Avid’s Education

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Big Dicks

Avid is and educated, professional, married lady with very nasty unfulfilled desires. Tonight for the first time she would be fucked by a cock other than her husband’s and it would be not a cock but many cocks, then that is what she lusted after. The pussy she would be made to lick clean would be for my and my lady friend’s pleasure. Will see if she enjoys it?

Oh she was excited and ready for her first venture into the world of a Sexual Submissive. As she walked into the back parking lot of the Hilton I had been able to see her excitement and tension. The big beautiful slut vibrated, it was time for her inspection.

Up to this point it had all been talk and e-mails. I had not used her myself as yet. In the lead up to tonight’s gangbang she had always not quite followed instructions. I had slowly brought her to the point of knowing herself and admitting her needs. Her need is the sexual abuse; to get it she must follow instructions perfectly.

Her instructions had been, “Avid you are your own Master, so you can decide to submit to my abusive Sexual Will or not. The only way I will stop is for you to say the phrase “Please Mother Superior”. If you use that phrase, whatever abusive sexual act will cease and we will have no more interaction.

“Now for tonight’s action, your Gang Bang fantasy will be lived out. You may use your word before it starts, but once it starts there is no stopping it. Remember: if you ever use the word you and I will never interact again!

“You dress in a simple black dress with 6” stiletto type high heels. Under the dress will be a Black Corset the presents your tits for abuse and shear nylons. In your handbag will be nothing but eight black silk scarves, long enough to bind and blindfold.

“Send me a PM begging for your gangbang. When you are begging you must be pinching your nipples and fingering your cunt. When speaking to me you will always call me Karl. When you are answering me you will say, ‘Yes sir’. You may ask questions when you do not understand. When you feel you need punishment you may beg for it. Meet me in the back parking lot of the Hilton at 20:00 sharp.”

Avid’s begging PM had arrived;

From: Avid

To: Nasty Karl

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 6:13 pm

Subject: begging

Karl I am asking you to fulfill my fantasy. Please will you please set up a great gangbang for me.

I can only plead that you find a way for it to happen. I eagerly await your answer. I am fingering my cunt and pinching a nipple, I feel like your nasty slut. Oh please let me be your fuck toy

She had stepped into the parking lot right on time. “Avid say not a word, walk around the side of the samsun escort Limo and remove your dress and place it on the back seat. Remove one scarf from your handbag and hold it out in front of you. There is a cushion on the seat, place it on the asphalt and kneel on it, facing away from the car. Make sure you do not damage your nylons. Keep your eyes cast down you may not look at me.” The big bountiful wan-a-be fuck toy didn’t hesitate, she was on her knees with the scarf in her out stretched hand, eyes cast down.

I counted the scarves, seven left in her handbag. The black corset lifted her big tits but left the nipples bare for use and abuse. She wore nylons and six inch stiletto type high heels. I think the big married slut wanted to be used, everything was as instructed.

I removed the eighth scarf from her out stretched hand and bound it over her eyes and told her: “Now whore, it time for a little fun for Karl. I’m going to use every fuck hole you have before the gang gets there. Open your whore mouth.” My cock is about seven inches long and gets very hard when I have a fuck toy that needs it rough. What I did to the bitch could only be described as skull fucking. I had grabbed the back of her head, stuffed my already hard cock to the back of her throat.

“Reach up and pinch your nipples and pinch them hard.” Oh she needed it, my new sex toy was gagging, every time I drove my cock down her throat, pinching her won nipples and cumming like a fucking rocket. As I felt my load start to rumble up out off my nut sack, I quickly pulled her to her feet by her hair, spun her around and bent her through the open door on to the seat. Her big lily-white ass stuck up at just the right height. I thrust my cock one time deep in her juicy fuck hole and pulled it out. “Now whore reach back, put a hand on my cock and guide the head on your asshole.”

Avid didn’t hesitate and as soon as my cock head touched her ass-ring I drove it home. Now I knew I really had a hot one here. As I was dumping my load deep in her ass my married sex toy was cumming again. There was no doubt I was going to have fun using this one and so was she. As soon as I had pulled cock from her ass I filled the space with a medium sized butt plug, to keep her ready for what was to come. I slapped my submissive slut on the ass and shoved her into the car.

I left Avid on the floor one foot on her neck as we were driven to club we would use for tonight’s little fuck fest. The Club and Limo belonged to the guy driving us, my best friend Bobby. He had been sitting in the front seat getting his big black cock sucked by his pretty redheaded wife, while escort samsun I had done the number on Avid. Bobby’s wife is of course known as Red. Red slid the partition between the front and back of the Limo open and looked down at Avid on the floor. She said, “You better use the words Karl gave you pretty damn quick or there’s no stopping this gangbang! Before you get another cock you’re going to suck the juices out of my hot woman hole. We’re going to make a cunt licking cock sucking fuck toy out of you!”

