Cleaning Girl Ch. 02

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I pushed my hand into Sandra’s shiny black leggings and cupped her big, beautiful arse. I had to bend over a bit to get it down there, but that was fine because it allowed me to squeeze those beautiful tits hard up against me at the same time.

I nibbled her ear and whispered: “I think we should start upstairs. It can sometimes get really dirty up there.”

“Er…okay,” she said.

If you’ve just joined us, I’d better give you a quick rundown on what happened in Chapter 1 after my wife decided to take the kids away for a fortnight in Spain then called from the airport to say that a girl called Sandra was coming to see us about a cleaning job.

Sandra duly arrived, all sopping wet from the English rain. She was short and plump with lank, blonde hair and large, very pointy breasts – and by chance I was feeling horny as hell. I interviewed her carefully, gave her the job, showed her round the house, cleverly managed to soak her again with the shower, helped her dab down those tits, and gave her the smallest T-shirt I could find to cover her up.

Then I came clean and told her that maybe it wasn’t going to work out: how could she come and work in our house if she had this kind of effect on me? All I really wanted to do, I said, was touch her, kiss her, take her in my arms…

And, luckily for me, she didn’t say no, which was why I was standing in the kitchen groping a chubby 20-year-old who’d thought only 45 minutes earlier that she was just applying for a job cleaning up after me and my kids.

I took Sandra’s hand and rushed her up the stairs, eager not to lose momentum from that masterful seduction in the kitchen. What would happen if she worked out I was just a sad old fuck having a horny day? Maybe she wouldn’t care, but I decided it was best to move fast, just in case…

I dragged her straight into the master bedroom, sat down on the bed and pulled that wonderful sharp chest in towards me. My hands moved up underneath the tight, flimsy T-shirt, explored around her back and then came back round under her breasts. I inhaled deeply – there was some kind of cheap perfume still hanging around her despite the soaking. Then I lifted up the shirt and began to kiss and lick her right breast. It was smooth and pale and very pert for its size with a stiff pink nipple shooting out from a puffy areola.

“Jesus. Your breasts ataköy escort are just perfect,” I told her, and pulled her head down to me for another long, but increasingly passionate kiss. Weirdly enough, I started to imagine that I was kissing Jennifer, the girl I’d sat next to in geography 20 years earlier, the one who’d first given me a taste for pointy tits. I had once sucked on Jennifer’s tits at her house and today I felt like I was 15 again, my cock bursting against my jeans, my heart beating extra-fast in case her parents came home early or her brother walked in and spoiled the party.

Anyway, it was time to unveil those tits properly. As we moved back over the bed, I pulled the shirt up over Sandra’s head to leave her sitting half-naked beside me, a top-heavy little marble cherub.

But she wasn’t just a pair of tits, I reminded myself. I undressed quickly, in just a few seconds, and as we laid down widthways across the bed I slid Sandra’s leggings over her ass and down a pair of surprisingly curvaceous little legs. I took her in with a single glance from her tiny feet, past her smooth calves and thighs, belly, large pointy breasts and little piggy face, which was already covered in a thin layer of sweat.

“You’re even more lovely than I imagined when you walked into my house today,” I told her, kissing her gently. And I meant it.

All that was left was to take off her pink flowered knickers and unveil her treasure. She was no looker, as I’ve already said, but I knew that she’d have the most marvellous little pussy — and once again I was proved right..

Covering her in light kisses as I went, and grasping her big buttocks for grip, I moved down to her crotch, where I continued the light kisses. For a fat girl, her knickers were nicely thin and dainty. They were also pleasingly wet and I started to suck her juices up through the pink cotton. If I played my cards right Sandra could be my fuck-slut for the next fortnight, so I’d better make sure she enjoyed herself.

Her hand reached down to the back of my head. “You don’t have to do that, you know,” she murmured. I looked up at her and replied: “I know I don’t have to, Sandra, but I want to. I want to explore every single inch of you.”

And I grabbed the waistline of her knickers and pulled them firmly over her buttocks and on past her knees before settling bakırköy escort back down to enjoy her pussy.

