Can I Sleep with You, Mom?

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“Mom, I had a nightmare and can’t go back to sleep. Can I sleep with you? Please…”

As I was roused from my sleep, I should have had no problem with this simple request from my son, Brad. His bastard father, my ex-husband, left us for another woman before he was born, and Brad had recurring nightmares of being abandoned…of being alone. Because of this, I loved him unconditionally and let him scamper into my bed and snuggle with me until he found the much-needed comfort and drifted into a sound slumber.

Lately, however, Brad’s seemingly innocent nightly requests had become a dilemma for me. It may have been because my impish little boy had matured into an eighteen-years-old tall hunky stud of a young man who towered over me by six-inches. Yet, I think that the real reason for my hesitation was because Brad was hung like the proverbial horse. I guess it was a mother’s blindness but somehow I failed to notice how his cute little pee-pee had gradually grown over the years.

I discovered this one night after his eighteenth birthday when I as usual granted one of Brad’s requests. He had quickly fallen into a deep sleep, starting on his back but soon rolling to his side to spoon me as he had done for years. However, this time when he cozied up to me in his sleep, his erection had slipped through his boxer slit to press alarmingly against my nightie-covered buns.

While momentarily shocked at the initial contact, I wasn’t horrified. I knew that young men sprouted unexpected erections and especially when sleeping. What was happening was something natural, expected, and nothing to be alarmed at. Besides, I had willingly foregone adult male companionship and intimacy after my divorce to devote my life to Brad. How many times through the years I had told myself that I did not need to have hot-and-heavy sex with a man and was in perfect control of my bodily urges.

I didn’t discover the foolishness of my self-denial until the next night when my short-nightie had ridden up and a seemingly sleeping Brad slipped his naked erection between my inner thighs. I remember jerking at the sudden presences of my son’s intrusion but after a moment of pause, I realized that he was asleep and probably dreaming judging by the soft mumbling I heard from behind me.

I should have immediately disengaged Brad’s manhood from being sandwiched between my thighs and pressing against my womanhood. However, after eighteen years of abstinence, I was paralyzed by the sensation of having a massive cock sliding from my pantie-covered puckered anus to my stiff throbbing clit. I bit my lip so as not to utter a sound when Brad began to slowly pump his groin back and forth, repeatedly poking his bulbous dick head against my surprisingly wet panty-crotch.

I would be lying if I said that I let Brad have his way with me. I silently responded to his wet-dream dry-humping by pushing myself back, willingly meeting his gentle shoves. My hand slipped over my panties to stroke myself and let my fingertips every once in a while brush lightly against his dickhead.

I don’t know whom Brad was dreaming of but from his quickening of his pace, I could tell that my son was ready to cum and I moved my cupping hand further down. With my heart beating in my throat, I struggle not to make a sound but could hear my pussy juices squishing loudly. Then with a sudden thrust, Brad exploded his youthful semen, spurting into my curled fingers and drenching my panties’ crotch. Quickly turning my face into my pillow, I muffled my own orgasmic cries as I struggled not to move.

Before I could gather my wits, my son rolled onto his back and his semi-soft but still impressive manhood slipped from between my legs, and soon his soft snoring could be heard. Breathing heavily, I lay there for a while, trying to figure out as to what had just happened. Before I knew it, I brought my spunk-covered fingers to my nose to deeply inhale its heady aroma his musky deposit and then licked and suck all of it appreciatively off my fingers and palm. Closing my eyes, I surprisingly drifted into a satisfying sleep with my hand shoved between my thighs.

Initially, I foolishly thought that what had occurred that night was a one-time phenomenon. Brad didn’t speak of what had happened and I wondered how he could not have known what had occurred. As for me, that night seemed like some incredibly realistic wet-dream that brought to life my physical needs and sexual urges that had been long suppressed. Yet, as I would discover, this was the start of when fantasy became reality.

Now, before you think that I’m some sort of depraved and desperate mother, let me tell you about myself. My name is Lana. I have been fortunate to have many men say that I’m attractive. I think that this is largely due to my unique blend of Eurasian ancestry.

