Alone on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, the day that the world celebrates love, and one of the holidays supposedly created by Hallmark, full of presents and red. This year Jayden was not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. For her, it was going to be just another Thursday. She would wake up, shower, do the work thing, and come home to her off-white, one bedroom apartment to watch TIVOed episodes of What Not To Wear and Lifetime Original Movies. Why people did not realize the wonder of the Lifetime Movie Network, Jayden did not understand.

She got to work at 8. It was an hour before the rest of her team. The goal was to get in and out of the office as quickly as possible. She debated taking a sick day but figured sitting at home alone thinking about her loneliness would be more depressing than listening to the wedding plans of her manager and co-worker. Once they walked in with their chocolates and discussions of breakfast in bed, she regretted the sick day decision and debated faking a stomachache. She was having flashbacks to getting out of class in middle school.

The previous six months had not been easy. She had moved to Richmond to begin a new career. A new career and a new life she thought she was going to begin with her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend. Ex made it sound so final, Jayden did not want it to be final, she wanted him to follow through on the promises he had made, she wanted him to replenish her faith in men. She wanted to be planning her wedding, not listening to others plan theirs.

Working straight through lunch she was ready to get home to her pink and red fleece pajama pants, a bottle of red wine, and her beloved Lifetime Movie Network full of love stories she would never experience. At 4 she popped her laptop off the dock without even shutting it down. Throwing it into her bag, she hollered goodbyes half way to the elevator, practically ran out the front door, and drove the 3.7 miles home in complete silence. Jayden avoided the radio, who wanted to hear love songs in such moments of self pity.

Once home and comfortable Jayden began to make her dinner. She threw the unsightly lettuce down the garbage disposal and flipped the switch. There was a gurgle, a sputter, and nothing.

“Shit, fuck, wank, buggard, arse head and hole.”

This was just what she needed. Already wound up from the day’s events she pressed on her phone to call and bitch out the front office. Shouldn’t they have already fixed this, she had called them about it twice in the last two weeks.

“Hello, Belmont Apartment Complex, Chris speaking.”

Jayden was taken aback. The voice on the other line was not the typical snotty girl who was too incompetent to get a job elsewhere. It was deep, and smooth, and despite her current distaste for men, it was hot.

“Listen, bursa escort I don’t know who you are but I need to tell you just how disappointed I am in the fact that my garbage disposal has not been fixed despite the fact that I have called multiple times. I do not pay rent for appliances that don’t work. I need it fixed as soon as possible.” Jayden was fired up. She got this way occasionally and liked to sound authoritative.

“Ma’am, I am sorry that you are so upset. Due to the holiday there is no one in the service department working at this moment …”

“Shit, how and I supposed to make dinner without a fucking garbage disposal.” Jayden signed, it probably wasn’t this guy’s fault that no one was working. She didn’t even know who this guy was. “Sorry,” she muttered, “I am just wound up, do you work here? Who are you?”

The sexy voice chuckled, “actually I own the place. I am just in the office doing some administrative paperwork and was expecting a different phone call. However, I do have some skills with appliances, how about I run over and take a look. What apartment are you in?”

“Building 3808, apartment 2B. And I truly appreciate it but you don’t have to. I was just, well,”

Before Jayden could finish her sentence, Chris interjected “No problem, I will be over in less than five minutes.”

When they hung up, Jayden felt a twinge of guilt. This nice man with the sexy voice was rushing over because he assumed she was making dinner, probably for the boyfriend she did not have, and in actuality she was eating a salad followed by lots and lots of chocolate mousse. The salad was to make her feel less guilty about the mousse.

Before she realized it there was a crisp knock at the door. Flinging the door open with the hand not holding the large glass of wine she was tossing back, Jayden was suddenly face to face with the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. In awe, Jayden studied his medium length dark blonde hair that was wisp over to the right side and as he smiled to say hello she noticed his brilliant dimples. He was warm and friendly and two young to own this much real estate. Wow, is only thought that passed through her mind but there was an instantaneous ache in her stomach as her heart began to beat a little faster and she was sure her cheeks were red.

“Chris Webb”, he said as his hand shot out for a stiff handshake. “But my friends call me Webb, now lets see this disposal.”

Quickly he sauntered over to the fuse box and flipped the kitchen fuse. Before they knew what hit them, they were in the dark.

“Well, I probably should have thought about that first.”

Jayden could feel him grinning in the dark. “Don’t worry I have a flashlight,” she said flipping the switch on the flashlight hanging on the wall near her.

“Great. bursa escort bayan You hold the flashlight and I will look down the disposal.”

