Cuckold CEO Ch. 12

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It had been a week since my wife told me she was ready to find another lover. After our weekend picnic, she went back to our house outside the city, to spend some time getting her thoughts together. Before she left, she locked me back up in my chastity cage, the small one. As she did it, she slyly smiled at me and thanked me for my support since James died. She told me that she loved me more than I could imagine and she was thrilled that I was ok with her having a new Alpha Male lover. I told her that our relationship was a two-way street. I loved how sexual she was, and I wanted her to be happy. I also told her that I knew that my submissiveness did not give her what she needed. Also, I explained that I actually got off watching her cum on her lover’s cock. I was truly a cuckold and I wanted to be a cuckold but more than that I wanted to be a stag. I wanted to watch my wife have amazing sex, then take her back afterwards. Our mutual perversions were good for both of us.

However, I did have one request of her. I told her that James had taken it too far for me. His abuse was too much for me. I didn’t mind playing the part for the two of them, but the abuse couldn’t continue. My wife gave me a big hug and kiss and told me that she would not allow things to go that far again. She actually didn’t mind his rough stuff with her, but she understood how I could have felt and wanted me to be comfortable with our life style. Everything seemed like it was going my way.

The condo was quiet all week. I worked my ass off each day and came home late. My wife and I would call each other and stay on the phone for hours before bed. She was really starting to sound like her old self again. On Thursday night, we talked on the phone. She told me that she was going to go out Friday night to a bar close to our country house and hunt for a new lover. She told me that she took one of the nanny cams from the condo and she had set it up in the living room at the house. My wife told me that she would text me if she found someone, then have me watch via the nanny cam. My very caged cock twitched and wanted to respond but had no chance. I agreed and told her that I expected to work until at least 7 pm on Friday, then would take the train home after. It would take me two hours to get home on the train.

Friday afternoon came quickly. I had many meetings at work. My phone buzzed about 5:30 pm. My wife texted that she had stopped by a bar downtown, by the courthouse. She mentioned the bar was filling up fast and that there were a bunch of hot guys there. I smiled, my wife was back in her element. I texted back, that I wished her luck and hoped she had fun. I went back to my meeting and tried to put her hunting out of my mind. My meeting went very long and we finally finished about 8:30 pm. I looked at my phone, there was a message. My wife had texted that she had met a handsome lawyer. She said he was very professional and very buff. She sent a smiley emoji with a kissy face and a heart. I laughed out loud. She was such a sexual person, she just couldn’t help herself.

Another text arrived a few minutes later. It just said she was heading home, with a smiley emoji, an eggplant and water drops. She obviously was bringing him home for one thing only. I turned on the app on my phone and chose the camera she had taken to the house. The screen filled with a darkened living room. She was not yet home. I left the office and walked with my face plastered to my phone. I looked like the kids I see around the school down the street. About the time I got to the train station, the lights at the house came on. A few seconds later I saw movement. My wife had entered the room, hand in hand, with a tall, well dressed man. She told him to have a seat and asked him if he wanted a drink. He said he did. He wanted some whiskey. My wife went and got him some of my best, most expensive alcohol. She returned with a small glass. Damn, she was dressed for success. She had on a tight, knee length black skirt, white silk blouse, six-inch black patent leather Çankaya Escort heels and a gold anklet on her right ankle. My wife had never looked better or sexier. She went hunting with her best gun and ammo.

She sat next to her mark and began to flirt with him. I could hear her giggling and laughing at everything he was saying. I could not make out what they were talking about, but I was sure it was just small talk. She laid back on the couch and put her legs across his, her heels off to his left and her pussy to his right. He laid his hands on her sexy legs and began to rub them. She spread her legs slightly as he continued to make his way to her skirt hem. Her message was received without any confusion. Her handsome friend slid his hand up her skirt. As he brushed up between her thighs, she scooted down towards him. It did not take long before he hit his target.

His finger reached her lacey pantie. Tonight, she was wearing the skimpiest underwear. They were basically a small patch of lace covering her pubic hair and hole, the balance of the panty, was a thin string that went up the crack of her ass. He knew that anyone wearing something like this was ready to play. He slid aside the lace and rubbed her clit with his finger. She responded with a gentle purr. He took this as his signal to push forward. Next, he inserted his finger into her very wet snatch. He put his whole index finger in, until his thumb hit her clit. Her gently pushed his finger up as he began to rub her pleasure knob. She laid her head back and began to purr like a kitten. She slid down towards him so that he had a perfect angle.

