Sylvia’s Narcissistic Transformation

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For a Sunday afternoon the coffee shop was bustling with activity. College students where sitting around studying avidly making the most of their time after procrastinating last night for a night of drinking and partying.

One girl in particular was studying with more eagerness than the rest. This was Sylvia. The twenty two year old brunette was strikingly beautiful. Her hair was neatly kept in a ponytail by a black scrunchy and hung sensuously down between her shoulder blades. She wore a thin sweatshirt bearing symbols from her native home of Czechoslovakia. Her blue jeans contoured her sleek dancers legs, which were spread slightly and propped up on a chair, the delicate swell of her youthful mound evident.

As she wrote in her notebook she moved her ass gently about in the chair as if secretly luxuriating in the feel of her own sexiness. Her breathing was steady and rhythmic as she wrote and periodically she would rest her mouth and nose in her hand. It was a subtle move and all but the careful observer would miss that Sylvia was enjoying the mixed scent of her silky skin as she breathed.

It was last night that Sylvia noticed something different about herself that she had always suspected but never realized until last night when she had the dream. It was an amazing dream and she was busy writing down the details so she could remember it.

As she wrote she would from time to time look over at the other college girls. This was nothing new but today she found herself secretly comparing them to herself. She noticed that she liked looking at the ones that were similar in looks to her. It was a game that she started playing this morning when she arrived and had been playing it all day. Without realizing it Sylvia had already began to change.

Looking and comparing the other girls to her was one of the reoccurring themes in the dream. She had never really thought about her own body before but the dream had awakened something deep inside. It was as if she had reached a breakthrough in self-discovery as if she were using the other girls like a mirror to her own beauty.

Since the dream she realized something else. When she would go to the restroom she would look at her own pussy while she was peeing. Gazing at it even after she was finished. Her pussy seemed different more appealing and alluring some how. It was like the dream had brought a realization about herself that she new deep down inside.

In a way looking at the other sexy coeds was helping her come to terms with the dream and what she all along suspected about herself. The dream had given her something special and the obsession over it made her giddy izmit rus escort about her plans tonight. The dream just made it clearer. She rested her face in her hands again and felt her nipples harden and her pussy twitch. She decided that she needed to get home. She wanted to see her room again and reflect on the events of the dream.

As she rose from her chair she ran her wide doe eyes at the young blonde by the window. Out of all of the girls there she thought that the blonde’s body matched hers the most. She had the same 34B breast and shapely alluring figure and a perfect ass. Her pussy twitched as her eyes ran across the girls alluring crotch. She caught herself.

“This is crazy,” she thought. “What’s happening to me? Every time I look at a girl I think about my own pussy.” Sylvia quickly looked away with worry at the prospects she was beginning to realize and did not even notice the blonde checking out her perfect ass as she left.

The trip home seemed to be taking longer than normal. She was thinking about the dream. Especially where she was confronted with herself in the mirror. She enjoying watching herself. It disturbed her this morning but for some reason as the day progressed the images of herself in the mirror throughout the day began to alter Sylvia’s mind and her perception of herself, of her own body and of other girls like herself. The dream had conjured up secret hidden desires that Sylvia was no succumbing to as the transformational power of the dream took hold of her.

At home she quickly locked all the doors and sat in her cozy reading chair in the living room. She needed to stop her dizzying mind and collect her thoughts. So felt strange and confused and yet she couldn’t get her mind off the images in the dream. The way she looked at herself in the mirror, the way she felt. She closed her eyes and tried to quiet her mind but try as she might her mind bestowed scintillating images of herself before her oval mirror.

“No! This cant be happening to me. I’m not a pervert. Its disgusting.” Her cleavage swelled as the dream images bombarded her psyche further into submission and she was helpless to stop them. She gasped as one image she saw of her panty clad pussy mound in the mirror. How enticing her sex looked encased in her favorite wispy blue panties.

“No, that’s not what I mean,” frustrated with herself. At the same time she reached up and cupped her lovely round and firm breasts. Her legs spread of their own volition and her nostrils flared with the onset of newfound lust. Sylvia opened her eyes as if to check if she really looked as enticing sitting in her chair as she izmit escort did in the dream.

“This is silly. I can look at my own body anytime I want. Just because I’ve had and erotic dream doesn’t mean I’m turning into a pervert. I’m worried for no reason.”