My physical features favor my Caucasian father with gray eyes, light brown mid-back hair, long shapely legs, full breasts that are eye-catching yet Silivri Escort not to the point of being saggy or obscene. From my Japanese mother, I enjoy slightly almond-shaped eyes with double eyelids, a creamy skin tone to the curves of my five-six body, large meaty ruby-red nipples, a certain grace that bordered on exotic, and a gift of looking much younger than my forty-one years of age.

While I haven’t slept around a whole lot, I had my fair share of men before I met and fell for my shit-ass husband. Bret was one hell of a good-looking guy – tall, muscular, suave, and quite a ladies’ man. Many said that we made the perfect couple – attractive, passionate, and highly sexed. Bret knew how to use his good-size dick, and was surprised when I proved to be his match in bed. Seeking to secure a sense of exclusivity, we made the foolish mistake of getting married.

For a while, things were great. The publishing company I had worked at while getting a college English degree hired me for this neat editing job. While the pay was decent, the benefits were great, especially when working from home was one of the perks. Bret was a regional airline pilot who was gone for three days when he flew a four-city route. When he returned home, gratuitous sex was had all over our little house in the suburbs. Now that I look back at that time, fucking each other silly was the only thing we had in common and upon which our marriage was built.

The start of our end happened when Bret unexpectedly took leave and proceeded to screw me into utter bliss and sheer exhaustion for nearly a week. He took me first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and in bed at night. I don’t know how many gallons of sperm that man pumped into me but I loved it…until I missed my period.

“You’re what?” exclaimed a clearly shocked Bret. “How the hell did you get pregnant?”

“Well, it partly your fault,” I defensively blurted. “When you fucked me so much while on leave, I was so exhausted that much of the time I slept into the afternoon. I think there were at least two days that I forgot to take my birth control pills. When I discovered this, I doubled up on pills and thought I’d be okay. Hey, wait minute, aren’t you happy that you’re going to be a father?”

By the stormy look on his face, I immediately knew Bret’s answer and what he was about to say. “Don’t even think it, Bret! I’m having this baby…our baby…and we’re going to be a happy family.”

Boy, was I wrong? While we continued to have sex in the first trimester of my pregnancy, Bret had become more and more forceful to the point of being vicious. It was as if he was fucking me so hard to induce a miscarriage. Then when my body began to change, my so-called loving husband became more and more disinterested in me and finally got to the point where he visibly abhorred my swollen breasts and belly. When I needed caring and loving, I only found disdain and silence. Bret spent more time away from home and when he came to bed, he reeked of alcohol and passed out without a word.

What I didn’t know was that Bret had found a stewardess who was willing to be a sexual replacement for me. At first, they carried on while flying together and then the slut would service him in her tiny apartment or motels near the airport. Furthermore, I wasn’t aware that Bret and his mistress had applied for and been accepted by a major airline that flew out of an international airport in another state and would require them to relocate.

“Lana, I’m leaving you and filing for divorce,” read the note I found on my computer when I returned from my prenatal check-up. “I never wanted a kid but you had to ruin our relationship. Don’t try to contact me or count on me for anything. I’ve found someone else and we moving to another state to start a new life together. I’ll be flying with the big guys in the friendly skies. You were a great fuck before getting pregnant], and my cock will always remember your sweet mouth and tight cunt. Bret.”

They say that “Hell has no fury like a scorned woman,” and they are right. My publisher’s brother-in-law happened to be an excellent divorce attorney who took Bret to the cleaners for me. Besides child support payments, my bastard of an ex-husband had to cough up seven years of alimony even though our marriage had been a short one. These payments were successfully argued for and won because Brad had just been born, Bret had abandoned us, I had no family to rely on, and I might be forced to work part-time to raise my child. The alimony would be enough until Brad could attend elementary school.

After my nasty divorce was settled, Brad, my lovely son from my disastrous marriage, became the sole focus of my life. Some may call me a helicopter mom but I was always there for him, especially when he would ask, “Where is my dad?” In my own way, I helped him through his childhood as a single/broken home child, a confused tween, and to that of a struggling teenager. Silivri Escort Bayan I know that for Brad, I was the one constant in his life, giving him unconditional love and acceptance no matter what he did.

