Caribbean Vacation and Mama Zara

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Creamy Pussy


Any resemblance to real names, persons or things is purely coincidental. This is a work of fantasy fiction, as such, the author recognizes any sexual situations depicted in this story are not realistic. This story does not intend to represent or advocate the lifestyle presented in this story.

Easing into my beach chair, I enjoyed the warmth of the morning Caribbean sun as I began watching the ocean waves roll onto the beach. It was my second day into a 2 week vacation on the island of Sint Maarten with my wife Kari. After weeks of deliberating where to go, then working out the details and making reservations, I was glad to finally start to relax. My experience was that it took a few days to finally shift into vacation mode and feel “sand gravity” where time didn’t matter and you lived in the moment.

The beach was already starting to get busy, so I grabbed our soft sided cooler and placed it on the empty beach chair next to me, saving the spot for my wife, who was off searching for a bathroom. I grabbed some sun lotion and started to apply it liberally all over myself, at least the parts I could reach, preparing for a whole day in the sun. By the time I was done Kari had found our spot and moved the cooler to lounge back into her saved spot.

“I trust you found a bathroom?”

“Yes, and it was even clean, but it’s a little far from this spot, we may have to move.”

“Fat chance on that if you want a chair to lounge in. Another shuttle boat arrived while you were searching for the bathroom, all the chairs are going to be gone any moment.”

“Ugh, I don’t what we should do, I think it is getting worse, it feels like I have to go every 20 minutes now.”

And there it was. The only hitch to what was an otherwise perfect start to our vacation, Kari was without a doubt getting a UTI.

“I take it all the cranberry juice you drank yesterday isn’t helping?”

“No. Maybe cranberry juice doesn’t work when it’s mixed with vodka. I for sure have to lay off the alcohol for now.”

Damn. How does one enjoy a vacation without alcohol? “Looks like there will be more for me then. Speaking of that, can you hand me a beer from the cooler?”

“You rat. That’s not fair, you should support me by not drinking.”

“And have both of us crabby? Look, I feel bad that you are getting this thing, maybe we pack up and head over to the Dutch side of the island and see a Pharmacist?”

“We have a good spot here, I’ll be okay. Let’s stay here and enjoy the beach.”

So for the next few hours, we both enjoyed the sun and the beach. I had enough beer for both of us, Kari drank water and made frequent trips to the bathroom. We were on a small island called “Pinel” where the only way to get to it was a water shuttle. We stayed on the beach for most of the day before taking the shuttle back late afternoon. After taking the shuttle back, we were once again on the main island, we hopped in our rental car and headed back to our villa.

Our villa was on French side of the island and had an excellent restaurant on the premise. We had gotten to know the proprietors pretty well after just a couple of days, and I thought I would look them up to see if they knew of a clinic nearby to help with Kari’s condition. Kari would have been much too embarrassed to ask, and would have been appalled knowing that I was about to consult them. Once we were back, Kari was going to get ready for dinner, I told her I would go down and get us a table and meet her at the bar in the restaurant.

Kari ducked into our villa, I headed down to the restaurant to reserve a table. After speaking with the hostess, I took a seat at the bar to wait for Kari. Bartending at the bar was Emma, the proprietor’s wife, she took my drink order and asked how our vacation was going.

“Everything is going great, the beaches are awesome, and we really like staying here.”

Emma was happy to hear it and went to fetch my drink. Upon returning I explained that Kari was having trouble with a UTI and asked Emma if she knew of a clinic nearby which could help us out.

“Most of the clinics are on the Dutch side” she responded, “They mostly close by 5:00 though. However, most of the locals around here just go to Mama Zara’s, the local “Traiteur” or healer.”

“Can Mama Zara help Kari with her problem?”

“Most certainly, she has been helping locals here for a generation and is very well respected. Most of her remedies are natural herbs and have been practiced for generations in her family. I would trust her before heading to a clinic on the Dutch side.”

“Sounds great, is she open after hours?”

“She is always open and willing to help. Her house is right next to the bakery at the end of the street, don’t worry about the time. She has something for just about anything you need.”

I thanked her just as Kari entered the bar, taking the seat next to me.

