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She walked into the computer store, looking for information about upgrading her hard drive. Considering starting a business online, the existing components on her home computer just would not do…. she needed a camera, and some editing software, as well as more memory.

The young man behind the counter seemed distracted by the computer in front of him…he was reading or looking at something with great intensity….. waiting for him to acknowledge her presence she took a visual picture….. tall, slim, dark haired…looked like a sweet smile, and….oh my…..a nice bulge in his 501’s….very nice indeed. Grinning to herself, she turned and walked to look at some of the displays…..she adjusted her breasts a little in the bra, glancing to see if he was looking, making the nipples stiffen and stick out even more prominently. A noise behind her caused her to glance backwards to take in the young man adjusting his cock in his straining jeans. Computer shopping might be more fun then she thought, and one never knew what new things she might learn about hard drives.

Life was an adventure for Karen…she lived it fully…experiencing and tasting each opportunity that came along…always looking for the fun in life and the lesson to be learned in each situation. Mid 30’s, she was not a perfect 10 by any means. A little overweight, short, and stacked, she was not proportionate…..but nobody seemed to notice her imperfections once they got to know her…..her zest for life, her complete uninhibited and sensual mannerisms, and her joy in all things sexual allowed all who experienced an adventure with her to walk away better for it. And today was going to prove to be no exception.

She approached the counter and the tall young man and smiled.

“Hi! I wonder if you can help me. I am learning how to set up my own website and I need some new Hardware,” she smilingly said, glancing at the young man’s bulging package. “ I am not sure exactly what I am looking for, but I know YOU can help me,” she grinned.

“I hope I can,” he replied, and then asked, hesitatingly, “How about software? Need any help with that?” as he glanced at her round luscious breasts, spilling from her bra into the tight pink shirt.

“I don’t know quite honestly. I am an expert in many things, but computers are not one of them,” she responded openly.

“Let’s start over here,” he answered. “My name is John by the way,” he offered her his hand.

Taking his big hand in her small one, she answered, “Karen, very nice to meet you.”

He held her hand longer then necessary, and his thumb stroked across the top of hers as they shook. They smiled at each other, and through their eyes acknowledged the chemistry immediately present. This was going to be fun!

John began to take her around his small store and tell her about the various pieces of hardware available, what things were for and what software they used. Karen started to get confused after about ten minutes and said “Look, I think I need to tell you what kind of business I am setting up on line, and then you can recommend what I need. I am not overly concerned about money as I am pretty sure I can recover the costs immediately.”

Intrigued, John listened as Karen described the perfect amateur sexual website. As her description became more and more detailed, he squirmed uncomfortably, trying to adjust his pants again without being obvious. Glancing down, Karen noticed that the straining in this young mans pants was becoming a little much to handle. One of the buttons on his 501s had come undone, and she could just see tufts of dark hair revealing that he had gone “Commando” this morning, and worn no briefs or boxers.

“Do you have a bathroom I might use John?” she enquired abruptly.

He kartal escort pointed to a door near the front and as Karen strolled to the bathroom, hips swaying provocatively, John locked the door. He adjusted the blinds so no one was able to look in and then stopped and berated himself quietly.

“Idiot,” he muttered to himself. “Do you really think she will want you? What an idiot you are.”

He began to walk over to the entrance to unlock it when the bathroom door opened and out she walked. It was immediately obvious to John that she had removed her bra. Her breasts swayed provocatively and the nipples were prominent through the fabric of her blouse. The long black skirt she wore looked different as well. As she bent over to put down her purse, John realized what was different; the panty lines were gone….she had removed her panties for him!

Karen turned and smiled at him and quietly said, “I think you know exactly what hardware I need. And I believe the software I already have will be perfectly compatible!” The only evidence of nervousness about her was the slight shaking of her hands, and John found that sexy too. He swallowed hard, not sure what to do, and then she took matters into her own hands.

“Do you want me?” she enquired hesitatingly.

“I, well, I,” he stammered. Taking a deep breath he managed to blurt “Oh God Yes.” And that was all it took.

The kisses exchanged were frantic……..tongues fucking……lips smashed together……..three or four minutes became an eternity as they orally embraced.
His hands scrambled over her back…and around front to her breasts….but it wasn’t enough.

