Coffee Shop

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She was sitting at the corner table, closest to the window. Lightning outside repeatedly flashed upon her face as she sipped her coffee. The steam rising from her mug put a certain mystique upon her glowing face.

The twinkle in her eyes held the air of a man. When you walked into the café, she lifted her brow to identify your handsomeness before quickly looking down to the ordinary centerpiece. She hoped you did not notice her looking your way. When you continued towards the counter to order your regular daily dose, she figured her secret admiration for your would last another day.

You turned, coffee mug in hand and scanned the room for an open table. The harder she tried to pretend she was not there, that she was not alone, and that the seat beside her was not occupied, the faster you noticed her.

You approached, introduced yourself and waited for her response and perhaps even an invitation to join her. She was blushing and nervous and could do nothing but part her lips, smile half a smile and blink. When words failed her, you asked if you could join her for lack of any other open tables. All she could give was a nod. Once back, and one small dip of her forehead down. She blinked again.

Once you were sitting, you told her your name again and asked for hers. She smiled bigger and more meaningful, answering “Marie. Yes, please sit”

You sat across the table form her and admired her. You’d seen her there before and her face made such an impression on you. You hoped there would be a reason to meet.

Finally the hustle of the morning crowd forced you together. She was hopeful about meeting you as well but never had the nerve to move on the desire. You were so handsome, so polite, so pleasant that she thought you must be involved with some other woman. She stayed clear. She kindled her fantasy each night with the sight of you from earlier in the day when she sipped her coffee alone at that same table… Your scent triggered the auto response in her. It made her sit up tall in her seat and squirm to keep from becoming too aroused. Today was only different in that she tried to stay somewhat hunched to avoid having you make contact. Once you did, she sat up tall again, sipped a few more sips and locked her eyes on you.

You were finding it hard to penetrate her glances. You could not tell what she might be thinking. As you began to talk again, she sat tall and began twirling her necklace. The charm on it was about the size of a nickel. She spun it side to side to hear the clasp click click click on the links of the chain. “Nervous?” you asked.

She let go of the charm to try proving she was calm as could be. You watched it drop and slide into her cleavage, which is also where your eyes lingered for a while. Marie did not mind, because it meant she did not have to look you antep escort in the eye yet. When you seemed fixated on it, she brought her hand back up to the charm, slipped her middle finger into the deep groove of her chest and rubbed it up and down, paying no attention to the charm. You were finding it a turn on as she touched herself like that. She seemed innocent as she plunged her finger into her shirt, trailing her fingertip all along the lacy edge of her bra. It was a fidgety motion in attempt to keep her calm in your presence. What she did not realize was how hard you became watching her. The long petting strokes along the curve of her bosom, the tender exploring touch was exactly how your cock would move in the same position. Except, when your cock pushed up through her cleavage, she’d dip her head forward to lick at the air between your swollen head and her tongue. That fantasy would have to be saved. For now, she continued to stroke and sip. But between sips, she proceeded to twist that necklace charm around.

“Marie” you whispered in a sexy voice. “MMM-hmmmm” was all she could say. You asked that she relax and let her necklace hang where it will, telling her it looked pretty tucked away. It added a rich sparkle to her smooth tan skin.

She blushed and did as you asked. The charm finally came to rest between those plump breasts. Just where your cock will be, you thought. “How’s that?” she asked. Beautiful! As one hand rested in your lap to press at the wood growing down along your leg. She could not see what was happening down there, but she could tell by the gleam in your eye that there was some excitement. She lifted a foot to cross her legs. In the process, she kicked you lightly and that was the end of you. You invited her to get some coffee to go and take a walk with you. There was a gorgeous park not to far away where you could be alone and get to know one another.

Marie accepted and met you outside.

A short while later, you were at the park, hand in hand as you led her to a secluded grassy spot along the lake. She was now feeling how fully wet the meeting in the coffee shop made her. The way you looked at her, the way you spoke, the scent, the reminiscing of watching her day in and day out as she flitted along the sidewalk in pursuit of her daily dose of coffee… and the way you questioned all the writing she did as she watched people pass by through the large window beside her. These were all the details contributing to her state of desire.