No sooner had she thought that she was guided by the power of the dream to look at herself. She ran her eyes down the front of her body to her spread crotch. Worry was now replaced with disappointment now since she was expecting to see herself in her bra and panties like in the dream. For a moment Sylvia felt a part of her mind change and shift as her personality was altered and replace with her emerging narcissism.

“Yes,” she hissed to herself. “My pretty panty pussy,” she chanted like a bewitched seductress as her eyes switched and filled with conceited sexual craving. Her sweatshirt was off and on the floor in an instant. She quickly looked down at her enticing cleavage so lovely to her now displayed within her laced bra. Sylvia couldn’t help it as she let out a soft moan over her beautiful breasts. They were so lovely and soft and her pussy twitched even more as she softly held them in each hand.

The satin skin between her breasts glowed and shimmered as the dreams power continued the subtle changes. Her eyes widened as though she was looking at diamonds glittering in sunlight, the glow from her satin smooth breast had captivated her. She beheld their perfect symmetry and lustfully she watched as the pulled down the cups and exposed her swelling orbs. Silvia licked her lips as her hard throbbing nipples were available for caressing. She rubbed all over them watching the hardening nipple and tingles shot throughout her sexy body, her vaginal canal elongated and quivered open. Her labia swelled, feeling them mold into the crotch of her panties, her now open her hole expelling her creamy essence.

Sylvia leaned forward and removed her bra and grasped each firm breast in each hand and gazed lustfully and felt the rushes tingles racing through her body into her clit. Fascination consumed her and she watched her slender hands as they glided over the velvet smooth cushions of her breasts. She squeezed and released. Squeezed and released. Her clit twitching each time as she messaged her rock hard nipples. Her eyes closed again she replayed the part of the dream where she was spreading her legs before her vanity mirror so she good watch her pussy in the mirror.

“I have got to see….Want to see myself. Want to see my pussy in the mirror.” Sylvia stood and removed her jeans abruptly now under the spell of her self induced lust and gazed hungrily at the enticing bushy kocaeli escort swell of her sex encased in the soaked thin crotch material of her panties. Within seconds the thick warm smell of her pussy enveloped around her, bathing her in a wickedly sensual expression of her own sexiness. Instantly an undeniable perversion and filthiness overcame her and the incredible deliciousness of her newfound hunger for her own sexual odor created more wetness between her legs. At first it was a watery wetness that slowly turned syrupy. But the smell of her own pussy caused a flow from deep inside her and several rivulets surfaced, bathing her labia with creamy sexual froth.

Her worries and concerns forgotten Sylvia contemplated the realization the dream brought to the surface and in an instant her mind was succumbed by narcissism as she beheld her own beauty. Her satin skin glistening with a patina of sweat as her breathing quickened at the sight of her vulva. Her pubic hair enticingly showed off the beautiful feminine knoll of her pussy. She rubbed her hands down over her breasts and stared in helpless narcissistic pleasure as she caressed her down her flat, taught abdomen and over the sodden crotch panel and cupped it.

“Oh, God!” She fell in love with the feeling of her sopping pussy mound in her hand. Its warmth and wetness driving her crazy. Silvia gazed at her pussy squeezed the alluring mound letting and wanting to feel the wetness get all over her hand.

Now only have a one track mind she brought her hand back up her torso toward her beautiful face. Totally changed and powerless to stop her decent into her private narcissistic session, her own scent wafted from her soiled hand. Sylvia inhaled more of her own vexing scent and the transformation into a self-sexual narcissistic female was complete.

In an instant Sylvia was transformed into an ultra feminine narcissistic female. Her hair magically lengthened and her skin glistened and evened out with a warm tone. Her pussy began producing a thicker mucus and in greater quantities than ever before. This was necessary as from now on this would be Sylvia’s favorite secret activity. For Silvia now had an unquenchable hunger to suck at her own pussy cream. Whenever she would see her reflection the memory of the dream and her narcissistic transformation would bewitch her.

Forever changed she would never look at herself the same. She was in love with her own sexiness and she loved it. Tonight Sylvia was going to watch herself masturbate using that oval mirror in her bedroom. Her firm asscheeks swayed sensuously as she started upstairs to her room the alluring crevice of her perfect ass showing through the transparent panties. As she sauntered up the stairs, one hand on the banister and the other under her nose never getting enough of her pussy smell. Surprising that a dream can have such a impact on a young healthy girl.

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