Camping with Daddy

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I suppose I’d always been a daddy’s girl. We were very close even when I was a little girl, and stayed that way when I grew into young womanhood. But even when I started to notice boys, I never really saw him in a sexual way. Not until one night in the woods; one night that changed everything.

Every summer, the three of us- Mom, Dad, and me- took a camping trip to Yosemite. I always looked forward to it. We all did. We would roast marshmallows and hot dogs, tell scary stories around a cracking fires and wander along paths both beaten and discovered. It was a magical time of the year, which was why it was so heart-breaking when Mom told us that she couldn’t come. She had to travel for some conference, and would have to miss out. But we had reservations that couldn’t be canceled, so it would just be me and Daddy this year. Oh, well- life goes on.

The time until my final summer vacation of high school passed agonizingly slow. I finished my finals and said goodbye to friends that I probably wouldn’t ever see again. But the wait was worthwhile; finally, Daddy and I were packing the car for the long drive to the magical forest. As we drove, we talked on a much deeper level than we ever had before- something that I attributed to my new-found adulthood.

“So, Brooke,” he began, pausing to take another long pull from his soda. He did that when he was nervous; he’d start a conversation and then immediately interrupt himself with something or another. “Any boys in the picture I should know about? Do I need to get a shotgun?” he laughed.

I rolled my eyes. “No daddy,” I giggled. It was true, there really wasn’t anyone- at the moment, anyway. Although I was certainly attractive by any standard, and although I had plenty of attention from the boys at school, I never really had an interest in any of them. They were too immature, I guess. So, as a result, I never really had the opportunity to explore my developing sexuality the way that some of my friends had. But I figured that was what college was for, and I was looking forward to breaking loose with an older crowd.

He dropped the subject, and we talked about other things until we finally arrived at the campsite. It didn’t take long to set up, and the rest of the day was dedicated to play. We hiked a bit before roasting hot dogs over a fire for an early dinner, then topped off the day with swimming at an isolated spot in the river. But there was something different this time- something about the way he looked at me. It made me a little bit self-conscious, but excited me all the same. It was as though he was seeing me as a woman, wearing an admittedly revealing bikini, rather than as his little girl. I couldn’t help it; I began accenting my movements just a little bit, inviting his attention without being too obvious about it. Pausing just a moment too long with my arms high above my head, ready for a dive… Positioning my body to allow him to look at my ass when I climbed on the rocks… Bending at the waist to look at the rocks in the water…

And that’s when I noticed that he was hard. He was trying to hide it in the water, but I caught a glimpse of his thick bulge all the same. I couldn’t help but feel proud of his reaction. I had made Daddy hard- my body, my movements and my looks had accomplished that. I began to wonder just how far I could go. I supposed this was the time to find out.

We stayed at the river for just a little bit longer. I figured that he could use a little bit more time, and I was happy to give it to him. After all, we still had a long night ahead of us. Finally, he called after me that he was ready to go, and we made our way back to the tent. I walked ahead of him, knowing that he would be checking out my ass as he followed. Or at least I hoped he would be; I wanted him to have it fresh in his mind when we turned in for the night. I allowed my mind to wander, and when it did it found some arousing places. I thought about Daddy’s cock; what it would look like or taste like. What it would feel like when he stretched out my virgin pussy, assuming I could entice him that far.

By the time we reached the tent, I was dripping wet. I could feel my pussy throbbing with anticipation. I knew what it felt like to orgasm; I had brought myself there night after night. But I intuitively know that it would be infinitely better when someone else brought me to climax- especially when it was someone that I already loved and trusted. I really couldn’t imagine a better first time than that. And tonight, I would be putting my plan into action.

“It’s cold!” I shivered. That was a lie. We were roasting marshmallows around a roaring fire, but it was a perfect excuse to slide close to him. In that flickering light, I saw Daddy in a very different way; I breathed in his masculine scent and felt his warmth against my skin. It was intoxicating.

“Cold?” he scoffed. “You’re in front of a fire!”

