Cruising Away

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Big Tits

I didn’t know where we were. But I did know that we were somewhere off the coast of Mexico. It was customary in our small town that every year, just before graduation, the seniors took a cruise to the Caribbean. For me and several others, it was our first cruise. However, many of the others had already tucked several under their belt. I didn’t know where to look. At each turn of the ship, there was something new to do or see, and a new buffet to indulge in.

But there was one thing that I had hoped to indulge in. Several months out of my last relationship, I hadn’t had sex since long before it broke up. I didn’t consider myself to be a bad looking guy at 6’1 and 160 pounds, with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. But as I lay in my bunk coming off of a tequila-induced daze, I could hear what I was missing. One of my friends had begun dating a girl in our class, who had done stints with several locals in the past. He was mainly in it for the sex, having been a virgin before going out with her.

I could hear him moaning in the bed above me, obviously enjoying her company. Over the past several days, it was not uncommon for her to sleep in our room, just above me. It was also not uncommon for the entire session to be focused around him, and I knew that Jessica…that was her name…wasn’t getting what she wanted. But as I lay there listening to my buddy moan, I pictured him penetrating her and thrusting in and out, her sizable tits pressed against him. I found my hand drifting to my groin, and touching my erection through my basketball shorts as I pictured her naked.

Almost an hour later, it was obvious that their session was over. I could hear his snores beginning to get heavier, and had begun to drift into a deep sleep myself. Then a pair of legs swung out over my head, and began to lower down.

“God damnit, don’t step on me again.” Jessica had stepped on me the night before when she had gotten out of the bed, waking me from a deep slumber. She giggled, obviously still under the influence of the rum shots I had seen her taking. She dropped to the floor, and though the lights were all off and I couldn’t see her, I could tell that she was pulling on her panties. Shit. My one chance to actually see what I had been visualizing, and the lights were off. She sat down on the edge of my bed, leaning back against me as she pulled on a t-shirt.

“I’m still sorry about that. I didn’t Manisa Escort mean it.” She leaned in to hug me, and I quickly recognized the signs of drunk affection.

“Yeah, I know. You sure weren’t up there long.” I figured that in her stupor, she wouldn’t realize what I was getting at. She giggled again, but this time I didn’t know the cause. My friend had asked me the night before what it meant when a girl described his cock as “cute”, and I suspected that she might be thinking back to that. Jessica attempted to stand up, and I put my hand on her back to push her along. She walked the short distance to the bathroom, and I watched her silhouette saunter along between the bunks.

She disappeared into the bathroom, and several seconds later I heard the toilet flushing. I had let my head fall back onto the pillow and closed my eyes when I heard her speak.

“Can you come here for a second.” I sighed, cursed to myself, and pushed off of the bed. Staggering towards where she was standing, I watched her retreat just into the bathroom as I neared the door, and entered behind her. In the small cramped space, she had gotten up into a sitting position on the counter. I leaned against the door frame, and crossed my arms.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Oh shit. She had probably seen me touching myself at some point over the past few nights. I managed to stammer out an answer, hoping that the rum would keep her from noticing my nervousness.

“Uh…yeah, why do you ask?”

“Because sometimes I think Wes is just in this for the sex. I’m afraid he’ll think I’m a whore.” Too late. Everybody already did. Not that she wasn’t a pretty girl, it was just that after too many visits to the keg she would be the first to lift her shirt to the delight of the guys, and didn’t wait too long into a relationship before getting on her back.

“Look. You’re a nice girl. Wes is just a little…inexperienced.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” I had to smile at this last part. Though trying to keep her comment from him would kill me, I knew that it was in all of our best interests to never mention it again. But that was the least of my worries. The nightlight next to the shower had allowed me a better view of her sexy attire, and I could feel my shorts beginning to stretch.

