Catherine and Gary

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“…Hap – py – birth- day – to –you!”

Catherine, in shock, held her hands to her hot face, no doubt it was blush-red. The group laughed and clapped.

“Cat, go ahead. Blow out the candles.”

She leaned over the cake and read the blue inscription in the white frosting. “To Cat, Meow Baby, On Your 25-th.” She blew out the candles to more applause and her sister, Sara, hugged her.

Catherine said, “Oh, my. I never expected…”

“That’s the fun of it, Hon. We all love you.” Sara said.

Krista yelled out, “Is it time for the presents, yet?”

Lea followed with, “And music; we want music!” With that, the music rolled out of the CD player.

Suddenly, a loud rap at the door made everyone look. Sara walked over; Lea turned the music down. Cat watched wondering who might be coming late, but when Sara backpedaled, a man in a blue uniform – a policeman – entered.

He said, “I’m getting complaints about all the commotion here; loud music and a party going on. What’s this all about?”

Sara said, “Sir, we’re sorry, but my sister; we’re celebrating her birthday.”

Catherine looked at the man – Why did he look familiar?

“Whose birthday?” The policeman scowled, no nonsense.

“Mine,” Catherine said, a quiver in her voice.

“Then I have no choice. Ma’am, you are under arrest.”

“What?” Catherine sputtered. “The music – it wasn’t that loud, and this is a private residence. How can you arrest me? On what charge?”

“You want to know what charge? You want to know why I am arresting you?” He said.


“Because your beauty is so arresting. I charge you with being a heartbreaker. All the guys are so hot for you; you’re liable to start a fire. In fact, does anyone else find it hot in here?”

Catherine thought that the officer was insane. She backed away until the girls started laughing. The man unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt and Lea cranked up a racy pop song on the player.

“Yeah! Hey, Copper take it off, baby! Woo-hoo!” Krista had already got in the groove and clapped to the music.

Once he pulled his shirt from his pants, he unbuttoned it and tossed it aside. Catherine couldn’t believe her eyes – the man’s muscles were so – obvious. He had on a light blue A-shirt that was uncannily familiar. That’s when it struck her.

“Gary?” She gasped.

“The broad smile slipped off the man’s face. “Cat? Oh, hell, it is!”

Everyone started talking at once. Sara, closest, asked, “Cat? You know this stripper?”

“He – he’s my next door neighbor.”

Gary said, “Catherine, if this is uncomfortable, I’m sorry, I had no idea. I’m pretty focused when I perform. It took me a moment to know it was you.”

“Uh, Gary, I thought you were in college – a grad student.”

“Well, I do this to make some money. History majors don’t make a lot of money, you know.”

Sara jumped in and said, “Well, this didn’t go the way I planned. I’m sorry, I guess I can’t use you. Damn.”

Gary turned pale. “If you cancel, I don’t get paid.” To Catherine he said, “C’mon, it’s clean fun. Look around, the other girls are looking forward to embarrassing you, but I’m not raunchy, I promise.”

Catherine leaned in; “I don’t want to get you in trouble. Besides, it could be fun, I guess. Do whatever you want.”

“Okay,” He said, “I’ll give you the extra special treatment.” His grin infected Catherine and made her relax.

Gary flexed his muscles, moved about the room – obviously to gage it’s limits on his act. Each pass by one of the girls, he moved his arms, hands, but never touched them, only teased. By the time he got back to Catherine and Sara, he was shirtless. The smooth chest was deep tanned, and his stomach hard.

Sara leaned into him and rubbed her hand over his shoulder. He eased over to Catherine and did a deep knee bend right in front of her, his eyes at skirt level. He looked up and caught her gaze. She felt her heart flip.

He leaped up and spun about. The next of his clothing to go were the rip-off pants. Cute bağcılar escort polka dot boxers hugged low on his hips. The next few minutes he made another pass through the crowd with lots of bumps, grinds, and wiggles. His circle-dance ended in front of Catherine and he went into overdrive.

Gary looked right into her eyes, but Catherine could only feel the heat rise in her face. The girls laughed at both her and their excited embarrassment.

Lisa shouted, “More, more, honey, we want to see more. Take it all off!”

Gary grabbed a chair and stood in it. He spread his arms out wide, and asked, “It’s Cat’s birthday! What do want, do you want me to take it all off.”

The entire group as one, shouted, “Yes! Do it!”

He looked right at Catherine. Sara nudged Catherine hard. Catherine nodded, “yes,” but she actually covered her eyes.

There was a huge gasp as Gary grabbed his boxers and whipped them off, then a wild roar of giggles. Sara pushed Catherine’s hand away to make her look.

Gary stood there in tight navy blue stretch mini-briefs. He laughed, too, delighted at his trick.

Cat could not help but stare, though. From his thighs to his abs, his hard body was athletic. Then, she took in the outline at his bulge. How could she miss it, it was right there for all the girls to see and it was – impressive.

