Carla, “The Hot Wife”

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This story is an accurate accounting of our most recent adventure.

If you would read some of our earlier stories you will have a better understanding of our life style and our real life experiences.

My wife, Carla, is a very beautiful and sexy woman in her early forties. She is 5 foot 7, with long legs, a narrow waist, flawless skin, and firm breasts with large brown areolas. Carla dresses very provocatively in short skirts and sheer blouses. She occasionally goes without panties, but never wears a bra. Carla gets many complements on her body and the way she dresses from both men and women.

My name is Joe and Carla and I have been married for just over 20 years; we married shortly after college. My first job took us to the Los Angeles, CA area where I worked in the healthcare software business. Carla worked as a receptionist for a photography studio that did a lot of audition photo shoots for a major men’s magazine based in Beverly Hills. She really enjoyed this job and soon was working as an assistant to the photographers doing photo shoots with the nude models. When a model was very nervous, the photographer’s would sometimes ask Carla to take off her blouse so that she was topless too. At first she was very embarrassed, but soon didn’t really mind, since she wasn’t the person being photographed and it did help put the models at ease. This is where she learned to dress sexily and decided she didn’t really need a bra. While she was doing this job, she also decided that her breasts were too small. As many of the models they were photographing did, she had breast augmentation, which turned her breasts into perfect 36Ds. Since this procedure, her nipples have been extremely sensitive, she is very proud of her breast enhancement, and loves for men to notice her.

After about four years in Los Angeles, I was transferred to Miami, Fl. While Carla missed her job, she did not return to working. She just spent her time at home and at the beach. We now live in Key West and we have a second home in St. Martin. With my work in healthcare software, I can live anywhere and travel from there.

Carla has always loved the beach, so Key West and St. Martin are perfect for her. She loves to wear her Wicked Weasel thong swimsuits and panties. In these two locations, she rarely wears a top, since topless is acceptable both places. I have never asked her to go topless; she just never puts the top on. This goes back to the days working for a photography studio in California, plus she is proud of her large breasts. Carla has turned into a total exhibitionist.

For many years one of my hobbies has been taking pictures of this beautiful woman. I take photos of her topless at home and at the beach. I also have many nude photos of her around our pool and house. These photos have always remained for our private viewing and, occasionally, a few of our close friends. She has always loved to pose for my camera even back in Chicago, where we are both from and went to college. Carla is very proud of her perfect body and beautiful face and loves to show it off, which I love.

A few years ago she was asked by a young artist named Bradley we had meet at a cocktail party if she would be interested in being his model for a project to be titled, “The Bold American Woman.”

Bradley had been commissioned by a French art collector to do this project. Carla was totally flattered by this offer even though she felt she was to old. Turned out after discussing the project with the artist, even though there was to be a lot of nudity she accepted,(you can read about this project in one of our earlier stories.) This project has changed our lives sexually and it is definitely for the better. Carla has become even more of a exhibitionist and turned me into a cuckold.

I had just returned from a two-week business trip to Atlanta where I was doing a software update for a large hospital group. I was excited to play some golf with my friends. I drove to our villa in St. Martin from the airport, ran in the villa and changed clothes and grabbed my clubs and was running out the door when I noticed out my office window my wife Carla sunning by the pool, I thought she wasn’t home. She looked absolutely beautiful; she had on her sheer white Wicked Weasel thong and nothing else. Her huge

oiled tits were glistening in the sun. I notice some movement on the other side of the pool; it was our pool boy servicing our pool. I went out and gave Carla a huge kiss. This startled her because she had her ear buds in listening to her music. She jumped up and gave me a huge wet kiss and hug.

I said,” I Love you and missed you, we can talk later I am on my way to play golf with Jeff and Rob.”

She said, ” Have a great game. We will go to dinner when you get home.”

I said,” Did you know that the pool boy is here servicing the pool?”

She said, ” No I didn’t hear him either.”

I said, ” Do you think you should put on your cover-up?”

Carla said,” No he doesn’t almanbahis mind seeing me topless, he is here at least twice a week and look how crystal clear our pool is. I think he works harder when I am topless.”

