Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 07

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter 7

Fyr grunted, face pressed into the pillow she’d hugged to her chest and neck. Her crimson scales dripped with sweat and she groaned, muffling her sounds of pleasure the best she could, although there was no denying the joy the thick, draconian-cock dildo brought her. The strap-on hadn’t been one she’d bought, the harness too fine and far beyond her pay check, and, in all honesty, she would have wanted to see how it was to use one on a male rather than take the shaft herself, if anyone had asked her before after a few glasses of wine. It might even have been fun the other way around. After all, in a marriage, wasn’t that what a husband and wife was supposed to do — experiment? She simply hadn’t expected to be the one pinned down and filled with its delicious, ridged length, each thrust grinding over her clit in a way that made her eyes roll back into her head.

The shaft struck a particularly sensitive spot inside her, teasing over the cluster of nerves within her hot, clenching passage, and she yelped, pushing her tail up further over her back. Her short claws ripped through the pillowcase, but she couldn’t find it in herself to care.

Behind her, the divine being giving her such pleasure chuckled warmly and ran her fingertips up the dragoness’ spine. Against herself, Fyr shivered and pushed into the touch, craving more, always more.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Her mother cooed, fingers curling around her shoulder. “Am I going too hard for you?”

Shaking her head, Fyr trembled and tried not to think of just who was fucking her. Her mother… Her own mother. As if there would be any other kind of mother for her — well, certainly not a mother in law, considering Ropes’ ancestry — but the blue dragoness had well and truly taken on a new role in her daughter’s life. Who could ever have known that telling her mother about one crazy dream where she and her husband, Ropes, were fucking could have escalated to such wonderful heights?

It was different, it was new and it was always, always a challenge. Even taken the shaft — it was as if Sasha was intent on seeing just how much she could take before she snapped and growling, her rough she could be with her own daughter. What she had not yet learned was that her daughter lusted after it more than she’d even let on to her husband. She’d even taken things well when it had been revealed that Sasha was pregnant, although one could only discern the slight swell to her stomach if they really squinted and even that could have been a trick of the light. Moaning, she arched back into each and every thrust, tension building in her loins as if a cord was being wound tighter and tighter.

Yes… It was worth it for the moments like those. The dragoness tipped her muzzle down, snorting into the pillow as her lusts rose. It wasn’t conventional, but it was impossible to hide or conceal just how aroused the relationship made her. Watching Ropes fuck her mother… She shuddered, though Sasha put it down to her thrusts and gripped her tighter, claws digging in as she sped up, hips slapping her daughter’s buttocks. Fyr moaned. Oh, yes, it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, better than any other sex too. And Fyr found she didn’t mind being reminded of her new place in the family. As long as she was reminded often, that was, and she wasn’t above stepping out of line to get the discipline that made her so wet between the legs.


The dragoness stiffened, but there was nothing she could do in her position to stop her husband from seeing her in all her naked, happily abused glory on the bed. Groaning, she pushed her muzzle beneath the pillow, cheeks heating up as a familiar paw trailed across her buttocks.

“Back off now,” Sasha admonished and suddenly that warm paw was gone. “She’s my treat right now. You can have your turn when I’m good and done, sugar.”

Ropes growled and Fyr could almost imagine just how his hackles looked, raised on the back of his neck, as his tentacles twisted into one another like a nest of snakes.

“I don’t take sloppy seconds.”

“I won’t be the one cumming in her now, will I, kitty?” Sasha clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. “Be good and wait your turn.”

Fyr trembled with a suppressed giggle, the tip of her tail flicking back and forth. Yeah, like that was going to happen!

The mattress bowed as the cougar clambered up, lacking a shocking amount of feline grace, and Sasha moaned as he pressed up to her.


Fyr didn’t have to turn her head, pulling it from under the pillow, to see what was happening, but she did so anyway. It was one of the perks of being a voyeur. Beylikdüzü escort Her husband’s brown fur pressed into her mother’s scales as he pushed over her, a low purr rolling from his lips. His pale white eyes locked with Fyr’s as his cock sank in, a lewd squelch of juices demonstrating very viscerally just how wet the dragoness was.

