Breaking in the Sub Pt. 07

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Female Ejaculation

I was at home one night minding my own business when I got a text from my sub saying she was in a bad mood with her new BF and wanted to pop around to chat. She arrived, I made her a coffee, and started chatting about how he was being a dick, didn’t like her having male friends, etc. The normal jealous BF type stuff, it was at that stage I realized she had her BF in the car and he was just being a general nut sack and not coming in. I asked if she wanted to let him in for a coffee as well, to which she kindly replied NO.

We chatted, she got her problems off her chest and 10 minutes after arriving she was on her way, I made the comment as she left that she would forgive him and be bent over the back of her parents couch in no time. She was housesitting while her parents were overseas. She laughed it off and said not likely, to which I implied she was a liar.

She left, we text another copy of times, I was trying to make sure she was ok. After 5 or so minutes she stopped replying, so izmir escort me being me become have concerned, half curious. Her parents’ house was only a few houses up the road from me, so I went for a wee wonder to make sure she was ok.’ The car was in the drive, all the lights were on, so I decided to sneak around the back where I knew there were no security lights. It became very clear very quickly why she had stopped texting, I could hear her before I spotted her!

I got up around to the kitchen window and sure enough here she was bent over the couch, tits waving in the air, screaming her heart out. I stepped back so I was in the shadows, and enjoyed the show.It went on for a good 10-15 minutes, lay slumped down onto the couch out of view for a minute or two, until I saw her man stand up, redress himself and then grab his wallet, I remained hidden until he was out the side door and pulling away in his car.

The sub text me and said ‘Sorry, escort izmir I got distracted talking things through’ I replied asking whether things were all good now, she said she hoped so and thanked me for my advice earlier on. I text her and said she was full of it and that she gave in and fucked him, she denied it a couple of times as I played along. Then made comment that I saw his car drive past my place and asked if she was sure things were ok. She said he had just popped down to the shop for some milk. I seized the opportunity to wind her up some more.

‘Is that for the after fuck coffee is it’ once again came the denial, just then I heard him pull up again, I replied ‘No point denying it when he got you bent over the couch and your kitchen curtains are open’ She jumped up and looked straight out the window, as her man went inside I stepped forward into the light, where only she could see me and waved at her. The grin said it all, she loved izmir escort bayan what had just happened, obviously the nut sack thought she was smiling at him, I still chuckle to myself about that night to this day, he was quite inexperienced and wasn’t interested in experimenting at all in the bedroom, but I knew the sub was and she loved it. Even if it did kind of involve me to a secret degree!

I stepped back into the shadows as he made the pair of them coffees, she left the room and text me ‘You dirty bastard, how much did you see’ I told her I had popped up just after she stopped texting as I wanted to make sure she was ok. She lolled me and said she was just running herself a bath and said thank you for looking out for her again. I replied and said that wasn’t fair, that the bathroom window was frosted and too high for me to see through. ‘lol’ is all I got back.

She came back into the lounge and kissed her man, picked up her coffee off the bench and looked out the window again and winked at me. I put my hand forward so it was in the light and waved to her, then she finished her coffee and disappeared back out of the room again while her man turned the tv on and started channel surfing! Seriously, would you not follow her into the bathroom if you had been in the dog box and just had make up sex…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32