Daddy Worships

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Coming home from my first year of college, I was excited to see my family. It had been a wild first year at school and one in which I had only seen my mother, father and sister once over Winter Break. It was a typical freshman year that most students have, filled with parties and booze. For that reason, I learned a lot more about life than about my studies. Particularly, I learned that my cock was much larger than average and girls loved it!

I had plenty of sex in high school but only with one girl, my high school sweetheart Claire. We took each other’s virginity and fucked like bunnies for the next three years. Claire had always told me I had a great cock but I assumed that was just her being nice.

These college girls were much sluttier and chose to sleep around a lot. It’s easy for them to find a new guy every night and yet they kept coming back to me. Telling me how amazing my cock was and how they had never cum harder. All in all, I slept with about 20 girls throughout the semester but they kept begging for more, to the point that I was having sex at least once a day for the entire year. I got so used to it that my biggest turn on was having a girl beg and plead me to fuck them. A needy, horny, slutty girl can be a real turn on!

I never considered myself a stud but was starting to feel like one. Standing at 6’4 200lbs, my body had really started to fill out. Short blond hair and blue eyes ran in my Dad’s side of the family, as he was Dutch. Having played soccer my whole life, I had thick, muscular legs to go along with my broad shoulders. But it was my cock that kept the girls coming back. My 12in was rather thick and my balls grew just a light blond hair

Walking in the door I was excited to see my family again. The first to great me was my mother. She was Italian, which was obvious from the moment you met her. Long black wavy hair and tanned skin. She loved to have bright colored nails, which I felt dig into my back as she hugged me. I couldn’t help but notice her very large breasts press into my stomach. She was about 5’11, tall for a woman but she pulled it off well with a slender body and a firm, plump booty.

Then my Dad walked up and hugged me. I was surprised to see his blond hair grown out, about shoulder length. We hugged tight. He was only about 5’8, much shorter than me and Mom too! Even though he was shorter, him and Mom had always been happy, I never questioned it, naïve I guess.

Finally my sister Cindy walked up to me, she had just turned 18 and we had always been really close. But having not seen her for 5 months I felt as though she had grown up just a tad. Blond hair and blue eyes, just like Dad and I. Just as tall as Dad but much thinner and I realized just then, rather damn sexy. Her breasts were not as large as Mom’s, but really, who could be. But they were still nice and plump. We hugged close and tight, I could tell she had no bra on and I giggled.

Whispering in her ear, “Wearing no bra for me Sis, that’s slutty for even you”. She pulled back and slapped my chest, smiling. We had always been close and could joke about sex, like best friends. But we had never fooled around. Well, yet that is.

We all caught up for hours after that. Eating dinner, desert and drinking a bit. Eventually the night wound down and everyone went to bed. I started to realize how hard my sister had gotten me throughout the evening. She wore a tight white with big yellow flowers dress. That was all it took to get my cock Mersin Escort hard by the end of the night. Having to settle for jerking off tonight instead of my steady girls, I walked to the computer room to find some porn.

Sitting down in the comfy leather family chair, I clicked on the computer to find some porn but instead found pictures of my sister and her friends. She must have just been looking at them and left it open. “Oh fuck this is so bad” as my cock grows rock hard really fast.

Gripping my balls first, I massaged them and checked out my sister and her friends. My cock standing straight up and starts to leak pre cum, oozing down my shaft to my balls making me squeeze harder. Then finding a picture of Cindy and two friends at a water park and in bikini’s.

My other hand runs from my balls up my shaft. Gripping my cock head tight to squeeze some precum out. Then using that to stroke back down my shaft as I admire Cindy’s tight body. Her friends and her are on inner tubes but for some reason the friend is on Cindy’s lap and sharing an inner tube. It’s too much for me as I stroke up and down faster now, using precum to lube my huge cock. Stroking and feeling the guilty pleasure run through my cock only making me harder. Suddenly, a noise from the hallway startles me as I turn around suddenly.

