Buttermilk Field Ch. 03

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Chapter Three, Hand crafted to please all pallets.

As we grew more accustomed to each other in bed and out of it, I felt my whole being was controlled by Richard. The sheets needed changing every day now and I don’t think there was ever a night went by when Richard didn’t fuck me to the brim. His favourite was to take me when I was asleep, I’d awaken with this red hot bone like stiffness poking into my ass.

But all the time he loved to experiment and I simply adored his masterful approach, which was unlike me because I was the one who usually liked to be in control. But truth is; I relished being subservient to him because it was bringing out something inside me that I never knew about.

We worked hard in the hot summer sun of the day, and if Richard did turn up for his constitutional, which was more often than not, he’d take me to the shed where we kept all the potato lifting gear and usually gave me a nice deep clean one over the edge of the shelf , which he had adjusted in height to have me in the most comfortable position. Then we would get on with slicing the potatoes and making hand crafted crisps from them. Different from the wonderful hand craft I had from dear Richard who always gave me lots of spoiling, even when I was making the crisps – coming up behind me as he did, his hot cock pressing through his jeans and the rear of mine too. He joked that maybe we could have a back zip fitted because so often he fantasised about fucking me in my tight jeans

I remember sometimes when I was a kid, if I was really naughty, my mum would take me over her knee and spank me soundly until I yelped with pain.

It is strange how now, when Richard spanks me, I have really happy recollections of my mum, because I really respected her, the way she brought me up and everything. so receiving ‘role play’ punishment from Richard was, although it stung some, a real warming experience .

But now it wasn’t my mum punishing me like that, it was Richard and feeling the palm of his strong right hand colliding with each cheek as he had me bent over touching the floor with my fingertips, was a strangely erotic experience. Something which although I detested at the start, I put up with to please Richard.

Butit was anot just all about the spanking. I simply loved just to be all ass for him any which way. There was something magic about obeying his command to bend it gaziantep escort for him just as ‘perky’ as I could.

“That is quality ass” he complimented and I knew I was on a promise.

But he aimed not to make it sting too much and promised he would make it better with a splurge of kisses and massage afterwards and he kept to that.

He was very careful about not bruising me though, and took great heed to massage me with all manner of heeling oils which was alone, worth the hurt, just to be thoroughly pampered and spoilt after each spanking

“You shouldn’t have such a tempting hind David then I may not be tempted – but each time I look at you I am thinking those carnal thoughts. It is not just the way you look but the way your walk and hold yourself. I get this feverish torment just to do wonderful things with you.”

“I’ve noticed!” I grinned rubbing my ass cheeks which were now numb after Richard’s seeing too and his wonderful deep massage which extended to my cock and balls, sufficiently coaxing me into a real wonderfully gripping climax, when I spurted into his face like the proverbial volcano.

He loved it too, taking heed to show me how he massaged my cream all over his cock after licking mine, to ensure it was fully relished and there I was, limp but fully gratified. Hand grafting me all the time; ” to draw out the true flavour of much spoiled cock,” he said and I loved the way he said that.

Just as much as we had laughs too, when he said he had this urge to fuck me in jeans because jeans complimented my tight ass – ad to achieve that he carefully cut out a hole in the material, which at first was too low down.

“I would have thought you know where it is now” I teased so he tried again and found the hot spot, and really, being fucked in jeans was another learning curve, especially when afterwards he had me sit on his face whilst his tongue found the same way through as did his cock and It was a fabulous way to be sucked up,

He wanted me to share the experience of seeing just how my ass responded to his spanking, how good it looked. He arranged a camera and a screen so I could watch from my bent over position, and there I was, inglorious close up colour.

“See how I mean David. Just look and see just why it tempts me so much, it is beautiful and glows nicety as I spank it.”

He was right, it soon developed a deep red colour which made me agree – and I felt more hot for him to fuck me like that, when I was all spanked up and reddened. He said to watch as he massaged coconut oil into each cheek. He rolled his cock over it and gave me a feel of it between my cheeks, teasing me uo for later.

Once he said I must see him spank me with my tonight jeans on which he said was most becoming.

So it was more of the spanking followed by lots of sniffing into my crutch and lots of fabulous massage.

But it was not just the spanking that was becoming standard. He wanted to harness me and ride me like a horse, the bit in my mouth, the stirrups everything, and even the horse whip to discipline me.

He had me kneeling on all fours, fixed a false tail to my buttocks which tickled my balls every time I moved. Whish was very kinky, but with Richard anything goes and this was just another learning curve.

I wasn’t allowed to say anything because he said it would spoil the illusion. He washed and rubbed me down, stroked my nose ad neck like I really was a horse, amazing! But he was a big guy compared with me and it was impracticable for him to actually to on my back, so he simply placed his feet each side of me and pretended he was riding me, stroking my buttocks with the whip and sometimes just a slight swish of it to buck me up.

He’d try things like that to bring to life his fantasies but it could never work purely because I was not strong enough to hold his weight. Still it was a good try and he seemed to enjoy pampering my ass and balls with the false horsetail which was different . But it wasn’t long before he dispensed with that tail and instead, tied this elasticised ribbon around the contours of my ass in such a way as to spread them well apart so that he could take full advantage of the offerings between. His warm sucks and nibbles were always divine as he gently teased my balls with his finger tips.

“You have the most desirable and suckable ass and I love the stink of you, I want to smother my face in your stink and taste your sex.”

Pure sex with Richard was so very different from anything I’d experienced before and he always made sure he did everything for my pleasure as well as his.

“You are beautiful David” he whispered coming up for air but teasing my asshole with the tip of his small finger, easing it around and around slightly inside. Making it squelch which felt very nice.

“I simply adore you, I guess you know that. I get the feeling sometimes, when I have you all strapped up that I want to turn you inside out. You are like a drug to me, I simply have to have my regular dose of you. Just take a look at me now, see what I mean?”

I glanced sideways, I could just look but not talk because Richard had taken to fixing this gag into my mouth which would not be removed until he wanted serving orally. It looked like that wouldn’t be long as he showed me his fully erect cock pulsing in the grip of his left hand, his right still working my hole.

I was right, he removed the gag, pushed a finger inside me roughly and offered me his thick, ripe red and blue veined cock and there I was, feeling the stretch of his finger one end and the taste of his large e pungent cock set .deep into my mouth.

Then he said he wanted to feel my suck as he spanked me. I guess he reaped something from that. I felt his hand come down on me again with a resounding slap which unintentionally made me bite him there.

“For that” he yelled, ” you are really going to get it!”. Examining his cock I was relieved there was no blood but I could see the bite mark.

I would have thought he would not have had the intent to fuck me but it seemed to make him all the more heated and he certainly meant what he said when he pumped me harder than ever before. Gritting my teeth to subdue the pain I took the full fuck which came quick. He’d never fucked me like that before but it came to pass that the biting fired him off into a new dimension, so I was stuck with it and it was becoming reality. Crazy, but I had unwittingly set something off that brought out the animal in Richard and biting his cock became a specialised thing, because the art was not to draw blood, he was not into that and neither was I. But just enough to make it seem I was going to bite it off.

It created a new and wonderful sensual feeling for me, and I know it did for Richard too. It was not just the sucking and licking any more but the feel of my teeth simply nudging his length, and the joy perceived from that.

He tried it on me too, so we both understood the absolute thrill of it, just the thought of your partner going too far with the bite was thrill enough like one was living on the edge.

And that was to be the start of something new, he wanting and having me in all sorts of new situations which invited danger, and a new challenge.

To be continued…

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