An Afternoon Quickie With Nicki

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Nicki was not exactly shy; especially when it came to sex. In other stories, I have detailed how I met Nicki and how she first came to suck my cock. About a year ago, we calculated that she had sucked me off 1,500 times over a 20-year period that ended in 1993 when I moved to Florida from New jersey. Since then, we have managed to get together maybe a half dozen times. But, we stayed in touch by telephone since then, frequently enjoying a bit of phone sex as we re-lived past glories. She would tell me about memorable blow jobs she had given me as I stroked my cock. She played with her pussy as she talked and when she came, she came loudly with a sound that I can’t even begin to describe. It was primal.

Nicki always had multiple guys she was seeing, in addition to her husband, Hans. I was her blow job guy. In all the years, I never fucked her. I only recall seeing her naked once. Other guys were her fuck buddies; the guys she met in hotels or their vans for a good lay. Sometimes she took them home for threesomes with Hans. They were doctors, postal workers, stock brokers and stock boys in the local grocery store. Nicki loved them all.

A typical afternoon meeting with Nicki began with her call to me in the detective bursa escort bureau. She would get directly to the point: “I have a one o’clock nail appointment. How about meeting me at the park around noon. I need a cock to suck.” Now who could refuse an offer like that?

I took an hour for lunch and drove my own car to the park. It was a short ride up the Boulevard, about 2 miles, then left over a winding country road to the park. Nicki and I would meet in the picnic area, a circular drive littered with picnic tables and a few ancient rusted barbecues. But, mostly it was fairly heavily wooded and quite private. It was a fairly popular spot for local lovers who would meet there for a little afternoon delight. My cock was already throbbing when I put the car in park, a couple of minutes before Nicki arrived. Nicki was almost never on time. But, she always made it worth the wait.

She drove in and parked alongside my car. I jumped into her car, immediately unbuckling my belt. Nicki almost always wore jeans or some kind of casual slacks as well as a pullover shirt or sweater. She gave me a peck on the cheek as she began rubbing me cock through my jeans. She was there to suck my cock and there was little time for bursa escort bayan foreplay. Sometimes she would take my dick out; sometimes I would. Regardless, it was out within a minute or two. One of Nicki’s pleasure was gazing at my cock. She had seen it hundreds of times but she admitted to me that she always looked forward to seeing it the next time. She seemed fascinated by it. Once visually satisfied, she would lick the palm of her hand to lubricate it before stroking my cock. Nicki was an artist at sucking cock but she also gave great hand. “I see you have a problem,”she said as she continued to eye my dick with hungry eyes, “I think I can cure you. That’s why they call me the cock doctor.” I chuckled. “My diagnosis is that you are suffering from a condition known as ‘hardasarockcock’. I think I can save you.” Whereupon she would dive down on my hardon and begin sucking. She had a hunger for cock unlike that of any woman I have ever known.

Nicki could pack more pleasure into a five minute blow job than seems possible. She sucked my cock well over a thousand times and, like snowflakes, it was always different. Sure, it always had the same happy ending but the path that got us there varied each time. She loved escort bursa tonguing my balls and gently taking them in her mouth. She was an expert at swallowing, taking massive quantities of my love juices without flinching. On this occasion, however, Nicki wanted to watch me cum. She was fascinated with seeing me shoot my load. She loved feeling the cock contractions in her hand seconds before my load was expelled with a force at least equal to a .357 magnum. She stopped sucking seconds before I was to cum and she began stroking. It never took long; Nicki was a master of timing. She stroked me with her right hand and caught the cum with her left. Then she licked some of the cum off her hand. The rest she rubbed onto her tits. She would end it all by giving my cock a final loving lick and a pat before I put it back in my pants.

“I gotta run if I’m going to make my nail appointment.” Then she was gone–until the next time. Nicki later admitted to me that the nail appointment involved her getting a set of acrylics followed by getting fucked by the manicurist, whose wife was often at the reception desk for the salon. She was something.

Nicki was a great friend of 40 years and a sensational sex partner for much of that time. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. Last August Nicki died suddenly. She was 60. We all miss her. She was one of a kind; a true cock lover and one of the special people who comes along only occasionally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32