pulled her panties down and used the spray attachment to wash the filth out. The water on her ass caused her to start moaning though. What the fuck Mom? Ah hell at least her ass isn’t tattooed. I needed to get those panties off of her though so I turned her over onto her back again and pulled them the rest of the way off. I hosed out her jeans, shirt and panties as well as I could before tossing them aside.

When I looked back, Mom was lying there with her legs spread and masturbating!

“Fuck!” I said out loud.

“Yeah… fuck. Fuck me. Fuck… me.” Mom mumbled.

Wow, I had never heard Mom say fuck. She was really messed up. I decided this was where Aunt June needed to step in. Without much in the way of options I stripped out of my shorts and added them to the pile of wet clothes. Since I had no underwear on my semi rigid cock rejoiced at its freedom and started to rise even more. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Wrapping it around my waist I headed for Aunt June’s room.

Now you can imagine that I was quite distracted and so I burst in without knocking. Oh holy shit… Aunt June was buck ass naked after her shower and drying her hair with a towel. She saw me and we just stood there for a moment or two.

“Tommy, I thought you promised me years ago that you wouldn’t stare at my boobs.” she said smiling.

“To be honest, it’s not your tits I’m staring at.” I answered. Indeed it wasn’t. Aunt June had lost the thick patch of hair I remembered and now sported a completely smooth pussy. And only six or seven feet between us meant that I could see it very well. It was at this critical moment that I forgot to hold onto my towel and it fell to the floor. My cock was fully erect and sticking out with only a slight downward angle.

Aunt June’s mouth flew open and her eyes grew wide and as her hands came to her mouth she said “Fuck that’s huge!”

I remembered why görükle escort I came in and took a couple of steps toward her. “I’ve got Mom stripped and in the shower…”

Aunt June stepped up to me and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me down to her face and kissed me. She kissed me like I had never been kissed before. There was no doubt that this was a passionate woman. Her massive tits were squeezed against my bare skin and the feeling of my cock pressed against her belly was electric. Aunt June took one hand from around my neck to reach down and grasp my cock. She tugged it and my knees almost buckled. She shocked me when she backed up to the bed, pulling me along and sat down.

“Oh damn Tommy you have a huge cock!” she exclaimed. “Shit how long is it?” she asked “Oh my god a girl needs both hands for this thing.” Then she looked up at me and said something I never expected to hear from her. “Tommy, this is crazy and you can say no, but I’m begging you please, please make an old fat woman happy and fuck me with that big rod.”

“What the fuck Aunt June?”

“Yeah, I know its incest and a sin and wrong and I am horrible for asking but god oh god I want you.” She whined. “You don’t know how long it has been since I got a good fucking and I have never, never had a cock this size! Please Tommy, fuck me just one time and I’ll never ask for anything again!”

“Are you drunk?” I asked. Her breath was heavily tainted with alcohol. Ok, so she’d tossed back a couple after coming in, she’d earned it.

“Just enough to be brave enough to ask you.” She replied. “Without it I wouldn’t have the courage. I understand what I am asking for is next to impossible and not what you want, but Tommy, I need a big cock, a big load of cum, and a motherfucking big orgasm.”

“Wait, Aunt June, you think I don’t want this? Hell I think you’re beautiful and so damn sexy and ever since I learned what screwing was, I have fantasized about you.”

She softened and got all misty-eyed at my revelation. “Really Tommy? You’re not just saying that to be kind?”

To answer her I bent down and kissed her with all of the skill I could muster. I moved my mouth on hers and then parted my lips slightly. She got the hint and opened her mouth for my tongue. I moved my mouth to kiss her cheek and then whispered in her ear, “Kiss it for me, let me feel your hands and mouth on my cock.”

Aunt June did just that, she gripped my shaft and kissed my knob, then started kissing up and down my cock’s full length. I ran my finger through her hair and marveled at this surprise discovery. Aunt June wanted me as much as I wanted her. I could tell that she was enjoying herself, she was taking her time and savoring every moment. She took a good length into her mouth and started stroking both hands up and down my shaft.

Well I have had a couple of girlfriends and felt that I was a pretty good kisser. And one of them even let me caress and then kiss her small but perky titties. But to be honest I had never screwed or gone down on a girl and this was my first blowjob. And, well since I was so turned on by her, Aunt June very quickly had me building for a climax. She held my dick in her mouth and flicked the tip with her tongue. I warned her that it was close and she sucked harder and stroked faster and squeezed me tighter.

“I’m cumming!” I said, and my load exploded into her mouth. Two good spurts filled her mouth and she tried to swallow. My third was too much and she couldn’t hold it all, it started pouring out of her mouth and running down over her chin where it dripped onto her tits. The rest, one more big spurt and four or five smaller ones splattered onto her face and added to the creamy flow. I milked the last dribbles onto her chest.

“Oh god that was fantastic!” she finally managed to mutter. “Fuck I’d forgotten how good cum can taste!”

I just stood there looking at her pretty face covered in my cum. She smiled up at me as she proceeded to lick up all that she could. I never imagined this, and was loving it. She used her fingers to gather as much as she could and then sucked them clean.

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