Chocolate Syrup , Berries Ch. 04

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We are staring deeply into each other’s eyes as the head of your cock gently parts my slick lips. Just barely entering me before pulling away again. Listening to me moaning, lifting my hips up to meet yours, begging for more. You pull away, not giving me what I so desperately desire. I whimper as you slightly enter me again only to slide right back out, rubbing the hot head up and down in my wetness. My back arching up as you touch my clit again and again, teasing me.

My hands slip down your shoulders, nails lightly dragging across your back on their way to your ass trying to pull you deeply inside me. You sit back on your knees and pull my hands away, laying them above my head. Kissing me deeply, passionately as you tie my hands to the headboard with silk scarves. Your hands cup my face and slide down my body as you sit back on your knees again. It is such a turn on for you to see me tied to the bed, open to your touch, in your control to tease and please, as you desire.

Grasping your cock in your hand, you slide close enough to once again slip it up and down in my hot juices. Barely touching the hot spongy head on my clit before slipping back down. Pulling one of my legs up onto your shoulder, giving you complete access to all my hidden treasures. I moan loudly, arching my back as you gently touch your cock to my ass.

You allow your cock to rub back up against my clit as you bend to kiss me, the entire hot hard length stroking my clit, causing me to tremble. Your hot wet mouth, trailing over my body as you return to a sitting position, fingers plucking on one nipple as you gently bite and suck on the other. My entire body feels as if it is on fire, shivering with desire and passion.

Gazing down at my face, you slowly enter me. My eyes so dark drowning in passion, my lips swollen and red from our kisses, my face so flush with desire. The candlelight playing with the colors of my hair as I close my eyes, arching my back and moaning as you finally enter, an inch at a time.

I can feel you throbbing deep inside of me as my muscles clench around you, squeezing you like a hot, wet velvet glove. You pull both of my legs up onto your shoulders, pushing yourself so deep inside me. Your hands sliding down my legs, slipping one hand between my thighs to massage my clit as you hold yourself so still, not moving at all.

My breath coming faster and harder. Am growing so hot and tight around you, trying to rock my hips up to you, make you move inside me but you hold me down with other hand as you watch my face. When you feel me right on the very edge, you completely withdraw from me pulling your cock out hard and fast, taking your stroking finger away from my clit.

Listening to my cries of Ümraniye Escort protest, my begging you to help me cum as you slowly stretch yourself out next to me on the bed. With one hand you prop your head up to look at me as the other strokes the side of my face. I am looking at you, begging you to come back inside me, feel how very hot and tight I am becoming. Gently you bend down to kiss my cheek, telling me “You have to wait, count backwards from 60, slowly.”

My mind is so fuzzy, is hard to concentrate but I try so hard, desperate to feel you back inside me. My mouth is so dry I can only hoarsely whisper as I try to countdown for you. “60 …. 59 …. 58 …. 57.” I have to stop repeatedly to think of where I am, trying to visualize the number line in my head but only seeing your eyes, staring back at me. Every time I make a mistake, you correct me but make me start over again. It is so frustrating but I continue on as my breathing slowly returns to normal and my shaking subsides.

As I finally reach 30, you grab the bottle of syrup from the nightstand and pour it over my neck and shoulders. I can feel your hot tongue tracing down my neck, licking the syrup off me as I try to finish the count down you demanded. I begin trembling again as you bite my neck then gently suck the syrup off before outlining my collarbone with your tongue. As I get closer and closer to the number 1, you position your body so you are once again lying on top of me.

You enter me again, hard and fast. Leaving me gasping for air as my body adjusts to the feel of you, so thick and hard deep inside me. You bend down to kiss me as you slowly move, pulling out until only the head is inside me, sliding back inside an inch at a time. I am moaning into your mouth. It feels so wonderful to have you back inside me, squeezing you tightly.

I can feel myself growing hotter and tighter, my legs wrapping around your waist. Trying to guide you into moving, harder, faster. It is driving me crazy, not being able to hold you in my arms. I break our kiss to beg you to release me, wanting to stroke your back, hold you close to me. Looking into my eyes, you smile gently and tell me not quite yet. You start moving faster, pounding into me harder. I stare into your eyes, meeting you thrust for thrust as best I am able, rushing head long towards that cliff and the wonderful fall that lies beyond. You bend over me, biting my right nipple harder than you ever have before. My body arches and trembles as I scream your name. You tenderly lick away all the pain as you feel me growing tighter and hotter, once more standing on the very edge.