“What was that about?” she asked.

“Emma was just telling me of someone who could mersin escort remedy your situation.”

“Right, some local old woman who practices in herbal remedies?”

“Pretty much, but Emma trusts her.”

“Let’s wait until tomorrow to when we can get to a clinic.”

At that point, our table was ready. The hostess escorted us to our table where we sat down to an exquisite meal. Kari excused herself three times during dinner to visit the restroom. After dinner we retired to our villa for some wine and a soak in the hot tub. Kari was clearly distraught over her condition and its effect on our vacation. I was distraught too, thinking vacation should have a lot of sex in the mix, but that was out of the question right now.

As we readied ourselves for bed, I told Kari I was running out to see this “Traiteur” to see if she had something that could help. Kari angrily responded that she was going to have no part of some quack medicinal practices and I was just wasting my time. I said this is wrecking our vacation, and we should do whatever we could to remedy the situation. I grabbed the car keys and left Kari, saying I would be back shortly.

I drove down the block and located the bakery finding Mama Zara’s house next door. It was early evening and the lights were still on so I felt okay to knock on the door. After a short while, an elderly black woman answered, introduced herself as Mama Zara and beckoned me in. Her house had a pungent smell to it, a combination of cats, food and herbs.

“How can I help you?” she asked

“I am here for my wife. I got your name from Emma, she said you may be able to help us. We are on vacation and my wife is suffering from a UTI.”

“Oh yes, an awful affliction for a husband and wife at any time, let alone on vacation. You will want something that works quickly, but what I have does have some risks to it.” she explained.

“I have a remedy, an elixir, that will clear it up quickly, however, there are some side effects. When your wife takes this, she will be susceptible to some types of external stimulation. It effects everyone differently, and she may develop a craving for certain things. It may be food, alcohol, sex or even coffee. All I can tell you is that for a few hours after each dose, she may crave things she experiences during that time. Sometime the cravings can be overwhelming, just be careful with what she does for a few hours after each dose.” Mama Zara explained

“She must take this for the remainder of your vacation, and her symptoms will disappear within a day once she has her first dose. She must take three doses each day if this remedy is to work.”

“Just to be clear, what you are saying is that if she eats after taking this, she will crave food?”

“It’s not quite that simple, it has to be something that moves her. As for food, if it is the one of the best meals she has had, then yes, she will really come to crave it. If it is the best wine she has had, or the best sex she has had, then she will crave it. It has to be something that makes some connection with her. Most everyday kinds of things shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Okay, I will make sure to be careful with it.” My first thought was to make sure we had the best sex ever after her first few doses.

Mama Zara left to grab the elixir she spoke of, she returned with a bottle that looked like it had been used for wine.

“Never mind what container this is in, just be sure she takes a tablespoon of this three times a day. Keep the dose to just one tablespoon.”

I thanked Mama Zara and paid her for the elixir, hopped back in my car and headed back to Kari, thinking this could really make for a great vacation. I returned to find Kari lying in bed reading a book. I told her about Mama Zara’s elixir, leaving out the whole conversation of possible side effects, and said she would be cleared up in a day, but that she had to keep taking it for the remainder of our vacation.

She looked at me very cynically, but said at this point she was willing to try anything. I poured a good dose of what looked like honey into a glass, it may have been closer to 3 tablespoons, and handed it to her. She grimaced while downing it, complaining the taste was like anise and hard to swallow. For a while we talked about what our plans were for the next few days and talked about our hopes that this would work. I told her I knew that sex was off the table for the time being, but would she mind if I popped a porno into the DVD player?

I grabbed a DVD we brought for vacation, featuring some interracial threesomes, and laid back on the bed hoping the porno would trigger a side effect in her. We watched for a while as a woman got tag-teamed by a pair of young black men who fucked her repeatedly while she vocally came hard, culminating in a couple of deep loads pumped inside her. By the end of the scene, the woman was clearly spent, visibly flushed and clearly happy. I looked over at Kari to gauge a reaction, mersin escort bayan but she was already sleeping.