Jayden stepped close to him. Her nipples instantly hardened as her arm brushed his rock hard back. She was suddenly incredibly aware of the fact that she was in her pajamas, meaning no bra, no underwear. She was almost naked.

“Want a glass of wine?” Jayden needed to step away from him for a second. She was not supposed to be attracted to anyone. Who cares if it is Valentine’s Day she was supposed to be sulking and she was not supposed to be feeling these feelings but damn he was hot.

“You sure? Don’t you have dinner plans?” He said eying her curiously.

“Not exactly. I mean I have plans to eat dinner, just by myself.” Jayden tried not to make eye contact, feeling pretty pathetic.

“Well then of course I will have a glass. And just so you know I need that flashlight a little closer if I am actually going to look at the disposal.”

Jayden stuttered a bit. “Sorry, of course, let me get you your wine first, and I will be right over with the light.”

She poured him a glass and topped off her own. What was she doing? Wine in the dark on Valentine’s with a strange man, a strange man that was making her blush and making her dampen. Oh, god, she was damp over a strange man!

Handing Webb his glass, she took a large gulp of cabernet and moved closer to him, pointing the flashlight down the disposal. He was leaning over the sink and she was leaning over him. He smelled rustic which just turned her on more. She was having thoughts, dirty thoughts, about the man who owned the apartment complex she lived in and who was now trying to fix her garbage disposal. Jayden quickly looked at his left hand, revealing no jewelry. She figured a ring check was in order due to the thoughts she was having and the throbbing in her inner thighs.

“Huh” Webb said reaching into the drain and pulling out a tea bag. “You put a tea bag down the disposal?” he said grinning from ear to ear displaying the dimples that made her all melty like.

“Well … I figured why not. Plus when it got chopped up it would smell nicer than some of the things I put down there.”

Webb chuckled as he sauntered to the trash and tossed the teas bag in. “That should fix it,” he said flipping the fuse and then the disposal switch. The sudden whirr meant that all was well.

Jayden smiled, slightly disappointed at the thought of him leaving. She was going to end up watching Lifetime movies for Valentine’s Day anyway and now she was going to do it sexually frustrated.

As these thoughts passed through Jayden’s head, Webb turned to her. The look on his face made her mouth go dry. With two quick steps he was in escort bursa front of her. As he leaned towards her, he whispered in her ear, breath hot and steamy on her neck, “well, now that that is taken care of, how about we take care of the fact that you, pretty lady, were planning on spending this evening all by your lonesome and I can’t help but want to remedy that situation.” With that his lips enveloped hers. He lifted the wine glass out of her hand and set it on to the counter. Her hands instantly began to roam over his shoulders and back as he lifted her off the ground. Her legs wrapped around him as he carried her to the bedroom. Laying her gently on the bed, his hands ran up her stomach and over her swollen breasts. Quickly her camisole was over her head. Returning the deed she pulled off his sweater than his tee shirt. His rock hard stomach made her quiver and her eyes followed the trail of hair leading to a place she wanted to experience with all of her being.

His fingers loosened the elastic waist of her pajama pants as he looked at her longingly, “no panties” he whispered. His breath hot on her stomach. With one pull she was bare beneath him. His lips went to her midsection. Jayden loved the feeling of his mouth, his tongue all over her. Everywhere. He licked her inner thighs, making his way to her throbbing pussy. The hardness of his tongue brushed the nub of her clit as he began flick her clit ring from side to side. She wanted him inside of her and she wanted him inside of her now.

Interrupting him, she grabbed his jeans, feeling the bulge beneath the zipper. The button and zipper were undone and he wriggled out of the jeans and then his briefs.

“Let me love you” Jayden whispered as she urged him onto his back and straddled him. She grabbed his fully erect cock and began to rub the tip inside her wet pussy lips teasing him. Slowly at first, and then a little more quickly. He began to moan, anxious to be inside her, anxious for the release. His hands gently massaged her hips and ass while his eyes could not leave her hard, pierced nipples. In one motion she lowered herself and he was inside her. She sank down on him taking him fully inside her and then began to rock front to back and then slowly side to side. His hand went to her clit, rubbing either side and once again playing with her ring. Jayden’s toes curled as her head flew back in response to the pleasure and a slight giggle slipped from her lips. She began to bob up and down, careful to take in all of him. They moved in rhythm together, panting, sweating, and enjoying every moment of it. She tightened her inner muscles and he groaned beneath her. Orgasms soon rippled through them both. Their juices flowing together.

As she flopped down next to him on the bed, completely satisfied, he turned on his side and pulled her into him. At that moment Jayden knew that this was the best Valentine’s Day a girl could ask for, however, that thought quickly subsided and the fantasies of morning sex soon filled her mind.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32