I am crying in frustration and desire when you pull out of me again, leaving me stranded on İstanbul Escort the cliff with no way off. Wanting so badly to take that flying leap into the heavens and being denied. You fold your body along side mine as you stroke my outer thighs, telling me this time I only have to count backwards from 45 until you are once again mine. I can’t believe you are doing this to me and beg you for the fulfillment I crave. I want to cum with you deep inside me, feel you sliding in and out as the muscles of my pussy clench around you, riding my orgasm with me.

You move away from me, no longer touching me at all. I feel so cold where before your body heat was keeping me warm. I try throwing my leg over you, leaving myself wide open for you to enter me again but every time I do, you gently slide my leg down until it is once again lying on the bed.

Realizing you are not going to allow me the release I am so desperate for until I do as you ask, I begin counting down from 45. Licking my lips between each number, knowing that every time you see my wet pink tongue slipping around my lips you are remembering how it felt when I used it to caress you. You bring one hand up to cup my face, the thumb running over my lower lip. As I slowly continue the count down, I lick your thumb. You slip your thumb into my mouth, watching as my teeth gently close around the pad, remembering how it looked when I was sucking your cock in the same way. I curl my tongue around you and part my teeth to allow you into my mouth. Gently biting down on you as I form the numbers, counting out loud so we both know exactly how long it is until you are back inside me.

As I suck on your thumb, caressing it as if it were your hard, thick cock I watch, as your eyes get even darker in the candlelight, knowing you are wanting release as much as I am. Still watching my mouth you bend your head down and begin the same actions I am using on your thumb on my left nipple. Once I have reached the number 5, you slide closer to me, using your calf to gently part my knees again. Running your foot along the inside of my calf.

So very softly I call out the number one, breathless with anticipation. Rather than entering me again as I had expected, you slide your leg up until your knee is pressed tightly against my hot wet pussy, grinding into me. My juices are flowing over your leg, making you so slippery and wet as you grind your kneecap against my clit. It is not at all what I wanted but it makes me feel so very good. Very quickly I am right back at the very edge.

Again, you move away from me. I am shocked at how cruel you are being to both of us. I can feel your cock, pulsing against my thigh and feel the answering throb deep in my pussy. Anadolu Yakası Escort I am twisting against my restraints, my hips arching against the bed begging you to let me cum around you. You are grinning at me as I beg you to fuck me. I want to feel you slamming your cock hard and deep inside me, ramming in and out faster and faster.

You grab the can of whipped cream and again spray my breasts. As you lower your mouth to my nipples you tell me that I only have to count back from 15 this time. I am practically in tears, trying to remember the numbers as you begin teasing my breasts. I can feel the blood rushing to them, making them heavier and fuller. My nipples are tingling as you slowly run your tongue around them. Gasping for breath as you suck one nipple into your mouth breaking my concentration, making me lose count. Laughing softly, you remind me that I must now start over from 15. I close my eyes, blocking out the sight of you, trying so hard to block out the sensations you are causing as I quickly count back from 15. Running through the numbers faster and faster, racing to get to the number 1.

As I call out the number one, you crawl over my body. I am trembling under you as the head of your cock slides between my pussy. Starting so slowly, you begin sliding in and out of me. My entire body is on fire, burning hotter and tighter straining for release as I beg you for more. My legs wrapped around you, pulling you hard and fast into my body, forcing you to increase your pace. I throw my head back and scream as I cum, my hands frantically twisting around the scarves. You slow down, pumping into me hard and deep, feeling my pussy throbbing around you.

My orgasm slowly subsides but rather than giving me time to recover, you begin pounding into me hard. The pleasure I am feeling is so very intense, I can’t stop moaning or trembling under you. I can feel another orgasm building, my pussy burning into a tight knot around your thick cock. You reach up to untie my hands and I wrap them around your shoulders. My legs wrapped around your ass as I pull myself up from the bed, hanging in front of you as I ride you. You are holding yourself up on your hands and knees, allowing me to fuck you harder and faster. You press your face into my neck as you cum. The first shot of your hot sticky cum splashing so deep inside me sets off my orgasm. I can’t stop riding you, my pussy squeezing around you as I cum, sliding up and down faster, taking you deeper.

The world is slowly disappearing around us. Becoming a black void, leaving only our bodies and the sensations of us slamming together, again and again. Slowly even our bodies seem to disappear as I collapse under you. Our bodies trembling together as you lay on top of me. We are both glistening with sweat in the candlelight and my last sight is of you bending over to kiss me as you get up to blow out the candles. I am so exhausted and spent it is hard for me to move at all; barely able to gather up the strength to kiss you back.

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