Their height difference was tough, and John took her hand and guided her to the back of the store, stopping only to turn the sign on the front of the store to “CLOSED” and to lock the door. The back room was basic, a desk, some computer components and of course a computer set up on the desk and a large leather chair.

“Sit down John,” Karen said firmly.

He sat in the chair, his face smiling in eager anticipation. He watched as she lifted up her shirt and those magnificent breasts spilled out, swaying slightly……..the nipples pink and small. As he stared, her hands moved up and cupped them, lifting them as if weighing them……and then her tongue darted out and licked the tip making it peak and swell…..then she sucked and the entire nipple went into her mouth and his cock throbbed in reaction. She did the same to the other breast and a moan was heard in the room. It was John, not even realizing he had made any noise!

She smiled…….and leaned over his seated body, kissing his lips……..fingers in his hair. She pulled back breathlessly and whispered “I need to see your cock….NOW!”

His hands fumbled with the buttons and opened the fly to expose a thick bush of hair and a beautiful cock… was thick and hard and uncircumcised…….she had never had an uncircumcised cock…… looked delicious. Her eyes met his and he could see the hunger in her face as she said “Oh my….I am going to lick you and suck you and then you are going to fuck me hard. Do I make myself clear?”

Johns grin widened as he nodded. And then she added “Oh. And by the way I want you to eat me too and make me cum on your face. Understood?” As he nodded eagerly her smile disappeared and she said quietly, “Answer me.”

“Yes Karen……anything you want!” he replied quickly.

The smile instantly reappeared and she laughed. “Good! Then we are ready……”

She lifted her skirt and laid back on the desk, her breasts moving and bouncing. Her legs spread in front of him and she smiled and said “Lick me…now!”

John rolled his chair forward until his face was directly in front of the feast laying wide open kaynarca escort before him. He reached out his hands and touched the wet pussy, pulling the lips back to expose the most beautiful pink, swollen clitoris he had ever seen. It was large, easily the size of a small grape, and it was shiny like a pink pearl. He reached out his tongue and touched it to the tip of her clit, and was delighted as Karen threw back her head and hissed in her throat. That little sound was all it took, and he buried his face between her legs, tongue lashing at that clit and stabbing between her lips. He feasted. His tongue and teeth tugged and bathed her clit…….rolling it one minute, sucking it the next and then suddenly, for a surge of gentle pressure, a nibble. Karen’s head was thrown back, her hands tugging on her full breasts, her nipples swollen and red as she tugged them. He paused in the middle of his dining pleasure, and watched her hands work the nipples and breasts. Noticing the absence of tongue, Karen turned her face down and looked him in the eyes, and smiled… and breathing a little heavily.

“You’re not done yet John,” she grinned….and slid her right hand around his head and pulled it back into her wet pussy and he began to eat her ravenously. Stroking, licking, plunging, and finally fucking her with his tongue while his nose rubbed her clit……she began to make noises in the back of her throat as orgasm neared. Her hips began to fuck his face, as the orgasm got closer and closer. Suddenly she arched her back and smashed her face into his face, a keening wail coming from the back of her throat as she poured juices all over his face. He licked and sucked and tasted what seemed to be cups of cum until her twitching slowed. Then he kissed her swollen nub and slid up her body.

Karen was shaking…….the intensity of the orgasm overwhelming her body. But the vaginal spasms were also feeling empty……..she needed cock. Hard cock. Inside her pussy, to take her to the next level of orgasm. But before she fucked him, she needed to taste. John hugged her against him, feeling her breasts crushing softly against him. A few minutes passed, and then Karen took over once again.

She stood up and smiled at John. Reaching out, she tugged his shirt out of his pants, and began to gently run her fingernails across his nipples, watching his face for reaction. He looked down at her, his mouth slightly open, as if in disbelief at what was happening.