Gary made a slow strut through the crowd to let the girls tuck dollar bills in his elastic. A few of the girls sat their beers aside in order to rub or grab his ass. Gary took it all as good-nature fun and in stride.

When he ended up in front of Catherine a final time, she realized her purse was across the room. Gary leaned in, “This is your day, Cat, don’t even think about it, but it is customary that I kiss the birthday girl. May I kiss you on the lips?”

“Yes,” she cooed.

He did.

His warm lips lingered a long time – longer Catherine was sure than was customary. Her hands went to his chest, lay them there. She could feel his heart pound from the performance.

Calls and whistles from the girls escalated. Sara said, “You go, Girl!” Lisa said, “More, Go for it.”

Gary eased his lips apart and tested the waters. Catherine didn’t even think but opened. Gary edged his tongue and tasted her gently.

As they parted, the room gasped to see Gary’s impressive excitement from the kiss. Embarrassed, he moved quickly across the room, snatched his boxers and slid them on.

Gary put on the rest of his clothes. Sara handed him the check on his way out and his last word was, “Have a nice birthday, Cat. Be seeing you, neighbor.”

After Gary left, the chatter increased. The topic was the guy’s body, ass and – other asset. Sara and Lea pinned Catherine in a corner. Lea said, “God, Cat, he lives next to you, and you never told us.”

“Well, I see him in the elevator in his jogging suit or school stuff. I – I’ve never seen him like that.”

“Was that kiss as good as it looked, Hon?” Sara asked her sister.

“It was so unexpected, it just sort of happened. I mean, I don’t think it was part of the act.”

Lea giggled. “We could all tell that. No way that his act includes an X-rated scene. You really sparked him. What’re you gonna do about it?”

Do? Catherine hadn’t thought that through. Tomorrow when she might see Gary out in the hallway of the apartment – maybe to get the paper – what would they say to each other? Would she be able to look at him in his jogging suit on Saturdays, and not be able to check out his ass? This was going to be awkward as hell.

Sara said, “Cat I think you need a beer.”


Catherine and Sara sat around and Lea was the last to make for the door. Lea gave Catherine a big hug and said, “See ya at work Monday. Happy birthday.”

As Lea left, Catherine said to Sara, “Look at all these gifts. I can’t believe Lisa got – that. It’s goofy, and – well – not realistic.”

“I don’t know, Sweetie, maybe it’s like Gary’s.”

“Ooh, you’re bad. But seriously, bahçelievler escort how am I going to act when I see Gary?”

“Hon, I think it’s Gary who’ll have a hard time looking you in the face. Maybe you should wait a while, and then see if there is more than good neighborliness in him.”


Saturday morning came early with a loud rap at Catherine’s front door. She looked at the clock, it said 6:30.

She got up, pulled her robe on and went to the door. “Who is it?”

“It’s Gary, your neighbor.”

“Gary? What’s the matter?”

“I – uh – can I come in?”

She opened the door and there was Gary in his underwear: a t-shirt and gray boxers. She repeated, “Gary?”

“I’ve locked myself out of my apartment. I grabbed the paper and – it’s never happened before – the door closed. I mean, I had the window open, so maybe some draft got it. Now, I don’t know what to do. I can’t just stand in the hallway like this.”

“Well come in. Let’s call the landlord.”

“It won’t help, he doesn’t have a key for it, I changed the locks last week.”

“He can take the door off then.” Catherine said.

“He’ll charge me for it. I just paid my last semester tuition. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well sit down. Have you eaten anything?”

Gary said, “No. I mean it just happened like that.” He snapped his fingers.

“I can fix breakfast. Stay until you come up with an idea.” Catherine said.

“Maybe I can take the door off?” He suggested. “Do you have any tools.”

“Yes, a few. Look in the closet. Eggs and bacon, is that okay?”

Gary said, “Yes, I appreciate it.”

In a few minutes, Catherine carried out some food from the kitchenette. Gary looked up from the tool kit he had extracted from the closet, took one look at her and gasped.

Catherine looked down and realized that her robe had gaped open. Her cleavage was fully exposed, but worse, the robe gapped open all the way down.

She sat the tray down, and closed up.

“Well, Gary, I guess turnabout is fair play.”

“I’m sorry. I tried not to look.” Gary defended. Then he added, “You didn’t see as much of me as – that.”

“I saw quite a bit.” Catherine was shocked at her boldness, but refused to back down. “And tasted quite a bit, too.”

Gary’s stomach growled at that moment, and they both sniggered. “Guess I’m hungry.”

He realized that she might misunderstand, but before he could recover, she said, “Are you really? Do you want something more than bacon and eggs?”

God, what was she saying? They walked into the kitchenette and Gary wolfed down his food.

“You’re ravenous.” She teased.

Gary said, “I guess I have to face the music and work on the door in my underwear.”

Catherine’s stomach knotted. She said, “I can think of a few things you could do first. You dance well”

“I’m not in my costume, now.”