It was fantastic, bulging lightly from her chunky thighs, lightly covered in a strawberry blonde fur. Maybe she shaved, I thought, but she didn’t quite seem the type and I didn’t want to ask her now. My tongue came out and I worked it slowly round her slit, savouring the sexiest pussy I’d been down on in years. I licked her, kissed her, gently nibbled her lips, before pushing my tongue further into her shell and working it up to her clit.

“Uuhh,” she grunted, and her hips began to buck against me.

Her juices were warm, almost hot, and pleasantly pungent as they trickled into my mouth, forcing me to swallow and lick at the same time. My hands explored her breasts and buttocks as I upped the tempo down below. When I felt her orgasm was approaching, after just a minute or two of sucking, I worked one hand between the cheeks of her magnificent arse and began to prod her arsehole. It felt promisingly tight – any luck, I thought, and I’ll be the first man to enjoy it.

Her bucking increased and her little grunts became more and more frequent. I pushed my middle finger slowly but firmly into her arse and pushed her over the edge into a convulsive orgasm that left me swallowing what felt like half a pint of her pussy cum and her squealing like a sow at the abattoir.

I didn’t let up with my tongue and her hips continued to buck as her squeals died down slowly. I climbed up on to all fours, licking her in one long movement from pussy to mouth. “I’ve never been with anyone as sexy as you,” I told her.

“I’ve never done that before” she replied. “I’ve only been with one boy, and that was only for a few minutes…”

“Well we’ve got all the time in the world, and I intend to use every second of it,” I said, and I lifted myself on to my knees so that, for the first time, she could see my cock.

I’ve not got a massive cock, not if you believe all the braggers on this site. But I’ve had my share of compliments and today, for some reason, it seemed bigger and harder than ever. And Sandra’s gasp as she saw it – her chubby little mouth just seemed to drop open – made it that extra bit harder.

“You won’t hurt me?” she asked.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It’s going to fit perfectly inside you.”

I put my hands inside her knees and gently pushed them apart as I sank down to kiss her. My cock found its entry immediately and pushed into the warmest, tightest, most perfect cunt I’ve ever known. My strokes were long and slow as I gradually worked my way into her.

Her eyes, their expression unreadable, looked straight into mine as I took her. Her tits, those beautiful big, pointy tits that had first attracted me, lay as two perfect white mounds topped with pink.

“Does that feel good?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Do you think you’re going to enjoy it here, working under me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Thank you.”

As my strokes gathered length and pace our kissing grew more furious, her sweet little tongue lapping up against mine. I reached back and pulled her wide-open legs round up and around my back. She began to grip me with them as I slowly pushed further and further into her. I could feel her arse, large but surprisingly firm, wobble beneath me.

An hour or so before, when she’d rung my doorbell in the pouring rain, she was just a chubby young girl hoping to earn a few quid washing up, dusting and ironing. Now she was lying on her back with a man whose first name she probably wasn’t even sure of ploughing into her pussy. She was having the first proper fuck of her young life and was building up to what would be only her second proper orgasm.

I saw her eyes close and felt her arse-muscles clench beneath me. My cock was pushed all the way against her womb and I kept it there, just quivering. Then, after just a few seconds, I started to thrust again, pushing my prick deeper and deeper into her while pulling her mouth hard against mine in a non-stop kiss.

I can’t tell you much about her explosion when it came because I was in the middle of the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. My backbone felt like it was going to break as I arched my head up, screaming out loud in the empty house, this fat little beauty clinging on to me for dear life. The aftershocks seemed to carry on for ever before we collapsed in exhaustion, my body completely covering hers.

When I finally lifted up my head and looked at my piggy little lover, she didn’t just have a layer of sweat over her face but tears running softly down her cheeks. I leant down and kissed one or two away.

“I told you we’d be a perfect fit, Sandra,” I said. “I just knew it from the moment I saw you.”

“Yes. I knew it too,” she said.

And I still had two weeks left before my wife got back.

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