I blushed, but he didn’t seem to catch on. But he gave me an idea for my next move, at least. Of course, given my inexperience, I had no ‘moves’ to speak Bayan Escort Antep of, so I just had to play it by ear. “You’re right, Daddy. What was I thinking?” In one quick motion, I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it towards the tent, leaving my firm, young breasts covered only by the thin bra that I had picked out just for tonight. It wasn’t unusual that he would see me in my underwear; we lived in the same house, after all. But I think that he knew, one some level, that this time was different. He tried not to look, but I could see him peering through the corner of his eye. I couldn’t blame him, of course; the bra pushed my breasts upwards, showing off my generous cleavage and begging for his attention. I leaned forward, ostensibly to get another marshmallow, but actually to show off my breasts further. I knew that he wanted me now; hopefully as badly as I wanted him.

It was several long minutes before Daddy spoke again. “We should probably turn in for the night,” he said suddenly. There was a sense of urgency in his voice, and my heart started racing; this was it! But Daddy quickly climbed into his sleeping bag and turned out the light. I hadn’t thought this far ahead. I supposed that I thought that Daddy would have taken me by now; that all I had to do was tease him a little bit and he would take charge. But once again, my lack of experience stopped me. I had no idea how to initiate sex with a man, much less in such a taboo setting. So I just rolled over and tried to sleep, cursing myself for my cowardice.

But that’s when I heard it. Long after I thought he was asleep, and certainly after he thought I was as well, I heard the rhythmic sound of flesh on flesh and skin against fabric. He was masturbating. My heart started to race, and I laid very, very still, afraid to break the spell. I could feel my pussy start to moisten, and I very slowly slid my hand down my body towards it. I was desperate for relief, and even more so when I hear Daddy start to moan softly. But it’s not until I hear him whisper my name, lost in whatever fantasy that was fueling his session, that I knew that he was finally mine.

I started rubbing my clit through my panties, matching his motions to his as I listened carefully to him. I could feel my orgasm building, and couldn’t contain the quiet moan that escaped my parted lips. He stopped; he didn’t even breathe. I didn’t. I continued rubbing my swollen, sensitive clit through my panties, allowing myself to reach the edge of climax. There was no going back now, and there was no reason to hold the moan in place. He had heard me, and I had heard him. So I continued, bucking my hips against my finger as I came closer to release. Much like he had done for me, I started moaning his name. Or, more accurately, what I called him.

“Daddy…” I moaned quietly. “Daddy, fuck me, Daddy.” I could feel my orgasm building deep in my body. I had never had one with anyone nearby before, and I felt both self-conscious and excited at the same time. I slid my hand into my panties, and pressed deep into my tight, virgin pussy.

Daddy didn’t speak; not then, at least. There was nothing left to say. I heard his sleeping bag unzip, then heard him crawl across the tent to mine. He leaned in close, listening to the sounds of my moans and groans. I wondered if he could hear my wet pussy, as my finger slid in and out of it. The whole scene was overwhelmingly arousing.

“Your mom doesn’t hear a word of this, you understand?” There was an urgency in his voice. He urgently wanted me, and that was the best feeling in the world.

“Not a word, Daddy,” I managed in between lustful breaths. “It’ll be our little secret.”

As he felt for the lantern, I quickly removed my panties and the tight top while still inside the bag. I wanted Daddy to unwrap me like a present. My every sense were sharpened with my arousal. I could hear Daddy’s breathing and my own thundering heartbeat; I could hear the quiet sounds of the forest outside of the tent, and the soft breeze that ran through the tall trees. I was so lost in the sensations that the sudden light of the lantern was nearly blinding. But I refused to break the spell, and said nothing. I merely smiled up at him as I started to unzip the bag, leaving the rest for him.

But he hesitated. “This is wrong,” me muttered, pausing with his hand barely touching the zipper. “We shouldn’t do this.” But he didn’t withdraw. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him; I knew he just needed a little bit of help to overcome his doubts and fears.

“Of course we should!” I smiled. “You don’t think I’ve seen the way you look at me, when I’m getting out of the shower?” That part was a bluff, but I figured there was a pretty good chance that I was right. And based on the brief flash of guilt in his eyes, I knew that I was. “I know you want me, Daddy. And I want you, too. I want you to be my first.”

His eyes shot open, and it took him a moment to compose his thought. “You mean you’re…” he stammered.

I giggled and nodded. My pussy throbbed, as I had stopped just short of release. I really couldn’t wait much longer, and resisted the urge to touch myself again. “A virgin? Yes. And I want you to be my first. I want you to have my virginity.” I was laying it on a little bit thick, perhaps, but I was lost in the moment.

