Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 02

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As I pointed out in the last story my father and I began playing with each other, and as often as we could. I would come down stairs in the morning and he would force me to change into different clothes, while he watched. Or after he got back from the gym I would help him out of his clothes and bathe his naked body. This went on for a while till he started bringing home dates. That would really piss me off because I was supposed the woman he loved, not some two-bit heifer who wanted his affections and money.

I would do what I could to sabotage his relationships. Sometimes I would tell the cows that mother disappeared mysteriously and we were living off the insurance settlement. If that didn’t work, I would tell them that father also preferred the intimate attentions of men and women. Of course when dad found out I was raged fucked so hard I couldn’t walk straight for at least two days.

Occasionally, I would bring home potential dates he would do his best to sabotage my relationships. Most of the time he would tell my dates, he would follow us. If anything happened, they would be stuffed in a bag. This worked 90% of the time. What guy wanted to be followed by an angry father?

One day I came home early from school, it was a senior-skip day. Daddy was not home, but my teacher Mrs. Cannel was there waiting for me at the house. I knew it wasn’t going to be good. She was a complete hard ass, not only to me, but to other students and teachers at my school. No one liked her. She taught English, like why should I be taught my native language?

She had a thing for Gucci and Tommy business suits and had expensive tastes. Her mousy brown hair was always neat and trimmed with her fingers constantly trimmed and groomed. She must have come from money or something. I looked at her with my eyes blue eyes trying to figure out why she was at my house. Today she wore her stupid little black suit with a satin-blue button up shirt. She was a typical overpaid yuppie with her $500 shoes and $5,000 gold Rolex.

“You were just the person I wanted to see Miss Lee.” She said a slight sneer on her ruby red lips. I couldn’t help hide my displeasure at seeing her, by rolling my eyes at her. She wasn’t ugly or anything, but her attitude made her the really ugly. The only fantasies any sane guy would have about her involved murder. I ignored her and unlocked the door going inside. Of course she invited herself in. If she wasn’t my teacher I would have kicked her out.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I wanted to be the first to tell you, your father and I are going out,” she said as a matter of fact. I felt the color drain from my face. My father didn’t tell me he was seeing anyone. He didn’t even hint that it was this woman standing in my house. How dare she try to take my daddy away? My mind raced to trying to determine if I missed the warning signs.

“Just how long has this been going on?” I asked her.

“For about two-weeks now.” She replied. She walked into the living room and sat down on my father’s favorite leather couch. She sat back and crossed her legs. Her black stockings complimented her overpriced leather heals.

“He also told me everything about you,” she said watching the rage boiling bursa eve gelen eskort bayan up in my face. I couldn’t handle it anymore; I was close to exploding.

“He told me how you two are really close,” she continued, “I know it will be a change but I’m sure YOU will be able to adjust to my presence in his life.”

“You can’t have him! He belongs to me. So you can go take your fake Prada handbag and get out of here now!” I shouted at her. Her face lit up as I realized what I had done. I had given this bitch more information then she had. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh, this is rich!” she said sitting up in the chair. “You’re fucking your dad, aren’t you? Oh, I knew you had some secrets, but this is better than I expected!”

I started to cry, tears streamed down my face as I realized what I just did. “Why?” I asked her.

“Oh, for the money and power,” she said. “How do you think I earn all these nice things? Not on a teacher’s salary. I worm my way into a well-off family, either sleeping with the father or flirting with their sons. Then I get enough dirt on a family member, than blackmail them into submission. Originally, I did it for the money, don’t get me wrong. The power was intoxicating too.”

“Are you worried that you are going to get caught?” I asked in between sobs.

“I got dirt of ½ the school board members and the principals. Fire me, and that all go down. That’s why I like these rich communities. These people will pay for me to keep my trap shut.” She giggled. “Now call your dad, tell him you need to see him right now.”

I did as I was told trying to figure out how to wiggle out of her trap. My daddy answered the phone and said he would be home shortly. When he arrived he saw me, my mascara was running down my cheeks and Mrs. Cannel sitting in his favorite chair.

“Who are you?” he asked. She informed him of the situation. He looked like he wanted to kill her and cry at the same time. We both knew if this scandal got out, we would be forced to leave the community in shame.

“What do you want?” he asked. He was sitting in between me and her.

“I don’t need money. I got plenty of it. What I want is two things. I want l power, complete control over you too. I also need to be left alone. I want you to say you are dating me; we need to be seen together so those nosey private investigators will leave me alone.” She sat back and licked her lips. She had both of us under her control.

“Fine,” Daddy said, “Now leave us alone.”

“No,” she replied. “Seeing you two both at my new play things, I want to have some fun. Now get on your knees and take off her shirt.”

My daddy looked at her, angrily.

“It’s ok daddy, we will get her back for this. For now, play along,” I whispered to him. He nodded as he continued to stare at her with hell bent eyes. Daddy ripped open my shirt and exposed my chest. My breasts were still in my bra. He yanked it down and popped my breasts out.

Mrs. Cannel let out a soft moan as sat back down in the chair. She began rubbing her knees.

“Don’t worry,” she said “You can play with your little girl; I’m just a dirty voyeur. Now eat her out!”

Daddy bursa eskort bayanlar pulled down my pants and looked at my thighs. I saw the look in his face he was mad, and I was going to be raged fucked. He pulled down my white panties and began to slide in two fingers inside. I moaned as he pushed back and forth picking up speed. Mrs. Cannel spread her legs apart as she lifted up her skirt, and her hand went under her black lace panties as she began to touch herself.

