Coming To Terms

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This is a tale of a young man who learns from an older woman that he was made for servicing cocks.

I was in my junior year at Amway University majoring in pyramid structured sales when I was unexpectedly called out of my elective gender studies 302 course. Escorted to the dean’s office I was given the terrible news that my mom had been involved in a serious automobile accident. She was not likely to survive.

Rushing to the airport, I was able to catch a flight from New Hampshire-Boston regional airport to Charlotte, NC where I quickly rented a car and drove to Thurmond, SC speeding to Wallace Hospital. There I saw mom in ICU. The doctor arrived shortly after I did. He advised me that she was on life support and would be until such time as her ventilator was deactivated.

“It’s your decision son,” he said with a sad expression. “I would recommend you think it over, maybe talk with family before deciding. I will, however, tell you that she is, at this time brain dead.”

Family? I had no other family. My mom got pregnant when she was a young teenager. It was said by some that we grew up together. Her parents disowned her for bringing shame upon their house. They disowned her and by default, me.

Their precious house of Deech was shamed?. What a crock of shit.

My grandfather, Emmett Linwood Deech amounted to absolutely nothing. I mean aside from weekends in jail for public intoxication, the furthest he’s been from Thurmond was the sixty days he spent in the county lockup for assaulting a cop. The unlucky officer had the misfortune to come upon grandpa one night as he sat on a curb in a puddle of his own piss crying. Nearly passed out from the rot-gut he swilled with money he earned by being on welfare, when the officer attempted to assist him, he was cursed and sucker punched for his efforts.

Summarily charged, tried, and jailed, he spent two months trying to figure out where he was and how he got there. Upon his release, the county bus dropped him off at his favorite bar where he proceeded to pick up where he had left off.

Grandma was another piece of work. Ida Claire Fazon was her maiden name. She went by Ida Fazon Deech. Nearly toothless, she was so fat that when she dropped her panties to her ankles, her pussy was still in them. So fat is she that she needs someone to wipe her huge ass because her arms can’t reach it. She had gotten pregnant with mom when she was 14 and the rumor is that grandpa is actually her cousin. Her extended family were share-croppers and moonshiners. None of them attended school beyond 6th grade. Those not imprisoned for bootlegging are on the public dole.

And they had the unmitigated gall to disavow mom because she carried me unwed.

Family? The closest thing I had to family besides mom was Connie, my mom’s bestie. She and mom were much alike. Both were attracted to the wrong kind of men. Both “dated” frequently. I say dated in quotes because a fast-food cheeseburger or pizza and a six pack was all that was required for mom, and I suspect Connie as well, to bring their new boyfriends home and fuck until sun up.

By the time I turned 18 and left for college, mom was 35 and Connie was 42.

Now being raised by a single mother who earned money by waiting tables in the same dive grandpa drank his life away in, I lacked proper nourishment. Food was a scarce commodity in our home. I grew up skinny and neglected in the evenings. My teachers in elementary and throughout high school saw something in me. I was urged, even helped by caring teachers to succeed.

Earning a partial ride at Amway U, I left mom, Connie, and town with a heavy heart. Sad to leave the only person who ever loved me, I still had hopes for my future and maybe I could drag mom away from her life as one of the town’s two cum-dumps.

Listen, I’m not judging mom or Connie. Women like them are in every city and town. It was both my misfortune and good fortune to be the son of one of them.

I left the hospital, went home by way of the liquor store, and agonized for hours. I cried and paced and drank myself into a stupor trying to decide whether I should pull the plug of pray for a miracle.

Fate intervened and the next day I got the phone call telling me the sad news. “There was nothing we could do, son. I’m sorry.” That was that. All that was left to do was to arrange a burial paid for by donations from the very charitable folks from the local church that had failed to recruit mom into their congregation no matter how hard they tried.

The Deech royalty didn’t show up that rainy mid-afternoon Friday as mom was laid to rest. Connie looked on tearfully as the preacher quickly went through his scripted eulogy. Mom, being mom, there was really nothing much to say. Everyone at her funeral; the preacher, me, Connie, her boss at the bar, knew how she lived. It was over quickly.

They may have known how she lived and how she conducted herself. But they had no idea of her capacity to love. And man did she love me. Always happy with me. Never gaziantep escort punishing me for infractions that all kids are guilty of, mom spoiled me with love and tenderness.