When it comes to women Red is a Dom and a rough one at that. No woman gets a taste of her man, without Red using her rudely first. We parked in the alley behind Bobby’s club and guided the still blindfolded Avid down the back steps to a special room in the basement of the club. It was called Red’s room after of course the perverted lady of the house. Red is the Queen of Nasty Ceremonies for our little group and really only cares about two things: Bobby and nasty sex. She has red hair to the middle of back of her back, 5′ almost 1″ tall, maybe 95 lbs. of pure Dee LUST, with small little tits and a small tight ass. I have watched as she sat on Bobby’s hand, two big black fingers buried in her cunt, him lifting her high over his head. She would sit up there, wrap her legs around his arm and grind herself until she squirted all over the place.

As soon as the room door was shut Red took charge of Avid, guiding her to a table at one end of the room. Laid out on the table were many of Red’s toys: paddles, whips, nipple clips, strap-on dildos, butt plugs and assorted leather cuffs, chains and a brand new dog collar. In the middle of all these toys of pleasure and pain was what you might call a “Consent for Use” Agreement. It actuality said Consent for Use at the top. At the start was a blank line for Avid to print her name. Following the line it said, “I have begged these good men and women to use me sexually any way they choose. I am begging them not stop no matter how many times I say NO, cry or protest.” Then another blank line with the words Signature and Date under it. Laying on top of the Agreement was a pen.

Avid stood in front of the table still blindfolded. I told Red to remove her blindfold. “Avid look nowhere but the table top. Note every toy of pleasure and pain, each of these and more will be used on you as soon as you sign the Agreement.” Avid was still looking around the table as she quickly signed the Agreement. Red put back the black silk blindfold just as the three other couples involved in tonight’s fuck fest came through the door. I placed the dog collar around Avid’s neck, clipped a short chain samsun escort bayan to it and handed the chain to Red. She jerked the chain hard and pulled Avid to her knees, looked us all and said, “Get comfortable everyone. Karl has generously allowed me to be the first to force this bitch to suck cunt. She wants my husband’s big black dick stretching her lily white asshole so bad she is going to suck me till I squirt her mouth full. Knowing what a pack of perverts we all are, I though you would all like to watch the show.”

With that Red headed for an armchair on the other side of the room. Of course Avid being on a short chain had to crawl like mad to keep up. Red reached the armchair, removed her shirt and shorts, set her fine naked ass on the edge of the cushion. Looked at all of us and smiled, she opened her legs and pulled Avid’s face to her pretty, shaved pussy, with just one red tuff at the top of her slit. She lifted her legs and placed on foot on each of Avid’s shoulder. Reached behind her head and grabbed a hand full of short hair and started grinding her cunt into Avid’s mouth.

I’m sure Avid had no idea that Bobby was already naked, standing behind her, slowly stroking his 10″ cock. His eyes were glued oh his wife’s face, waiting for the first sign she was ready to squirt. It didn’t take more than a few minutes and all could see, by the familiar way Red ground herself into Avid’s open mouth, that our hot little Red was ready to let fly. Bobby quickly positioned himself on his knees behind my married cum slut and jacked his weapon. As soon as Red’s little body started racking and shaking and her liquid was squirting in Avid’s mouth and all over her face, Bobby struck. He ripped out the butt plug that held my cum in Avid’s ass and with that as the only lubrication started working himself up her ass. Bobby had one big hand wrapped around Avid’s neck pulling her back, as Red jumped from the chair and mounted her hot, just eaten pussy on my cock. I was laying on the floor next to Avid so Red could watch every stroke of her husband cock.

Bobby started slowly drawing it back as Red started bouncing in my man meat Avid was moaning and gasping, all of her was shaking and quivering. After about five to six slow in and outs Bobby grabbed both of the sluts hips and started slam fucking his 10″ up Avid’s ass. The bitch could do nothing but quiver and scream “OH GOD” over and over. Red never took her eyes off her husband’s black meat slamming up the lily whit ass just in front of her. Avid was one fucking orgasm after another and when Bobbie buried his meat and started dumping his load, Red ground herself down on my nut sack and squirted her hot liquids. I lost my load in her grasping little fuck hole.

When I looked back at Avid and Bobby, she was passed out flat on the floor and he was slowly pulling that big black weapon out of her stretched ass. The night wasn’t over yet; there were three more women and two men that hadn’t used her or each other.

Is there more to come?

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