Lips parted, Sasha groaned like a virgin getting fucked for the first time and trembled between the husband and wife, thrusts pausing for a moment as she enjoyed the sensation of being filled. Fyr suspected that that particular strap-on had been purchased with the intent of the dragoness wearing it at the time getting some certain fun herself.

“Fuck me, stud.”

Ropes was only too eager to oblige. Arching his back, he wrapped Sasha in his tentacles and rocked forward, squeezing his glutes as he drove into her. The dragoness gasped, though had no time to regain her breath as the cougar bucked into her, claws pricking past her scales to dig deliciously into her hips as he covered her as only he was permitted to do.

Fyr couldn’t imagine her mother bending over for anyone else after seeing her in Ropes’ arms. And she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

She climaxed with a howl, pressing her muzzle into the pillow as her whole body quaked, beyond her control as it had been since the dominant pair had well and truly taken over her life. Fyr tried her best to muffle her shrieks of abject pleasure, but there was no hiding just how divine that faux cock felt inside her passage, each thrust and grind of the ridged length sending another wave of ecstasy rippling through her until she was but a mumbling, gibbering mess, tongue lolling as she collapsed to the mattress. Of course, her state didn’t stop Sasha from taking her pleasure, the dragoness groaning lustfully as she pounded her daughter’s cunny, the cougar hardly helping her to be gentle.

“Ah…” Her head rolled back as Ropes’ lips played across her shoulder, showing her the faintest hint of teeth and gentlest love-nip he could have possibly managed. “That’s it, Ropes… Take me good and hard!”

Shuddering, she made no complaint as his claws dug even more fiercely into her hips and the cougar wrapped his tentacles around her waist, dragging her back onto his uncut shaft with each and every sharp, driving thrust. The tip of his cock rammed up to her cervix as she moaned, stilling with the dildo buried in Fyr to the hilt with only the roll of Ropes’ body to grind it even deeper, setting off sparks behind the dragoness’ lowered eyelids. Helpless to do anything but wait patiently while they made use of her, her inner thighs soaked with her own feminine juices, Fyr moaned. It wasn’t as if it was a bad place to be, by any means.

A horny cougar could not last long with such an erotic sight before him, however, Sasha moaning like a whore as Fyr whimpered and pleadingly caught his eyes. What she was pleading for, he’d never know as Ropes suddenly slammed in with a savage growl, ears pinned back as he spent his seed. Sasha licked her lips in time for another moan to pass then, eyes closed as she arched her back and curled her tail around as much of the cougar’s waist as she could manage, the tip hanging freely.

“Yessss,” she hissed. “Now don’t forget about me, my sweet, stud kitty. You wouldn’t leave a lady wanting now, would you?”

Grunting through climax, Ropes’ whiskers quivered.

“Ah… I’m sure my wife wouldn’t mind helping you out with that little problem,” he growled, his voice low and thick. “She does have an exceptionally talented tongue.”

Cum drooled out around his thick shaft as Sasha wriggled, jostling the dildo within the avidly listening Fyr. It only took a snap of her mother’s fingers and a pointed look before she was squirming, wincing as she awkwardly dragged herself up and off the dildo. Moving slowly, she couldn’t help but gasp as the tip popped out of her, leaving the toy crudely gleaming with her arousal, impossible to hide. She blushed hard and quickly spun around, tail thwacking the headboard and set about getting her fingers underneath the straps of the harness, quickly and skillfully working the buckles loose. After all, it wasn’t as if she’d never taken it off her mother to please her with her tongue before.

And when the dragoness’ pussy was revealed in all its flushed, glistening glory, Fyr’s heart leapt into her throat. She didn’t pause, just leaned in and ran her tongue along her puffy sex to a chorus of moans.


Ropes’ cock softened within her and Fyr eagerly lapped up the stream of cum as he pulled out, semen splattering lightly onto the bed. She would have languished in cleaning off his cock, but her mouth shoved her pussy into her daughter’s face, effectively commanding her attention above all else. Grunting softly, Fyr lapped and pushed her tongue into her, murring at how the dragoness’ pussy clenched and rippled wantonly around her tongue. She shivered. She felt as if the cougar had dumped Beylikdüzü escort more than one load into her, if not several, but her husband seemed to be especially virile of late.