Daddy rolled his tongue across surface of my clit as he licked. He continued to watch Mrs. Cannel from the corner of his eye. She opened her eyes to look at us. She ordered me to play with my breasts and I did. I started to pinch my nipple as my hand grabbed my father by his hair. I slowly ran my hand through his hair as he slipped my clit into his mouth, bit it with his teeth, then spat it back out. He repeated the process of sucking and biting over and over.

Mrs. Cannel was moaning louder. She had her top open and was playing with her breasts as she began to finger herself. Suddenly she stopped.

“Now lick her ass,” she commanded. He continued to look at her. I placed my hand on my father’s face and gave him stare to let him know it was ok. I stood up and leaned over on the couch.

She shook her head. “No, no, no. Get on the fucking table, and eat her ass like a gutter slut. Don’t forget to face me, whore I want to see your breasts as face.”

We obeyed as I get on all fours on our little coffee table. I spread my legs wide, but somehow managing to keep them from sliding off the table. He got close and grabbed my ass with his hands, and spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt his nose rest on my tailbone as he began to lick my ass cheeks. He moaned loudly as he began to slurp my ass hole. I gripped on to the table moaning loudly. It was the most intense feeling I had. I was breathing heavily as he slowly started to get into it. He began to lick faster and faster, his hands firmly grabbing at my ass cheeks. Soon his fingernails dug into my ass as mine were imbedded into the coffee table.

My eyes were closed tight, and I wanted this to go on forever. Daddy was tongue fucking my ass as I started to cum for him.

“This is what real power is,” she said to me. “Now fuck that ass.” She commanded. Father and I never really did anal, so I wasn’t prepared to what came next. He got behind me and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and held on to it.

“I can’t do it,” he said pleading with Mrs. Cannel. She stood up and walked over.

“Claim her ass or I’ll fuck your world up.” She snapped in reply.

“Please don’t make me do this,” he begged. She looked at him and his defiance. She spat on his cock.

“NOW!” she demanded. He slammed his cock inside my ass. I tried to let out a scream but couldn’t. All I could see was stars and pain as he rammed it back and forth into my ass. When I was able to catch my breath I let out a scream of pain.

“GOD it really hurts!” I cried out in pain. “Please hurry and cum.” More tears streamed down my face as he pumped my asshole with his thick cock.

“How bad does it hurt?” asked Mrs. Cannel.

“Really bad, please görükle escort bayanlar stop, I can’t take it anymore,” I begged. The pain slowly turned to pleasure as he speed up, but was told to slow down by that fucking bitch. Daddy slowly pumped my ass with his thick cock. She sat back on the chair and began to play with herself. She started to cum as she continued to slide her finger back and forth inside. Her moaning was getting louder as my daddy continued to slow fuck me. Then she ordered us to stop. The look on my father’s face said he was about to cum. I wish he would have, it would have felt good to have that warm cum deep in my ass. I feel to the table, I was trying to catch my breath.

Mrs. Cannel ran her hand through my pink hair. “No one is allowed to cum till I do. That is a new rule around the house.” She said in a demining tone of voice. “Now my little pet, ride his cock till he cums.”

She reached in her bag and pulled out a camera and began to take pictures of us. I wanted to protest, but daddy’s cock grew harder and more erect. Daddy sat down on the couch, as I climbed on top of him. I took his throbbing cock in my hand and slide it inside my pussy. It was thicker then what I was used to. Mrs. Cannel continued to snap more photos. I moved up and down, as he began to play with my breasts. He took on in my hand and sucked on them hard, and grabbed the other with a vice-like grip. His tongue flicked the nipple back and forth as I continued to bounce up and down.

He was throbbing deep inside of me as he rocked his hips trying to shove it in deeper. I reach back and grabbed the back of his head with my hand. It forced him to open his mouth and take more of my breast in his mouth. I saw started to cum hard. Daddy reached for my hips and forced me down deeper on his cock. I could feel him about to explode.

He tried to scream in pleasure and beg for more, but his mouth was filled with my breast. As thick cum shot deep inside my wet pussy I started to cum hard as well.

“You like that?” Mrs. Cannel asked.

“God yes, he’s so fucking hard.” I said as I continued to bounce up and down. I started to cum over and over as he pumped my pussy. She snapped away at her camera. Then she grabbed me by my pink hair and pulled me off of him. Daddy and I were both confused.

“What are you doing bitch?” I asked her.

“Clean that cock with your tongue, fucking whore. Don’t forget to lick it off the floor and his legs too.” She ordered not letting go of my hair. She made me lick what little cum hit the floor off with my tongue. She would stop and make me look at my daddy and her with my blue eyes. She then whispered something in my ear.

I looked up at her camera, which was now on record video and I said, “I love to lick cum off the floor like a good little slut should.” His cock started to grow hard again. She whispered something else for me to say.

“Will you whore me out at an adult video store, Daddy?” I asked. I started to like talking dirty like this; the juices began to run down my legs again. Mrs. Cannel forced my mouth down around Daddy’s cock as I tried to suck him off. I couldn’t do a good job of it because she was forcing my head down and back up so fast. I started to gag, but it only encouraged her to force me down deeper in his cock. She forced it down as she tried to force my head up to look at his eyes.

“You heard what that slut of yours for a daughter asked for. Are you going to give her what she wants?” asked Mrs. Cannel.

I had a feeling this was not the second half, but the second quarter.

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