Holding my hand over my cock in a lame attempt to cover myself, I struggle to see who is there. Its dark and I can only see an outline that looks like Cindy. Blond hair pulled up in a ponytail, wearing just a long tshirt and some panties. Those, thin, long sexy legs leaned against the door.

“Oh, shit sorry Sis. Your friends are really sexy and well I couldn’t help stroke my cock to them. ” Gently rubbing my balls as my cock is still exposed and hard. The figure in the door shakes their head side to side and then shakes a finger at me saying no.

“No what Sis? Do you know how much this cock gets sucked at college? I just need to cum real quick so I can sleep.” I say trying to sound manly and mature. To my surprise she runs and hand to her breast and starts to pinch her nipple, then another hand to the other nipple. Twisting and pinching before I hear some soft gentle moans of pleasure. Slowly starting to stroke my cock again up and down I watch as, who I think is my Sister, starts to run a hand down her belly and then to her panties.

“Cindy, just what are you doing? You must be fucking with me right?” But she ignores me and starts to rub her panties about where her clit would be. I just keep stroking and gasp.

“OK, you dirty girl. Just what are you doing? I’m your brother and you can’t be so slutty in front of me.” Having learned from girls at school that calling them slutty and bossy gets them really tuned on, I use this tactic on the figure in the doorway.

Standing up now, I let my cock hang free as it starts to ooze some precum down to the floor. Figuring it would scare her away, I step towards her and say boo. But I am shocked to find she doesn’t run away, but groans again and begins to turn around and then bend over. Slowly lowering her hands down her legs I see her plump ass arch at me.

Her plump and juicy ass bounces back and forth, teasing me from just 5ft away. I see her smooth legs and then notice she is wearing knee high socks. Unable to resist I take a few steps forward and stroke my cock faster.

“Cindy you better stop that or I might cum. When did my sweet little sister get Mersin Escort Bayan so sexy?” I asked. She had never had a boyfriend and was a virgin last that I knew of. Did she get her cherry popped and learn how to be this sexy in just the last 5 months? I thought to myself.

Stepping closer only seemed to turn her on more as she began to rub her clit faster. Standing in the doorway where anyone could walk out and see her. Stroking my cock as I let my other hand caress her ass cheek. Squeezing a few times I could feel it was firm but soft. Taking one more step to her we both groaned as my cock no rested on the small of her back and my balls draped down her pantie covered ass crack.

Running my hand from her ass and up her side I made a bold move and went for a grab of her young breast. My cock oozing precum onto her back and panties. She suddenly grabs my hand and stops me, with a much firmer grip than I expected.

“Oh Cindy, now you get shy? Be a good girl and let me feel how hard your nipples are for me.” I leaned over to try and see her face but she kept it hidden. Then I realized her ponytail was much shorter than it should be.

“What the hell.” I say as I grasp the blond ponytail in front of me and turn her head so I can see her face.

“Dad!” I gasp. Stepping back in shock. Letting my cock go as I stumble back and fall into my chair. Staring at the tight body in front of me realizing it was not my sister, it was my Dad! He turns around and falls to his knees. Pleading me to be quiet as to not wake Mom and Cindy.

“Please, John. Keep Quiet and let me explain.” He says as I realize he is even wearing lipstick and maybe some makeup. I can’t deny that he looks very sexy and even has something in his shirt as his breasts look bouncy and plump. Crawling over to me slowly and shaking his sexy ass he looks me directly in the eyes. Is it my need to cum tonight or is my father dressed up in Cindy’s clothes really turning me on?

“Son, I have a deep dark secret and can’t hide it anymore. Your cock is so big and delicious and I can’t fight it anymore. Please let me suck on your fat cock.” Reaching my legs he places a hand on each knee. Licking his fingers as his face is just a few inches from my throbbing shaft.

“You can call me Cindy if that turns you on”, he says. “Just please, please let me suck on your big cock. Let me make your cum fill my slutty mouth. I need to worship your amazing cock.” His hands run up my thigh as he starts to lick my knee and thigh as well.