Losing herself in the giving of pleasure, Fyr swirled her tongue around the dragoness’ clit and pressed down harder with her moans. It didn’t take long for Ropes to feel up to the challenge of joining in once again and Fyr did not complain when his hard cock once again pushed past her tongue into the dragoness’ sweet treasure. Bucking and groaning, Sasha clenched her jaw and spread her wings, the membranes quivering like the frailest of spider webs between the finger-like spines. And Fyr chose that moment to bear down, wrapping her lips warmly around her clit and sucking it into her mouth.

As if electrified, the dragoness contorted and bucked and cried out, head rolling back as orgasm devoured her like a flame to kindling. She twisted and moaned and there was nothing she could do to stop the wildfire as it carried her on. Emboldened, Fyr dug her fingers into her thighs, the softer scales giving to her grip, and lashed her clit as the cougar thrust and ground, panting and yowling like a feral feline as he spurred the dragoness on into the explosive climax that they’d all known she would make her own from the very start.

Her howl may have contained words, but they were none that Ropes or Fyr could discern as Sasha clawed at the bed, breasts heaving in great, needy gasps. Yet there was no way for her to drag enough air into her lungs as orgasm hurled her about like a rag doll, a toy for its own amusement, as shockwave after shockwave of electric pleasure coursed through her nervous system. Bearing down, Fyr purred against her clit, letting the gentle vibrations travel down her long tongue and ever so gently stimulate the throbbing, pulsing nub through which she delivered her mother to such wonderful heights of pleasure. The dragoness’ thighs pressed in around her muzzle and head, Fyr’s nose squashed into her scales, but she couldn’t have thought of anywhere else she’d have rather been — as the cuckold wife.

Ropes’ paw latched onto the back of her head, claws catching one of her frills, and the dragoness grunted, yet did not stop. After all, she hadn’t been told to stop or pushed away. It was sometimes debatable which method Sasha preferred, but it was only when she had that clear, sharp signal to move that her daughter would stop pleasing her as only she could. The cougar had no such rules to follow and grunted as he slammed in, uncaring for how long he lasted while Sasha quaked beneath him, seeming only to be held up by the strength of the two bodies adoring her.

Eventually, however, she became too sensitive and the palm of her paw shoved ungracefully into the side of Fyr’s muzzle, telling her quite clearly that her job was good and done. Hardly one to complain — her jaw, after all, was a little sore — Fyr licked her lips and wriggled back, panting softly as she rolled onto her back and took stock of the situation, head spinning. Her mother’s pussy stretched around Ropes’ thick shaft and Fyr watched avidly as the skin on his cock tugged back and forth, a drool of cum and feminine arousal gleaming at the exposed base of his uncut length. Against herself, the dragoness moaned.

She was ignored. As Sasha gasped and regained her sense of self, Ropes snarled and slammed in deep, yowling as he spilled his seed and gave her, at the very least, her second load of the day. Biting her lip, Fyr leaned in, but did not quite dare play her tongue around the base of his shaft where their bodies joined, balls churning as he ejaculated with fervour, the cougar’s chest heaving as if he’d run a marathon. In all honesty, he wasn’t in much better shape after such a steamy session than the dragoness he took such great joy in breeding. And the evidence of that lay in the dragonet growing in Sasha’s belly.

Quietly, Fyr left them to it, turning on the shower for the couple to take their leave of the bedroom and perhaps join her for dinner, if they chose to eat what she made for them. Ropes had rolled his eyes more than once at whatever meal she’d come up with, but, where he would have before sat down with only a grumble, he was easily swayed by Sasha’s lure of a dinner out. And then Fyr was left with a cold dinner that she had only wanted to eat with company while the lovers enjoyed better company than she. Yet it was the notion of just what they were getting up to that kept her warm on the sofa at night while the guest room was being turned into a nursery, a paw between her legs and a smile on her lips.

It wasn’t her place to question what they were doing, after all. Not on that side. She still, of course, had her position in the household to keep on top of and, sometimes, that required a little bit of a louder voice than she was used to.

She busied herself with dinner, humming a tune to herself as she prepared the meat for the rice dish, something new and daring that she hoped Escort Beylikdüzü would come together in just the right way. That was always the risk with a new recipe, just like a new relationship, as one could never tell if they would do quite the right thing at quite the right moment for all to blossom fruitfully in the way one imagined.