Until she went to work for the night that is.

Cut-off denim shorts that bared nearly half of her lower buttocks, semi-high heels, a halter top was her uniform of the day, every day. She and Connie waited tables and allowed themselves to be groped and seduced by the local males. Those two ladies always had hopeful suitors waiting for them at closing time with a six pack beside him in the front seat of their pickup truck. Married or otherwise, any man’s attention and not so subtle intentions were always welcomed.

After the final grave-side amen, I walked home in the drizzle feeling all alone in the world and missing mom so. My heart ached and my tears flowed.

As a mother, besides never having enough food in the house, she was great. There was never a day that I didn’t know she loved me. And now she was gone. The empty space within me that she once occupied would, like our refrigerator, never be filled.

I did a detour on the way home to stop by the package store again and buy a couple bottles of inexpensive whiskey. I had every intention to drown my sorrows.

Once home I stripped off my wet clothes and drank straight whiskey from the bottle. I knew I’d regret it but at the time getting drunk on my ass seemed to be the only way I could cope with the pain from the loss of mom. I choked every drink but was able to stop myself.

“Oh, my darlin, we have to get you cleaned up.”

Connie had found me lying drunk in the small living room in only my underpants covered in snot and having pissed myself.

I was completely naked when I came to my senses. Connie had prepared a bath for me. She had pulled off my nasty underpants and helped me into the warm water.

“There you are,” she said with a smile. “I thought you might be passed out for the night.”

“Wha, huh?”

“It’s okay darlin,” she said as she washed my face and chest with an old wash cloth that had seen better days. “I’ve seen you naked plenty of times. No need to be bashful around your ole Connie.”

But I was embarrassed. Here she was looking directly at my penis which was decidedly too small for a man my age. That and the lack of any real body hair totally exposed my shame to Connie’s experienced eye.

The fact is that I hadn’t been with a girl before. Yes, this was a small town and yes, everyone knows everybody else’s business. But when everyone knows that my mom was an easy lay, it was no secret that I was born a bastard. The town’s people tended to keep me at arm’s length. That included the local girls. Connie is the first woman to see my privates.

“Come sweetie, let’s get you dried and in some warm clothes.”

She helped me out of the bath and toweled me off. She took her time drying my bottom and my privates. Then leading me into my bedroom she asked where my clothes were.

“I left school in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to pack.”

She left, telling me to wait there. A minute later she came back holding one of mom’s little transparent robes and matching panties. “This is all she had that might fit you johnnie. Let’s put these on before you catch cold.”

“Um, Connie. I can’t wear those. It’s a woman’s robe and underwear. They’re mommas.”

“Well you can’t go naked and your clothes are all wet and still in the pile on the floor where you left them. Now come on and put these on for your Connie.”

I had no other alternative. She was right that I had left my wet clothes lying in a wet lump in the corner. I pulled the panties up my thin legs and over my overly round bottom. Then I slipped into the robe which came down to my naval. I felt a little foolish and a bit too aroused for some reason.

“There. That’s better,” Connie smiled. Then she took me by my hand and led me to the couch. Sitting with her legs spread, Connie patted the sofa between her legs, “Sit here johnnie. Let your Connie brush your wet hair before it gets knotted up.”

I settled between her legs and sighed as she brushed my long hair. I was keenly aware of her large breasts pressing against my back. I brought my knees together with my hands in my lap. Even in my hungover state I felt myself getting an erection.

“I know you’re hurting johnnie. I know you’re going to miss your momma. I can’t believe she’s gone. My best friend and road dog gone far too soon.”

“I am going to miss her so badly Connie. I feel so alone I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“You’re not alone johnnie. You have me. Let Connie be your mommy for you. I’m the closest thing to family you have baby boi.”

“You’re right. You are the only family I have left Connie. I’m really an orphan now.”

We sat in quiet anguish for a few minutes. The only sounds were the rain against the windows and the brushing Connie was giving my hair.

“You know johnnie, you can call me mommy if you want, if it makes you feel better. I’d like that.”

I turned and put my head on her shoulder and sobbed. My body shook with my uncontrolled weeping and Connie held me to her breast. We cried together as she held me close.