“I am going to lick you now John,” Karen said with a smile……..and began to lick and suckle his hardened nipples. Her hands roamed down his body, and opened each button carefully on his 501’s. His curly pubic hair was dark and springy, and she tugged it gently as she licked down his stomach. Her tongue probed his belly button, stabbing in and out, simulating fucking in such a small space. His intake of breath caused her to smile, and her pussy to moisten more. His cock was throbbing and she could see every vein sticking out as it stiffened even more. Tuggin his jeans down, she quickly untied his shoes, removing them and his jeans in one fowl swoop, leaving him naked except for his socks. She stood and backed up, her eyes roving over his body in approval.

John watched this vision, this Goddess of love, as she removed her skirt, standing naked now in front of him. Her tummy was not flat, it was rounded and full and her hips were wide. She was a woman, every inch a woman. And he wanted her.

Karen moved towards the desk and climbed on top. Laying on her back, she dangled her head towards the edge of the desk, her curls falling down. Her breasts were full and enticing as her moved towards her, but Karen had other ideas. Opening her mouth, she tugged him towards her, kozyatağı escort for the first time truly stroking his hard uncut cock. She opened her mouth, and her tongue peeked out and licked all around the head, tasting the saltiness and pre-cum. His hard cock bobbed in anticipation as she opened wide and proceeded to suck as much hard cock into her mouth as she could……about 6 inches penetrating in at once. Soft hands slid around and cupped John’s ass, pulling him towards the waiting mouth. His hands reached out and touched her breasts for balance. He squeezed them gently as she suckled his cock like a giant lollipop, and when she moaned around his cock he plunged forward, feeding the last 2 and a half inches of stiff rod into her throat. Fuck…..she had taken all 8 and a half inches, and was loving every bit of it!

Karen began to grab John’s ass cheeks, and started him rocking into her mouth, fucking her own mouth with his cock. Occasionally she paused for a few breaths, but never did she stop licking or tasting him. Her hands caressed his ass, and stroked him. He could feel his balls tighten and begin to pull into him as he prepared to shoot. But Karen felt it too, and stopped her caresses.

“Please, I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel that hard shaft fucking me”, she asked, for the first time sounding as if he had a choice. But he was beyond choosing. He was driven only by his body now. And he wanted in that wet pussy.

Karen turned around so she was facing him. She spread her legs and slid her hand down towards her pussy. Opening the lips, he could see the creamy wetness coating the pink opening of her pussy. He leaned forward, cock in hand, and began to rub it against her pussy. The wetness, the heat, were overwhelming him. And then suddenly she hunched her hips forward and the head was inside. They both stopped. The sensations were incredible. Her lips spasmed around him, trying to suck him in, as he fought for control. With just the head inside, Karen began to stroke her clit as he watched. Her left hand held the lips open, as her right index finger rubbed the clit in ever diminishing circles. He was entranced. This woman was using his cock, and taking herself over the edge with her hands and just the head of his shaft! No……he wanted more………and without thinking he grabbed her hips and plunged his length inside her!

Karen’s hand moved from her clit and pressed against his stomach as her walls adjusted to the width of his cock. His hands splayed on either side of her body… his stomach slid against hers. Pelvis to pelvis, stomach to stomach, cock to pussy. He began pumping and as he did Karen’s legs lifted and she grabbed her feet with her hands, pulling her hips back so that each thrust of him inside, caused his pelvic bone to rub against her round clit.

Opening her eyes wide, she looked into his eyes and simply stated “Fuck me. Fuck me like it is the first time you have ever had sex. And like it is the last time you will EVER have sex. Do it! Do it now!”

And he did. His hips bucking against her, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He moved his hands and placed them against the back of her thighs, and pushed her back, looking down at the tits bouncing, and the wet pussy sucking him in….and he began to grunt.

“Yes,” she moaned as he pounded her. “Yes!” and she began to cream all over his cock, as his thrusts became shorter and shorter and then he to began to cum………splashing inside her pussy.

“Oh GOD! I can feel you cumming in me….more, more, more FUCK YES!” she cried….and he pulled out and the last blasts sprayed up her belly, coating her breasts.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!”, he groaned as he watched his cock spasm on her. And then she reached out and stroked him, ,milking every last drop from his cock……….and then he collapsed on her.

Karen wrapped her arms around him, around John. He was a nice young man. And as they came down from the intensity of orgasm, and the world came into focus again, she thought to herself, “I think he will be able to meet ALL my computer needs, and then some!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32