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CINDY: Finally succumbs to her feelings for her brother

I remember when I was about 12 and we had just moved house, I discovered that one of my dolls had disappeared. It wasn’t a particularly important doll, in fact I couldn’t remember playing with it for many, many years, it just sat in my room taking up space, but as soon as I realized it was missing I was totally devastated! Suddenly that doll took on enormous importance, and for days I was almost inconsolable, even my older brother John, who I used to go to in the absence of my father for a shoulder to cry on, was unable to calm me down.

To this day I remember the way he held me and rocked me back and forth and whispered soothing words in my ear, telling me the sun would still come up in the morning and I’d still be the same beautiful girl … that comment stopped the crying for a moment as I wondered at the fact that he thought I was beautiful …. but it soon resumed, and he held me and rocked me some more, then carried me into my room and laid me on the bed.

I hung on to his neck like a limpet, not wanting him to leave, and eventually he lay down beside me and held me tight, stroking my hair and my face and my back, and at one point lightly brushing his hands over my buttocks, an action that sent strange heat coursing through me, although I didn’t understand why. Then he told me that sometimes in life we don’t realize how much we care for something or someone until we no longer have them in our lives, which was why it was important always to acknowledge our feelings and express them whenever we could.

I guess those words didn’t mean much to a 12 year old, and perhaps I forgot them all too quickly, but suddenly I’d been reminded of them by the letter I was reading and by the incredible feelings of loss that were racing through me. The letter was from my brother John telling me that he was planning to get married, and would be arriving shortly to introduce his wife to be to the family.

Suddenly I knew how much he meant to me, how much he’d probably always meant to me, I remembered all the times I’d slip onto his lap when I needed comforting, and call him daddy .. because I had no daddy of my own .. and he’d hold me and stroke me just like that time when I was 12. The fact that he was only 3 years older than me didn’t seem to count, he was my brother and my daddy all rolled into one, the one I always went to with my problems. Much more so than with mom who was often too busy working.

I remembered the time I came home crying from a party when I was 16 and he was in the lounge room watching some videos and I threw myself onto his lap and hugged him close. I didn’t even notice consciously, his deep blush, his hurried grab for the remote control to turn off the video, or that his lap seemed unusually uncomfortable, I just held him and howled, hugging him tighter and tighter, waiting for him to hold me and stroke me and make me feel better, and eventually he did.

Later, in my bedroom I had a vague recollection that at some point his right hand had slipped from my shoulder, and just for a moment cupped and stroked my left breasts, and although my body reacted and responded to that memory and I felt incredibly turned on, I quickly tossed the thought aside, and told myself it was just my overheated imagination.

I was lying on my bed reading his letter, and suddenly the memory of that night was fresh and real, and I felt my nipples harden and my pussy start to become wet, and I was touching myself, eyes half closed, imagining that it was his hands again, and I suddenly exploded into an amazing orgasm that left me totally drained … and shocked … me and John? .. oh no .. that couldn’t be right! I mean, I had been happily married for over ten years and John, well he was soon to be married too. But the more I lay there thinking about it, the more I realized how much I loved him …but more shockingly .. how much I wanted him sexually, and probably always had.

I groaned to myself, oh no. it couldn’t be, and anyway, he probably didn’t feel that way about his little sister at all and that night had just been my imagination, and I hadn’t seen him in a lot of years and things would be different and we’d both changed. All these things raced through my mind as I tried to convince myself that what I was feeling was just an aberration, a reaction to the unexpected news in his letter, a reaction to the feeling of having lost .. or was about to lose .. something that was more important to me than I’d realized, but it didn’t seem to help, my body had suddenly taken on a deep ache, and as my fingers once more delved between my pussy lips and stroked my clitoris, I cried out his name as if he were there, “John, John, yes, yes, oh don’t stop!!” Şirinevler Escort …. and then exploded wildly once again!!