At first you sat on a park bench, quite close to one another. Her legs parted more than a shy woman might sit on a first outing with a man. She felt overly comfortable with you and so sat with her legs offering an open invitation. It was evident she wanted you. When her hand returned to her blouse again, she slipped her four fingers fully beneath her top and into her lacy bra. You looked down at the movement to see what it was she was doing. When you looked up to her face, she was watching you look there. Asking if you liked what you were seeing, she made you blush. Lack of an answer meant to her that you wanted to see more. She pushed he hand further into her top and eased her tit out of the lace. Her two fingers clamped her already hard nipple and jiggled the rest of her tit your direction. She watched your eyes, watched your lips part as you licked them so carefully. “go Ahead” she invited as she held it all up to you. AS you reached to hold it, she leaned forward to give you better access. Once it was in your hand, she cupped your hand from below and raised it all to your mouth for you.

With a deep breath and deeper exhale that you tried to hold back then pushed through your teeth, you opened your mouth further and took in half of her. A firm sucking with a twittling of your tongue on the hard pink nipple made her push her chest out to you for more. It filled you. Your cock was harder than before. Her hand made its way to your lap where she could feel the outline of the fat ridge as it pressed to the inside of your pant leg. She moaned as she ran her fingers through your hair. Every few minutes, the feeling in her chest would build to a height where she had to pull your hair and bring your face closer to her chest. She wanted you to eat her. Nibble, bite, suck – whatever you wanted to do, but she wanted more roughness. You grabbed her breast harder and pinched her nipple as you watched her expression. Licking and sucking more and harder was what this woman from the coffee shop needed. Somehow she believed you might be the one who could handle it.

As the minutes passed, you caught on to her desires. With a quick shift of positions to put her on top of you, she giggled and went with your lead. Her hair flowing in the current you caused with the roll and tumble, you enjoyed the tickling it gave when it crossed your face. She was nervous in an instant about taking control of you. She wanted it hard, so you figured she’d deliver it hard too. It was out of the norm for you to engage like this, but your instinct was to lay back and enjoy a woman as passionate.

She straddled your hips and thighs. Putting all her weight on you, she sat on top of you and swung her legs around the sides and up toward your face. With a bend of her legs, she was able to straddle and hover over your midsection. With a swinging motion, she grazed your bulge with her pussy a few times before reaching between her legs. Her skirt covered whatever it was he was reaching for down there. It was only a secret until those cool fingertips slid beneath your waistband. A flick of her thumbs and your button and fly were undone, letting your hard cock out of their hothouse.

A finger and thumb wrapped immediately around the base of your dick and soon began twirling it around to get an intermittent feel of her wetness. Tapping on her swollen clit with the fat head of your cock gave you both a rush. You accepted her teasing for a longer time than she expected – so she slowed the pace and shortened the distance your cock moved around in the circles she was drawing with it.

Without notice, all motion stopped. It made no sense. She wanted it rough and she was being so gentle. Then she stopped the tender caressing. You could not figure it out, but were afraid to question her on it. Everything was so tremendous to this point! Automatically you realized there would be no sex, no blow job, hardly even an orgasm unless you gave it to yourself.

Your body relaxed and a sigh gave the feeling of sunken hopes. Suddenly, she sat on your erect and straight in the air cock! You were so well aligned with her and she knew from the clenching muscles that she was directly over it. You hit so hard so deep she let out a yell at the same time you did… A few pumps became a system of pumping your cock and swirling her hips to push your cock into all corners of her. She could feel you probing all of her as she guided you to those internal “itches” for some good hard cock.

Your hands made way to her thighs, then to the base of your hard shaft. You squeezed hard to fatten it up for her. She lifted herself off until you could feel the ridge of your wood. Again, she plunged and took your hands away. Interlocking fingers, she pulled on your arms and forced them overhead to pin you to the fresh grass beneath you. The more you tried to lift them into the air, the harder she resisted. You were liking the motives of this café girl.

When you finally wanted to take control again, you strong armed her and rolled her over again. You figured you’d let her be on top next gathering. Today, she was your toy. You pegged her arms to the ground over her head as you straddled her and bit her nipple. She screamed a scream that soon became a giggle. You finally got it right with her! Without releasing her hands, you slid along her body until you were kneeling between her bent legs. She could not thrust you off her with all her might. You approached her pussy and she stayed calm so you would not bite your own tongue… and she waited.

Your tongue was amazing. She was loving the hardness and rigidity of your tongue as you probed her with it. As your tongue softened to get a good taste of her sweetness, you lapped her from one edge to the other and when you got to her clit, you kissed and licked and finally sucked it. When you sucked in as much of her clit and lips as you could, your tongue began a dance she will never soon forget.

Her orgasm echoed across the lake as you shimmied back up her twitching body to silence her with your still-rock-solid cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32