Her mother and Ropes moseyed their way down into the living room while she bustled and went through her usual routine, the dragoness only pausing to pour a glass of wine for her mother. Ropes would have whatever he wanted and never seemed to know when she asked, yet he didn’t mind sourcing his own drink either, so she did not worry about not being able to place an appropriate beverage in his paw. Her mother, however, had a growing penchant for finery and was certainly more easily pleased.

Popping the glass on the coffee table, Fyr bobbed her muzzle and smiled, ensuring a coaster was below the circular base. Sasha sighed softly and leaned back into the plush sofa, the curtains already drawn against the street outside, a garden setting the front of the house back from everyday life. Although she didn’t interact with her neighbours much, Fyr supposed she would have to sooner or later if she wanted to get the ranch set up for their new life. That was a trial in itself, however, with so much going on.

Her mother eyed her as she retreated, her words curling around Fyr’s ear frills and down around her throat like a wrapping of silk.

“So, Fyr, how is the cleaning of the nursery coming along?” Her mother said conversationally, her feet up on the coffee table. “Did you get the paint we decided on too?”

Fyr eyed her and her rather comfortably placed bare hind paws, but made no verbal comment. The ‘we’ that her mother spoke of did not apply to the crimson dragoness and Ropes like it should have done.

“It’s…” She licked her lips, moistening a suddenly very dry mouth. “It’s coming on well enough. I’m not sure if it’s going to be too small though.”

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Sasha waved her paw dismissively.

“You two lovebirds are due an extension on this place already — make some more room for yourselves.

“Maybe I’d have time to do that if Ropes lent a paw once in a while.”

The snap was out and past her lips before she could stop it and she clapped her paws over her mouth too late. Sasha’s eyes narrowed and she slowly swung her hind paws down from the coffee table, letting them thump onto the carpet with a final, foreboding air.

And yet… Fyr took a deep breath and clenched her fist. Hadn’t she yet learned her lesson about pushing back? Oh no… But it was true. She could get a lot more done if one or both of them helped her — just look at what a state the barn was in that she and Ropes were supposed to be fixing up! She doubted that the cougar had set paw in there since he’d last fucked her mother against the half-broken stable door that she still hadn’t found the time to fix and there wasn’t any good reason for that either.

Clearing her throat, Sasha stared her down.

“I’m waiting.”

Fyr bristled.

“For what, pray tell?”

“Your apology.”

Pressing her lips together so that she did not pant, dragging in short, sharp, anxious breaths, Fyr pressed her fingertips together before her breasts, letting them form a pointed triangle.

“Mother, it’s true. I am only one dragoness and I can’t do all of this by myself.” Gulping, she looked down at her hind paws, toes curling and flexing in her sneakers. “I can get the nursery done, more or less, but I want it to be wonderful for the little one… I want it to be the best nursery ever

“Well, you’re simply going to have to put in a few more extra hours then, aren’t you?”

The words came like a slap in the face and Fyr reeled, jaw dropping.

“You can’t be serious?” She gaped. “We’re really going through this again? Just what are you? You’re not my mother! My mother would never say anything like that!”

She didn’t expect the smirk that crossed Sasha’s lips like she didn’t expect the words that followed. And yet the scene before her seemed to move in slow motion, each movement her mother made dragged out and exacerbated so that every little detail shone in sharp clarity. Collecting her wine glass from the coffee table, Sasha gave a huge, heavy sigh, shaking her head slowly as she swirled the crimson fluid around the interior. Opening her mouth to speak, Fyr closed it again, the words she wanted to say drying up on the tip of her tongue as if they’d never actually existed.

“Oh, darling, I’m far more than just your mother now,” Sasha purred, fingering the stem of her wine glass before downing the last drops with a sigh of evident pleasure. “And it’s high time you learned that.”

She laughed mockingly and pointed a slender finger at her daughter’s chest. Fyr fought not to flinch away, digging her heels into the carpet, holding her ground with every ounce of strength she possessed.

“Or maybe you need another lesson.”

“There are no more lessons to be learned, mother,” Fyr murmured, her tone set. “Not by me. I know where I stand and I only have our best interests at heart. You should see that. Ropes should see that.”

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