Over the next few weeks, as John’s visit came closer I seemed to settle down, focussing on all the arrangements that needed to be made. My husband, Jason, had agreed that they should stay with us, rather than with my mom who only had a very small unit and I was delighted, though a little scared, when John rang through and said they’d be delighted to take up our offer. Damn, just hearing his voice after all this time brought those memories flooding back again, the memories and the feelings! and as soon as the call was over I was naked under the shower trying to cool down, but masturbating furiously!

And then the great day arrived, and John arrived with Felicity who was absolutely gorgeous, a stunning blonde, tall and athletic, and of course I hated her at once … grin…actually I didn’t, I found I got on very well with her, but there was a part of me that resented the fact that she was going to have ‘my’ John! For the first couple of days everything was hectic, with visits to mom, and shopping and showing them around and lots of meals and laughter, so John and I hardly had a moment to exchange any personal pleasantries. Then on the third morning I saw Jason off to work and went back to bed and slept a little more, finally arousing about 9.30. I grabbed a slow shower, dried off and slipped on my short bathrobe and headed off to the kitchen, completely forgetting that there were other people in the house. I didn’t forget for long! I walked into the kitchen and found a smiling John half way through his bowl of breakfast cereal and orange juice, I laughed, “A far cry from the McDonalds you used to scoff for breakfast, you on a health kick!” I said.

He joined in the laughter, “Well, maybe just a little, can’t keep on putting weight on and not do anything about it” he said, patting his almost flat belly.

I shook my head, “You’re crazy, you’re just as athletic now as you were when you were at High School” I said.

He half bowed, then grinned and slowly and quite deliberately let his eyes roam up and down my body, “Mmmm, and you look every bit as beautiful and sexy as you were at High School” he said.

I felt myself turn bright red, and covered it up by asking if he needed another drink , and when he nodded I opened the fridge and bent down to get the bottle from the lower shelf. As soon as I heard his sharp intake of breath I remembered that I didn’t have anything on under that robe, and I froze, god, how could I face him, how could I go near him to pour his drink .. how? Then I realized that I was only making things worse because I was still bent over and I could literally feel his eyes burning into my naked ass. I decided to try to pretend like nothing had happened, so I straightened up, pasted an incredibly false smile on my lips, and turned and walked towards him.

He watched me come, his eyes slightly glazed, his mouth so dry he kept on having to run his tongue over his lips to wet them, but he didn’t speak until I was standing alongside of him, “Wow, I was wrong” he whispered, “You’re even more beautiful and sexy than when you were at High School”

I playfully clipped his ear, “Enough of that, that’s no way to speak to your sister” I said.

He ginned widely, “Oh, would you like me to speak to you the way I always used to?” he asked.

I frowned down at him, “Oh, and how was that?” I asked.

He pushed back his chair and reached out with his hand to clasp me around the waist, and pulled me down onto his lap, “Like this, sis, like we always used to talk, with you on my lap holding me and me stroking you” he said, in a peculiar strained tone.

“John, no, we mustn’t” I stammered, “What if Felicity comes in”

He chuckled, “Oh, she is a real health freak and has already gone off for her weekly Gym session, she wont be back for hours, so don’t tell me you’ve forgotten and don’t tell me you didn’t used to enjoy it” he said.

I groaned and squirmed a little, trying to loosen myself from his grip, but I found my struggles unexpectedly weak, and all I succeeded in doing was loosening my robe and pulling it upwards, so when I looked down I gasped in anguish at the sight of my naked pussy totally revealed. If John hadn’t noticed before, my gasp and the direction of my eyes quickly alerted him to it, and I heard him groan, “God, sis, but you are absolutely stunning” he whispered, hotly, and right before my eyes he dropped his hand to my thigh and started to stroke me slowly, moving closer and closer to my pussy.

“Oh, John, please, we mustn’t” I pleaded, but made no move to cover up or to push his hand away.