She spread her arms, indicating that she wanted another hug. I saw it as an opportunity Manisa Escort Bayan to hold my erection down with the edge of the counter, and sighed before reaching into her arms. After we had been embracing for nearly a minute, she did what I should have seen coming. She began kissing my neck. I sighed, as it felt too good to stop, and just spoke without moving.

“What are you doing?” She leaned up my neck and whispered into my ear, her breath tickling the flesh.

“Trying to get you to finish what he started.” Now I faced a dilemma. I should just walk away from her right now, get back into my bed and go to sleep. But I had just as many needs as she did, and I knew that walking away would only entice her to follow me…and closer to my slumbering friends. God knows I hated to betray his trust like this, but I needed her. I dipped my head, and took one of her tan breasts into my mouth. I sucked on the nipple, drawing it into my mouth while I teased the other with my palm. Her head had stayed where I had left it, hovering above my shoulder as she began to let out a series of slow moans. I could tell that it was the first time in several days, at least, that anyone had paid attention to anything but her pussy. Running one hand up her stomach, I used it to lift her shirt and remove the cotton from between my mouth and her flesh. She raised her arms, allowing me to remove the shirt, and then began running her hands through my shaggy hair.

I continued my kissing between her breasts, then down to her stomach. At the same time, I used both hands to hook her waistband and drag down her panties. I pulled them from between her supple ass and the counter, then down her legs and let them fall to the floor.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Do you have any condoms?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me that. Surely someone with her…lifestyle, so to speak…was using her own birth control. But not wanting to make her mad after we had come this far, I walked out of the bathroom without even saying a word. Finding my duffel bag under my bunk, I dug around in the side compartment for the Crown Royal bag that I knew was there. Finding it, I reached inside and grasped one of the foil packets that floated around in it. Returning to where I had left her, I realized that I still had on my shorts and boxers. Letting them fall, I stood before her with my hard cock pointing Escort Manisa straight at her entrance. Tearing open the packet, I took a step towards her as I began trying to figure out which way it was designed to roll without the benefit of light. She took it from my hands lightly, and gently rolled it onto my hard cock. Her hands felt so good as they moved up my penis, slowly unrolling the rubber.

I reached back with one foot to shut the door, and felt her hands on my shoulders. As she guided me towards her, I took my now covered cock in my hand and felt for her hole with the tip. Finding it, I slowly eased it in until it was halfway enveloped between her folds. Putting both of my hands on her waist, I let the my entire cock sink into her until my pubic hair was touching where hers should have been. Slowly, I began thrusting in and out of her as she used her hands on my shoulders to pull me into her.

“Uhh. Fuck. You’re so much bigger than he isssssss.” The last part was drawn out into a hiss as the ribs on the condom drug against her walls. I could feel my balls tightening up, preparing for an overdue orgasm.

“Oh God oh God. That’s it baby, give me all of that big cock.” I could tell that she was on the verge of climaxing, I just hoped that she wouldn’t be so loud as to wake the other occupants of the room.

Her moans grew increasingly louder. Though I should have concerned myself with the volume, I was too busy bringing us both to a mind blowing orgasm. With one final thrust, I emptied my load into the walls of the condom as she bucked off of the counter, coming back down with another series of moans. Leaning forward, I rested both of my hands against the mirror to her back, breathing heavily. If I wasn’t tired before, I certainly was now. Still trying to catch my breath, I pulled my waist away from her and let my cock slip out of her wet pussy. Making sure to catch it while it was still hard, I pulled off the condom and tossed it into the toilet. She ran her hands across my shoulders and down my chest, then pushed me away and dropped to her feet. She walked out, and I leaned out the door to watch her step up onto my bed and climb back into my friends bed, clearly satisfied. Pulling back on my shorts and boxers, I waited for several minutes before flushing the condom and making my way to my own bed. Laying down, I drifted off into a heavy slumber that didn’t end until well past 3 the next day.

I wondered if Jessica would remember our late night romp after she woke the next morning, and my curiosity was satisfied when she climbed into the bed with me the following night to suck and fondle my cock one last time before we departed the ship.

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