Congratulations William

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Good help is very hard to find. Before William walked into my office, I’d gone through assistants like condoms at a swinger’s party. No one lasted longer than 2 weeks. Not William though. He was a bright, attentive, and hardworking young man. He’s just crossed the one year mark as my right hand man, and I believe you should always reward good and loyal employees.

William is a decent looking young man. He as a swimmer’s build and a clean cut look. Others have called him the Clark Kent of the office. I suppose he’s attractive in most people’s eyes, but not me. I like my men with a some muscle and fire in them. William is quiet and shy. But he’s a damn good assistant. He knows how to adapt to any given situation and anticipate my needs. My coffee is always full and hot when I reach for my cup. My food is always ready on my desk at lunch. My meetings and presentations are always efficient and smooth because of his help.

William is the highest paid assistant in the company and he’s earned it. I’m thinking of asking my boss to see if we can create a high position for him. Maybe he can train others to be wonderful and effective as he is. So I want to reward him. A bonus is already in order, but I don’t think that’s enough. Good thing I know his little secret. Normally I wouldn’t go snooping in his work computer, but I’d left my laptop at home. While I sent him to go get it, I used his computer to grab and print a few files for an upcoming meeting. And that’s when I stumbled onto something.

I would have skipped passed it but something about the file name seemed odd. It was a text file labeled “ConsolePDX.txt.” So I thought to myself, “Who still uses txt files? Most people type in MS Word.” So I opened it. Boy did I stumble onto something golden. And that’s when I knew exactly what I was going to reward him with. It didn’t take me long to set things up. A few phone calls and everything was in place. Now all I had to do was wait until Friday. Lets Fast forward to then shall we?

While getting our things ready to leave for the weekend, I called out to my loyal assistant, “Hey William.”

“Yes sir? Anything you need?” He answered.

“William, you’ve been working for me a year now right? You know, I’d like to show you my gratitude this evening. Are you free for dinner?” I asked. Even if he did have plans, William is the type of worker that would cancel them to do whatever I tasked him.

“No plans sir. And thank you, I’d like that,” He replied. I told him I’d drive so we hopped in my Porsche and went to his favorite sushi bar. We ate, we drank, and we had the most open and candid conversation either of us ever had with each other. gaziantep escort I mentioned what I’d like to see do in the future for the company and he seemed to like the opportunity. Before we knew it, we’d drank a couple bottles of sake. William was pretty drunk and I was just a little buzzed. I made sure to keep his cup full.

I paid the tab and told William he could crash in the company penthouse that was conveniently nearby. We drove the short trip and I escorted him up to the suite. We got into the room and he was in awe. I’ll admit, the room is rather impressive. High vaulted ceilings, modern and elegant décor, the place looked like it was plucked straight out of a magazine. I showed him around and when we got to the bedroom, he anxiously turned to me and asked, “You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you?”

I chuckled and replied, “Go take a shower William; I’ll see you when you get out.” He beamed and did as instructed. While he was in there, I prepared the main event. I stashed the “toys” in the second bedroom and get them in place. As I was removing my clothes, I heard the water shut off. I got comfortable in the oversized chair and waited for him to emerge. William was just in a robe when he opened the door. His jaw dropped. He wasn’t even looking at me. His eyes were glued to the 4 naked men that were facing him in the middle of the spacious room.

He finally noticed me in the chair. While stroking my cock, I said, “William, you’ve served me well. And I’d like to thank you. I’m sorry, but I stumbled upon your erotic fiction that was on your computer. It was quite good from what I skimmed. So I thought I’d turn your fantasy into reality. Do you like?” All he could do was nod. I was pretty excited to see what would transpire. With a sweep of my hand, I welcomed him to enjoy his toys for the evening.

A mesmerized William slowly approached the 4 men in the room. I knew each and every one of them. They were guys I’d helped at some point and owed me a favor. I knew their backgrounds and figured they’d easily agree to my little gathering. William disrobed and sank to his knees. He was going to live out his fantasy this night. As the men encircled him, I cleared my throat and they made sure not to block my view. William reached up and grabbed the cocks that were on the sides of him as he opened his mouth to take the one in front of him. The 4th wheel knelt down and groped my assistant’s ass. He was running his hand up and down his crack while playing with William’s cock.