Her new lover removed his finger and pulled her skirt up to expose his target. He moved around to get between her legs and dropped down between them. Her lover then placed her legs over his shoulders and went to work on her pussy. She closed her eyes and bent her body to give him as much room as possible. Her hands soon gripped his head. She ground his face hard, into her wanting pussy. My wife’s favorite sexual treat was when I ate her pussy after her lover used it. For the first time in years, she was getting head before getting fucked and she was enjoying it.

The train seemed to be going 10 miles per hour tonight. I desperately wanted to be there watching. Instead, I was stuck viewing my wife and her lover on a 5-inch long screen. It was frustrating but very erotic. They went at it for about ten minutes before my wife pulled his head up. She pulled his face up to hers and kissed him deeply. At this point, things began to heat up. She began unbuttoning his shirt, as he unbuttoned her blouse. Her hands then pulled his shirt off and then yanked down the waist of his pants. Without delay, his pants were on the floor. Her new lover, knelt before her on the couch. She looked between his muscular legs. A thick and very impressive cock stared back at her, standing straight and hard as a rock. Her new lovers’ cock was very different than James’ low hanging tool. A big smile went across her face. I’m sure she was imagining how that rock-hard weapon was going to feel inside her wet hole. My face was almost against the screen of my phone. I too, wanted desperately to see him try to fit that into my wife.

My wife looked directly at him, then lifted her shoe up to his face and put the heel into his mouth. He closed his mouth and bit down softly. She then pulled him towards her, with her lure. He grabbed her ankles and wrapped then around his neck. Then, he pulled her thighs and dragged her ass to a point near his knees. He rubbed her pussy for a moment, then took the head of his cock and rubbed the entrance of her waiting snatch. He teased her clit a bit, until she told him she wanted him, now. He took her waist in his hands and slid his probe deep into its’ target. My wife gasped, then moaned with satisfaction. Her lover then began to slowly, lovingly, pump himself into her. He held her legs tight to his body. From the angle I was watching, Cebeci Escort I could see her ankles locked around his neck. She wanted him to stay where he was and she was going to be sure he did. While he continued to pump, he stared into her eyes. She made it a point to rub her breasts with one hand and suck on her finger with the other.

Her actions had the desired effect. He began to increase his pace and change position. Her lover pulled her flat on the couch and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He got on top of her and began to pound harder. My wife wrapped her arms around him. She placed her hands on his ass and dug her nails into his ass cheeks. This encouraged him more. He stuck his tongue deep into her throat. Although he had no idea, this was something that my wife loved. Deep, passionate kisses during intercourse, usually made her cum faster. She responded by returning the favor to him. From my seat on the train, I watched as my wife and her lover became one, on my couch. I was in heaven. My wife was getting what she needed and I was getting to watch. The best of both worlds.

I then heard my wife say something. This time it was loud and clear. Loud and clear enough for me to hear, even on the train. She told her lover that she wanted him to cum in her. Her lover did not waste time. He began to pound her very hard. She pulled his mouth to hers again and kissed him deeply. She was obviously close to orgasm and wanted him to cum too. She dug her nails back into his ass again. As she did, I saw his body stiffen, then twitch slightly. A muffled scream came from between them. His cock began to pump its goodness into her womb. The feeling of his warm sperm filling her vagina, set her off on a long, strong ride. Her legs held him to her tightly. Her high heels locked behind his back. My wife’s moan mixed with his scream. The sound was amazing. Two lovers reaching nirvana at the same time.

Their orgasmic bliss happened when I was twenty minutes from home. I wondered what would happen if I walked in on them. What would he do? The thought made me smile. I might get the chance to screw with his mind a bit too. The two of them laid in each other’s arms for about ten minutes before my wife told him that she needed to get up early tomorrow, he had to leave now. He got dressed and bent down and kissed my wife as she still laid on the couch. He told her he would let himself out and left. I was coming down the street as he was leaving. I watched as her lover got into his BMW and drove away. I walked up to the front door, anxious with anticipation. My caged nub was trying desperately to grow, to no avail. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was like my first kiss all over again. I entered my house and called for my wife. She told me to come into the living room. My wife was still laying on the couch, skirt up around her waist, still in her sexy heels. I sat by her feet and looked between her legs. The lips of her vagina were puffy and red. There was a small gap between them. A bead of her lovers warm, white seed formed at the opening. I did not say a word. Instead, I pulled her thighs up to my face and began to probe her freshly fucked hole.