Daddy didn’t answer. Not verbally, anyway. But I could see the answer in his eyes. And I could certainly feel it in the way he slowly pulled the zipper down along the edge of the bag. I could hardly wait for him to discover what was hidden inside! I quickly caressed my nipples, feeling them harden under my fingers, and parted my legs slightly to open up my untouched sex to him. I could feel my own moisture building on my lips, and I once again resisted the urge to touch myself.

When Daddy finally brought the zipper down to my feet, he pushed the covering aside. I felt a sudden blast of cool air caress my body, and I shivered involuntarily against it. I felt myself blush, but I could also see how this was something that I could definitely get used to.

“Goddamn,” I heard Daddy whisper. His eyes were wide and his lips were parted. I watched his eyes explore my body, running over my breasts and down the smooth skin of my stomach before finding my pussy between my creamy thighs. I was self-conscious then; I kept my pubic hair very neatly trimmed, but I had no idea if that was what he liked. But he smiled, and that was all the answer I needed.

“Do you like my body?” I asked. My face as innocent as I could manage, even though I didn’t feel very innocent in that moment.

He nodded. “Fuck, yes I do,” he said finally.

“Aren’t you going to show me yours?”

He hesitated, but only for a moment before the last of his resistance came crumbling down and his lust won out. He grinned; it was as though he was seeing me fully as a sexual creature for the first time, aside from in whatever fantasies he had kept to himself. I wondered if he ever thought of me when fucking my mom; I looked a lot like her, only younger. When he rested on his knees, I could see his bulge once again; this time through the thin fabric of his boxer shorts. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I let him remain in control. He slowly pulled the waistband down his thighs, finally revealing his perfect, beautiful cock.

My eyes bulged. My mouth watered. My pussy clenched. It was huge! I really didn’t know what to expect, never having seen one in real life before, but I knew that he was well above average. He was smooth- not a trace of hair anywhere near his member. His shaft was thick and veiny, and his head was engorged with his arousal. And his balls… oh, his beautiful balls. They were tight against his body, full of his warm cum. And I knew that every drop in them was for me tonight. Even the one that glistened at the tip.

Fascinated, I slowly reached out and ran my finger across his hole, collecting the fluid on my finger. His cock jumped when I touched it, which startled me just a little bit. I studied the fluid that I had taken from him; it was clear, and it looked inviting. Curious, I brought it up to my mouth and sucked, tasting him for the first time. “You taste good, Daddy,” I sighed. Something about taking his precum into me brought me to another level altogether, as though it were some powerful aphrodisiac.

“Bet you do, too,” he replied. I wondered what he meant, but only for a moment. He pulled my legs apart and crouched between them. When he lowered his head between my thighs, I knew exactly what he meant. He was going to eat my pussy.

“Yes, I’m su…” My words turned into a low moan the moment his tongue finally met my most sensitive place. “Oh, that feels amazing,” I managed, once I regained my composure.

He ran his tongue along my lips, then up to my clit; the moment his warm tongue made contact with my sensitive, swollen clitoris, the world exploded in light and color. My orgasm, held in for too long, burst through my body, and I lost all sense of time as it came over me. I could feel my thighs shaking, and I instinctively grabbed the back of his hair to keep him close to me. And he stayed, licking my pussy and sliding inside me as I came.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” I repeated until the words lost all meaning. I pulled him tight against my body, keeping the sensation going for as long as possible. I had never felt anything like it; and I wanted more.

“I was right,” he smiled, wiping my sexual juices from his chin. “You do taste good.”

“Thank you,” I panted. It was all I could think to say. I laid very still, bathing in the post-orgasmic glow.

“Now it’s your turn,” he replied, rolling onto his back. His massive cock was intimidating, pointing upwards with expectation and want.

I rested on my knees, leaning towards the intimidating member. I could feel my pussy dripping down my thigh; I wanted to be fucked, but fair is fair. “I don’t know what to do with it,” I confessed. I felt a certain amount of shame in the admission. He had done such a wonderful thing to me, and I had no idea how to do the same for him.

