Creaminess is Next to Godliness

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Sir Fairfax rides up to the small farm cottage on the outskirts of his vast estate, to see to his business with the farmer. Perhaps more specifically, to see to his business with the farmer’s milkmaids. There are four of them in all, all very buxom and fully figured, with creamy complexions and pale gazes.

He enters the dairy where the cows are milked, to find only one girl at work. Jane is her name, and although she is but one and twenty, her talented fingers command a fine milking of the cows, and makes the soupy liquid pour out gratuitously into the waiting bucket. She sees Sir Fairfax and bids him good morning, with a pearly glint in her eye. He inquires of the whereabouts of the other maids.

“I know not, sir, but ‘ere’s Rebecca come to relive me of my work,” she replies. He turns to see Rebecca has entered the dairy behind him, and she walks over, inspecting the cows as she does so. She runs a pink finger through the pails and amasses a small, velvety amount of creamy milk upon it, and licks it clean.

“Good morning, sir,” she says, slowly and clearly. Though not the most educated of the girls, she is the most well-spoken, and the youngest, at only nineteen years of age. Her fluid words roll off her pink tongue with ease and experience. “Is there anything we can do for you, to-day?”

The frilly frocks the maids wear are wholly unsuitable for their occupation, and they often spill milk on them as result of them getting in the way. Tess enters next, an unscrupulous, messy girl. She is also the greediest, and is the plumpest of all of them, her full face and heaving bosom fuelled by drinking almost as much milk as she gets from the cows. Carrying a pail of milk, she is surprised by Sir Fairfax’s presence and wobbles her pail, splashing soupy lumps of creaminess on her frock, a few more which gloss over her cleavage, and a few other drops which splash her face.

“Oh, Sir Fairfax,” she says, “for what good reason have you come on such a day?”

“For the same reason I always come on Wednesdays,” he says; “to give you my milk.”

“We shan’t have it to-day,” says Sarah, who had come in through the footman’s entrance; “we already have more than enough to go round.” She is the prettiest of all of them, her fine flaxen hair tied back to show Malatya Escort her beautiful, and luscious, and milky white face and soft red lips.

“Oh, come, come,” says Sir Fairfax, “even if you already have enough milk to fill your stomachs from the cows, you always enjoy my special fluid. Jane uses her long fingers to gently squeeze it out of me, whilst Rebecca uses her excellent tongue to urge it on; then Tess squeezes her silky bosom around, milking me with her titties and cackling greedy words; finally, Sarah smiles wickedly with her beautiful lips and acts as an excellent target for my wayward member, and the creamy liquid splashes over her, much to everyone’s delight; then greedy Tess will lick it all up and swallow it down.” They say nothing.

“Do not you like my milk?” asks Sir Fairfax.

“Oh no, sir,” gobbles Tess, wiping the thick white creaminess from her cheek with her index finger and licking it clean, “we love it an awful lot.”

“A great deal,” chirps Jane.

“Quite so,” nods Rebecca.

“Well,” says Sir Fairfax, “what do like most about it?”

“Its sweet, creamy taste,” says Tess.

“Its velvety thickness,” says Jane.

“Its luscious texture,” says Rebecca.

“Its delicious-smelling, supple feel on my skin,” says Sarah.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asks Sir Fairfax, unbuttoning his trousers and breeches, pulling them to the floor.

Jane approaches and pulls her stool close to, her fingers and arms wet with flecks of milk, looking at Sir Fairfax’s increasingly acquiescent phallus. She reaches out slender fingers, wrapping them around it. The phallus shies away from their initial cold touch, but soon swings out blindly, longer than before, becoming very hard indeed. She knows how much control she has over the cock, and knows precisely what to do.

Meanwhile, Tess walks close to Sir Fairfax and unbuttons the top of her frock and corset, then lets her bulging breasts swing free. “Go on, touch me bubbies, sir,” she says. Sir Fairfax raises a hard hand and gently squeezes the soft, bountiful breasts.

Jane uses the same technique for milking Sir Fairfax as she does her cows, and pulls up and along, squeezing it all the time. She looks at his face, his eyes closed in enjoyment. Sarah Malatya Escort Bayan comes closer to Sir Fairfax also, and kisses him with her delicious lips, sucking his lips and tongue, tasting them lovingly. She does the same for Tess, who giggles like a schoolgirl as she does.