The next morning I awoke to some painful morning wood. I was starting to get desperate to pump Kari’s pussy full of cum. This being our annual vacation, my expectations for frequent sex were being dashed. I slipped out of bed to rub one out in the bathroom, knowing Kari wouldn’t be up for anything so soon. I thought of the DVD we played the night before, thinking how sexy the woman getting fucked looked taking two big black cocks, how she was lost in the throes of ecstasy and seemed to be with them just for the satisfaction of getting royally fucked. The thought put me over the edge as I shot a huge load into the commode.

I returned to the bedroom just as Kari was waking.

“What were you doing?”

“Just had to use the bathroom. How did you sleep and how are you feeling this morning?”

“I slept like a rock. I did have one really vivid dream this morning so maybe that means I am on the mend, but we will have to see how things are later.”

“Hmm, what was this vivid dream about?” I was guessing I shouldn’t hold my breath for any side effects, but . . . maybe?

“I think since I fell asleep with that video playing it must been in my dream this morning. It was kind of weird though, the dream had a lot of physical sensations, more than visual images. There were no faces, just some very erect black cocks and I could feel being fucked. I was pinned down by the cock fucking me and it felt painfully large, and there was always this image of a very large, very erect black cock, almost like it was in my mind’s eye.”


She continued, “I know it is always something you talk about, me taking black cock, I think being here on vacation is just loosening me up a bit along with seeing that video right before I dozed off.”

“Well I am glad to hear about any improvement, even if you think it may just be temporary. How about after breakfast we spend the day at Orient beach?”

“Sure, but I am not feeling up to being naked if that is what you are thinking.”

Although I would be proud to have my wife showing off her assets, I knew she was pretty self conscious about how she looks, even buying a new swim suit for this trip was an ordeal. From a male’s perspective, she had a very long set of legs, nice waist to hip ratio, luxurious long brown hair and the tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

“No, but lots of other folks will be and we always enjoy our time there.”

“That we do, let’s make sure to get there early so we grab a good spot.”

Kari took another dose of Mama Zara’s elixir, drinking it straight from the bottle with what must have been a good 2 doses, then we ate a quick breakfast and packed the cooler and headed out. I was sure to pack the bottle of elixir so Kari wouldn’t miss a dose. Orient beach was a favorite of ours and was within walking distance of our villa. Once at the beach we were met by an attractive black Frenchman who was the beach attendant.

“Bonjour Madam, Messieur. I am Francois”

The attendant motioned us to one of the better spots near the surf and near the bar. Upon paying for the chairs, I caught Kari giving him an appraising stare as he walked off.

“I wonder how many tourists he gets to fuck.” she commented.

I reflected a moment on the so-not-like-Kari comment. “I am sure he gets as many as he wants, there must be plenty of women looking to spice up a vacation.”

“I wonder just how much spice that really adds,” Kari responded thoughtfully.

Not sure how to comment on that I settled in on my lounger to people watch. After a short time I asked Kari if she was up for a drink, she said she was and not wanting to be one of those tourists who only drinks from their cooler, I headed to the beach bar to order some drinks. On the way I passed our attendant who motioned me over.

“How is your stay on our island?” before I could answer he continued, “Are you looking to meet any locals who can show you the island?”

“Maybe, if you have some nice folks who like hanging out with us tourists.”

“I do, I have a couple of friends stopping by for the day, do you mind if I save the seats next to you and your wife?”

“That would be just fine. While you I have you, can I place an order for a gin and tonic and a mojito?”

“Certainly, I will bring them by shortly.”

As I walked back to our spot, I saw an athletic, very naked black man walking down the beach, his large flaccid penis swayed to and fro as he walked down the beach. That wasn’t unusual for this beach, what was unusual was the gaze I saw Kari giving him, her stare focused on his swaying cock. I always felt Kari had a thing for black men, but she was always very coy about it, she would always look, but I have never seen such a wanton stare coming from her. I broke her trance as I approached.

“Oh, escort mersin hi. I was just thinking that man looks like one of the men in your DVD last night.”

“I don’t know about that, but at least part of him does.”

“I am serious, he could easily star in one of those videos.”

“Maybe from the looks of it, but he would have get hard at the drop of a hat, fuck like a pro and shoot a big load to actually star in one.”

“Well I think he certainly could do those things,” Kari said wistfully.