“Damn, Şirinevler Escort Bayan Sis, do you remember that night you came back from the party and caught me looking at sexy videos? God, I was so hot, and when you sat on my lap I nearly went ballistic, it was so hard to pull back that night, I remember slipping my hand on to your breasts and waiting for you to slap me, and when you didn’t, oh god I nearly came in my pants” he whispered hoarsely.

I gasped, “You did!! I .. I thought I only imagined it” I said.

He looked at me and grinned, “Oh, so you do remember, and do you remember how good it felt too?” he said, and as he spoke he moved his hand up and slipped it inside my robe and cupped it around my naked breast. “This is really what I wanted to do that night, but I didn’t have the courage, Mmmm, they are every bit as firm and exciting as I knew they’d be” he whispered.

“But .. but…you’re going to get married” I stammered.

He chuckled hotly, “And you’re already married” he responded, “But can you tell me you want me to stop?, can you tell me you don’t want me to touch you like this?” and he rolled my hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, sending a shudder right through my body. “Maybe it’s because I’m getting married that I need to get this off my chest once and for all, I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember, wanted to look at you, wanted to touch you, wanted to hold you, wanted to love you, sometimes I thought maybe you felt the same, and other times I knew I was just a substitute for dad, but that didn’t matter, the fact I got to hold you was almost enough … almost, but not quite!”

I stared, deep into his eyes, “I didn’t know, I didn’t realize” I mumbled, “But .. sometimes .. I felt something too, oh yes I remember that night, but I thought I’d only dreamed that you touched my breasts” I said.

“And did that thought excite you?” he whispered, with some urgency in his voice.

I hesitated, feeling the flush starting to roll over my face, “Yes” I whispered so quietly, that he couldn’t really hear .. or pretended not to and asked me to say it again ..I lifted my eyes to his again, “Yes” I said, more loudly.

His hand squeezed my breasts and he leaned forward and brushed his lips over mine, “Oh, I’m so glad, I was so afraid I was going to make a complete fool of myself” He said, the relief heavy in his voice.

I lifted my hands to his face and cupped it, “Oh, John, you could never make a fool of yourself with me … ever!,” and I kissed him, long and deep. Both of us started to shake and shudder as something seemed to explode between us, and when we broke apart we were both staring wide eyed.

“My god, what was that?” he whispered.

I smiled, “Do you remember comforting me over my doll when I was 12, and saying that sometimes we didn’t know what we loved until it was lost, so it was important to express what we felt whenever we could? Well I think we both just realized how much love we have for each other and how much we both want to express it fully” I said.

His eyes widened even more, “You mean? …” he gulped.

I slipped from his lap and stood up, and as he stared up at me wide eyed, I reached up and slid my robe form my shoulders and allowed it to cascade to the floor, “Oh god, Cindy” he groaned as his eyes swept over my completely naked body for the first time, “Oh god!”

“Take a good long look, John, is this the way you’ve always dreamed of seeing me?” I asked softly.

“Yes, oh god yes, but .. I never thought?” he stammered.

“Now it’s not a dream any more, and nor is the rest” I whispered.

“The rest” he gulped again.

I reached down and pulled him to his feet, and slowly led him into my bedroom and lay down on the bed, “If there’s a time to pull back, John, it’s now, because once you touch me, it will be too late, there’ll be no stopping until we’ve expressed everything, …fully and completely!” I said, huskily.

For a long, long moment he looked down at me, drinking in every inch of my naked surrender, and I had the terrible thought that he was going to pull back, but then he lifted his T shirt over his head and tossed it aside, and as I watched avidly, he unbuttoned his jeans and peeled them off. I sucked in my breath as I saw the mountainous bulge in his pants, then they were being peeled down too and my inbreath became a massive gasp as his rampant cock sprang forth. Damn he was BIG!, long and thick and throbbing like crazy, and I couldn’t help myself, I lurched upright and wrapped both hands around his cock, stroking him hotly up and down, “Oh yes, John, oh god yes, I want this, I want you” I cried as I cupped his heavy balls, and leaned even Escort Şirinevler further forward to brush my lips over his cock head, and he moaned and shuddered.