I attracted many male suitors while Brad was growing up. But, while all seemed friendly at first, in the end, they were only interested in sinking their puny little dicks between my spread legs. When this possibility was made contingent on them becoming a step-dad to my growing son, they all balked like my shit-ass ex-husband. As a result, I made a conscious decision to place my sexual needs and life on hold to better focus on Brad.

“Mom, can I sleep with you…please,” brought me back to the reality of the moment. After the last session, I knew that we had reached a turning point that would forever change our mother-son relationship. I knew I should reject any further advances by my handsome son since incest was sinful and legally wrong.

And yet, I had loved my son beyond imagination and had always been there for him. Did I have the courage to do what was right and what I felt I should do? Then with a sigh, I reached behind me and lifted the bedding in a silent resignation and an open invitation.

I immediately felt the bed mattress shift as Brad slipped under the covers, his big body spooning and hotly pressing against mine. “I didn’t mean to…err…hump…you the other night, Mom. My dick had a mind of its own. There I was sleeping next to you and then I awoke as my dick was sliding between your fantastic buns.

“Even though a thin layer of lace separated you from me, you were so goddamn soft, hot, and wet. When you didn’t say anything, I thought you were sound asleep. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help but slide my boner back and forth…slowly and carefully so as not to wake you. It was incredible…you were incredible. I wanted to drive deep into you but your panties stopped me. But, I was so turned on that the next thing I knew was that I was popping my cork and shooting my load between your legs. When you didn’t say anything and just shivered a little, I figured you were still sleeping and that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

“Mom, I love you so much. You’re so beautiful but you never go out even though guys ask you out. I know you sacrificed yourself and pleasure…and a chance for lover…just to be there for me…and to please me. And when I was intimate with you the last time, you didn’t reject or scold me.

“Mom, what I’m about to say may be wrong and if you get mad or worse, I’ll understand. You’ve given so much to me, I want to give back to you. I know I don’t have much to give you…but…let me make love to you and give you the pleasure that you have denied yourself all these years. I know I’m your son and very inexperienced, but let me try. Let me repay you with the only thing I have…my body. Please, Mom, let me be your lover.”

I turned to face my son and kissed his softly yet passionately, leaving no doubt as to my answer to his plea. “Brad, I’ve been in love with you from the moment I discovered was pregnant with you. You have been the only man in my life for the last eighteen years. Pleasing you, pleased me – pleasuring you, pleasures me.”

I knew that I had to take the lead in pleasuring Brad…and myself. Sitting up, I sensuously removed my nightie and panties, and in the ambient light of the bedroom, I completely exposed myself to my wide-eyed son. I could see in his eyes open admiration, inexperienced hesitation, and unbridled lust. Then taking his hands, I pressed them against my breasts that quivered from my rapid breathing. A sharp gasp escaped Brad’s lips as his fingertips sunk into the flesh of my spongy boobs and was quickly followed with a low moan as he openly fondled me.

My protruding cylindrical nipples have always been large but after breastfeeding Brad, they became enormous and stayed that way. When stimulated, they instantly harden, elongate to under an inch, and swelled to almost three-fourths of an inch in thickness. When Brad’s massaging palms rubbed them, I moaned loudly for I had forgotten the feeling of a man caressing my tits.

“Ooh, Mom, you don’t know just how much I’ve wanted to do this,” groaned Brad. “Watching you walk braless around the house with your big titties jiggling and swaying drove me crazy. God, and these damn big nipples of yours…constantly poking big bumps in your thin tops. How I wish I was a little baby again so that I could suck them hard and feel your mother’s milk spurt into my gulping mouth.”

“Ohhh, yeah, me too,” I groaned in agreement as Brad’s lips latched on to my fat nipple and pulled it hard from my breast. “My nipples are extremely sensitive especially when they are being sucked like that. I nursed you for over a year because of the delicious nipple orgasms that I enjoyed while you sucked on my titties.”

As my body twisted and heaved to Brad’s fondling, Escort Silivri I somehow managed to pull his tented boxers off of his hips and gasped loudly when a massive erect cock sprung up and swayed before my startled eyes. “Oooh, damn, Brad, what a fucking monster! How big is this goddamn thing?”