I guess we fell asleep because it was dark when we finally realized we’d been that way for a long time.

“Whew baby boi,” Connie said helping me straighten up. “I’m hungry. Let’s see if your momma has anything to eat in here.”

We shared some old left-over pizza which was 10 minutes from growing hair and some beer that was probably left by one of mom’s “dates”.

Every time I started to complain about the robe and panties, I was wearing Connie would hush me. “You look cute johnnie. You have the perfect body for those. And that lack of body hair makes you look totally at home in them. Besides, your mom never bought a washer and dryer. We’ll have to take them to the laundromat tomorrow.”

“I don’t know Conn, uh, I mean mommy. I feel like a homo or something. I can’t go out wearing this.”

“Or something is right johnnie. You are something else. You’re a sweet baby boi who looks good in ladies’ clothes. Your little wee-wee isn’t making your panties stick out obscenely and they hug your bottom just right. And don’t worry your pretty little head about going out in what you have on. No one will see you.”

Mommy Connie went to the kitchen and came back with the other fifth of cheap whiskey I’d bought after the funeral. “Let’s have a drink baby doll.”

I watched her pour two glasses half way with the amber colored liquid. Handing me mine she toasted a picture of mom and said, ” To Ida Rose. There will never be another one like her.” Then she put glass to lips, “Down the hatch.” Mommy Connie drank the entire half glass in a single swallow.

I tried to follow her but I coughed and choked and had to have water to cool my burning throat.

“Guess it’s an acquired taste johnnie but after what you drank yesterday I would have thought you’d be used to it by now.”

She poured another drink for herself me and we sat side by side on the old worn sofa and told stories about mom.

“How come you’re here being so nice to me mommy Connie?”

“Baby doll, you know your momma and I were best friends. When she had you and her parents tossed her out of their home, she had no one and nothing. I took her in and we raised you for the first couple years of your young life. I promised your mom that if anything ever happened to her that I would look after you.”

“I knew you two were close but I don’t remember you being around when I was a baby. But I don’t remember too much about back then anyway. You’re older than mom. How did you two get along? I mean you were dating. She was dating. Didn’t that ever cause friction between you two?”

“She was a hoot when she was horny,” mommy told me. “We’d go out together and she’d set her eyes on the guy she was going to bring home and that was that. He was as good as fucked.” Mommy Connie chuckled at the memories.

I cringed hearing her talk so frankly about mom but I knew she was right. I’d heard enough “visiting dates” to know mom was popular around these parts.

We laughed, cried, and talked deep into the night. Mommy Connie drank until she was too high to drive. “Let’s hit the sack johnnie. I hate sleeping alone. Come sleep with me. Please.”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Mommy Connie took my hand and dragged me into mom’s room. The old and well used full sized bed assured us that we’d sleep very close together.

I took my robe off and hung it on a chair. Then I lay back and watched as mommy undressed. She wore no bra and stopped short of taking her panties off. Even so, I could see the dark shadow of her trimmed bush through the thin pink nylon, the first bush I’d ever seen in real life.

Mommy noticed I was staring and hoped into bed. “Never seen a woman naked have you?”

“No mommy. Not yet.”

“Not yet? Baby boi, with that little um, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this baby, but with that tiny little nubbin you have for a dick, you may never see a woman get naked for that. Women like men with cocks johnnie. Big thick cocks and big balls.”

I knew I was lacking in the penis department. That little “nubbin” as mommy Connie called it fed my insecurities. Mommy was reenforcing what I knew for a long time, well, ever since I was in high school and had to shower after P.E. Word got about my tiny genitalia out and I never had a date, never had a girlfriend, never had any of those teenaged experimental experiences.

As Meat Load said it, I never fumbled by the light of the dashboard.

Mommy Connie held me to her bare breasts which excited me more than she understood, or so I thought. “Go on baby boi, suckle mommy. Nurse on mommy’s big titties.”

This was new to me and I didn’t know what I was doing. I was too rough so mommy Connie taught me how to tease, nibble and suck her breast the way she liked it. “That’s so nice baby doll. You’re making mommy feel so good baby.”

Shit. It was making me feel great. For that moment I forgot about my sorrow and lost myself in titties.

Mommy Connie reached down and touched my penis through the panties I was wearing. My boner throbbed and immediately spurted wetting my panties and mommy’s hand.