She moaned and took my head in her hands as she had done with her lover just an hour ago. The small bead of cum soon became an uninterrupted flow of warm saltiness. My tongue probed deeply, to be sure it found all of its treasure. My wife cooed with pleasure. My warm tongue then sent her pussy off to the second orgasm of the evening. Her thighs trembled around my head. It felt wonderful. Finally, we were a couple again. She was getting the sex she so desperately needed and I was helping her fulfill that dream. I also was getting what I wanted too. My dream was to give my wife everything she could ever want or desire and participate in her enjoyment when she did.

After she came down from her orgasm, I asked her how her night went. She told me that she really enjoyed her evening. Her lovers name was Brett. Çukurambar Escort He was a trial attorney who specialized in corporate law. He was 32, single, never married and was new to town. She then smiled slyly and told me that his cock was very hard and had an interesting bend in it. She said she had never had a cock in her like that. His cock tickled her G-spot. The curve put pressure in just the right places. She said that she had needed to concentrate hard, so that she wouldn’t cum too fast. She then smiled uncontrollably and asked if she could have her new friend over to play again. She wanted to get a second chance to ride the curve. I laughed and told her that she could have whatever she wanted. I rubbed her sexy ankles, then kissed them and began to get off the couch.

She told me to wait and to get on my knees in front of her. She fiddled around on the end table and my key appeared. She unlocked my cage and released my prisoner. She rubbed it a bit and then stood in front of me. She looked down and told me I deserved an orgasm too. My wife then told me that she would give me directions of how I was going to cum. Ok, I thought, this sounds fun. My wife looked down at me and asked if she had sexy ankles. Fuck, I told her, you have the sexiest ankles I have ever seen on a woman. Then she asked me if I liked black heels. Again, I told her that, if this was all she wore all day, she could move armies. She smiled and told me to start rubbing. My wife then told me to stare at her ankles and show her how sexy they really were. If they were as sexy as I said, then I should get off looking at them.

I looked down and saw absolute perfection. My cock stiffened like I was a teenager. I began telling her how beautiful she was and how sexy I found her. I told her that I wanted to cum on her ankle and on her heels. She told me that she would consider it a tribute, to her ankles’ sexiness, if I was able to pull it off. I assured her that it would happen quickly. She then began to tease me ruthlessly by rubbing my ball sack with the tip of her heel. Then she rubbed it on the tip of my cock. As she did, shivers ran down my spine. She then rubbed her ankle across the head of my cock. This was too much and I let out a loud “argh”. A pearl of cum formed at the tip, then stream after stream of white ejaculate coated her ankle. She spun her leg around slightly so that my cock sprayed three lines of sperm right across the toe of her shiny black pump. I had not cum this much in years. It took me a minute to collect my composure. She looked down and me and told me that she was impressed with my handywork. She lifted her foot to my face. I placed it, in my hands, in front of my mouth. She then told me to clean up my mess. I greedily slurped the cum off the toe of her sexy shoe. Then aggressively licked up the mess I had made on her ankle. The excitement of cleaning up caused my penis to drool a small puddle of goo on the floor.

My wife looked down and feigned disgust at the sight. She grabbed my hair and told me that I was a bad dog and that I had made a mess on the floor. She then asked what would have happened if she had stepped in it. She then did exactly that. My wife pressed the toe of her heel into my small puddle of cum and crushed it like a cigarette. It looked like she was squashing a bug. She looked at me and told me that she didn’t want any of those sperm to escape, so she killed them. She then moved the sole of her pump to my mouth and told me to lick it off her shoe. Fuck, she was sexy. Despite everything that happened tonight, she had the presence of mind to throw in a little dominatrix move on me, at the end of the evening. I was eating this shit up, literally.

I licked my destroyed seed from the bottom of the shoe she had walked in all night. I didn’t care that it was dirty. I just wanted to serve my beautiful mistress. She laughed as I did it. She knew how to make me squirm and she loved doing it. She finished by making me bow to her feet and kiss the toe of each heel and profess my love to her. I did it willingly. When she was finished, I stood and hugged her so hard, I probably could have broken her in half. She was so incredibly happy and so was I. She reached over to the table and grabbed my cage and told me that I had enough fun for one night and locked me back up. We went up to bed and slept, locked in each other’s arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32