Catching the Wife Vol. 02

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I woke up late the next morning from what little sleep I did get. It was a rough night being very restless. Had a hard time trying to get what I had seen out of my head and to get what rest I could. Wresting with my thoughts all night long. The feeling of being weak, shocked, and disappointed. How could I let him get away with doing that to my wife? Then again I knew I surely could not fight him on the issue, to burst in and stop them. I am sure all that would have accomplished was me being in a lot of pain; both physical and mental. Not to mention making me a bit of a hypocrite having done that myself while we were still together and not separated as we are now. Though my wife and I always spoke in a fantasy way of her doing something like this we never actually thought we would. I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of the whole situation or what to do about it.

Getting out of bed I grabbed something quick to eat. Before I could even finish there was a knock on my door. Opening it up I found myself staring at my neighbor Jerome. I have never seen him with such a big grin on his face. Slapping me on my shoulder he asked me how I was doing this morning. Telling him I was fine he told me he had a great time last night and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. But first he said he needed to apologize for what he did to me at the bar. He said he was sorry, that he blew off the handle and shouldn’t have been so nasty to me. He then went on to explain what happened last night between him and Marisa. Even though I already knew exactly what happened I played ignorant not wanting to let him know what I had seen.

“Man Pete, I have never been with a redhead before but if they are anything like that girl I need to be with them more often. When I finally got her to agree to coming home with me last I made sure to make her feel comfortable before making my move. First started kissing her lips and neck to get her relaxed. Before long I had my hand up he shirt playing with those big ass tits of hers. I then took her to my bedroom an man she had one hot ass body. Her pussy was shaved bare and smooth and even snug around just one of my fingers. After I got her to cum twice it was my turn. You should have seen her face when I took this monster out. She actually was worried about how it would fit telling me to take it slow. Her pussy felt so nice and tight around my finger I knew I had to get in there bareback. I haven’t fucked a girl like that in years an I wanted to do it to her bad. As I moved into position she realized I didn’t have a condom on an protested.”

Now, I knew I was clean an she admitted both to being with only one guy in her life and on birth control so I saw no problem with it. I was aching to push it in her so I kept telling her to relax, that it would be fine. She was uneasy about it until I started pushing it in then she didn’t say another word. Fuck man it took some effort to work it in, she was fucking tight as shit around me. In the antalya escort end we were both shocked that I was actually able to fit all of it into her an felt my balls pressing against her ass. If I were any bigger it wouldn’t have happened since she told me that the tip of my cock was already touching her cervix. Started working it slow at first until she got used to my size then I fucked the shit out of her. Man she loved every minute of it, should’ve seen the pleasure on her face. I tried my best to last as long as possible until I was about to explode and couldn’t hold back any longer. Being several weeks since the last time it wasn’t easy and I had a lot built up in there wanting to get out. I made sure to shove it all in an shot my load as deep as I could inside that little pink pussy.”

When we were finished she asked me if she could spend the night there. Being so late and still slightly drunk I agreed. And bro am I ever glad I did. A few hours later I woke up having to pee real bad. When I came back into the room I saw her still laying there and felt my dick getting hard again. In case I never saw her again I wanted another crack at her. So, I woke her up and fucked her hard a second time. I was amazed that she was just as tight as before. Fucked her missionary first then flipped her around finishing off doggie style. After shooting a second load inside that hot pussy of hers we went back to sleep. She left early this morning. I asked her if we could get together again soon but she told me she wasn’t sure. That she felt guilty now about what we had done last night since she is still married and trying to get back together with her husband. I told her that as long as the two of them weren’t together she shouldn’t feel bad about getting some pleasure, that she has needs too. She was still unsure we would ever see each other again. But I am going to try, I would love to get some more time with that hot ass white girl. I sure as hell am not going to give up that easy. I hope to see her again tonight when I go out.”

I must admit as hard as it was to hear him speaking about my wife that way another part of me was interested in listening. I have always been a bit of a voyeur just never considered it would be watching my wife with another man. When Jerome finished speaking he told me again that he was sorry about what he did last night before leaving. I wasn’t sure what to say letting him do most of the talking. The only good side is it’s likely Marisa wouldn’t be back again.

In the afternoon I decided to give my wife a call. We had a good long conversation. Though when I asked her about what she had done last night she was at first a bit aloof finally telling me she was with some friends drinking. When I asked she did anything else she quickly shot back saying no. She also told me she had no plans for tonight since she still didn’t feel well with a bit of a hang over. During the conversation antalya escort bayan we made plans for this coming Saturday to go out together on a dinner date. I told her to get better and we would talk again on Wednesday before hanging up the phone. I had nothing to do either tonight so I just hung around the house as normal. The whole night everything was quiet. A little past midnight I heard Jerome come home but nothing else. I happened to run into him the next day and he seemed a bit down. Not only did he not run into Marisa but didn’t get any luck at all with any woman. I might have told him I was sorry to hear it but was also partly glad to know.