Then he was beside me on the bed and his hands and his lips and his tongue were everywhere on my body, and my hands and lips and tongue were everywhere on his. Years of deep seated frustration poured out as we literally mauled each other, eager not to miss one single solitary inch, oh yes, oh yes, the feel of his hands on me at last, everything I’d dreamed about and more, and he seemed to feel the same.. As I drew his big cock into my mouth inch by slow inch, he bucked and heaved like crazy, and I did the same when he took my swollen clit between his lips and sucked on it frantically, lashing it with the tip of his tongue, and I was cumming … and he was cumming!! .. his hot cum shooting hard down into my throat and my juices cascading down over his lips and face, and we both went wild! we sucked each other until we were dry, then switched around and just held each other the way we had done all those years ago, but this time it was different, no frustrations anymore, just the knowledge that we were sharing everything, that we were being totally open with each other at last.

We talked a little, reminiscing about some of those earlier times, cursing a little in a fun way the fact that neither of us had been aware enough, or plain courageous enough to do anything about it back then. And as we talked we stroked each other and interspersed that with light kisses, and soon we were both aroused again, his hard cock pressing against my inner thighs, lightly brushing against my pussy lips, and I rolled over, drawing him on top of me. his cock resting firmly now against my wet pussy, and he rubbed it up and down, coating it’s whole length with my juices, and began to moan.

The he lifted up and I reached between us and took his cock in my hand and guided it to the entrance of my pussy, and he looked deep into my eyes, “Are you sure?” he whispered, giving me one last chance to pull away from this ultimate act. My answer was to reach around and clasp his ass cheeks in my hands and pull forward hard, at the same time lifting my own ass cheeks off the bed and thrusting upwards. The result was to ram his big cock ball deep into my steaming pussy, and as he held it there very still, allowing me to adjust to it’s amazing size and girth I whispered hotly in his ears, “Oh yes, brother, I’m sure, absolutely one hundred percent sure, now fuck me! fuck me like you wanted to that night when I was 15! Fuck me like you’ve never fucked another woman in your life!!!!, FUCK MEEEEEEE”

I almost screamed that last part, and it galvanized him into action, drawing out and thrusting back in over and over again, harder and faster each time, and I’d never, never felt a cock like it! God he was so tight inside me, I lifted and arched, spread my legs wide and high, and my juices poured down to lubricate his thrusting cock, and it was like a rod of fire thrusting into me, “Yes, yes, Yes,” I panted, “Oh god, John, so fucking good, give it to me, fill me with your cum, shoot your load into me!!” I couldn’t believe what I was screaming! I’d never said things like this to a man before, not even my husband, I was totally out of my mind.

But John didn’t seem to mind, in fact it seemed to spur him on and he fucked me harder and faster, “Oh yes, Cindy” he moaned, “Oh god you are so hot and tight, like your pussy was made for my cock, and I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until you beg me to stop … and then fuck you some more!”


And he did, over and over again, until my body was a constant shuddering mess and I was babbling like an idiot, and he was CUMMING, oh god yes, he was CUMMING, like a steam train, shooting his hot cum so far up inside me I could practically taste it! And my body was dissolving, melting around his thrusting cock and his spurting juices, giving me feelings I’d never even read about, much less experienced!! and I was gone!! somewhere out into distant space!!

I don’t know how long it was before I became aware of a rather worried John, patting my forehead with a cold wet flannel, but I just reached up and drew his head down and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. Then we lay together and we talked some more, and we took a shower together, which was an incredibly erotic experience in itself, and we made love again, this time slowly and softly, and it was every bit as beautiful and powerful as the first time! there was certainly something to be said for sharing with your own brother…..grin …we parted company shortly afterwards, realizing that Felicity would soon be home from the gym, but we knew we’d be together again, sometime .. in fact we knew that whatever happened in our respective lives, we’d always come back together from time to time to share a magic that no one else could come close to giving us.

It’s called Brotherly Love…and you can’t beat it.

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