Rebecca pulls another stool close to, and sits upon it, next to Jane and her firm hands. She smiles up at Sir Fairfax, and gazes at the throbbing cock mere inches away from her. She feels its hot heat as it pulsates to her between Jane’s talented fingers. With a tongue quick, she licks the tip of the cock rapidly, coating it in her pearly saliva. Sir Fairfax places his free hand on her bonnet in excitement.

Up above, Sarah licks silky smooth globs of milk from Tess’s flushed cheek, making her giggle again, and greedily lick them back off her tongue, much to Sir Fairfax’s delight, who is fondling Tess’s full, pink nipples.

Down below, Rebecca kisses the cockhead with her moist lips, licking it over and over, tasting it.

“Oh, Becky,” says Jane, running her fingers over Sir Fairfax’s testicles, “you’re much better at doing it than I am.”

Rebecca suckles the cockhead into her mouth, sliding it past her supple, lovely lips, gently bobbing her head up and down, teasing Sir Fairfax. “Good god, woman!” he cries, animal-like, thrusting towards her mouth with his hips and grabbing her bonnet tighter, “stick it in, stick in it!” She smiles to herself, knowing she has him under her control, and moves her head lower down, swallowing more of the cock, bit by bit.

“Go on, Becky,” says Jane, “I know you can take it all.”

Licking the cock all around inside her mouth, covering it in saliva, she pushes her head still further downwards. The cock begins to press past her tonsils, and Becky works hard to combat her gag reflex, but pushes on though. Her nose comes to a halt in Sir Fairfax’s bushy pubic hairs. Jane claps for joy at the spectacle. Rebecca moves her head up and down, engulfing the cock entirely, sucking on it as best she can. Sir Fairfax moans with delight and jerks a leg involuntarily outwards, knocking over a pail of milk, splashing Jane and Rebecca’s petticoats in soupy milk.

“You wenches are going to get a good deal more of that at this Escort Malatya rate!” says Sir Fairfax between gasps. Tess looks down at the cock-sucking spectacle and kneels down to the ground, muddying her frock with dirt and creamy milk. Cupping her heaving, ivory white breasts in her hands, she squeezes them together and looks to Rebecca. “Come on, let me have a go at him with my bubbies,” she says greedily. Rebecca reluctantly pulls her head away, making a string of silvery saliva. Jane leans over and kisses her passionately, Sir Fairfax noting that these two are probably in love with each other.

Tess leans forwards and envelops Sir Fairfax’s shiny wet cock in her large bosom, rubbing them up and down, wedging the cock firmly to her chest, so that only the tip can be seen. Sir Fairfax thrusts up and down with his hips, the cock poking Tess’s chin as he does. She giggles seductively and licks the cockhead as it rises, kissing it creamily with her succulent lips.

Sir Fairfax doesn’t know where to look. Sarah continues to kiss him, and Tess’s lush lips kiss his cock playfully as she squeezes her titties to it, but Rebecca and Jane are busily kissing each other passionately, whilst pouring gloopy cream all over themselves, tasting its goodness and having glossy, wet embraces.

“Oh!” says Sir Fairfax,” you girls have done too good a job; I am about ready to explode! Good god, there shall be enough to rival those cows!”

Sarah has no time to take the load of creaminess herself, for Sir Fairfax orgasms almost immediately after he says this. With his cock still wedged firmly between Tess’s velvety breasts and his cockhead pressed against her kissing lips, he ejaculates. The soupy semen splurges out of his cock and immediately hits Tess’s wonderful lips, spraying outwards against her usually-pale cheeks, now flushed red with excitement. It flows downwards, a fluid slippery but thick, coating her breasts in a glossy, milky finish. She giggles excitedly, another spurt of semen splattering her teeth and dripping off her bottom lip. She pokes out a greedy tongue, catching the fourth and fifth splashes of semen, licking her lips and mouth all around. The last few spurts of cum are insubstantial, but she takes them on her cheeks and lies back on the ground. Sir Faifax stands over her squeezing the last few dribbles of semen from his cock over her exposed torso, as the other three girls surround greedy Tess and begin licking the glossy, soupy semen off her luscious skin.

“Oooh,” giggles Tess, “creaminess is next to godliness!”

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