Daddy smiled. He would teach me. “Grab the base,” he said patiently. I was surprised by its weight when I did so, and I could barely wrap my hand around it. It felt softer than I expected, and the blood that filled it made the smooth skin warm. I could feel the shaft throb against my palm. “Good girl. Now stroke it a few times, to get used to it.” I nodded, and concentrated carefully as I ran my small little hand along its length and up to the head, then back down to the base. Daddy closed his eyes as I repeated the motion a few more times, getting faster each time. Somehow, it felt even bigger now, and my mouth watered as I watched his body react to my touch.

As I stroked him, he ran his hand along my thigh, grazing my dripping pussy on his way to my breasts. The feeling of his hand on my creamy white breast was incredible, and he began to gently knead it gently, and then lightly tease my nipple, as I found my rhythm.

“Stop,” he gasped.

I immediately let go of his cock, and it fell heavily onto his waist. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked. I was terrified that I had somehow hurt him, or otherwise failed.

“No- no, not at all,” he replied, comforting me in my insecurity. “I’m really fucking close, and we’re not done yet.”

“Close… to orgasm?”

Daddy nodded. It was a good feeling to know that I had brought him such pleasure, and I was glad that he wanted to go further. I couldn’t wait to watch him cum, but I guessed I’d have to. He took a moment to recover, and I waited patiently for him. I wanted to touch that beautiful cock again, but I just eyed it hungrily until he was ready to continue. I had always taken multiple orgasms for granted; I supposed that I needed to accommodate Daddy’s less generous biology.

“Okay,” he said finally. “Now it’s time to suck it, sweetie. Do you know how to do that?”

I shoot my head. “No, Daddy. Will you teach me?”

He grinned. I knew it was exactly what he had wanted to hear. It was true that I didn’t know, but I had some idea from the internet and sleepover conversations. But I also knew that he wanted to teach me, and I wanted to let him. “Of course. Take it in your hand, by the base- just like before.” I grasped his cock, and held it upright. I could see a fresh bead of precum leaking from the tip, and I wanted to taste it again. It was addicting, and I wondered if the rest of it would taste just as good.

“Can I… can I lick it?” I asked, climbing in between his strong legs to better align his cock to my throat. I leaned forward, keeping my ass high in the air so he could see it. I was sure he would like the view.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he moaned. “Lick it, then put it in your mouth.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement; I was ready. I leaned in closer, until he could feel my warm breath on him, then carefully licked the tip. Once again, I was rewarded with the sweet taste of his sexual fluid. But this time, I also got to hear him moan. I loved that sound, and found that he made it every time I did something particularly well. I learned that he made a certain sound when I licked the underside of his shaft, and another when I swirled my tongue around the engorged tip. I began playing his body like a finely-tuned instrument, reveling in both my sexuality and my seduction of Daddy. And then, finally, I took him into my mouth. I didn’t even think about it; it just felt natural. I transitioned from sliding my tongue from the shaft to the head, and then just opened my mouth and took him inside.

“Oh, fuck, Brooke!” he groaned, both from surprise and from the sensation itself. I looked up at him, my mouth full of his cock, and smiled around it. Our eyes met as I savored his weight on my tongue, and we kept eye contact as I once again closed my soft lips around him. I felt his hand stroke my hair softly, as though he were gently encouraging me to take him deeper into my mouth.

I knew that he could easily overpower me if he wanted to; with his hand on the back of my head, he could pull my face close to him, forcing his cock deep into my throat. But he didn’t; he let me gain confidence and slowly work him deeper into my mouth.

“Use your tongue,” he groaned. I had forgotten about that- there was so much to remember! I started sliding my tongue over his shaft as I bobbed my head, working him deeper and deeper each time. He started to moan and pant as I took him in as deep as I could; I gagged when he pressed against the back of my throat, instinctively pulling away, but he gently guided my head back onto him and I took him into my mouth once more. “Now your hands,” he moaned. As I continued sucking, I used my free hand- the one that wasn’t being used to hold my upper body in place- to gently caress his thigh, then cup his tight, heavy balls. I couldn’t explain it, but I loved them. I deeply, truly loved them. Maybe it was the treasure they held within, or maybe it was the comforting weight in my hand. Maybe it was just the fact that he loved the way I played with them as I sucked his sock. Whatever it was, I eagerly caressed and felt them as I felt his shaft slide past my lips, alternating between in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32