The man noticed Kari’s stare as he walked by. He continued down the beach until he reached our attendant, who spoke to him briefly, then led him to the beach chair next to Kari. The man sat on the edge of the chair, before introducing himself, his huge cock hanging down almost to the sand.

“Bonjour Madam! I am Damien, Francois said it would be okay for me to take this seat.”

Kari just stared, her eyes glued to his dangling manhood.

“Hi Damien, I am Trent, this beautiful lady is my wife Kari.”

“Pleased to meet you both. I am expecting a friend soon if that is okay.”

“Not a problem! It may even give Kari something else to stare at.” I said, giving his manhood a nod.

Kari turned her look away from Damien to glare at me, she betrayed herself with a full body blush though. She then turned and held out her hand to Damien who shook it.

“Very pleased to meet you Damien, your friend is more than welcome to join us. Sorry for my stare, I just have never seen someone so impressive.” She blushed even deeper if that was possible. Damien settled back in his beach chair, positioning his cock to dangle off the edge of his hip, pointing toward Kari. Kari settled back and downed her drink.

“Honey, could you get me another drink?”

“Absolutely! You two get acquainted.”

Francois was nowhere to be found, and the beach bar was 3 people deep. From the looks of the patrons, it must have been a cruise ship tour. By the time I came back Damien was straddling his chair with Kari sitting in front of him while he applied lotion to her back. I stood in front of them to hand her her drink. I could see Damien’s cock poking out from under Kari’s crotch, she was actually sitting on his cock, his cock being long enough for the head and some of the shaft to stretch beyond her clitoris. I could see that the top side of his cock was wet from Kari. His cock was getting hard, and poked even further out from under her. She started to squirm on his hardening cock.

Damien grabbed a handful of Kari’s long brunette hair pulling her head back gently.

“That’s it, baby, I’ve got your lotion all over the top of my cock, I need for you to lotion my whole cock!”

Kari just moaned and ground her pussy and clit on Damien’s now hard cock. Her movements were subtle, maybe not too obvious to neighboring beach patrons.

Damien spoke again, “Kari baby, you have me hard as a rock, you can’t move from my chair or my hard cock will be exposed, erections are fine on the other end of the beach, but not this end.”

“Damien, your hard cock is already exposed since it sticks out so far from me. It looks like I have a large dark plum sitting in front of me. I think you need to hide that erection inside of me, it’s for the best.”

“It’s for the best,” I said, trying to sound agreeable, “But first let’s have a shot.” Knowing that Kari needed her next dose, but not wanting to explain it to Damien.

I took the bottle out and handed it to Kari, after she took a large drink, Damien grabbed it and took a long pull from the bottle. He handed it to me, which I felt compelled to play along. As I finished I heard a deep voice ask if we were sharing. I looked to see a tall built black man standing behind me.

“This is my friend Ferrand!” Damien said.

“And of course we are sharing, sharing whatever you see here.” He said while smacking Kari on the ass.

I handed the bottle to Ferrand who took a long drink.

Ferrand grimaced at the taste, “Is that like some kind of cheap Jaggermiester?”

He settled into the Kari’s abandoned seat and stripped.

“Damien, you better hide that damn thing, you know how the Gendarmes are on this end of the beach.”

“We were just talking about that, I think I can take care of hiding it,” Kari commented.

Kari pulled aside her swimsuit to allow direct contact with Damien’s cock. She began to slide back and forth along his huge cock, she was dripping wet and his cock was quickly lubed up. She slid forward so his cock head was under her, bending forward on the chair, she slowly eased his cock head into her. She gasped, a look of pain crossing her face as she held still to adjust to just to the size his big cock head.

I could not believe what was happening. My wife was practically fucking a huge-cocked black man on a public beach in plain sight. Kari slid back “hiding” only half of Damien’s cock. She tried to sit more upright and look casual, like nothing was happening. I could tell it was agony for the two of them to just sit there without thrusting in and out. They stayed like this for a long while, Kari trying to sip on her drink but obviously having a hard time concentrating.

“Damn your pussy is so, so tight! If you keep squeezing me I am going to pump you full of cum!” He whispered.

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