“Oh my darlin. That was fast. Here, touch mommy down there.”

She placed my hand on her vagina outside of her underpants and with her hand on mine, she taught me how to pleasure her down there. I was breathing hard feeling a woman for the very first time. It was electric. It was arousing. It was more than I ever thought it could be.

Mommy taught me what and where the clitoris is and how to stimulate it. I was a quick study.

Mommy was very turned on and arched her back. “Oooo, that’s nice. A real man would have ripped my panties off and had his cock in me by now. But you’re not a man johnnie, not a real one are you? Tomorrow I’m going to teach you to be mommy’s little pussy eater.”

I rubbed her where she guided my hand for maybe a half hour before she groaned quietly and had an orgasm. Her hips bucked against my hand uncontrollably. I felt a gush of warm liquid flow from her pussy and soaking her panty as she groaned out her climax.

“Thank you baby doll. Mommy needed that,” she said breathlessly. “Now we both have wet panties on.”

I woke up the next morning alone in mom’s bed. The smell of coffee brewing wafted through the air. I found my old tooth brush where I’d left it 2 and a half years ago and with the little toothpaste left in the tube managed to brush away the nasty taste in my mouth.

I washed the sleepy boogers from my eyes and brushed my hair.

The panties I was wearing last night were crusty with my dried cum so having no other choice, I went to mom’s dresser and found another pair. I pulled the soiled panties off and pulled the clean ones on. They felt nice and I found myself becoming erect. I fought to stay soft feeling kind of strange being turned on like I was getting by just wearing panties.

Retrieving the shortie robe, I put it on as I joined mommy Connie in the kitchenette.

She was still in her pink panties but had put her halter top back on. She was bent over with her face in the refrigerator looking for something. Her butt was round and I could see the lips of her plump vagina outlined nicely. Plump labia with a shadow line that separated them. This was as close to a woman’s privates I’d ever seen.

“Don’t get any ideas baby,” mommy Connie said catching me staring at her. “Looks like we go without breakfast this morning baby doll. How did you sleep?”

I slept pretty good mommy. You?”

“After what you did for mommy, I slept real good. Hey, it looks like you changed your panties. I guess we made a mess in the others last night. Those look nice on you baby.”

“Um thank you I guess.”

We sipped our coffee in silence, each lost in our thoughts. I had mom on my mind when there was a knock on the door.

Mommy Connie went to pull on her shorts and answered the knock. Thank God for that. I was still wearing mom’s panty and robe set.

“I might a knowed you’d be here.” It was Emmett Deech.

“What the fuck do you want you fucking lush?”

I had to give it to mommy Connie. She gave as good as she got.

“Where that bastard at? I’m a coming for what’s rightfully mine you nasty whore. I’m gonna sell this here trailer.”

“johnnie can’t come to the door right now old man. Besides, since his mom died this here trailer is his now.”

“That so?”


“Well Miss know it all, I got this here deed to the place and it has my name on her.”

I heard some papers being shuffled.

“You satisfied you old slut?”

“Just how did you steal that deed from johnnie’s mom?”

“That whore mother of his came to me for a loan. She was behind on her payments. Since she had only 6 more payments to make I told her to sign this here deed over to me until she paid me back. She never did so the place is mine.”

“Fuck you Emmett. You gonna leave that boi homeless?”

“You mean that son of a whore. And I don’t care one bit what happens to that bastard. Tell him to get his shit outta my trailer today or I’ll have the sheriff come and throw him out.”

“Oh yeah. Like the sheriff is your best friend. Right.”

“He ain’t gotta be my friend. The law’s the law.”

“Fuck you,” mommy Connie yelled and slammed the door.

“You heard,?” mommy Connie looked at me with a sad expression.

I could only nod. In just four days I’d gone from being a Junior at Amway U to a homeless orphan. My body was racked with sobs once more.

Mommy Connie came and hugged me from behind. Her large breasts engulfed my head as she let me cry out my helplessness. “What am I going to do? Where am I gonna go?”

“Why you’ll just come live with your mommy Connie baby. Fuck that old drunk assed son of a bitch anyway. That old cock sucker should still be in jail.”

I laughed at what she said and composed myself. “Can I really stay with you until I get my act together mommy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32