“It’s just a little over nine-inches, Mom, and just shy of five-inches around. It’s big because I’m constantly jerking off while thinking of you naked…and doing what you’re doing to me right now. You can’t imagine how much spunk I shot into wads of Kleenex or down the shower drain. But, I never in my wildest dream thought that we would be doing what we’re doing. God, Mom, I love you so much…”

Without even thinking about it, my grasping fist that could barely close around the girth of his shaft, slid up to his bulbous penis head and then down to his hairy groin. I never had a problem giving head to a guy and had a lot of hands-mouth experience in doing so. Still, I didn’t know if I could deepthroat as I did Bret’s good-size dick, but as my watering mouth opened and descended on Brad’s boner, I was sure going to try.

My son’s hips jerked at the touch of my lips on his knobby head, and he cried out pitifully, “Fuck, Mom! That’s so fucking good! You don’t know how often I jerked off fantasizing of you doing just what you’re doing!”

I could only swallow about half of Brad’s throbbing cock and slid my gripping hand up and down his thick shaft in practiced harmony with my bobbing head. “Please, Mom! Suck me off! I ‘ve always wanted to shoot my spunk into your gulping mouth and have you swallow everything last drop! Please!!”

I loved swallow spunk and redoubled my mouth and hand efforts to fulfill my son’s plea. His hips began to shake as he shoved into my willing mouth and I knew he was close to cumming. Suddenly Brad yelled, “Fuck! Oh, yeah, fuck! All of it, Mom, take all of it down your fucking throat!” With a sudden thrust of his cock, my mouth was immediately flooded with the sweet elixir of youth, and I gulped as fast as I could so that not a single drop would escape my lip lock.

To my utter amazement, Brad’s manhood seemed to remain long and hard as I lovingly licked and sucked him clean. “Brad, are you getting hard again?”

“Mom, I beat my meat so often thinking about you that I have discovered that after I cum really fast the first time, I don’t go soft. Actually, I can stay hard for a very long time and cum again later.”

“Brad-honey, I don’t mean to pry or embarrass you but have you ever had sex before?”

Sitting up, my son hung his head at first, then with an embarrassed look on his face, he said, “No, Mom. There has been only one woman in my life…the one that I’ve dreamed of and waited for…the one who loves me and would do anything for me. That is you, Mom. There have been girls or women who have kind of thrown themselves at me but none have interested me since none can compare to you.”

I wanted to cry, knowing that my son loved me just as much as I love him. I had willingly sacrificed any sexual life after my divorce for Brad, and he in his own way, had done likewise waiting for me. I kissed him softly to thank him for waiting for me, then I kissed him with the love that I felt in my heart, and finally, I kissed him passionately, letting my repressed sexuality surge forth.

“Lay back, sweetie, and don’t move or do anything. Let Mommy show you just how much you mean to me”. I straddled his hips and lifting myself up on my knees, reached between my legs to grasp is harden manhood. Spreading my stiff fleshy folds with his egg-like penis head, I rubbed him up and down my sopping wet pussy crack.

“Oooh, you feel so damn good,” escaped my parted lips while I plopped his dickhead in and out of my twat’s opening. “It’s been so goddamn long for both of us…for me, to have a big fat cock in my tight twat…and for you, to lose your virginity. But we don’t have to wait any longer…” With that I slowly lowered myself on Brad’s pulsating hard-on, consummating our incestuous romance.

I was freely flowing with my sexual excitement but found that I had to go slowly. Brad’s huge cock stretched me out and touched parts within me that I never knew existed. God, I whimpered like a little girl being fucked for the first time and moaned continuously as my love tunnel spasmed, gripped, and milked the penetrating fleshy pole that impaled me.

Yet, when my pussy hair ground into his pubic hair, I let out this low moan of incomparable satisfaction. My hips began to undulate sensuously as I enjoyed having a good hard piece of man-meat buried deep within me. I now realized how I had missed being screwed and loved, and that it took my son’s beautiful hard-on to remind me of my sexual past and the promise of a romantic future.

“I did it, Brad! I took all of your monster boner up my snatch. Ooh, don’t move, son. Let me get used to having you buried in me. You’re very big but feel so damn good. Ooh, damn, I didn’t realize that I was so damn tight. I guess after I gave birth to you, the doctor must have sewn me up tighter than I was before. Or maybe it’s because I just haven’t had sex in nearly two decades and needed to be stretched out and penetrated.”

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