“Dad, stop. This is crazy. Are those Cindy’s clothes?” I use both hands to cover my shaft as to try and stop him. But I am too turned on to get up or push him away. Instead, letting his hot tongue lick up my thigh and even closer to my balls.

“Oh please.” He giggles and smiles in a very girlie way. “Look how hard you are John. You need and deserve to cum tonight. Now just let me take care of you.” With my hands still covering my shaft he gets close enough to run his tongue slowly up my balls. His tongue is a little rougher than the girls at school but its wet and hot and makes me groan loudly.

“Oh fuck Daddy, I mean Cindy.” Stumbling on my words as he begins to lick over and over on my balls. Getting them wet enough that he pops one in his mouth and slurps it around. Locking eyes with me as he then does the same to my other ball.

“Please John I need to feel this fat cock in my mouth. I’m your slutty little sister Escort Mersin and you can do anything you want to my throat.” He grasps my hand and gently pulls it off my shaft. I give in, as he is being just too sexy for me to resist. How did he know I loved when a girl begs for my huge cock?

“Fine, you win Cindy. But you better be able to handle this huge cock. It takes a lot to make me cum.” Removing my hands and letting my shaft bounce free, he smiles and giggles. Giddy to see my long shaft bounce in his face. Running his tongue from my balls, slowly up my shaft to my cockhead. Licking up some precum before he runs his tongue back down my shaft. Then grasping my shaft and starting to slowly stroke and he again licks and slurps on my balls.

I run my hand down his back and pull his shirt up his body so I can see his ass bounce as he worships my cock. His entire body is smooth as I wonder if he shaved it all off or can I just not see his blond hair in this dark room. Either way he is really turning me on. Roughly licking up my shaft again he sticks out his tongue and begins slapping my cockhead on it as he locks eyes with me.

“Let’s see how much of this amazing cock I can get down my throat. I want to be a good girl for you John. ” He strokes my shaft slowly again and begins to spit on my cockhead. Getting me wet and sloppy before wrapping his bright red lipstick covered lips around my cockhead. Swirling his tongue around a few times and then beginning to open his mouth and press me into his mouth deeper. I grab his blond ponytail and instinctively try to press deeper into his mouth.

“Dad, oh my god. That is amazing.” I give up on pretending its Cindy and just enjoy this amazing blowjob. He takes at least 8in deep before pulling off and gasping for air. Slowly licking his fingers as his lips are juicy wet.

“Son, this cock tastes even better than I imagined. Don’t be afraid to press my slutty mouth deeper on your cock. I’m a big boy, you can’t hurt me.” He grins sheepishly and begins taking me back into his mouth. Sticking his tongue out to get more of me in him. This time I grip his hair and start to force my cock deeper down his throat. He struggles at first and gags some but looks determined to take me deeper. I hold tight and gasp loudly as he gets about 10in of my shaft down his throat. Much more than any of the slutty college girls could do.

He starts to stroke my lower shaft as his mouth sucks me faster. From tip to 10in deep over and over, faster and faster. I am completely lost in ecstasy as I reach over and slap his plump ass a few times. How could this be happening, I think to myself. How could Dad look so sexy and get me so turned on?

“Give me all of that cum, Son. I want to taste your big fat load. Please cover my face and let me eat all that sticky cum off.” He keeps begging as he strokes my cock faster. Holding his mouth open creating a target for my cum and its just too much for me. I grab his hair and slam my cock deep into his throat one last time until I feel the first shot of cum down his throat.

Like a true slut he pulls off my cock and keeps stroking fast. Letting stream after stream of cum shoot all over his face, groaning the whole time. I cum harder than ever before watching him eat some cum that is all over his face.

“You’re my first real cock and that was amazing.” He says. As I try to regain my composure.

How can he take it so deep on his first time? Who taught him to be so slutty? I think to myself as he stands up and smiles. Turning around and slowly walking away, I can’t help but admire his ass.

I fall asleep in shock, as the best blowjob of my life had just come from my father. Little did I know, the wildest summer of my life had only just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32