By the Pool

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It was a hot summer day in September. Earlier in August, we had advertised for a female to come play with us by the pool. She was the only one who seemed real to us, who responded to our e-mails. So. . . we invited her up to spend the day with us.

We sat by the pool nervously awaiting her arrival. She was timely. We could hear her car approaching. As the car rolled to a stop, door opened and we both stood up and looked down to where her car was. She stepped out and looked around. My lover called to her, she turned her head, a radiant smile on her face, she shut her car door and walked towards us.

We each greeted her with a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. She smelled freshly showered. My lover handed her a glass of lemonade as I made small talk about her drive up. We would all giggle at the awkward moments of silence. I decided it was time to get in the pool.

I took off my clothes and as gracefully as possible jumped into the pool. As I came up she and my lover looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and undressed as well.

My lover wore a huge grin on his face.

I knew that he was pleased with her. Her breasts round, soft and perky. Her nipples jutted out as if it was a cold day. Her skin tanned with a slight shimmer of sweat from the drive. As she had promised, she was waxed bare.

She smiled at him as well. His slightly tanned skinned shone through downy hair on his chest. As I looked up at him, he was just as attractive to me as he was the first time I laid eyes on him, maybe even more so now that I could see her attraction to him.

I called out to them, “Come swim.”

They jumped in.

I Ankara escort could see her crossing the pool towards me. Her body moved swiftly through the water. As she came up, she faced me, wrapping her arms around me; her wet lips softly touched mine. My lips parted as my tongue reached for hers. Her warm breath on my lips, I could taste the pool water and the salt from her skin. I pulled her closer, feeling her breasts against mine. My tongue wanted more of her.

He came up behind her and reached around to hold her breasts with his masculine hands. As I watched him touch her breast and pinch her nipples, I grew warm between my legs. She leaned back against his chest as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. I could see her nipples above the surface of the water. I began to suck on one and then the other. He squeezed her breasts and guided her breasts into my mouth.

She whispered, “Bite them, please, bite them.”

I nibbled on them, the harder I squeezed her nipples between my lips and teeth, she groaned louder.

Still leaning against my lover’s chest, he guided her to the side of the pool. Grabbing her waist her turned her around and placed her on the edge of the pool. Drawing her legs in, knees bent, she laid on her back

He moaned with pleasure at the sight of her beautiful pussy. Her smooth, pink, and wet labia shone in the sun.

I wanted to watch him pleasure a woman.

I felt a tinge of jealousy run through me

Was it because she was about to indulge in the pleasure that his hands are so talented at giving or was it that he was to touch the pussy that I had fantasized about?

He Ankara escort bayan ran his hands along the inside of her thighs. Each time he’d brush his fingertips along the outer layers of her pussy. Teasing her until she opened herself more to him. He could see she wanted more. He looked at me and smiled as I silently watched and gave him a wink of approval.

He began to peel her open, layer by layer; I could see the warm wetness of her excitement. As he slid his finger into her, she gasped as she pushed her hips up to take more of him in. He pulled his finger out and began to circle her clit. Pulling back the hood, the pink jewel shone in the sun.

I couldn’t wait any longer, my tongue slid across the swollen tip of her clit-back and forth, back and forth. She moaned louder. My lover slid his two fingers inside of her as my tongue lifted her clit from below and circled over the top of it. I could see him moving his fingers in and out of her curling upward to massage her g-spot. Her dampness sliding down his hand.

She pulled her pussy open for us as she began to move her hips in a circular motion.

Suddenly, she stopped, “I need you both.”

We hopped out of the pool. She positioned herself on her hands and knees. I slid under her so that I could lick her beautiful wet pussy. She moved my knees apart with her head and began to touch me.

As she slid her fingers through the folds of my wet pussy, she groaned, “Oh god, you are so wet.”

She began to bury her face into my wetness. I could feel her face sliding across my throbbing pussy. I wanted to feel her tongue, her fingers. I could feel her soft breast Escort Ankara on my belly as I spread her pussy open and began to taste her sweetness.

My lover kneeled behind her. I could see his hard cock. I took it in my hand and rubbed it through the folds of her wet lips as I sucked her large clit into my mouth.

As I sucked her clit harder, she pushed her fingers deep inside of me.

I could see his cock slowly spreading her pussy open.

I wanted to see him fuck her. I wanted to see his cock in her pussy.

“Oh, baby, give her your cock.”

“Oh yes, give it to me,” she moaned.

His hard cock entered her as I my tongue slid over her clit-over and over again. I could feel his cock, with my tongue sliding in and out of her. I licked his balls as I watched his hardness make her wet.

I began sucking on his balls; I circled her clit with my finger.

She pushed harder against him.

As he pushed deeper, she slid two fingers inside of me while her thumb and tongue rolled over my clit.

With a loud voice she began saying, “oh yes, give me your cock, oh god, suck on my clit.”

The deeper he plunged his cock into her, the faster I moved my fingers and tongue. She grew louder. “Oh god, it feels so good. Don’t stop!”

She began to rub my clit as if it were her own, knowing just what I wanted.

In one last moment, she pushed her hips into his, I could feel them both coming. I could see and smell their cum running down his cock and her pussy. I began to shutter, I pushed her fingers harder against my clit. I could feel the heat race through my body down to my toes.

We were all suspended in that moment.

I don’t quite remember what broke the silence but soon we all let a sigh and began to laugh. We lay side by side, closing our eyes, feeling the warm sun upon our skin.

That was our day by the pool.

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