Daddy: Exclusively Mine

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A few days after my 18th birthday, I was trying on some of my Birthday gifts. My friends had bought me some lingerie saying it was time I dressed like the woman I was becoming. It was mainly for laughs though. I was still a virgin I didn’t have a boyfriend, because my parents were was strict about boys. I even learnt at an All girls Catholic school and the only experience I had with sex was from inside a Mills & Boon novel.

I’d just finished clasping the red scanty bra when my door opened abruptly.

“Baby, what should I order for-“

“What the heck are you wearing? Where did you even get that?”

There I stood dumbfounded in the red set from my BFF. It was complete with the pantyhose and garter set. The panties were all sheer, leaving nothing to the imagination. Even the bra was just a compilation of ribbons and a mesh material with holes so big that my nipples pocked out.

I hastily put my hands over my boobs stuttering

“Sorry d-daddy. It-it was a Birthday gift from Molly.”

I watched him frown a bit, then his face suddenly lit up and the scowl turned into a smirk.

“Molly huh. Mmmm, she has great taste,” then he walked into the room.

Standing directly in front of me he removed my hands from covering my boobs, and held them at my sides. Then he started inspecting me. I felt my nipples harden under his intense gaze before his eyes dropped to my exposed pussy, before I squirmed and shut my legs.

“I can see daddy’s baby has the body of a woman now, and is dressed like one too. I think it’s time daddy gave you a lesson on how to use that body properly, right baby?”

I could only nod, as daddy put his hand over my pussy and started rubbing up and down.

Daddy then kissed me gently Beşiktaş Escort on the lips first. Stopped and looked at me, before kissing me again. This time sticking his tongue down my throat and pushing me so that I fell on the bed.

His hand continued rubbing my pussy, and I panted into his mouth.

I heard the sound of a rip before I felt the air on my pussy. Daddy had ripped my panties, and I felt his finger slide up and down my pussy. I gasped into his mouth.

No one had ever touched me there and it felt so good. Finding my love button, he rubbed it a bit and the sensation was too much. I was so close to cumming only if he kept on rubbing it. But he moved to my hole instead.

Then I felt something else rubbing on my thigh. I stuck my hand between us and felt Daddy’s bulge.

He stopped kissing me, and looked into my eyes with a smile,

“You can take him out if you want.”

My doll like eyes widened, and I opened his zip slowly, then the huge erect cock sprung out. I swallowed hard as I looked at my first cock. Even without experience, even I could tell one thing, this was big. My daddy really did justice to the expression, ‘hung like Cyclades.’

“Like what you see baby?”

I nodded.

“Say it kitten. I wanna hear you say it.”

“I like your big penis daddy.”

He chuckled, “Oh baby, when we’re in this room it’s called a cock.”


“Exactly. I love how you say that. Now spread your legs and hold them at your knees and let daddy pleasure you my little one.”

I did as instructed and watched as Daddy spread my lips open with his fingers then licked the whole length from bottom to top. I moaned.

“Mmm Daddy please. That feels so Beşiktaş Escort Bayan good.”

Then he did it again, and again, and again driving me insane. When he came up for air I could see his face glistening with my cunt cream. The sight was so hot, I could feel myself getting wetter. He went back to licking my pussy and put both hands on my breasts, and started squeezing them and pulling on my nipples. The sensations were too much and I could feel my orgasm coming. Then daddy sucked on my clit, and I exploded. It drove me right over the edge and all o could see were fireworks, I thought I was surely going to pass out.

Daddy crawled up my body and started licking and sucking my tits.

“Oh my,” I gasped

I held his head over my left tit. Panting with all the sensations coming from that one little point were his hot mouth was sucking on my nipple.

He sucked and nibbled, swirling his tongue around the pink stalk, then gently nibbling and chewing as his hard cock nudged against my pussy lips. My juices were dripping I could feel them dripping down my thighs and on his cock which felt so nice against my pussy lips. I tried to move my hips so I could rub against it even more. The friction was so damn good, I was moaning all over the place.

Then I felt daddy start to ease in. He was so big I gasped when his head entered. Then I felt him pushing in more, filling me. My tiny pussy clutched him and I could feel every vein, and every pulse on his cock. Then as he pushed in some more, he felt the resistance. My womanhood. He looked right into my eyes and asked ever so sincerely,

“Baby….do you want to give daddy s very special present…. your virginity..?”

“Yes Daddy. I want you Escort Beşiktaş to make me woman,”

At this point, all I wanted to fit all of him inside me. I didn’t care if he had to pop my cherry to achieve it.

He eased into me. Gazing deeply into my eyes not quite popping it yet. I probably looked nervous, and prayed it wouldn’t hurt too much. Then without a warning he slid in deep, burying his whole length into my pussy.

I let out a loud scream, when I felt my cherry popping.

My eyes watered and I whispered,


“You’re mine now baby girl…”

He paused for a while as my cunt adjusted and relaxed around him. Then he started to fuck me. His only baby daughter.

I feel so full, as he slid in and out.

And the pain subsided pleasure taking over, I started participating more. Little gasps turn into moans and I started moving my hips, trying to meet him thrust for thrust.

“… faster Daddy, please go faster,” I also surprised myself saying.

He speed up, our moans and whimpers filling the room

“Sweetheart, I am close to flooding you with my daddy seed.”

I on the other hand was dripping so much I could feel my own juices dripping down my thighs between us.

I put my lips over daddy’s in attempt to muffle the scream I could feel building up.

He felt so good inside of me.

And when he hit my g-spot…

I couldn’t take it any more.

I think he sensed me reaching the ultimate climax and with a final grunt he came hard, spurting into my baby virgin pussy. I really felt you exploding inside me triggering a powerful orgasm from me.

I could see fireworks exploding behind my eyes for the second time that day.

My first penetration orgasm taking me some 7th heaven.

“Mmmm…. good girl….. you’re a proper woman now….. but still and always daddy’s girl.”

I sighed contentedly, “Always and exclusively so.”

“Good girl.”


Got the idea from a fun chat

Hope you enjoy??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32