With that she hollers, “Carl I am going to get a glass of iced tea would you like one?”

Carl looks over and says, “Sure , that would be nice.”

Carla looks over at me and winks and says, “Have a great round.”

I said, “Thanks I will, you look beautiful.”

When I got to the golf course Jeff and Rob were on the putting green practicing. Jeff introduced to his friend Ted who was going to join us.

Ted, Jeff, Rob and I are all about the same age; Ted was maybe a couple of years younger, Late 30’s. We had a great round of golf, Ted kicked our butts! When we were done we went to the clubhouse for a few beers.

Jeff and Rob each had a quick beer then took off. Ted and I stayed and had a couple of more.

I told Ted I needed to get home and get ready to go to dinner with Carla.

I asked Ted, ” What plans do you have this evening?”

He replied, ” I don’t have any plans at all this evening.”

I said, “Why don’t you and your wife join us for dinner?”

He said, “I am here on the Island alone but would love to join you.”

I told him to meet us at 7:30pm at our favorite Italian restaurant which

was just down the street from our villa and his too.

When I got home I took a quick shower and went into our bedroom and saw that Carla had already had her shower. She was setting at her vanity doing her hair when she saw me she jumped up dropping her towel and gave me a huge kiss with tongue.

She said, ” I missed you so much you, I need you to fuck me hard, right now!”

I dropped my towel, laid her on the bed and went down between her legs, she was already soaked. I started licking her clit and she immediately started moaning loudly. She pulled me up to her, kissed me and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Fuck me now. Fill me up with that fat cock of yours. Do it now, and do it hard.”

I climbed on top of her and rammed my cock into her wet pussy.

She almost immediately started to orgasm; she hollered out, “Fuck me hard.”

I kept pounding her hard as she wrapped her legs around me and moved her hips in rhythm to mine.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, ” That’s it baby. Fuck me good. Shoot that load in my pussy. I love feeling you cum in my pussy.”

I felt my own orgasm building and I unloaded in her, shooting cum deep in her tight pussy. When we were done I rolled off of her and we just laid there getting our breath back.

I said, ” What got into you.”

She said, ” I just missed you so much. I love you.”

I said, “Well I missed you too.”

We just laid there and held each other and kissed for the longest time. It was a wonderful feeling having Carla in my arms.

I said, ” We better get up and get dressed we have a dinner reservation at 7:30pm at our favorite restaurant, we also have a gentleman named Ted joining us.”

She said, “Well who is Ted?”

I said, “He lives just down the street near Jeff and Debbie and he played golf with us. The rest we will have to find out at dinner. I think you should dress in something sexy, he is here without his wife and he might enjoy your beauty.”

She replied, ” I think just having you home with me will make me dress in something you will find quite suitable.”

I dressed casual in shorts and a polo shirt. Carla came into the living room dressed in a very short white skirt with 3-inch high sandals and a blue sheer blouse unbuttoned down the front and tied at her waist. She looked beautiful. You could see her hard nipples poking the sheer fabric of her blouse.

I said, “Carla you look absolutely beautiful, do you think you might be dressed just a little to daring for our new friend Ted?”

She said, “You’re the one that said you wanted me dress sexy and I want to make a good impression on your new friend.”

I just laughed and said, ” I think Ted will enjoy meeting you.”

We got to the restaurant and were greeted by the owner and our favorite waiter, they always love to see Carla arrive, she is always so friendly and looks so desirable. Ted arrived about the same time we did. I made the introductions and we went to our table and ordered cocktails. Ted could not take his eyes off of Carla. We visited for awhile about the Island the weather and just routine stuff.

Carla asked,” Ted what brings you to St. Martin?”

Ted said, ” I have leased a villa here in St. Martin for two months while the construction company finishes my villa in St. Bart’s.

Carla said, ” We love St. Bart’s, we go there several times a year for the magnificent French food and to party. We love the beautiful beaches there.”

Ted said, ” Good I am glad to hear that. As soon as the villa is completed I will have you over for a big party. I also love the French almanbahis giriş food but mostly the people of St. Bart’s.