“Sure you are,” she said, “You have on boxers.”

Gary smiled and said, “Well, if I take these off, I don’t have those navy briefs on under them.”

“So? I feel cheated anyway. It was my birthday, and all I got was a tease.”

Catherine stood up and as if on cue, her robe slipped open again. This time, she let it freely gap. She felt the coolness on her cleavage and the draft on her thighs. By Gary’s look, she knew that he had a clear view.

She said, “Do you need music to perform?”

He stood up and closed the gap between them.

His morning stubble scratched her face and lips as he stole a kiss. His tongue was hot, and it pressed deep. He pressed hard into her and pushed the robe sash unloose. Her robe parted fully.

“Oh, God, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed.

Catherine pressed into his erection. Her hand went down and rubbed over his knit boxers. She opened the gap in the shorts and let his hard-on spring full into her hand. She let her finger rim his ridge.

“Uh. Cat, mm.” She had him and she stroked him. “I want you, Honey, I want to taste -you. bahçeşehir escort He went to his knees, grasped her ass and pulled her into his face. His stubble itched between her thighs, but she responded to his tongue. She bucked as his tongue lapped at her clitoris. Each circle, each tug of his lips on her slit made the tension build inside.

Inside, deep, he plied her openness until she crested with a shout of his name, “Gary, oh, God, Gary, Gary!”

Her knees went weak, and she dug her nails into his shoulders. He raised off his knees and in a single motion, picked her up.

“I want you, Cat, can I?”

“Yes” she uttered, “I want you in me.”

He had his boxers off in a flash. She reached in a drawer, pulled out a condom and whispered, “Come here, Honey.”

She rolled the condom slowly over his length, then she lay back on the bed.

He moved, his hands touched her breasts, kissed her neck. He looked in her eyes, and said, “God, your nipples, your breasts, I love you.”

He slipped inside Catherine’s heat and she gasped. His thickness fit her and filled so perfectly. A small clench snugged her around him and she placed her legs around his taught waist. She loved his weight as he moved in and out. He shifted, supported his weight on one hand, and took his right hand and circled her clit.

“Oh, Gary, Baby, are you getting close? I want you, I want you to come.” She reached up and ran nails first over his chest and then over his back. He pounded hard and she heard the slap of his balls on her ass cheeks.

” Cat, Cat, it’s so good, so hot…”

She met his thrusts and squeezed.

“Lord, Cat! I have to – I’m coming.”

The open mouth, upturned face, the gasps of his breath sent her over the edge, too.

He eased out of her and they embraced.

Gary grinned as he eased the condom off. Cat eyed the glistening cock still so tempting. She reached out and gently felt the weight of his balls, their roundness.

“Careful, much of that, and I night just have another go, Cat.”

“Promises. Ha, I’ll hold you – to that.” She pushed Gary down and kissed him hard. She slicked her palms over his hard muscles and nipped at his throat. She took each of his tiny bud nipples in her mouth and sucked them, bit them. He moaned.

He grabbed at her ass, and she wiggled it in his palms. They both laughed. He suckled her breasts as she held his head clasped to them. She turned and felt his renewed thickness nestle between her butt cheeks and she liked it. She felt more brazen than ever, so she yelled, dance for me, Baby!”

“There’s no music.” He said.

“I don’t give a damn; dance. I want to see you move.”

He jumped out of bed. He wiggled his ass, and did that great knee bend. Then he leaped in the air, and moved like a leopard stalking. His chest heaved and sweat slipped down his chest. His thighs thrust, his arms flew through the air and finally he stood in front of her, arms wide open.

She leaped into his arms and took in his kisses. His erection filled out, and she grabbed his shaft and stroked.

She got on her knees and took it in. The condom lubricant remains numbed her tongue, but she still tasted the stickiness and salt tang of his semen. She looked up at him and said, “I want you to come in my mouth.”

He grunted at her ministrations. She took a finger and played behind his balls. The pulse pounded in his cock, the veins were hard as cords. Then as his balls twitched, she slid her finger partly up his anus.

“Oh, shit! Holy hell.” He cried out. Gary spewed into her mouth a hot blast of liquid. He thrust deep and choked her. She coughed and the fluid dripped down her chest just as the last jism hit her on the chin.

After a few coughs, she looked up at a chagrined, embarrassed Gary. “Honey, it’s okay. I just didn’t expect such gusto from you. Wow. You are just all over me, aren’t you.” The cum ran over her chest and dripped over her nipples from her chin.

“Can I get you a towel?”

“Don’t you dare, Sweetie.” Cat smeared the semen over her body, her tits and let the glisten stick over her. “Feels good.”

“You are just – wanton.” Gary said. I just can’t believe –”

Now, Darling, you know what’s next?”

Gary nodded, “no.”

Let’s take a nice warm shower together. There is plenty of time to break back into your apartment. Plenty of time.

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