The next couple of days were uneventful. Doing my normal routine of home and work. Wednesday was no different. When I got home there was a message from my wife on the answering machine. She said she wouldn’t be able to talk to me tonight because she was invited to a business dinner with some of her coworkers. So I spent my night being bored as usual. Going to bed early I was just dozing off when I heard Jerome get home. I was surprised, it being past ten at night which is much later than normal. Then I realized why, he wasn’t alone. I could her him speaking then the faint sound of a woman’s voice. The voices got louder as they moved towards his bedroom then everything went silent.

As I slowly started settling back in the silence was broken several minutes later. I could hear the sound of his bed springs slowly creaking followed by the low moans the woman. Soon enough the sound became louder as his head board banged up against the wall. She also began moaning more; at times almost screaming in pleasure. I couldn’t believe his luck. Meeting up with some girl and getting laid in the middle of the week. As I listened I actually got hard. So I decided to masturbate as I laid there listening to Jerome and this girl next door. He was giving it his all and at times I thought his bed was going to collapse. It didn’t take me long to cum. Jerome was still going a couple of minutes after I was finished. Finally I heard him let out a deep moan as all the movement stopped. I quickly fell asleep soon after not waking up until my alarm went off the next morning. After I got home from work I pulled into my lot. Before I even got out I saw Jerome’s car pull in right next to mine. As I got out I was going to tell him what a lucky guy he was for last night. Before I could even open my mouth he let out a loud laugh as he got out of his car.

“What a great day it is bro! And what a hell of a night I had yesterday.”

I told him I heard since he was far from quiet. That he was one lucky son of a bitch. He told me he was sorry for making so much noise but he couldn’t help himself. He told me that he ran into Marisa again last night. I wasn’t sure what to say and for the first time in my life I was actually speechless.

“A buddy of mine from work invited me escort antalya to a local bar and restaurant nearby before going home. When we got there I was sitting at the bar having a drink. Staring up in the mirror behind me I saw a bunch of office types having dinner together. I didn’t think much of them and was about to look away when something caught my eye. Looking back I saw that hot ass redhead from the other night at the table. She didn’t notice me at first as I sat there watching her. My friend left after getting a call from his wife but I stayed waiting for my chance and it came when she got up to use the bathroom. They are located right at the end of the bar so after she want in I moved to the closet seat. In a few minutes she came out and was shocked to see me there. I told her I really wanted to talk but she said she was busy with a business outing. I didn’t let her go though until she agreed to meet up with me at the bar when she was finished.”

It wasn’t too much longer until everyone at the table started getting up and leaving. I was worried she was leave without keeping her promise to see me. To my happiness once everyone left she walked over taking a seat next to mine at the bar. I offered her a drink, sadly she said no. So I knew I would need to use my own charms to get her to relax enough to make my move. I worked on her a little at a time and even got her to have a drink that relaxed her some. After some time I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place to talk, nothing else. I was surprised when she said yes right away without question. On the trip there I tried to think of ways I could get her into bed again. I feel like I wasted all that time since only a few minutes after getting in I was already feeling her up and clothing was coming off.”

I took her to my bed, stripped off the rest of our clothing and went to town. She was so fucking wet already yet and just as tight as I pushed deep into her. Best of all it was bareback again! Starting slow I picked up the pace fucking her hard. I was even able to get her to cum with my dick alone without touching her clit. Something she said has never happened before. After she came I grabbed her legs and put them up on my shoulders so I could plow her hard. It was so fucking hot seeing her shapely pale white legs against me and her toes curled up in pleasure as I fucked her. I kept it up until I came myself making sure to empty myself into her. After I was finished I pulled out, she cleaned up, got dressed, gave me a kiss then left for the night. This time though I made sure to get her number to keep in touch. I hope she’ll be back since I can’t wait to get another chance to fuck her.”

When he finally stopped with a big smile on his face I still wasn’t sure what to say so I just smiled as I went into my apartment. I couldn’t believe she had sex with him again. Or the fact that I hadn’t known it was her last night that I was masturbating to. I could barely even eat as I thought about what Jerome had told me. Having a couple of drinks I passed out on my bed. All the next day I tried not to think about it, looking forward to my get together with Marisa. All night it was quiet next door even after Jerome got home; this time alone. On Saturday morning I cleaned my house and got myself in the mood for this evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32