Carla Said, ” Is your wife coming to join you?”

Ted explained that he was a partner in a larger law firm in Boston and his wife was a history professor at Boston University and that she had been killed in an automobile accident almost two years ago. He explained that they had been married for just over 14 years and that they were very much in love, she was just 36. After her death he sold his part of the law firm and their homes. Ted told us he had been traveling the world for the last year and had been to the Caribbean many times. He decided on St. Bart’s because of the climate and the people and that St. Bart’s would be his permanent home.

After a couple of cocktail’s we decide we were hungry and should order dinner. We had an excellent meal with a couple of bottles of fine wine. We were all three feeling the effects of the alcohol. Carla decides to excuse herself and go to the ladies room. She got up kind of clumsily; her blouse being tied only at the waist accidentally let her left nipple slip into view. She walked off to the ladies room never realizing that she was exposed. The entire restaurant guests especially the men including Ted were enjoying the view.

While Carla was away Ted said, ” Joe, You have a very beautiful wife with a great personality, she is very good at putting a person at ease. I hope you appreciate your life. Mine is very lonely.”

I said, ” Thank You Ted, she is great and I do appreciate my life and don’t know what I would do without her, we have been married over 20 years and we love each other very much but at the moment I think she has had a little to much to drink.”

When Carla returned her nipple was no longer exposed but you could see her tanned areola. She looked very sexy which many but especially Ted noticed.

We then ordered after dinner drinks.

I ask Ted, “What are you going to do on St. Bart’s, it is such a small Island?”

Ted replied, “I plan to continue traveling some, I will be flying over here to play golf with you, Jeff and Robb, since it is only a 10 minute flight. I love to walk the beaches and swim in the ocean and my pool. I play a lot of tennis which I can do on St. Bart’s I have collected a lot of art work from my travels around the world which needs to be framed and hung in my villa. One of my favorite hobbies is photography which I really enjoy.”

Carla said, “You and Joe have something in common besides golf, he is quite the photographer.”

Ted asked, “Joe what kind of subjects do enjoy photographing?”

I said, “My favorite is taking pictures of sunsets, beaches, birds, boats, people and most of all photos of Carla.”

Ted said, ” I am just learning but I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything. What type of photo’s do you enjoy taking of people?”

Before I could reply Carla who was getting quite buzzed replied, ” He mostly likes taking photos of me on the beach in the ocean or the pool, in the shower and in bed, just about anywhere if I am naked.”

We all got a big laugh out of that especially Carla.

Ted said, ” I look forward to seeing your portfolio.”

We decided it was time to call it a night. Ted thanked us for dinner and said how much he enjoyed meeting us and being with us both. Ted walked toward his villa and we walked toward ours. We were both a little tipsy so we had to hold on to each other.

When we got to the villa I told Carla how beautiful she looked that I loved her looking so sexy especially with her nipple exposed when she went to the restroom.

She said, “I didn’t realize my whole tit was out until I got to the restroom but when I put it back in my blouse I intentionally showed my areola, I figured why not. I new you would love it and I thought Ted might enjoy it also.”

I reached out and untied her blouse and took it off and threw it across the room. I began to caress and kiss over every inch of her naked skin. I playfully bit and kissed her nipples. Carla gets really horny when she has been drinking. When I got her on the bed I brought my head down to her nipples and sucked on them, I put my hand on her smooth pussy. My finger slid right between her wet lips. I stuck two fingers deep inside her as my tongue flicked across her erect nipples making her moan. Then I moved fingers up to her clit and rolled it around. Then very slowly I moved my head down between her legs slowly licking and tasting her juices. I buried my tongue inside her as I massaged her clit with my thumb.

I continued to lick her pussy until she was so close to coming then I stopped. She was begging me to fuck her as I teased her pussy lips with the head of my cock.

She started screaming,” Give me that big fat cock, fuck me hard, I need it now.”

I couldn’t take it any longer and buried my cock all the way into her wet pussy. I slowly slid in and out of her and she looked me in the eyes and almanbahis yeni giriş told me how good that felt. Then I started fucking her really hard and telling her how hot she looked with her tit out at dinner tonight and how all of the men were checking her out as she walked across the restaurant. She was moaning really loudly.