I sat and watched William go from one cock to the next. He was clearly enjoying himself. The guys shuffled around and the darker skinned one was now in front. He told William to stick his tongue and slapped his fat cock on it a few times before sliding it between his lips. He was taking that cock like a champ since he’s all warmed up now. I poured myself some scotch and took a sip. The one that was now left out, eyed me. I shook my head and nodded to the dresser. We walked over and opened the top drawer. I saw him take out a small bottle of lube.

He got a small glob and started to really work on William’s ass, who was now gagging on a dark fat cock. The other two that were getting a hand job were now making out as William stroked them. They all had pretty nice cocks. No one was less than 6 inches. My assistant was in cock heaven. His moans were getting louder. He was now alternating taking cocks in his mouth. William let out a really loud moan as a finger penetrated his ass.

“Oh you like that slut?” The guy behind him ask as he started to work his finger in and out of him. William moaned a yes as he welcomed the 3 standing guys to slap their cocks against his face.

“Come on, let’s get this bitch on the bed.” One of the guys suggested. They lifted and tossed him. I cleared my throat once more to get a clear view. The real show was now beginning. A hard cock slammed into his hungry ass. William let out a grunt of lust as his ass was being pummeled. The two guy on either sides were taking turns fucking his face. The 4th man out looked a little lost so I beckoned him to me.

“Lick,” I commanded as I propped my legs wide open on the arms of my chair. The odd man out knelt and began to circle my puckered hole as I continued to stroke. I watched my obedient assistant getting used just as he imagined in his story. I enjoyed the look of ecstasy on his face as he was being fucked. He was lost in the passion and the lust. A groan from the guy drilling William snapped me out of my thoughts. He shot his hot cum deep in William. I tapped the guy lapping at my ass and excused him. With a couple motions of my hand, they all rotated. The guy that had dumped his semen in William was now licking my hole earnestly.

William’s gaping and slick hole welcomed a new cock. I chuckled and suggested, “Fuck him harder.” And just like that, his ass was being hammered again. One of the guys that was face fucking him couldn’t take it anymore and shot his load into William’s mouth. The guy opposite him blew his load on the side of William’s face. I knew by the end of the night, he was going to be drenched in cum.

Shuddering, William said, “Please, keep fucking me. Use me. Please.” The one fucking him withdrew and turned William over. He pulled William’s ass up and continued to ram in and out of him. The guy then blew his load into William’s mouth positioned himself like me in front of my assistant. William began rim and fuck the guy’s ass with his tongue. Now there was another odd man out. I motioned him to come over and I sat at.

“Both of you, service me,” I commanded. The two licked, sucked on my testicles and then up and down my erect cock. They took turns kissing my shaft and bobbing up and down on the tip.

“Life is good when you’re on top and have an army of people that owe you favors,” I thought to myself. The guy being rimmed by William was hard again. He said something to the one fucking and they repositioned. The one that was rimmed slid under William. A devious smile crept onto my face as I was now about to see William get double penetrated.

“Yes, please. Yes, do it. I want both in me,” William breathlessly pleaded. A loud groan of pleasure and pain filled the room just as his hole was too. Slowly, the two men pumped their cocks in and out of him. Every time they slid back into him, it was like all the air in him was forced out of his mouth. I nodded for one of my pleasurers to help him. He went over and plugged William’s mouth with his cock.

They used William’s ass and mouth for the next two hours. Taking turns cumming in and all over him. By the time it was all done. The bed was a mess, but not as back as William. He was caked in semen. He lay there completely spent. The guys wiped themselves off with damp towels and dressed. They thanked for the evening and quietly left. Still naked, I walked over to the bed. William laid face up, spread wide with his head tilted back and over the foot of the bed. This whole time, I’d not climaxed. I came close a couple times but I wanted to wait.

I worked my cock and shot streams on his face. He tried to open his mouth and catch what he could on his tongue. He whispered, “Thank you boss.” as he rolled over and propped himself up. I went to the bathroom and wet a towel for him. I tossed it to William so he could get some of the cum off of him. He wiped his face but he stilled looked a mess. I was a bit amazed how much semen was in his hair. I started the shower him and then got dressed.

“Well done, William. Shower up. I’m leaving. If you’d like to stay here, you’re welcome to. There’s a second bedroom on the other side of the suite. Have a good weekend. I’ll see you Monday,” I said as I tossed a couple $100 onto the dresser drawer as a tip to the cleaners. They had their hands full with this one. William stood up and I couldn’t help but chuckled. A “squishing” sound came from him. They must have came quite a bit inside him. He walked towards the bathroom as I observed the semen leaking from between his ass cheeks. He had a cute ass.

Until next year William…

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