I put my finger in her up to her lips and she opened her mouth and sucked my finger in. I told her to suck that dick while I fuck your pussy. She started to suck really hard she was getting into it, I asked her if she wished that was Ted’s dick she was sucking and she moaned even louder. I began to pound her pussy harder and harder and faster until we both came at the same time in the most intense orgasm either of us had had in my months. We both collapsed and fell asleep almost immediately in each other arms.

We sleep late the next morning and showered about 11:00am, the sex from the night before was never mentioned. We decided to go to Orient Beach for the day. We got dressed for the beach I put on a pair of swim trucks and tee shirt, Carla put on one of sheer WW thongs that showed off her perfectly shaped ass and her pussy quit well. I knew she would be getting a lot of attention today. She put on a cover up that showed a lot of side boob.

We headed down to the beach and found our spot at our favorite beach bar. The wait staff and bartender loved Carla so we always get great service.

We had lunch and a few cocktails; we both fell asleep on our lounge chairs for a couple of hours. When I woke up the bar was slammed and everyone that walked by was enjoying checking out Carla laid out topless on her lounge chair with her legs spread wide. I ordered us a couple of drinks and woke Carla up to have her drink.

By late afternoon we were both feeling the effects of our drinks. Carla was very giggly and I could tell she wanted to show off.

Carla said, ” Lets walk the beach since it is such a gorgeous day, bring your camera along too.”

I said, ” Lets go.”

We get up and we were both a little wobbly. Carla snakes her way down to the water and dives in and swims out a good distance then swims back coming out of the water onto the beach. I start taking pictures of her wet body with the water dripping off. She looks at me and starts striking poses one after another. The people on the beach couldn’t take their eyes off of this radiant naked beauty. We walked down the beach for probably a mile and a half, all Carla has on is her sheer WW thong and when it is wet it becomes totally see thru. She is completely at ease with both men and women viewing her body. We get back to our lounge chairs and lay back to relax.

Carla looked over at me and said, ‘ You really like it when I am naked in front of other men don’t you?’ “

I said, ” Yes I do, I love it when men admire your beautiful body. I can tell that you get really horny when you are naked in front of strangers and even more so when guys you know see you naked.”

Carla replied, ” Yes it does make me horny. I love seeing men’s reaction to my big tits.”

With that said she reached down and grabbed her tits and pushed them up and together looking at them and admiring them.

I said, ” What about when they can see your shaved pussy?”

Carla said, ” It makes me want to show off for you and that makes my pussy so wet and that makes me want to fuck you constantly.”

When we got her home I helped into our bedroom and put her to bed. She slept all evening and all night without moving a muscle.

I got up about 7:00 the next morning, Carla was already up. I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I didn’t see Carla so I went into my office. I looked out my window and there she was standing in the garden with nothing on but her tiny thong panties, they are so small that I could see the top of her little landing strip out the top.

She had her hands on her hips with her chest thrust out. I heard her talking and looked around to see she was giving the gardener, Arturo, his instructions. I walked out to the garden said good morning to them both and went to sit by the pool. Carla never stopped talking; she just nodded and kept giving him instructions. I just laughed and enjoyed the view of my wife.

It was Tuesday and I was playing golf with Ted, Rob and Jeff. We had been playing at least three times a week in the mornings. Ted was working on his villa in St. Bart’s and had to be there fairly often.

Ted and I had become very good friends. Carla, Ted and I would have dinner together fairly often. Carla was hitting it off well with Ted also. We both enjoyed his company. Besides golf Ted and I had been taking a lot of photos in the mountains of St. Martin. We would take pictures of lizards, cactus and anything else we found interesting, we were learning to use the different settings on our cameras. Ted had a couple of times ask to see the photographs that I had taken of Carla over the years.

I told Ted, “You will have to clear that with her, most are of her nude and some are pretty erotic.”

One evening while the three of us were having dinner.

Ted said, “Carla, Joe and I have been working on perfecting our photography skills and I would enjoy seeing the photos that Joe has taken of you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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